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Trading Pokerus Pokemon; Nearly Any Non-Legendary, Offering Some Items Too!


New Member
All I'd really love in exchange would be Pokemon from my list at the bottom of this post. Willing to trade items with a Pokemon in order to raise my chances for Legendaries. Heart Scales, Evolution Stones, Master Balls, etc. Ask about the item that you want, and I'll see if I can't get it for you. Please don't ask for Shinies, as I don't have them and don't see myself getting them in a timely manner.

Currently, I have TONS of male Eevee and 4 female Eevee. I'm sure ANY Nature you could ever want is somewhere in my two boxes of males, so just ask. The females will be harder to get from me, because they are really freaking difficult to breed. If there is a certain non-Legendary that you need that's not on my list of Pokemon below, I'll see if I can catch or breed it for you.

All Pokemon I trade will be infected with Pokerus, unless for some reason you don't want it. Most Pokemon will be on Level 1, unless you request they be evolved before traded.

Below are the Pokemon that I need. Please, I request that any Pokemon I receive do not have nicknames. If you would like your Pokemon nicknamed, just say so and I'll name it whatever you like.


My Friend Info is...

Name: Hitsu
Friend Code: 3995 3251 4590

I managed to figure out what was up with my WiFi to make it screwy, and have fixed the problem. Serebii still seems to crash on me quite a bit, so if you need to speak to me quickly, add me to YIM or AIM. For YIM, please let me know that you are from Serebii or I'll be likely to deny your addition request.

AIM: Hitsu Chan
YIM: Daughter_of_Dynast
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I hate Bidoof
I have Elekids, I can breed you a bulbasaur in 10 minutes, or a pineco, do you have a Stone edge/ Earthquake/ Shadow Claw by any chance?


i herd u liek mudkip
Are you willing to trade any pokemon with pokerus for a pineco? If so, I'll just take a pokemon with pokerus for pineco.


Up For Trade P.M Me
I have a mew. Do you have a legit magamr with its evo item?


I hate Bidoof
Already have pokerus.


New Member
Wolfblade - What would you like in exchange for Elekid and/or Bulbasaur? As for the TMs, I do have Shadow Claw. I'm not quite as willing to trade TMs for somewhat common Pokemon though. =o

justeaz - Sure, any Pokemon. Just something random Pokemon with the virus, then? I'd be more than willing to do that. You'd certainly be helping me out.


i herd u liek mudkip
Yeah, I don't mind whatever you give me. Let me hatch the pineco egg i have first.


i herd u liek mudkip
I'm done hatching the pineco. I'm on wi-fi already so you can get on and trade now if you want. Take your time though ._.


New Member
Pokerus Pokemon, guys. You know you want some. =3

Adding a few Pokemon to the list of the ones that I need, as a few of my potential trading partners elsewhere haven't gotten back to me in a long while.

I now also need Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Kyogre, Deoxys and Teddiursa.


Pm me events only
I have celebi. Do you have shinies


God Of Death
i have Bulbasaur, Cyndaquil, Entei, Latias(japanese), Elekid and Teddiursa..I need a dawn stone, rare candy, Items which for electabuzz and magmar to evolve, master balls and TM for E-quack =) Most pokemon are cloned but LEGIT =)