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Trainer Customization Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by Wulava, Oct 10, 2013.

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  1. NiteMareRose

    NiteMareRose Active Member

    I never did the triple battle restaurant
    And I just became champ and I was let in but I don't see a point in needing to go in before post game coz of how expensive it is
  2. igotmilk

    igotmilk Miltank Trainer

    The only thing I dislike is that we are forced to wear a hat.
  3. NiteMareRose

    NiteMareRose Active Member

    I agree with that I would love to be able to take it off or replace the hat with like a flower ( like the accessory one )
  4. JunJun

    JunJun Well-Known Member

    Bwahaha! I got in! I'm not sure what did it, but the last thing I did before getting in was experimenting with haircuts for a while. Settled for middle length orange with bangs. :) Love the customization feature.
  5. Cassandraa

    Cassandraa Member

    Is there a list of pictures of female hairstyles or clothes floating around anywhere? :O
  6. sacred

    sacred Dragon Tamer

    Has anyone unlocked a long hairstyle for Male? I currently at medium perm
  7. vedil

    vedil I do liek mudkipz.

    I believe the two additional styles unlock after defeating team Flare? Somewhere around that they unlocked for me.

    Also! There is a guy in Kiloude City that gives you a special clothing item if you dress up in a way he needs (he needs a reference for a painting or something) and then talk to him. I got a dress that looks like a Slurpuff :) (I believe that guys get a Pangoro hat... I want that too :c )
  8. Kiraro

    Kiraro New Member

    I got into the boutique after I finished both of the 2-star restaurant challenge. I wasn't champion yet and I had up to the lumiose gym badge. Before that, did absolutely everything else I could possibly do in that city. I seriously hate going there now, but it was so worth it for my shirt! xD

    Also, are there wigs in the game? I keep seeing people on passerby without a hat on, but they all have the same specific few hairstyles. (Mainly the Ace Trainer's hair-do and a couple others).
  9. vedil

    vedil I do liek mudkipz.

    Those are just different icons. You can change your icon to a generic trainer icon from your PSS menu.
  10. WaterMasterDD

    WaterMasterDD Water Trainer

    Are there only the 3 styles for male haircuts...?
  11. sacred

    sacred Dragon Tamer

    I beat the game and i only have 4 hairstyles
  12. Kiraro

    Kiraro New Member

    Oh! I see. That makes sense, thank you for clearing that up! :)

    Awww man, I was totally getting my hopes up for getting rid of my hat. Oh well! ;~;
  13. vedil

    vedil I do liek mudkipz.

    Hmmm, that was a guess... so I suppose, maybe you need to get your hair cut many times? I did it a lot, so that may be the case.
  14. crownix

    crownix Electromancer

    I never worked at the hotel and I got into the lumios botique. I talked to alexa at the press plaace in lumios, battled 2 alley trianers, got one roller blading trick and did the one star restaurant.
  15. Sir_Adamus

    Sir_Adamus Active Member

    It seems strange that they report the trainer customisation as a feature and yet impose some ridiculous limitations. Far as I can tell there are about 5 hairstyles per gender (I don't know if there are anymore you can unlock) and you seem to be limited to only 5 hair colours.
    You'd think there'd be as much variation as the clothes have.

    EDIT: Wasn't it said that Diantha was involved in trainer customization at some point in the game?
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2013
  16. elcheezpuhfprez

    elcheezpuhfprez Monsterrr

    I loooove the customizations, but it's so limited for me right now. Only 4 hairstyles and still can't get into Lumiore Boutique. I'm at the pokemon league now. :c
  17. SageofTruth

    SageofTruth Greninja Assassin

    I wish there were curly hair options. My character looks like a black man with a perm. Le sigh. GF there are different hair texttures besides straight :(
  18. Wolfswift

    Wolfswift Member

    Okay, so I been looking and looking for this stuff. How to remove hat, how to get more hair styles/colors and all I've found is apparently you can't remove the hat, which is kind of dumb imo. It seems to hold true so far, I have seen people without, I think what I found out is apparently they are using default trainer appearances, which I don't know how/where to get those either. I seen purple hair person and I want unique colors, but I think he's using a psychic trainer look, dunno how he did that either tho.

    I have read about restyling the hair a lot and tried that, I got a Medium Perm hairstyle(for male, I have a male trainer), and it is kind of like the Medium hairstyle but it curls outward a bit at the ends, if I knew a good way to screenshot I would. I have been using the Style and Color option, and dropped about 50k before she told me "Hello... ... ... Oh! S-sorry! Oh... Silly me... <Trainer>, you look so great... I was mesmerized by you... Ahem... Let me collect myself first... What would you like today?" and proceeded as usual, but when told her Styling and Color and approved the cost, when we began she told me she came up with a new style that was perfect for me or something.

    Since then I spent like 100k on restyling and color, and never got a new color, nor any new styles. I always said "Surprise me!" in hopes that helped, dunno if it did, I also hoped maybe appearing before her with certain color/style combos might help, again, not sure if that's what did it or just the spending threshold. Being as I never got a new color, could probably spend half as much just on style changes. I also have noticed since getting the new style when I choose "Surprise me!" I never get the new Medium Perm style, dunno how relevant that is tho.

    I'm pretty sad this game boasted trainer customization, and yet it is so lacking. When I chose orange hair, I wanted like a fiery orange like I see many opponent trainers with, but it's a fairly dull ordinary orange... And I remember in older games seeing trainers with green, blue, purple hairs, and even in this game I've seen enemy trainers with purple, bright red, bright orange and many more exotic colors, there should be more styles too. I still wanna know where we might find these default trainer appearances... I keep talking to every person around in hopes of finding it. If I do, you can bet I'll post it here. This is the information I seek most and no one seems to really have it...

    Also, if there are 5 styles, how might we get the 5th? Is it just a lot a lot more buying restyles?
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2013
  19. WaterMasterDD

    WaterMasterDD Water Trainer

    The deafult pictures are under the profile bit of the PSS and you tap your image and you can select various images.
  20. saldu

    saldu Well-Known Member

    I just saved up some Pokedollars (I only have 4 badges) to buy a super awesome set of clothes at the Lumiose boutique.
    It cost 280.000 in total, bargaining O-Power does not seem to work for boutiques.

    Anyways, because the set looks extremely stylish together, I spent nearly an hour doing an extremely high-production value trainer PR video.
    If anyone wants to see it, PM me your Friendcode, I will PM you back.
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