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King of Water PKMN.

Palkia Level 62 - Quirky Nature
Dragonair Level 100 Female - Bashful Nature
Suicune Level 71 - Naive Nature (Nicknamed as Aurora)
Lugia Level 100 - Hardy Nature
Glalie Level 47 Female - Serious Nature
Hitmontop Level 24 Male - Hardy Nature
Spiritomb Level 25 Female - Naughty Nature
Shiny Latias Level 51 Female - Quiet Nature
Vaporeon Level 1 Male - Modest Nature
Lucario Level 36 Male - Naive Nature (Nicknamed as Rulario From GTS)
Skarmory Level 1 Female - Bashful Nature
Empoleon Level 60 Male - Careful Nature
Kirlia Level 20 Male - Bashful Nature (Nicknamed as Gallade)
2x Manaphy Level 1 Untouched - Hasty Nature/Bashful Nature

Want Shinies.
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Light Venusaur

Konoha's FMA Ninja
I'm interested in the Hasty Manaphy.
but all I can offer is: Glameow w/Quick Attack. (or an Electrike w/Quick Attack)


I'm interested in you Shiny Latias would you like to trade with my shiny mew?


King of Water PKMN.
Oh right, i wouldn't mind having a pichu egg but hatching it will be preferred :), so Manaphy for pichu with volt tackle?