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Trash Can Thread

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Allez Les Bleus!
TheSuperZekrom would like a Style 3 Badge Case with Nilla's badges.


The Battler
iBattle would like a Style 2 Badge Case with old man's badge


the greatest crisis
if badge cases are still being made then

dragonuser would like to have his badge case updated with GerbilGuy's badge please


Logic Trainer
crash!201 would like style 2 badge case please


No Angel
Announcement: League Maintenance

In-case you haven't been around our chat , the league is temporarily closed and undergoing "maintenance"

The reason for this is that we're in the process of converting the OSL into a competitive battle frontier.

Monotype battling will still be available in some capacity and we'll have all new symbols and other cool stuff like that.

More information will be revealed soon , so stay tuned .
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Super Mod
Update: Almost there. All that is left is the frontier symbols to come in and this whole thing will go live.

In the meantime, the new chat room is open, so come there to chill or ask questions about the frontier.
Not open for further replies.