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Translation and localization of Pokemon into other languages- process

Commander L. Halsti

Toxin Squad Cmdr.
I've always been a language enthusiast. Thus, it's no wonder I was amazed to find out, already a long time ago, that Pokemon had different names in France, Germany, Japan, and the Anglosphere. My country had a dub, and for that dub, Pokemon moves had to be creatively translated. The process of creating wonderful linguistic inventions that shape the world of Pokemon, from place names, down to names of people. One of my favorite examples of ingenuity is the German name of Noivern: UHaFnir- combining the abbreviation for Ultra High Frequency waves with the name of a Germanic mythical dragon (Fafnir), but in a way that makes people pronounce the U, H and F as standalone letters-like one does in German alphabet.

How does the process actually work? Are there any articles explaining the work and thought process that goes into the linguistic side of Pokemon?