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"Trainers Against Clones" club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by pokemistress, Nov 7, 2006.

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  1. pokemistress

    pokemistress Real-life Gothorita

    Hello everyone I'm Jennifer,
    In pokemon Emerald there is a glitch which makes clones of pokemon. It is a completely legitimate and safe way to make two of any pokemon or item. The clone is identical to the original, making it very hard to tell the difference!
    When Diamond and Pearl come out there will be Wi-Fi trading making it possible to trade with people from all round the world. This will be great but clones will spoil it. For people who haven't been able to get event pokemon like mew and celebi who have waited patiently since 1998 will be able to get them easily. But so will everyone. There'll be no more fun left in completing a pokedex...
    The next generation of pokemon will be ruined
    But this club believes we can save it. Please join us and show your support so that we can stop clones from getting onto wifi.

    <3 Roeno <3

    1) Please be nice
    2) Always have our banner in your signature if you can, to let people know that cloning isn't good.
    3) Please try get other people to join.

    What we hope to achieve:
    1) We hope to figure out some way that clones can be kept out of the wifi system and maybe even tell nintendo. They might not even know about the glitch.
    2) We hope that using our strength in numbers we can actually make a difference in stopping the clones from ruining the next gen which we're all looking forward to so much.

    Shiny Ho-Oh
    Neo Mario

    I thought it might be fun that if you do something good for this club you get points, and the more points you get the higher rank you get. Here are the things we need done and how many points you get.

    1) We need a banner - 10 Points
    2) A slogan - 5 points
    3) Someone who's better at English than me to clearly explain why clones are bad! - 20 points
    4) I'd like someone to explain the D/P cloning as i'm only aware of Emerald cloning - 5 points
    5) We need a solution to clones on wifi! - 100 points!

    Also we need more members... Please ask as many people to join, and you can have 3 points per member who comes here and says that you told them to join!



    Last edited: Nov 9, 2006
  2. pokemistress

    pokemistress Real-life Gothorita

    Yay! We're up and running! Now all we need is members! If you're reading this, please join.
  3. tangelax

    tangelax ...

    Ill join :D
  4. pokemistress

    pokemistress Real-life Gothorita

    Yay! A member! So what don't you like about cloning?And do you have any ideas on how to stop it?
  5. I'll join.

    I am against cloning and i too think it will ruin DP because the rare pokemon wont be rare or special anymore. ;123;
  6. pokemistress

    pokemistress Real-life Gothorita

    Absolutely! So um.. any ideas on how to stop them being traded in wifi? Also i heard there's ANOTHER cloning glitch in D/P... Anyone have any details?
    Thanks guys.
  7. oliver sreeves

    oliver sreeves Well-Known Member

    why don't people like in game glitches. i know some are dangerous but some are actually safe, if you've got the hang of them.
  8. pokemistress

    pokemistress Real-life Gothorita

    That's a fair question. The problem is that with the cloning glitches people will be able to clone a pokemon, then trade the cloned one. This means that nobody will mind what they get in return... You'd be doing someone a favour, you'd basically be giving them a pokemon. That might sound great but what's going to happen is instead of the challenge of searching for pokemon and trying to catch them and the thrill of finding a new pokemon you'll be able to get them all really easily on wifi trades... It'll make it really boring. And the battles will be filled with amazing EV hyper pokemon so you can either get them and it's boring or not and not have a chance.
    Some member of this club who's more articulate please write this in better words so i can have it as our main thing!
  9. Leebui

    Leebui Questionable...

    Heh, I said I'll think about it. So I did, and I'll happily join. Even if I don't support your cause 100%, you'll at least have some technical aspect of this issue on your side. ^_^

    I'll happily make a banner for you after school's finished, you just need to find a nice background for me, and I'll whip you up something.
  10. pokemistress

    pokemistress Real-life Gothorita

    Yay thankyou! What type of background do you need? I was thinking for a banner a picture of a mew looking evil and then copy and paste it so there's loads of them so they're all scary clones. But it's up to you.
    I'm very glad to have your technical expertise. Could you try do one of the tasks? Thankyou
  11. Arion

    Arion Ultimate Guitarist

  12. pokemistress

    pokemistress Real-life Gothorita

    Yay thankyou! Do you have any ideas or comments? Or perhaps you'd like to do one of the tasks?
  13. Arion

    Arion Ultimate Guitarist

    Here is a suggestion for a slogan: Clones don't pwn
  14. pokemistress

    pokemistress Real-life Gothorita

    Hehe, ok, all members can vote on:
  15. Mli

    Mli Cykelpedal

    i guess i join even though i will be a little unhappy if i don't get those special event pokemon :p i won't have any chanse ever to get one exept for wi-fi...but still i think cloning is wrong...
  16. Sunkern

    Sunkern Well

    As per your request...here I am joining :)

    With any luck, it'll be sorted and not a worry anyway.
  17. pokemistress

    pokemistress Real-life Gothorita

    Let's all hope so.
    Nintendo have said nothing about the glitch though and it's not in the japanese version. They may not even know about it (it's possible.) I would consider writing them a letter but first I want to see if more people want clones banned from wifi than people who don't. I hope it's people do but it's not up to me to decide.
  18. Mli

    Mli Cykelpedal

    :/ maybe they don't know but that would be suprising...

    btw here is one glitch in DP there are more...there is a thread about it

    Last edited: Nov 8, 2006
  19. Sunkern

    Sunkern Well

    Those glitches will supposedly be editted out of the English versions.
  20. pokemistress

    pokemistress Real-life Gothorita

    Hmm, the D/P glitch doesn't sound too serious. The Emerald Cloning glitch is our only real problem. How can we stop clones from getting on to wifi?
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