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Transfer Pak

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

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you can only get it by buying Pokemon stadium for N64


Check out a used game store... they'll probably have one there


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Dragon56 said:
You could always try eBay. Just search for it on there.

Yeah, as long as you use fake-prevention strategies like only buying those that not only claim to satisfy the customer 98-100% of the time, but have valid reasons why they claim it to satify the customer 98-100% of the time(you don't want to buy a statement that's overstated, because overstated statements are a sign that whoever made those statements are probably trying to rip you off in some way, but there's no guarantee that that's true, only limitations based on facts rather than assumptions, an example of a fact is that you shouldn't trust overstated stastements on eBay or anywhere else, because if you overstate something, then you just lied, and we don't want lies when it comes to responsible shopping, which includes not buying stuff from a lying, cheating bootlegger because bootleggers make stuff that may make your system crash because, you know not only what pirated copies of artistic works are, but also the consequences of using such stuff, right???
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2nd hand shops are prob your best & safest bet compared. Of course if you wanna risk it you COULD try ebay.