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Trainer Customization Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by Wulava, Oct 10, 2013.

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  1. Threule

    Threule Active Member

    So anyone can confirm how many male hairstyles are there? From what i know theres a long one, but cant seem to find how to unlock
  2. Bluemiracle

    Bluemiracle Biologist

    whos Alexa?
  3. Wheels-Luper

    Wheels-Luper Shiny Hunter

    Alexa appears in Pokémon X and Y, working for a company as a journalist from Lumiose City. Her sister is the Santalune City Gym Leader, Viola.
  4. THE ACE

    THE ACE playing the cards...

    can you get long coats? or even gabardine?
  5. Bluemiracle

    Bluemiracle Biologist

    whats her location?
  6. DSDark

    DSDark Breeder

    So I have 5 badges and I still can't get into the lumiose city boutique, how do you get in?
  7. Sweet-Poffin

    Sweet-Poffin Member

    Not sure if this has been said before, but I did a lot of things. I'm not sure what triggered it but here's what I did.
    -Beat the gym
    -Went into every cafe
    -Talked to Alexa
    -Went to the museum
    -Dined at the 2-star restaurant
    -Worked at the hotel
    -Groomed Furfrou (and kept it in my party)
    I also made a PR video and got a haircut a long time beforehand. (I was also able to unlock alt. hairstyles when I went to the salon and got a haircut about 10 times in a row. That was after I unlocked the Boutique.)

    After I did all of that I was able to get in. Good luck!
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2013
  8. SageofTruth

    SageofTruth Greninja Assassin

    I became champion and they let me in. It's a good thing I had a million saved up lol
  9. Wolfswift

    Wolfswift Member

    I have 5 badges and I got in as soon as I found it, though people say you gotta do a bunch of things in Lumiose before you can get in, I did do a lot of things before I ever found it, I did pretty much everything I found. Got a hair restyle and recolor, made a Trainer PR video, worked at the hotel, battled some back alley trainers, talked to Alexa to learn where interesting things are, visited a few cafes, talked to absolutely everyone, visited the museum and most buildings for that matter, just kinda did whatever I found, talked to people looking for TMs, hold items, tips on things or just anything really. Evidently it was enough.

    I'm not sure it's nessessarily a few set things, I think it's just do a bunch around town. I know I did not find any 2 star restaraunt that would let me in unless I was famous or "on par with the champion" and I did not groom a furfrou, kinda dislike weird poodley groomed things, looks weird, I like the basic furfrou more. Also, with Prize Money Power lvl 3 and amulet coin, I make around 100k when I visit the Battle Chateau, fighting marquis and marchionesses with so much bonus money, some give like 30k, the gym leader rebattles give out like 30-40k, some only give like 10k, but again this is with prize money lvl 3 and amulet coin, otherwise they usually only give like 10k-15k at most. I had 400k sitting about when I found the place, and that was after buying a bunch of balls and potions and repels, like a TON of them.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2013
  10. PsychicsRox

    PsychicsRox Well-Known Member

    Go into the menu and choose Profile and then choose profile icon.
  11. DrakeKoryu

    DrakeKoryu Active Member

    So how many styles does we get, cause it seems to be alt hairstyles, but no one says how many or how they are... :S
  12. DSDark

    DSDark Breeder

    got in thanks
  13. Kronus09

    Kronus09 Well-Known Member

    Isn't it a bit unfair that female chars have more hairstyles than male ones. 7 - 4 Really?
    I can understand more clothings option for them but hairstyles?
  14. guigui1120

    guigui1120 Member

    Hi guys, I need to have the Bamboo sprig hat but I'm not able to have it. Serebii say gift in Kiloude city and I think I've found the guy but he want me to show him a vivid colored hat and sneakers but I have sneakers and I've tried all the hat and he don't want to give it to me. Do you know what to do?
  15. Bramblefire

    Bramblefire Aura Guardian

    Try different hat/sneakers. Something with bright colors. It worked for me with yellow shoes and a purple cap.
  16. Hunter Zolomon

    Hunter Zolomon Into the Shadows Staff Member Moderator

    Since i'm still early in the game there's not much of a selection for customization which is understandable, but I really like the idea of this. I think it's cool we can customize our trainers. I can't wait to see what else I unlock for customization as I progress through the game!
  17. ~Sam~

    ~Sam~ Trader and Battler

    I changed my hair from the default to short. It looks a lot better now in my opinion.
  18. DrakeKoryu

    DrakeKoryu Active Member

    Like someone before mention after a couple of times changing your hair(style and color) the girl will give you another option, for me it was medium perm. and it seem more stylish now, so maybe if I keep using the service the options will keep on growing(or is it confirmed to only have 4; very short, short, medium and medium perm.?
  19. The Fentoozler

    The Fentoozler New Member

    Is there any difference in the skin tone between the black hair starting character and the blonde one?
  20. The blonde one has lighter skin tone.
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