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Trainer Card Express

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Dark Latios, May 22, 2005.

  1. Dark Latios

    Dark Latios Beautiful Tragedy

    Requests are closed!!

    Cards have all been moved! So if your photobucket link isn't working, please go to visit my album, here, and find yours. Sorry for the trouble! I promise you, none have been deleted.

    Important notice: I have retired (yes, you heard me right), so I'm leaving my shop in the care of Myzou. Please don't stress her out, k? I might or might not come back every once in a while to help out, but don't count on it. I would like to see this thread live on, so keep requesting, but have patience while the workers here get things sorted out, Mmkay? Thanks.

    If you'd like to learn how to make them yourself, I've made a tutorial here.

    Before I give the info I need to make you one, here are the rules.

    1. You can request no more than two trainer cards in one post. You can however ask for two more once your previous two are finished in another post.

    2. No editing the trainer cards. Even if you don't like it, that doesn't give you the right to change it. Instead you could just ask for another one.

    3. Use proper grammar when requesting. Otherwise I might not understand a word you're saying. Also be sure to spell the pokemon's names right.

    More rules might be made in the future, so always read the first page before requesting.

    Here are the templates you can currently choose from:

    The original:


    The template I created:


    And three others with Myzou's templates:




    This is the info I need to make you one:

    Template: Choose from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th version.
    Name: Your name here.
    Trainer Sprite: Choose from D/P, Emerald, FR/LG, R/S, Crystal, and G/S.
    Pokemon Behind Trainer(optional): D/P, Emerald, FR/LG, R/S, Crystal, G/S, Yellow, R/B, or Pokesho.
    Pokemon: Read above.
    Badges: Kanto, Jhoto, Hoenn, Shinou, Frontier symbols (gold or silver), or OI badges.
    Background(optional): State what you want.. Can do almost anything.
    Favorite Type(optional): No more than three, (can only have one on my edited card and none on the other three).
    Card(optional): What shades do you want the template colored?

    Your request will take 1-3 days, but if I have a lot of requests to do, like say 9, it could take a lot longer.


    Last, but not least, I am allowing those who are good at making trainer cards to help me make them. I plan on this thread becoming the best tc request thread ever made and with a lot of helpers, that dream could come true. Note to everyone: I removed tons of people on 10/8/06 because they just weren't.. helping. I understand that the school year is tough, but I just kept the people that I thought were REALLY interested. If you would like to be put back on the list, PM me.

    Current helpers(ones that have helped recently):
    Flame of Madness - Work example
    Myzou - Work examples
    Maseki - Work example
    Magne-2000lbs. - Work example
    Knightblazer - Work example Special templates

    If you would like to help, ask here. You must give me an example of your work though.

    Remember to give credit to the person that makes it for you when you put it in your sig! Otherwise, you will be eaten alive by a mob of vicious rattlesnakes. ;336;

    Waiting list:


    Template: 4th
    Name: Munchlax42
    Trainer Sprite: D/P Male Hero
    Pokemon Behind Trainer: Manaphy
    Pokemon: D/P Alakazam,Erureido,Yukimenoki,Weavile and Enperuto and Red Version Mew!
    Badges: Shinou
    Background: Something Icy!
    Favorite Type: Ice,Water,Psychic
    Card: Icy Blue


    Name: 2pac
    Trainer sprite: Ash (in FR LG)
    Pokemon: suicune, raikou, entai, mew, ho-oh and anurus
    Pokemon behind sprite: deoxys(speed form)
    Card: any kind,preferably something red
    Badges: All
    Favorite type:


    Name : Erebus Lance
    Trainer Sprite: Lance in pokemon Speical or Green in pokemon Special
    Pokemon: Scizor (black), Lapras, Umbreon, Tyranitar, Aruseusu and Diaruga
    background card: http://i136.photobucket.com/albums/q177/KnightblazerPro/AlucardTC.png
    Bages: Frontier symbols (gold)
    Card color: Black or Dark color

    #1 Mirakuge lover

    Name: Joey
    Trainer: Noland
    Pokemon: Donkrow, Gabite's evo, Emperte, Roserade, Rentorer, Lucario
    Pokemon behind trainer: Fuwaraido
    Background: Night (dark colours if unable to get) not too fussy
    Fav Types: Dark, Ghost
    Badges: Sinnoh badges
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2007
  2. Sabaku_no_Gaara

    Sabaku_no_Gaara Party Monster 8D

    http://photos1.blogger.com/img/249/923/1024/sydney city at night.jpg

    Name: Envy
    Trainer Sprite: May(the female character from R/S)
    Pokemon Behind Trainer: Beautifly(FR/LG)
    Pokemon: Xatu, Milotic, Solrock, Groudon, Torchic, and Anorith(FR/LG)
    Badges: Kanto
    Background(optional): Over Here just shrink it down to fit the trainer card.
    Favorite Type: Psychic, Fire

    And shades of red for my TC's template color
    Last edited: May 22, 2005
  3. Dark Latias

    Dark Latias Maniac

    I was wondering if that's the template I use for my tcs with the same style as shinylatios's
    just wondering
  4. Dark Latios

    Dark Latios Beautiful Tragedy

    Those links won't work for some reason, I keep getting a page that says error the requested url could not be retrieved.

    And yes Emerald Latias, 'tis the same one.
  5. Sabaku_no_Gaara

    Sabaku_no_Gaara Party Monster 8D


    Better? Just enlarge it to fit the TC=)
    Last edited: May 22, 2005
  6. Queen Bean

    Queen Bean Guest

    Name: Psycho Bean Queen
    Trainer sprite: Leader Sabrina
    Pokemon behind trainer: Dragonair (FR/LG)
    Pokemon: Xatu, Starmie, Gardivoir, Espeon, Alakazam, Metagross (FR/LG)
    Badges: Kanto
    Favourite type: Psychic
  7. Dark Latios

    Dark Latios Beautiful Tragedy

  8. Name: Ruby
    Trainer Sprite: R/S Boy
    Pokemon Behind Trainer: Mudkip
    Pokemon: Swampert, Groudon, Altaria, Manetric, Aggron, Gardevoir
    Badges: Hoenn
    Background: None
    Favorite Type: Water, Ice

    Thanks A Lot!
  9. Angel

    Angel So close, yet so far

    Can I have one?

    Name: Sakura
    Trainer Sprite: The heroine from FR/LG
    Pokemon behind trainer: Latias and Latios
    pokemon: Rayquaza, Kyogre, Groudon, Manectric, Meganium, Gardevoir
    badges: Generation R/S
    background: Umm...can the background be the same as your example trainer card?
    Favorite Type: Dragon, Psychic
  10. Dark Latios

    Dark Latios Beautiful Tragedy

    I don't think I can fit that whole name...

    Would Bean Queen be ok with you?
  11. Dark Latias

    Dark Latias Maniac

    okay then can I have one?
    Name: Emerald Latias
    Trainer Sprite: female ranger from R/S
    Pokemon Behind Trainer: latios, latias
    Pokemon: grovyle, espeon, umbreon, vaporen, flareon, jolteon
    Badges: hoenn
    Background(optional): southern island [you know, the one I found?]
    Favorite Type: dragon, psychic
  12. Name: Ben
    Trainer Sprite: FR male Main Character
    Pokemon Behind Trainer: Mewtwo
    Pokemon: Swampert, Blastoise, Crobat, Mewtwo, Rayquaza, Ampharos
    Badges: Kanto
    Background(optional): None
    Favorite Type: Electric, Dragon

    Thanks ;181;
  13. Dark Latios

    Dark Latios Beautiful Tragedy

    Emerald Latias and Mew2 master, it might take me a while to make yours, because I already have three people waiting on theirs.

    Please try to be patient, I'll get 'em done as soon as possible.

    Edit: Envy here's your tc! Sorry for not getting rid of all that white earlier.
    If it still doesn't work, please tell me!

    Edit: Here's your tc Bean Queen, hope you don't mind that I shortened the name. http://img75.echo.cx/img75/4268/stc7la.png

    Edit: And here's your tc Ruby, hope ya like it! http://img153.echo.cx/img153/3622/stc9nf.png

    Edit: Angel, yours is done. http://img93.echo.cx/img93/1521/stc8bj.png
    Last edited: May 25, 2005
  14. Dark Latios

    Dark Latios Beautiful Tragedy

  15. Dark Latias

    Dark Latias Maniac

    thanks, and can I use it for my other forums?
  16. Sailor Universe

    Sailor Universe Vroom vroom!

    Name: Minna
    Trainer Sprite: Female Rocket Grunt (sorry for the change!)
    Pokemon Behind Trainer: Jirachi
    Pokemon: Feraligatr, Ampharos, Noctowl, Graveler, Furret, Jumpluff
    Badges: Johto
    Background(optional): Dunno... Something greenish??
    Favorite Type: Electric/Physic
    Last edited: May 27, 2005
  17. pkmnmaster16

    pkmnmaster16 Guest

    Can you do couple trainer cards if so

    Name: Sam & Randy
    Trainer Sprite: Red from Fire red and a girl from my one of the pokemon games just have then contacting some how
    Pokemon Behind Trainer: N/A
    Pokemon: three for both of them for red 1.Syther 2.Charmander 3.Haunter Female 1.Nintails 2.suicune 3.staru
    Badges: Hooen
    Background(optional): http://img158.echo.cx/img158/3074/tgrim3wh.jpg
    Favorite Type: N/A

    And if you can pm this to me i won't be here for a few days.
  18. Dark Latios

    Dark Latios Beautiful Tragedy

    You can do whatever you want with it Emerald Latias, (except change the way it looks.)

    Yours is finished Mew2 Master, sorry for the long wait. http://img84.echo.cx/img84/1792/stc1sv.png

    Only three for each? There's six spaces, are you sure you only want three?
  19. can I have one??

    Name: Miranda
    Trainer Sprite: Aroma Lady (from R/S games)
    Pokemon: Jirachi, Mew, Dragonair, Celebi, Chimecho, Latias
    Pokemon Behind Sprite: Torchic
    Card: viridian forest
    Badges: Hoenn

  20. Can i get one? if so;
    Trainer sprite: Steven (r/s)
    Pokemon: Rayquaza, Latios, Latias, Salamance, Flygon, Gyarados.
    Pokemon behind sprite: Rayquaza
    Card: any kind,preferably something red
    Badges: Hoenn
    Favorite type: Dragon

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