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Trash Can Thread [Merge Deleted Threads Here]

Who will the Champion be?

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Question about Hoenn Legendaries

So I've recently beaten Omega Ruby and I'm now going around trying to find all of the legendaries which appear via soaring in the sky. However, for some reason when I go to pathless plain (where Cobalion and friends are found) and Nameless Cave (where Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf are found), nothing happens when I click on the ring. I have the requirements for each Pokemon (three with max EVs and three with max happiness, respectively), but when I click on the rings, it just says "A mysterious ring is floating in the air...". I tried having only the required three, but that didn't do anything either. Does anyone know how to fix this/if I'm doing something wrong?

UPDATE: The Raikou, Suicune, and Entei spot also just gives me that message.
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danger chili pepper
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Hoenn region locations: ORAS vs RSE

Since ORAS added a lot of areas previously not accessible in Gen III, and also omitted other areas, I was wondering which Hoenn region did you prefer location wise.

I tried to make a list of the Generation exclusive areas and expansions (only in game, event areas are excluded):

ORAS exclusive areas:

- 32 Mirage Spots

- 6 Legendary islands

- 3 Secret Base islands

- Sea Mauville

- Southern Island (was event exclusive in RSE, in game in ORAS)

- 2 new underwater routes

Expanded/redesigned areas in ORAS:

-Mauville City is vastly expanded

- Victory Road is exoanded with 2 new areas.

- Scorched Slab has 3 new levels

- Origin Cave is expanded

- Aqua Hideout is expanded and has extra areas (including Archie's room)

RSE areas not present/nerfed in ORAS:

- Trick House has two more levels (8 vs 6)

- Desert Underpass

- Mirage Tower

- Altering Cave

- Artisan Cave

- two one-visit-only exclusive areas to capture Groudon and Kyogre

- Safari Zone has two more levels unlocked in the post game (4 vs 6)

- Mt Pyre has two more floors
North America Mew Serial Code Giveaway

I have two extra serial codes for Mew in North America from the most recent event. If you would like one, PM me a request.
Dexnav IV/EV help

Hello, I've been catching quite a few Pokemon based on the potential stars and whatnot to try and find any that would be a good start for training.
Only problem is that I have no idea how to tell which IVs they are already good in.
I just caught a 3star potential zigzagoon
Hp 25
Attack 12
Defense 14
Sp. Atk 10
Sp. def 11
Speed 17

Serious nature.
Can anyone direct me to a guide or let me know how to figure it out?
My GameStop stores are out of Mew codes!

I wonder who else here has run into the same issue...


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Looking for Hoopa, Diancie, Yveltal, and Meloetta

I'm looking to add Hoopa, Diancie, Yveltal, and Meloetta to my pokedex. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me out!


flaming one
request for mew download code

hello fellow pokemon trainers.
I sure you all are aware that mew is being given via code all around the world via cod you get in stores.
unfortunately for me; I live in Israel and codes aren't being given here.
so I'm asking. if someone could get me an extra code from his country(eu version only - I own a Eu 3DS), so that I could also download mew.

I would be very grateful for some help.
if you can do that for me. PM me the code.
thnks for those who'll try,


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Technician Question

I like trying out different move sets with Pokemon, so I'm setting up a Roserade with Technician. Looking up what moves to use, I ran into a question that could help me & maybe other players.

Technician boosts BP moves 60 or less, by x1.5.
Here's the question: If a move gets a 1.5 boost, and is still 60 or less, does the move get another 1.5 boost? Or is it limited to 1 boost?

Mega Drain
40 x 1.5 = 60 (still meets Technician requirements) x 1.5 = 90


40 x 1.5 = 60 after Technician boost.


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in everyone's opinion...

alright, so i've had a thought... if you, and by you i mean any one who plays pokemon competitively or not, if you had the option to change the stat allocation for any pokemon in the game (as of ORAS). who would you change and what would it be? second, if you could add move to pokemon. what would they be? and if a different ability could be given, what would it be?

- all 721 pokemon capable
- all moves capable
- all abilities capable
- be reasonable (dont make anyone impossibly overpowered or like
something you would see in a hack)
- try to keep max around the same number. (maybe around + or - 50)
(i.e Flareon base is 525, try to keep it around there, but generally make
it a viable pokemon to use)
- megas are capable as well
- try to give good reasoning behind why that 'mon should learn that move or
have that ability
-different forms (like east and west shellos or the various seasonal deerling)
could have different stat allocations.

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Dialogue Changes after Delta Episode

I remember reading about this sometime last year, but can't remember it all, apparently some dialogue of characters changes after the delta episode? I heard they start referencing battle frontier/Steven leaving.


Electric Trainer.
looking for shiny furfrou

Willing to trade both diance and mew for it.

Another other oras legendaries for trade as well

message if interested :)
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