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Trading Shiny Charmander and Shiny Golduck

Team go-getters#1

Master Trainer
mew dialga palkia deoxys and jirachi and giratina and heatran and cresselia and gastly and darkrai all of them shiny for the charmander u can only pick six


Jazz Trainer =P
damn wanted a rash shiny char=[ i have a jolly 1 and a timit 1 just wanted a rash 1 lol =[=[


God of Thunder
Team go-getters#1, I already made the deal with agentmewtwo. It's now a matter of trading.

All's left is the shining Golduck. For now, at least.


God of Thunder
My impatience is getting the best of me. Should agentmewtwo not sign into the Wi-fi room in 10 minutes, Charmander's up for grabs again.
i will give you my pokemon that i offerd + jirachi lv.12 ot wish makr and mew ot mystry lv. 10 and a shiny zigzagoon lv. 23 and a shiny golbat lv. 53 and another deoxys only have about four deoxys from houston.accept my offer please! all mine are legit.


God of Thunder
Alright then Mewtwo, I'm still okay with the original offer. Just go onto the Wi-fi room, I'm going there now.