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Trainer Scenario! Would you dare enter the Pokemon Tower and discover what horrors may lay there?

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by shoz999, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. shoz999

    shoz999 ... Don't laugh.

    Today's Halloween and with the recent release trailer featuring Lavender Town, why not do a Trainer Scenario Thread on the Pokemon Tower!

    In this scenario , you are a Pokemon trainer entering Lavender Town on a DARK AND RAINY day. The citizens walk past you quietly, ignoring your questions of the nearest Pokemon center or a nice play to stay, staring at you with great suspicion. Something's not right with this town. You continue to ask around hoping you get some answers and meet Mt. Fuji who explains that the people here used to be nice until something strange happened at the Pokemon Tower, the burial grounds where people pay their respects to there Pokemon. It's also where you hear that your jerk rival went missing. Mr. Fuji asks you, a fairly experienced Pokemon trainer, to solve this mystery, explaining that the Pokemon Tower is haunted by ghosts? Do you enter the Pokemon Tower and investigate this mystery?

    Ah but maybe you want a little more insight than that. Okay, well it may or may not surprise you but that scenario I just explained is the EXACT same scenario that Red of Pokemon Adventures went through. He entered the Pokemon Tower and found the souls of dead Pokemon roaming. This of course freaks him out and he finds his rival, Green, and his Charmeleon with whited eyes and a devilish grin, like there possessed. It isn't until Red defeats Green and frees him from the possesion that Red finds out that this is all just an illusion caused by Team Rocket's lieutenant and his powerful Gastly responsible for the possession and illusions. Okay, not scary right! There just all illusions! Hehehe... TURNS ON SPOOKY FLASHLIGHT


    Of course... that's just one of many scenarios that could happen with the supernatural. Let me tell you a different scenario that COULD, COULD happen. Many people think Pokemon Adventures is dark and gritty. I and many Pokemon Adventure fans disagree. It's a light-hearted but intense and mature take that fits with Pokemon's tone. No. If you want a somewhat DARKER take on Pokemon, read the Electric Tale of Pikachu. You enter the Pokemon Tower and what do you see? Dead bodies. Dead human bodies and above those dead human bodies is a giant haunter known as The Black Fog. You see The Black Fog holding a human soul, devouring it with a smile. Perhaps your afraid and you run right out the door or maybe your brave enough to slay this monster. Maybe you become it's next victim or maybe, JUST MAYBE you succeed. What happens next if you succeed? The Black Fog's pride would rather commit suicide and take all the souls it ate with him than face defeat. This isn't the light-hearted take of Pokemon Adventures featuring ghostly illusions, this is the dark and terrifying nature of the Black Fog's pride itself. As for your rival, he doesn't seem to be here. Did he left or is he one of the bodies on the ground? You won but it's too late for those poor souls.


    Of course... that's just one of many scenarios that could happen. Another scenario from Pokemon Origins is that you could just enter the tower, maybe meet a few ghost-type Pokemon to capture, find your scared rival, deal with Team Rocket, discover an actual ghost who is Cubone's mother, Marowak, and reunite Cubone with his mother. A happy ending isn't it... BUT WOULD YOU TAKE THE CHANCE?


    Also we need to take into consideration that it's not only you who might be creeped out but even your own Pokemon, regardless of experience. Even some of the most strongest of Pokemon can't help but feel they are being watched from the shadows somewhere.


    Continuing the trainer scenario, Would you dare enter the Pokemon Tower and investigate this mystery, having absolutely no clue what the Pokemon Tower may have in store for you? Afterall. These three are just some of many scenarios that could happen with the supernatural. Who knows? Maybe nothing supernatural happens at all? Or maybe you won't even take a step into that place. Anything could happen within those walls. What would you do?
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2018
  2. Ignition

    Ignition Stop neglecting my sad bois GameFreak.

    I'm personally someone who doesn't get scared but I also have a disdain for horror related media. So while I could go investigate without any fear, I probably wouldn't out of simple indifference. Only reason I'd go is to help Cubone's mother rest peacefully

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