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Training Troubles.

Black Murder Heavangelon

Ow! Ow! Harder! Ow!
Okay, this may apply for, like, 87% of you, but whatever.

One day, you said to yourself, "I'm gonna make a team". You spur a list of pokemon in your head that you'd want to use and write them down. You review what you want each pokemon to do and who is more suitable for the job. After some narrowing and head-scratching and peeking at Smogon, you've got a list of pokemon, items, EVs and moves for each pokemon. With the research part done, you go to Serebii and see how the pokemon get what move.

After an hour of Serebii-surfing, you turn on your DS and reach for the two pokemon to breed. Checking their IVs via stat calculator, you put the two in the DayCare center and start biking up and down the route. After hatching the eggs and checking their IVs, you pick the perfect one from the several batches you spent hours on hatching.

With the baby in tow, you name it, stuff it with EV boosts, teach it TMs (if any), give it the Power bracer/belt/anklet/coffee machine and head to Route 201. After sending several Bidoofs and Starly to the ER, along with maybe Doduos and Nidorans, you retrace your steps around Sinnoh and EV'd your pokemon appropriately.

However, it would have been a memorable time if it weren't for:

-Every single Graveler you encountered exploding on the first turn.
-Gastly's Cursing at you.
- Bibarel's Super Fanging you, hastening your trip back to the PokeCenter.
-The Wild pokemon who were somehow smart enough to know what super-effective means.
-Those Machoke's getting their Revenge.
-Tentacruel's Water Pulse confusing you.
-Scyther's critical hit that chopped off what was left of your HP.
-Spending money on PokeDolls because Arena Trap Dugtrio's and Whirlpool Floatzel's are total pricks.
-those Staravias that kept using Endeavor.

And the worst part is, you have to do it all over again for each pokemon you train.

MY worst training experience was when I was training my Sudowoodo at Lake Valor. Every Gyarados i met used Hydro Pump, and when it didn't, Stone Edge would miss. it was a tough experience for me and my Sudowoodo (a.k.a. Woodman) and I nearly ripped my hair out, but we eventually got to our target level. Of course I knew Sudowoodo had a poor HP and Sp.Def stat and being weak to water didn't help, so i tolerated it as it was a one time thing...I hope.

What were some of your worst experiences during training?