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Trading Shiny and Rare Pokemon!


Legend Tamer
This is the list, dont offer any legendary pokemon.






Non Shinys:

Manectric lv100

Sceptile lv100

Aggron lv100

Marowak lv80

Shieldon lv20

Anorith lv20

Snorunt lv1

Cyndaquil lv1

Feebas lv33 Nicknamed FE FE

Elekid lv9

Combee lv9 Japanese

Skorupi lv18

Bagon lv35

Cradily lv 42

I also have pokerus, I can infect the pokemon you want, but it will cost you extra stuff. Make your offers, and I only want shiny's for my shiny's. If im gone pm, the forums stop working on my PC sometimes.