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trading ( gen 6 )

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by PrimalPalkia, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. PrimalPalkia

    PrimalPalkia Active Member

    Hello, i have some pokemon that i can trade away.
    these pokemon were IV bred, so they either have 6 perfect IV's, or 5 ( but all 5 are to the pokemon's benefit )
    there are 17 in total.

    there isn't much that i really, really want, except for these.

    - female, swablu ( or altaria ), caught in a timer ball
    - 6 IV non-English ditto
    - female, wooper ( or quagsire ), caught in quick ball
    - male, clefairy ( or clefable), with the attack softboiled

    there are also a few items that i want ( if you give me an item you can just send whatever )

    - salac berry
    - lansat berry
    - starf berry
    - micle bery
    - custap berry
    - jaboca berry
    - rowab berry
    - leftover
    - black sludge

    ( these are the stuff that i'm still looking for )

    some have egg moves, and some had a mom that was caught in something else than the standard poke ball.
    i have the following pokemon up for trade
    ( and i can nickname them if you really want that )

    cottonee, male, 5IV's, prankster ability, modest nature.
    tynamo, female, 5IV's, levitate ability, careful nature.
    heracross, female, 6IV's, moxie ability, jolly nature. ( has rock blast )
    bagon, female, 5IV's, rock head ability, jolly nature. ( has dragon dance )
    houndour, male, 6IV's, early bird ability, modest nature. ( caught in safari ball )
    solosis, female, 5IV's, magic guard ability, bold nature.
    deino, female, 5IV's, hustle ability, modest nature.
    tentacool, female, 5IV's, liquid ooze ability, timid nature.
    roggenrola, male, 5 IV's, sturdy ability, adamant nature. ( caught in quick ball )
    staryu, no gender, 5 IV's, natural cure ability, timid nature
    pawniard, female, 5 IV's, defiant ability, adamant nature. ( has pursuit, psycho cut, and sucker punch )
    ferroseed, male, 6IV's, iron barbs ability, sassy nature. ( has leech seed, but DOESN'T have 0 speed IV's )
    sableye, female, 5IV's, prankster ability, impish nature. ( caught in luxury ball, has recover )
    fletchling, female, 5 IV's, gale wings ability, adamant nature.
    shuppet, female, 5 IV's, insomnia ability, adamant nature. ( caught in heavy ball, has destiny bond and knock off )
    pachirisu, male, 5 IV's volt absorb ability, impish nature. ( caught in a dream ball )
    aerodactyl, female, 6IV's, pressure ability, jolly nature. ( has double edge, earthquake, rock slide, and dragon claw )
    ( i suggest using an ability capsule on aerodactyl so it doesn't hurt itself due to double edge )

    is what i have for you.
    and again the pokemon have IV's beneficial for what they usually are used for, so don't worry
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2019

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