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Trainers who have the potential to become Pokemon Champion?

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by shoz999, Mar 8, 2019.

  1. shoz999

    shoz999 Do you wanna try a good Tapu Cocoa? My treat.

    Discuss about Trainers that you believe have the strength to potentially become Pokemon Champion. Games, manga, anime. Any Pokemon trainer that comes to mind. I'll start off with one of the most strongest characters in the Pokemon game's lore.

    This character is none other than Colress, the third leader of Team Plasma whose Pokemon team is themed around man-made creations or alterations. Whereas N is after peace and Ghetsis is out for personal gain, Colress is only out to unlock a Pokemon's hidden potential to become stronger. If it means treating them like tools, he will do it. If it means treating them like friends, he will do it. In fact, Colress is the very first Pokemon Researcher to become a main villain and a leader of a villainous team.

    Not only does the Pokemon lore heavily imply he's one of the strongest trainers of the Pokemon world, from how Ghetsis recognizes his strength and intellect that he offers him to temporarily become leader of Team Plasma in his place, to Colress's interest in discovering and improving a Pokemon's self-strength, to being invited to become one of the bosses of the Battle Tree but he also literally has the Pokemon levels to back this up, the highest levels that his Pokemon team hit are in the Lv. 70 range during post-game which almost rivals the highest levels of Cynthia's Pokemon team, not counting the Battle Tree.

    In Pokemon Adventures canon, the manga takes Colress a step further, recognizing his strength in a fantastic way that gave me the idea for this thread in the first place! Late Story SPOILERS.
    Colress actually enters the Unova Pokemon League, defeating much of the competition and making it to the top eight finalists of the Pokemon League. In fact this is how he's actually introduced in Pokemon Adventures and this is such a great way to introduce Colress's character and skills as a trainer into the scene.

    So Colress is definitely a great example of a strong trainer in terms of strength and intelligence who could definitely have the potential to become Pokemon Champion. What are some trainers you think that have the potential to become Pokemon Champion?
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2019
  2. gwen-watson

    gwen-watson A Marvel Baby

    Wally. I'm sorry, but he has the team, the spirit and the willpower, especially in ORAS.

    Colress is also pretty solid as well. He's got the logic and can carry himself as a Champion.

    If she puts aside her immaturity and hatred of losing and refusing to see her flaws, Clair would be a good fit as well. She could easily replace Lance if she wanted to but she's got to swallow her pride and grow.

    And maybe it's my bias, but Lillie. In the games, she's full of love and determination. Two great traits for a hearty Pokemon Champion.
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  3. shoz999

    shoz999 Do you wanna try a good Tapu Cocoa? My treat.

    Cyrus from Pokemon Adventures is definitely another potential candidate who can become Pokemon Champion. I'm not really sure about game Cyrus, generations Cyrus and anime Cyrus definitely hasn't shown much of his strength but Adventures Cyrus is definitely the most intimidating out of any adaptation. Most of the adaptations often show Cyrus as this villainous leader but they rarely show the Pokemon trainer aspect of him. Pokemon Adventures shows Cyrus's skills as a Pokemon trainer and more, just how capable he actually is. So for starters, just look at the picture and we see Cyrus right in the middle of it. For those who don't know Cyrus's name means the Sun and he's wielding his magnetic Pokemon orbiting around Cyrus (the Sun) like the planets itself. Think of it as a glimpse of Cyrus's strength as both a trainer and a leader as I do have to say, story spoilers.

    So when Cyrus is introduced early on easily overpowering Dia (Lucas), Platinum (Dawn) and Pearl (Barry) with his magnetically-powered Pokemon, Probopass and Magnezone, at or near Mt. Coronet, he can do a lot of things with magnetism from causing rock slides to pulling the earth upwards itself. He proves to be so strong that none of the main character can't really do any significant damage, not even a scratch. He also of course has Pokemon like Weavile and Gyarados from the Pokemon games but where things really get interesting is when Cyrus faces the Pokemon Champion Cynthia himself. Pokemon Adventures take on Cynthia is different from her anime counterpart. Many of you know that anime Cynthia is an experienced trainer who has mastery over her Pokemon. Adventures Cynthia however is depicted as less of a experienced Pokemon Champion and more like a younger Pokemon Champion, a veteran trainer who still has a lot to learn about Pokemon and it is during Cyrus vs. Cynthia, that Cyrus uses his skills and power as a Pokemon trainer to literally push Cynthia's own Pokemon to a corner. He uses no trickery, he doesn't ask for help from his grunts, this is literally a fair Pokemon battle and Cyrus's strength is quite overwhelming even for Cynthia which forces her to defeat Cyrus by using an incomplete Draco Meteor, one of the most legendarily powerful Dragon-type moves, just to quickly end Cyrus's Pokemon battle. Cynthia wins but barely.

    So with that being said, Cyrus from Pokemon Adventures is at the very least around the same level as an Elite Four member and definitely has the potential to become a Pokemon Champion.

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