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Training areas

Nintendo Smasher

Well-Known Member
You can use the VS. Seeker. Or just train in the Victory Road.


As nintendosmashe said, the best place I believe would be Victory Road. Find some Zubat/Golbat to raise your Pokemon's Speed Effort Points and some Geodude/Graveler to raise your Pokemon's Defense Effort Points.


Well-Known Member
You can beat the E4 the first time with a team of pokemon over level 40+ easily with alot of revive/hyperpotions. So I'd say your best training would involve the E4 themselves.


Mistyfied Moron
For training for the first time through, definitely Victory Road. But I suggest you use the Legendary Birds for your first E4 victory, makes it a lot easier.


Well depends on what EV you're going for I got my secret places lol just ask me and ill tell you who to train with and where to train :)

water master16

water master
try the sevii islands, you can't get to the other ones but the first 3 are pretty good, like Mt. Ember on 1st island you could train a water or ice type pretty well. and so on at the other islands or find a better place, i usually train on the sevii islands or against the elite 4 themselves. you never know you could be like me and just train against the elite 4 and i actually beat them on accident! it was pretty funny


I don't care...
Vs. Seeker on places... like on that route to the right of Fuschia city. Or maybe Victory Road, but I hate the Golbats and such. Yeah, go One Island, against all Rapidash and Meowth. I found a Shiny Meowth there once... but I digress. That's a good place to train.


I once heard Seven Island, the two trainers right outside the shack with the Chansey Dance man. Fairly good exp, and you can heal inside if you dance. Its a little rough, though, as each trainer has 5 pokemon lined up.

Then again, thats AFTER the Elite 4, unless you're training for the second pass at them.