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Trading for game exclusive and trade exclusive evolutions


New Member
Hey all.
I have Pokemon Sword version. Looking to trade for pokemon found in shield version and pokemon evolved through trade. I have a lot of pokemon to trade that are exclusive to sword and also ready for you to get your trade evolutions done if you haven't. I need quite a few trade evolutions including Gengar, Gigalith, Machamp, Rhypherior, Zamenta, and more (I know I can find some in wild area but figured this would be easier)... Also need pretty much all shield exclusive pokemon. Would be nice to have some active pokemon trainers to trade with for future expansions too.

P.S. Not including shinies and regarding mostly first 400 but will soon be filling up pokedex from Armor Isle too so definitely willing to trade a lot. Will also help you fill your pokedex too. I have a lot of rare low chance encounter pokemon.

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
I can help you with some trade evolutions. Are you interested in doing trade backs for said evolutions?


New Member
If you mean trade for evolution and then trade back to original owner, I don't really need anything back. I'm just trying to fill my pokedex. If you need though, I will definitely trade back to you. How do I find you?