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Trading Shiny Jirachi


Well-Known Member
It is legit (40122, CHANNEL) and untouched.
Serious offers only.


pokemon masta
shiny ponyta?


Legend Tamer

Mightyena - lv18 - nicknamed sparkle

Golbat - lv33


Manectric - lv100

Celebi - lv3 (Hacked)

Sceptile - lv100 (Hacked)

Aggron - lv100

Marowak - lv80

Shieldon - lv20 - Untouched

Anorith - lv20 - Untouched

Scizor - lv52

Magnezone - lv31

Aipom with shadow ball - lv1 3 avaliable!

Trecko - lv1

Ralts - lv1 - 3 male and 1 female

Squirtle - lv1 - 3 avaliable

Teddiursa - lv1 - 2 avaliable

Croagunk - lv1 - 4 avaliable

Chikorita - lv1 - 2 avaliable

Houndour - lv1 - 4avaliable

Phione - lv1

Togepi - lv1

Spiritomb - lv1 - 2 avaliable


Shiny Ho-oh for Jirachi?


Well-Known Member
Unless someone has a legit Mew/Celebi/Manaphy, I'm leaning towards Munchlax's offer.

Lovrina addict 4ever!!!!

I'm gonna get you...
I have a Legit Celebi, lv 70 untouched from JAA. I'll throw in a Shiny Blaziken, too.


I have legit of all those. They aren't shiny. They are cloned. But they are legit. I'll throw those in if you want.


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Pikawho wins.
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If this trade is still open, I'm about to get my shiny groudon (legit) back, so I can offer it, as well as a level 10 MYSTRY mew and a level 100 10 ANIV celebi.


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Sorry, Pikawho made an awesome deal.


Well-Known Member
Sorry man, someone JUST made a slightly better deal.


I'm attatching a light ball to Ho-oh. I really don't want it...*logging onto Wi-Fi*