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Trainer's shiny shop!

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by trainer7715, Aug 4, 2011.

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  1. trainer7715

    trainer7715 Better than you

    Hello and welcome to my shop. I've been around these forums for quite awhile and I've made some valuable trades. So I decided to make my own shop so first off is the rules.

    Closing my shop!no more offers please

    The Rules:

    1. All SPPF rules apply
    2. Do not trade me hacks. As I will never trade you hacks either.
    3. Plese be patient. I'll try to get to your offer as fast as I can.
    4. Be nice. I think we can all get along.
    5. No spamming please.
    6. Have fun!

    My pokes for trade:

    Shiny Flawless Abra timid UT
    Shiny Flawless Scizor adament UT w/ bullet punch and roost
    Shiny Flawless Dratini jolly UT w/ extreme speed and dragon dance
    Shiny Flawless Solosis bold UT w/ trick and imprison
    Shiny Flawless Archen jolly UT
    Shiny Flawless Bagon adament UT w/ Hydro pump and Dragon dance
    Shiny Flawless Horsea modest UT
    Shiny Flawless Spiritomb adament UT w/ shadow sneak pain split
    Shiny Flawless Staryu timid UT
    Shiny Flawless yamask modest UT w/ nasty plot
    SHiny Flawless DW eevee timid UT w/ wish fake tears yawn assist power has pokerus
    Shiny Flawless DW eevee modest UT w/ wish
    Shiny Flawless Squirtle bold UT w/ aqua jet flail aqua ring yawn
    Shiny Flawless munchlax careful UT w/ firepunch curse
    Shiny Flawless Nidoking sheerforce modest ev'd in sp.A and speed. w/ ice beam earthpower thunderbolt suckerpunch
    Shiny Flawless male Ralts UT w/ mean look
    Shiny Flawless aerodactyl jolly UT w/ pursuit
    Shiny Flawless Beldum adament careful UT
    Shiny Flawless Sneasel jolly UT w/ fakeout ice punch
    Shiny Flawless elekid adament UT w/ magnet rise ice punch fire punch cross chop
    Shiny Flawless Chatot timid UT
    Shiny Flawless Aron Jolly UT w/ iron head and head smash
    Shiny Flawless Rhyhorn jolly UT w/ crunch ice fang thunder fang fire fang
    Shiny Flawless Zorua modest UT w/ dark pulse
    Shiny Flawless Deino modest UT w/ dark pulse
    Shiny Flawless Dweeble careful UT w/ spikes counter
    Shiny Flawless Rotom timid UT
    Shiny Flawless Karrablast adament UT w/ megahorn bugbite screech
    Shiny Flawless DW Darumaka jolly UT w/ encore yawn
    Shiny Flawless DW Lapras Adament UT w/ dragon dance dragon pulse
    Shiny Flawless Corphish adament UT w/ dragon dance chip away
    Shiny Flawless Dialga modest lv. 1 UT
    Shiny Flawless Turtwig adament UT w/ Super power Double edge seed bomb
    Shiny Flawless Ponyta gentle UT w/ incinerate
    Shiny Flawless Murkrow calm UT w/ confuse ray roost
    Shiny Flawless Gible jolly UT
    Shiny Flawless Skarmory impish UT w/ brave bird
    Shiny near Flawelss togepi Modest or timid UT NOT OT: MAT
    Shiny near Flawless Thundurus timid UT HP ice 70
    Shiny near Flawless Accelgor UT NN shelmet timid w/ encore baton pass endure HP ice 70
    Shiny near Flawless Deino UT timid w/ Dark pulse and HP ground 70
    Shiny near Flawless coballion timid UT HP ice 70
    DW near Flawless shiny Gligar UT impish w/ poison tail double edge baton pass agility
    Movie Hydreigon modest UT
    Movie Victini jolly UT HP ice 50 ( I think)
    Movie Victini adament UT flawless
    Sing pikachu timid UT flawless
    Sing pikachu sassy UT
    Satoshi's zekrom jolly and adament UT
    Shiny event raikou WIN2011
    Birthday Togekiss modest Flawless UT

    Latias relaxed lv.40 UT
    Giratina rash lv.49 T
    Rayquaza adament lv.100 BT (may be hacked)
    Mudkip hasty lv.1 UT
    Axew hardy lv.31 UT
    Bisharp NN brave lv. 48 UT
    Spiritomb hardy lv.1 UT
    Eevee bashful lv 22 UT
    Cofagrigus modest lv. 34 UT
    Salamence naive lv.100 BT
    Duskull bold lv.22 BT
    Ponyta modest lv.14 UT
    Porygon jolly lv. 19 T
    Bronzor careful lv. 29 UT w/ stealth rocks
    Piloswine hardy lv. 49 UT
    Druddigon Serious lv. 33 T jap
    gardevoir careful lv. 61 T
    Snorunt naughty lv. 39 UT
    Coballion serious lv. 100 BT
    exeggcute calm lv. 16 UT
    Tropius relaxed lv. 60 UT
    Bulbasur calm lv.1 UT
    Vulpix modest FLAWLESS lv.16 UT Rare candeid
    Stunky hasty lv. 14 BT
    Snorlax Naughty lv. 1 UT
    Virizion adament lv. 100 BT jap
    bellsprout quiet lv. 47 UT
    Slugma quirky lv. 29 UT with pokerus
    Snover bold lv. 38 UT

    Flawless modest JAP or ENG
    Flawless Timid ENG
    Flawless Adament ENG

    My wants:

    Any events
    Any shinys or flawless I dont have
    shiny flawless yanma modest or calm
    shiny flawless scrafty w/ fakeout ice punch drain punch

    My Services:
    Rare candieng
    Item obtaining in black and white
    RNG breeding

    Black list:

    Have Fun :D
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2011
  2. trainer7715

    trainer7715 Better than you

    Thanks to AromaFlora for approving :D
  3. KnyfeStab

    KnyfeStab PSN: blakk21

    Hello nice trade shop you have. I can offer my Movie Event Hydreigon Modest nature for your shiny flawless Scizor. Pm/vm me if interested.
  4. Hello I'm intrested in your Thunudrus, Solosis, and maybe scizor (if it has superpower)

    Trade for my:
    Flawless Shiny EVd Jolly Terrakion
    Flawless Shiny UT Impish gligar
    UT Jolly Movie Victini
  5. trainer7715

    trainer7715 Better than you

    @ WhiteStone30- it does have superpower and what are the ev's for terakkion
  6. ^
    4 HP/ 252 Atk/ 252 Spd
  7. trainer7715

    trainer7715 Better than you

    @ WhiteStone30- seems okay to me. Im able to trade now. I'll be in the room
  8. ^
    Let me contact a cloner to clone my pokemon first.
  9. kingflygon

    kingflygon The Flygons Are Here

    i would like your shiny flawless solosis i have to offer PKLATAMA jirachi
  10. trainer7715

    trainer7715 Better than you

    @ kingflygon- not really intresed sorry. anything else you can offer?
  11. kingflygon

    kingflygon The Flygons Are Here

    check my shop i dont have much
  12. Typhlozel

    Typhlozel Typhlosions #1 fan.


    I'm quite interested in...

    Shiny Flawless Horsea modest UT
    Shiny Flawless Scizor adament UT w/ bullet punch and roost

    I can offer the following!

    Shiny Timid Starmie level 100. 4HP /252Spa /252Spe EV's
    Flawless Adamant Haxorus level 100. 4HP /252 Atk/ 252 Spe EV's
    Shiny Flawless Bold Reuniclus level 100 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD EV's
    Shiny Modest Flawless Typhlosion level 100 4HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe EV's

    Let me know if any of those interest you :)
  13. trainer7715

    trainer7715 Better than you

    @ kingflygon- nothing really intresting. sorry :/
    @ Typhlozel- I want your haxorus but thats it. so pick one please:)
  14. Typhlozel

    Typhlozel Typhlosions #1 fan.

    I'll trade the Haxorus for the Horsea then if thats ok :)
  15. kingflygon

    kingflygon The Flygons Are Here

    i told ya i got not much
  16. trainer7715

    trainer7715 Better than you

    @ typhlozel- okay i'll be in the room:)
  17. Typhlozel

    Typhlozel Typhlosions #1 fan.

    Thankyou for the trade :D
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2011
  18. interested in Shiny near flawless Thundurus timid UT HP ice 70

    i have Shinies- Shuppet, Piloswine, Solrock, Golbat, Cobalion, Terrakion, Latias, Zangoose, Zoroark, Dwebble, Horsea, , Oshawott, Chinchou, Pichu, Manetric, Rayquaza, Volcarona, Gollet, Shinx, Sceptile, Oshawatt, Virizion, Beldum,

    Events- (the following are DW ability)

    Eggmove Pokemon
    Dratini- Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse
    Riolu- Bullet Punch, Crunch, Blaze Kick
    Zorua- Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball

    Flawless-(Will update constantly, and it’s based on what the judge say’s
    Karrablast-M-22 Quiet
    Latias (10ANNIV Event) 70-Jolly
    Shelmet-M-30 Lonely
    *shiny* Armaldo-M-40-Hardy

    SING Pikachu
    Satoshi’s Event Zekrom (Jolly, Adamant, mild, Modest)
    Shiny Ageto Celebi,
    Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi.
    10ANIV- Blaziken, charizard, alakazam, articuno, moltres, zapdos, pikachu, latias, latios, blastoise, celebi, entei, raikou, suicune, dragonite, tyranitar

    Goon Scizor,
    Aura Mew
    ANA Darkrai,
    Alamos Darkrai
    Janta’s Golurk
    *Shiny* PokePark (old sea map)Mew (UT except transform was replaced with psychic)
    SMR2010 Jirachi
    Hayley Mew
    Movie 11 Victini
    WISJMKR Jirachi
    Movie 07 Darkrai
    PokeSmash! Cubchoo
    Syokotan's"TROPIUS"Pokemon Center
    Saikyou Dragonite

    I have just about any item available and can infect Pokerus
  19. trainer7715

    trainer7715 Better than you

    @ dragonmaster26- I want your sing pikachu and event zekrom so if you can pick another poke from my shop if your intrested shop and we'll trade 2 for 2? if not then i just want your sing pikachu
  20. err i guess your Shiny near Flawless Deino UT timid w/ Dark pulse and HP ground 70
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