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Trainer Card Express


A shining hero.
Trainer Card for Julie

Name: Julie
Avatar: FireRed/LeafGreen Female Cooltrainer
Pokemon (All Emerald): EvoMaster the Eevee;133; , Jaina the Vaporeon;134; , Sylvanis the Jolteon;135; , Flannery the Flareon;136; , Sabrina the Umbreon;197; , and Arthus the Espeon;196;
Behind Trainer: DP Shiny Female Lucario;rukario;
Background: Heroes 5 Haven (found in www.ageofheroes.com)
Colors: Rainbow
Badges: All (Kanto/Jhoto/Hoenn/Silver Frontier/Gold Frontier/DP Region)
Favorite Types: All

Do you know someone who will do coordinator cards?
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Sorry all, I can't do TCs here anymore, For some reason, when Dark passed me the shop, I was unable to access this site for about 2 weeks, when I finally did, it started taking like 5 minutes to load each page, hopefully dark can pass it on to someone else, or it's pretty much closed :(


The Best Trainer
yoyoyo I can help make TCs again


The Best Trainer
wow this place hasn't been looked upon for quite a while, if anyone out there wants a TC i can make it tommorow, cuz i have to go to sleep now-so later


The Master Mind Don
Name: Zishi
Trainer Sprite:Ash
Pokemon behind trainer: Dialga and Palkia
pokemon: Dialga, Palkia, Luxray, Arceus, Azelf, Manaphy
badges:Sinnoh Badges
background: Umm...can the background be the same as your example trainer card?
Favorite Type: Dragon, steel
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Dark Latios

Beautiful Tragedy
Look, I'm gonna get someone to close this because like, it's really annoying that it keeps getting bumped and old workers, I don't want you to have to do all this. =/

If people here still want cards from me, they'll PM me.
Is it possible to get a trainercard?
Template: 4th
Name: Silver
Trainer Sprite: D/P Tower Tycoon Palmer
Pokemon:pokemon: Shiny Charizard, Lucario, Togekiss, Electrivire, Lugia, Dusknoir (All D/P Male sprites)
Pokemon next to trainer: Lugia
Badges: Sinnoh


Beginning Trainer
Trainer Sprite: Gold (g/s)
Pokemon: Typhlosion, Crobat, Alakazam, Sudowoodo, Lapras, Lanturn
Pokemon behind sprite: Alakazam
Card: anything dark
Badges: Johto