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Trainer Card Express

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Dark Latios, May 22, 2005.

  1. can i please have a TC with all 8 badges from kanto and all 8 from Sinnoh
    Lucario,shiny Charizard, Diaruga,Yukimenoko,shiny Leafia,and Ramuparudo
    and can the trainer be a shiny lucario and can the pokemon behind the trainer be a shiny Yukimenoko and can i have a cosmic looking background for it. And can the trainer be named Flame.
  2. brawleyboy

    brawleyboy UMBREON FAN

    Template: 1st
    Name: Gray
    Trainer Sprite: The fire red bruno
    Pokemon: behind trainer: Umbreon
    Pokemon: all dp: male typhlosion, female lanturn,male umbreon, sheimi, male enperuto,and male clefable
    Badges:all kanto
    Background(optional): space
    Favorite Type(optional): none
    Card(optional): Dark blue
  3. Flame of Madness

    Flame of Madness I didn't do it!

    No problem Silverstar!!!

    Myzou, you nearly scared me to death there!!!!

    Oh, Myzou, your protest worked! We have more requests!!! Yay!!!

    Brawley, I'll be doin' yours!!!
  4. Dark Latios

    Dark Latios Beautiful Tragedy

  5. combusken1994

    combusken1994 <It's Red!!!!!

    Hia everyone, I'm Combusken1994, the newest worker here,
    You can now request more as we have more people to do them!
  6. sausagewalls

    sausagewalls Well-Known Member

    hi can i please have a trainer card

    badges: all shinou
    background: thunderstorm
    name: jack
    trainer sprite: d/p trainer
    pokemon: enperuto,diaruga,lucario,hiidoran,regigigas and giradina
    pokemon standing next to trainer: enperuto
    template: 1st
    fav type: none (dont put)

  7. Poke-J

    Poke-J Cant catch me!

    Trainer card

    Please can I have a....

    .Original blue/white template
    .Pokemon diamond boy trainer as the trainer
    Can I have the pokemon as....
    .Final elvolved version of that blue penguin
    .Name of trainer:James

    .please,PLEASE pm me when you finish if you can....becouse ill forget where this thread is..
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2006
  8. combusken1994

    combusken1994 <It's Red!!!!!

    Ive claimed those 2, and will do tonight (IM IN ENGLAnD)
  9. Flame of Madness

    Flame of Madness I didn't do it!

    guys, I won't be doing cards for a while, this is because I have upcoming exams... Thanks, and maybe this is my last post for this week. My exams are on sunday already!!!
  10. combusken1994

    combusken1994 <It's Red!!!!!



    PS: My name not on main post!
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2006
  11. PokemonFireRed

    PokemonFireRed Charizard Trainer

    Dark_Latios stoll these from Lv.100 Charizard [​IMG]
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2007
  12. Poke-J

    Poke-J Cant catch me!

    How do I copy them to my signature??????
  13. BugLoverCody

    BugLoverCody Drowns in Cultness

    Hello, could you make one for me too? Please?

    Name: Cody
    Trainer sprite: I don't exactly know, I would like it to be a blond male though... (can you think of any? Maybe Denji from D/P?)
    Pokemon: Scizor, Rosurade, Beedrill, Ariados, Shedinja, Meganium (D/P sprites, if possible - NOT SHINY PLEASE!)
    Pokemon behind/next to sprite: Mitsuhoney
    Card: I would like a forest or a meadow font/backround please!
    Badges: Sinnoh (if not available, Johto please)
    Favourite type: Bug/Grass
    Thanks in advance!!
  14. combusken1994

    combusken1994 <It's Red!!!!!

    Yep, Im on it
  15. BugLoverCody

    BugLoverCody Drowns in Cultness

    Thanks a bunch

    EDIT: CAN YOU CHANGE THE TRAINER'S NAME TO Gym Leader Cody? Thanks again!
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2006
  16. combusken1994

    combusken1994 <It's Red!!!!!

    Here ya go;
    any problems just tell me
  17. BugLoverCody

    BugLoverCody Drowns in Cultness

    Thanks, it's perfect!
  18. combusken1994

    combusken1994 <It's Red!!!!!

    This is my 3rd piece of work here and I hope to have more soon
    Im not on the main page.
    You could make a pick up board
    Get requesting
  19. BugLoverCody

    BugLoverCody Drowns in Cultness

    For Combusken1994
    Since I was so satisfied with my first trainer card, I would like another one plz.
    Trainer Sprite: Suzuna from D/P
    Pokemon: Delcatty, Ditto, Kirlia, Illumise, Mimiroll, Furret (D/P Sprites please)
    Pokemon next to sprite: Cleffa (please, not behind sprite, next to it or in front of it)
    Backround: Something like a city.... or something cute.... (I don't really know all possibilities, so pick up one that fits the pokemon and trainer)
    Badges: Hoenn ones
    Fav.types: Normal

    Thanks in advance
  20. combusken1994

    combusken1994 <It's Red!!!!!

    Hi, I made 5 variations, please choose one that suits you.
    Please request!

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