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Trading All Starters and Adamant Elekid With IceP/CrossC/FireP for Any Legend


Everybody Dies
I got all the starters at level 1. Also got some Adamant Elekids with Ice Punch, Cross Chop, and Fire Punch.

All I want is any legend, the better the nature and the legend, the better the trade.

Also got some legends of my own, so feel free to ask and offer.

EDIT: I also have female starters, just ask. Modest Legends or something is preferable.
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Plague, which Legendaries do you have?


Everybody Dies
Plague, which Legendaries do you have?
I have just about all, but the tradeable ones are Heatran X2, Uxie X2, Azelf, Articuno, Kyogre and probably Moltres, Jirachi, Raikou and Ho-oh, if the offer is good.

Everything is Untouched or Semi-Untouched, which a stat reducing berry or two can take care of.

I will take just about any Modest or Adamant Legend, so offer away.