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Trash Can Thread [Merge Deleted Threads Here]

Who will the Champion be?

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  • Wallace

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  • Some think it'll be Wally

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Queen of Sppf
Why on earth does Nintendo give Hoopa away via serial code to the rest of the world when they gave it to Japan by wi-fi without serial code?

IIRC when the first Japanese Hoopa event happened, it was given out via local wireless in theaters, so it wasn't exactly easy to attain either. :x


Well-Known Member
They did eventually add Diancie as a Wi-Fi event, so it's entirely possible that there will be a Wi-Fi event for Hoopa sometime in 2016. I do agree that Wi-Fi events are certainly more convenient than the in-store events. That being said, if the US Hoopa event ends up being the same time as the UK one (which I kind of doubt otherwise they would have announced it by now) that would be convenient because I could get the codes the same day as Tri Force Heroes. It is annoying when these in-store events happen at times like with Diancie last year, who was distributed after the likes of Smash 3DS & Hyrule Warriors were released, but ended less than a week before ORAS & Smash Wii U came out. I get why they do these things, but it is still frustrating. At this point, I'm not really worrying about that because I'm still waiting for the Hoopa US Event to be announced.


Dragon Pokemon fan
I never liked serial code or wifi events. I liked how I can go to the EB games/JB Hi-fi stores and download the item or pokemon straight from there. Since gen 6 started, that method was abandoned and now I don't get jack. I have to ask a relative with wifi to get me in event which made me feel useless. Obviously Hoopa is going to be like Dianice, getting release by serial code and possibly wifi later on. I wonder if New Zealand would get the event but of course we hardly get any event here.
Not sure what the point of this thread even is, other than to complain about something you don't like, but I personally don't have any problems with how events work in this gen. As long as I can get the Pokemon, then I'm a happy camper. :)


Master Zoroark
Zygrade future and Pokemon z?

Zygrade the % forums known by 5,10,70 and 100% was very interesting that serbii has not yet really dug into a known hack as of yet but possible Pokemon Z here in the future and the known ash's Greninja, If only but there hacks but really good kinda or sneak peak like volcanion hack which yet to be released. Also know real proof and new Pokemon anime known as Pokemon X y and z has them in the anime banner the Zygrade % forums including ash's Greninja so it is known fact confirmed there real not hacked forums of Zygrade. Pokemon anime X y and z is confirmed by Pokemon movie jp site officialy serbii has not yet shown this as of yet confirmed anime release date 2015/10/29 by Pokemon movie jp site so this month in Japan officially
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danger chili pepper
Staff member
The anime had it's own section regarding the upcoming anime season (XY & Z) and the game sections have dedicated Legendary threads to discuss Zygarde.

We cannot allow a dedicated thread for speculation and discussion of a game not officially announced.


The Boss!
Need help touch trading please :D

Hi guys

Almost done my Pokedex, I need to touch trade these pokemon please:

385 Jirachi
490 Manaphy
491 Darkai
492 Shaymin
494 Victini
647 Keldeo
648 Meloetta
649 Genesect
721 Volcanion

I can breed whatever you need.


Getting both versions, what is your opinion?

most of us have played all Pokemon games (at least the main series).
We all know that every generation comes with 2 versions, followed by either 2 new versions of the same Generation (Ruby, Sapphire and Fire Red, Leaf Green) or a 3rd Installment (Emerald) or both (please check previous '()') in the same Generation.

I've grown up since my first adventure in Pokemon Gold back in the days (yes yes I've played red and blue after that...)
And I can afford to spend a bit extra on stuff (hitting mid 20s soon, haters gonna hate)

I own a 3DS with pokemon Y cartridge and Omega ruby digitally :)
So far ORAS has been my favorite version out of any Pokemon games.
And since I do not use emulations, nor do I think that such exist for the 3DS, I've been thinking about getting A S as well...
the idea is that i'll have a clean slate to do nuzlock runs and stuff without deleteing my current, well invested, O R save file...

What do you guys think? is it advised getting both version? what is your opinion on the subject?


danger chili pepper
Staff member
This doesn't really deserve it's own thread.

If you're having a hard time deciding, please use the Help thread instead.
Also, this is pretty much similar to the "What's the Point in these Games?" thread.

The primary reason for getting both version is for Pokedex completion (if you can't trade with other people). Other than that, you won't really miss out on important things, except in Gen 5 where there are version-exclusive features.


i have all event pkmn Gen3-7

Lf: HA Raikou Suicune Entei Articuno Zapdos Moltres Regix3
I can give in return almost anything else ;100;


Well-Known Member
Your problems are twofold.

1) Normally you want to use the trade forum, specifically the Hidden Ability Trading Thread.

2) The Pokemon you're looking for are not legally available with their Hidden Abilities. So you won't be able to trade for them.



New Member
Why do people dump hacked pokemon into WT?

I mean, I'd understand (but not tolerate) if they're using them in battle, or trying to con people out of legitimate Pokemon, or clogging GTS to show off, but what do they have to gain from taking a dump in WT?

What perplexes me even more is that some of these manchildren stream their hack scams on twitch, and actually have fans? At risk of sounding racist none of the hackers I've seen were Japanese, and if I were to try the same thing I'd rightfully get flamed for my actions. Is it a cultural thing I'm missing?

(I asked the same question over in gamefaqs and I was instantly flamed for being "anti-hacking" as if that were a bad thing or something)


danger chili pepper
Staff member
No, they don't gain anything from it. Probably self-satisfaction for causing trouble for others, but technically, no. Nothing is actually gained.

No, it is not a cultural thing.

Lastly, this doesn't deserve its own thread.


Eon Ticket

Hi all!
I was wondering if there's anywhere you can find people with the Eon Ticket near you?
I don't know anyone in the city, and I don't even know anyone online who has it, and regrettably missed the code, so it seems I'm pretty much up the creek without a paddle.
But maybe there's a database somewhere, or a map, where users can meet up to battle / trade / buy a coffee for while the ticket passes over >.>


Well-Known Member
There's no such known all-encompassing database, and this probably isn't the place to be arranging meet-ups either way.


Well-Known Member
This didn't really need a thread. Try one of the questions/help threads next time for simple questions.

Also with how far the Eon Ticket has spread through Streetpassing, it's still possible to get one from random passerby's even if you're not in a high population density area. Seriously, they're not rare anymore.

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