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Trading Shining Eevee's, Shining Riolu's, and Shining Elekid's


God of Thunder
Technically, I have one of each, but I can clone them. :p
They're freshly hatched and untouched.

-- Shining Eevee (level 1, Modest, Female)
-- Shining Riolu (level 1, Adamant, Male)
-- Shining Elekid (level 1, Serious, Male)

When it comes to wants, just offer whatever you think is an even trade, since I'm not exactly sure what I want in the first place. Please, no PM's and no legendaries.

If you want a general idea of what I really want, check the "Wants" section of my trade-thread (which is in my signature). Or, if you wanna know what I already have, check my "Haves" section.
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Proto Entity

Crystal Spike
erm...shiny geodude, zubat, sandshrew any of those for a shiny eevee? (i'm desperate ><)


well, i really want the Shiny Riolu and the Shiny Eevee. i can care less about Shiny Elekid for now.


New Member
i am interested in all three. i have shiny shuckle, mightyena, milotic, togekiss, tropius, swellow, and crobat to offer.


God of Thunder
Mercenary and Steven - Like it says in the first post, I don't want legendaries.

Mercenary - I've already got a shining Luxray.

Silver - What's the Chinchou's nature?

Proto and durca- No thanks.

Thunderbolt - I already have one.

sriracha - What's the Togekiss's nature?
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God of Thunder
Party - No thanks, I never really liked Voltorb or Electrode.

sriracha - Just so I'm clear on this, is it shiny, or is Shuckle the only shiny Pokemon you listed?

Silver - You've got yourself a deal.


Ultimate Trainer
hey i saw your old thread, i want
Shining Milotic
Shining Lucario
Shining Electivire
Shining Salamence
Shining Larvitar (adamant)

I'm offering:
Shining Gallade
Shining Shuckle
Shining Miltank
Shining Steelix
Shining Arcanince

Want my offers? Pm me or reply quoting this reply