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Trash Can Thread [Merge Deleted Threads Here]

Who will the Champion be?

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I love shiny pokemon
No opposing trainers found on Free Battle?

(I was uncertain what board would be best for this, and I thought this might be it. If it is not, I apologize)

So lately--probably for the last two weeks or so--I have had extremely little success finding opponents on Free Battle via Wi-Fi on Alpha Sapphire. When I try to connect, I am repeatedly getting the "An opposing Trainer could not be found" message, even after several attempts. Usually, I just give up and turn my game off or start Wonder Trading (never any difficulty finding anyone on there).

I play Triple Battle exclusively, which I get is not the most popular format, but I've never had this difficult of a time finding a Free Battle. Even when AS/OR were brand new, I was always able to find a battle, but these last two weeks... almost never.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a reason for it?


Shiny Sensei
Dexnav advice?

Hi there folks! I was wondering if I could get some advice on my dexnav chaining. Here's what I know:
-Pick a large patch of grass without few open spots and a fairly regular shape
- Sneak to each one
-Saving, encountering pokemon outside of shaking area, having "Nothing Found" or "It ran away!" or anything of that sort breaks chain
-After 30, it is 1/200 or 1/300 chance of shiny(cant remember)
-Encountering a different pokemon in rustling grass doesn't break chain

So here is where I need help:
I can never keep my chain intact. My finger always slips on D-pad and makes me run and scare it, the dexnav cannot find anything, or it runs away. The one time i got to like a chain of 60 on absol without breaking, but no shiny. I wanted to know if anyone could give me advice on how to avoid slipping on d-pad, or if anyone has any other tips or hints or advice on how to fix/avoid my issues above. Please help, and thanks in advance.
(Note, this isn't just for me. It could be helpful to many people.)

Skylander Sylveon

Top Coordinator
Mirage Spots!

Once upon a time, one would find out through the most psychologically-damaging way possible that they couldn't catch their favourite Pokemon...

Then along came Mirage Spots!

How many times have you used Mirage Spots? Do you like this feature? What would you change about it? ;462;


Dragon Pokemon fan
Which Primal do you like more, Groudon or Kyogre?

This is basically about which of the primal legendary pokemon you like more. Which do you like more and why.

Mine is Primal Groudon because: Ground/Fire reduces it weakness to two, it's Desolate Land gets rid of water weakness, Solar Beam can be used straight away and it has an awesome design. Plus if it is used properly against Kyogre/Primal Kyogre then the water legendary is going to have some trouble. Downside however is when Primal Kyogre is used properly, Primal Groudon can be defeated.


Well-Known Member
Individual "X Pokemon vs. Y Pokemon" threads have never really been allowed, because it would spawn an infinite number of threads.



New Member
Desperately looking for Ditto --- Trade to Omega Ruby

For couple of days I have been trying to catch Ditto in my OR, however I've had no luck. Please could anyone be nice enough and trade me one ditto.
Kind regards


i have all event pkmn Gen3-7
In search for HA-Hidden Abilities

Whats good peps back after alongtime
Im in need of a bit of HA pokemon such as zubat psyduck larvitar cubchoo exeggcute and even Mewtwo
I possess many already if interested in trading me i can give in return many things from HA,Shiny,Pkmn,Legendary,Items,Eon Ticket via Street Pass or even Egg Moves aswell as Event Pkmnspeaking of even Pkmn Im only missing 7 they are as listed so if you can help IM me
Shiny event Suicune Shiny Event Raikou Follow Me Squirtle Iris' Axew Cilans Pansage Event Victini x3 one w/Glaciate 1w/Blt strike and 1w/Blue flare
Finally Event Zoroark plz im very resourceful for just about anything not listed except some HA.
One last thing Plz No Fakes Hacks or edited Pkmn Please Mine arent or i wouldnt be asking for Shiny Event Suicune for some guy traded me a fake/hacked one.


Shiny hunting Eon-Latias: defeat or run?

I'm going to hunt for a Shiny Latias, does it matter if I defeat her everytime or if I just run to get another encounter untill Shiny, thoughts?


Running from the encounter is actually faster than soft-resetting since she won't have the need to re-spawn. Just repeat until you get that golden Latias!


i have all event pkmn Gen3-7
Lf: extremely Rarex2 Pkmn from previous Game though

Dnt know where to find this extremely rare pkmn found only in Pkmn Ranger 3 Guardian Signs but i want it on my Omega Ruby version i am even willing to pay for it if needed... They are Deoxys [Atk] form with Meteor Mash and Heatran Eruption


Misty is the Best
Hoopa Serial Code

Why on earth does Nintendo give Hoopa away via serial code to the rest of the world when they gave it to Japan by wi-fi without serial code?

It says to go to a game store to get the code but it there is no game store and the closet store is a short journey by car after several hours on a ferry just to get Hoopa, I am getting sick and tired of Nintendo giving these pokemon away by codes why can't they make them Wi-Fi without codes?


Parappa the Rapper
Because Nintendo wants you to get some exercise and some fresh air..


Misty is the Best
I do exercise a lot and have a good job but the need for serial codes are just annoying.
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