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Transfer legit Pokémon Red Mew to new games

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It'd be cool if it's possible to transfer my old school *legit* Mew to new games. Back when I was a kid and Mew first was distributed for Pokémon Red and Blue over 20 years ago, I caught the actual official event. I searched online now and I think it has to be this one that I found info about here, in December year 2000 in Sweden.

Here's a photo of my Mew and info about the event

I want to bring my Mew to Pokémon Sword. I have ordered a GB Operator, which should be able to extract the save file from my Pokémon Red game, and then hopefully make it possible to somehow squeeze the Mew into the format of the 3rd gen and then up. I know that Pokémon Bank is blocking glitched Mews, but this one is legit. So, can I even transfer my Mew all the way up to Sword? And I'd prefer it in an as legit way as possible (although some altering will probably be needed between gen 2-3 with the GB Operator), so that it feels like it has actually travelled up all that way.

Hopefully someone knows!

Det. Viper

That’s Detective Viper to you
There is no legal way to transfer Pokémon from the original GB/GBC games to the GBA games. The way the games handle data was completely overhauled in that generational shift which was a huge reason in them not making transfer possible and also starting remakes such as FRLG. Even with the Virtual Console releases there is no direct transfer of the GB/GBA code to the 3DS code. In fact, Poké Transfer generates all new data for these Pokémon based on what the found data is which includes IVs, nature, etc. Unfortunately for you—and others—that have event Pokémon locked in RBY will stay there and any Pokémon in GSC are likely lost as their save batteries should be drained by now.
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