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Traveling Together[Poke, Quest, Ikari, Contest Shipping]

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Haruka_San, Mar 3, 2007.


What ARE your favorite ships?

  1. Pokeshipping(Misty+Ash)

  2. Contestshipping(May+Drew)

  3. Ikarishipping(Hikari+Shinjii)

  4. Questshipping(Kenta+Marina)

  5. Shinnohshipping(Hikari+Ash)

  6. Hoennshipping(May+Brendan)

  7. Waterflowershipping(Drew+Misty)

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  8. Advanceshipping(May+Ash)

  9. Queenshipping(Jessie+Harley)

  10. Everybody Goes Alone!

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  1. Haruka_San

    Haruka_San < Togehther Forever~

    Okay, this is my second fic. This takes place 4 years in Pokemon. Hope you like it! Rating:pG for all chapters. Please Comment! Some of the reviews are wrong cause I edited it!


    Chapter 1:Girls' Day

    It was a great day in Petalburg. The sun was shining, people were busy working with smiles on their faces, some were relaxing, Pokemon were playing in the park with their young trainers, in short, it was a perfect day to. . .

    “Go to the mall!” May, a brunette who was wearing a red bandana, matching red top, biker shorts and a skirt on top, screamed along with her friends, Misty, a orange-haired girl, wearing a matching yellow set featuring a sleeveless top and shorts, and Hikari, a dark-blue-haired girl, wearing a one-piece, pink and black outfit. as they were sitting in the park bench thinking of something to do.

    “Yeah! Let’s go!” exclaimed their forth friend named Marina, their light-blue-haired friend who wore a pink top with a white and pink, long-sleeved jacket on top and biker shorts. “ It’ll be fun! We can go buy the stuff we’ll need for our journey.

    They were all together for that day because the next day they’re going to the new region called Kahitonn Region. They have a flight the next morning. They thought of a “GIRLS ONLY” journey. They stayed in May's Hometown cause it was the nearest town for the flight.

    They walked all around Petalburg, looking for the Mall. Of course May led them cause it was her hometown. They finally got in the mall. They went into separate shops and promised to meet at the big fountain after 3 hours. So they separated.

    Hikari went into The store called “Miss Perfect”, which was all about dresses.

    “Hmmm… should I pick this one or this one?” wondered Hikari. She took two dresses with short skirts. One was pink with laces and a ribbon on the waistline, while the other was light blue with snowflakes design. “I’ll take them both!” she said. She went to the cashier to pay.

    “Very good choice miss.” complemented the cashier. She had dark brown hair that flowed down her shoulders and she wore her uniform, a purple blouse and light gray skirt, with poise. “You have a very keen eye in fashion sense.”

    “Thanks!” Hikari said as she went off to look for an accessory store.


    Marina went to have her hair styled in “Le Salon De Beauté “, Which was a French Salon. As she walked in, the stylists pulled her to a chair and fixed her up immediately. They washed her hair, styled it, pin curled it, used hair iron, and…

    “Il est fait et magnifique! (It is done and magnificent!)” said the stylist.

    “Ahhhhhhhh!” screamed Marina as she saw her reflection in the mirror in front of her. “I love it!” Her hair made her look like a movie star. It was curled and going down her shoulders. She thanked the salon and went off to look for a dress that fits her new hair style.


    Misty went to the Pokemon Gym for her fitness before looking for a dress. As she went in, she felt something furry grasp her ankle.

    “Pikachu!” she said looking down. “That means… Ash is here!”

    And at that moment he was chasing Aipom for his hat.

    “ASH!” she screamed. Ash turned to Misty, .started going to her, Aipom followed.

    “ Hey Misty!” Ash greeted. “Long time no see!”

    “Yeah” Misty replied as she walked into the gym. “Bye!”

    “Wait for me!” Ash said as he followed Misty into the gym.


    May went to the “Accessories Obsession” store. She wanted to change her bandana. In the store, she found a lot of bandanas but she only liked three of them. One was not really a bandana but a hat. It was maroon and looked like a Paris hat. The other two were glittery and could mess up her hair so she bought the Paris hat.

    Next, she went to the dress shop, “Glamour Girl”, to find a new dress.

    “Omygosh!” she screamed as she picked a dress. “This dress is perfect!”

    The dress had a short skirt and was also maroon. It also looked like a Paris clothing. She took it and went to the cashier, paid for it, and went to shop more.

    After three long hours of shopping, the girls finally met up.

    “Wait! Where’s Misty?” asked Hikari. At that moment, Misty was running toward them.

    “Sorry I’m late!” she apologized. “It’s a long story!”

    “It’s okay Mist!” said Marina.

    “Yeah anyway, just tell us the story!” pleaded May.

    “I told you, it’s a long story.” Misty warned. “But if you must, let’s go to a café first. I’m beat!”

    “Fine!” May said. ”I saw one while I was coming here. It’s just around the corner.”

    When they finally got there, Marina took their orders and walked to the counter. She was in deep thought that she didn’t realize she was about to bump someone.


    “I’m sorry!” apologized a tall boy, the same age as Marina ,with dark hair. "Are you all right?”

    “Yes. But really it’s my fault, Kenta??!!” She said as she looked up.

    “Marina?!” Said Kenta as he held out a hand. Marina grasped his hand and pulled herself up. She figured out she was holding Kenta’s hand! She let go of his hand and blushed a little. Then They had a little chat while on the line.

    Meanwhile, Misty told everything that happened a while ago with Ash.

    “Then, he said he is also going to Kahitonn Region.He said he was traveling with Drew, Shinjii, and Kenta." Misty ended.

    “=YAWN= That was a long story.” complained Hikari. “May?”

    May fell asleep while listening to Misty. Hikari woke her up.

    “Hu-h? =YAWN= That was a long story.” May said.

    “I just said that." murmured Hikari.

    Then, Marina came back.

    “Order up!” she said as she gave them their drinks.

    “Oooh! Marina! I like your hair style!” said Misty.

    “You only noticed now?!” Marina said while Hikari and May giggled.

    “It’s true though.” said May.

    “Yeah!” added Hikari.

    The girls just hanged out in the café until night and Misty, Hikari, Marina went to their hotel rooms and May went to her house.

    The next day, the girls met up at the air port. They all wore their new outfits.

    Marina’s was a cute, pink, long-sleeved top, and light-blue pants. May’s was the “Paris Look”. Misty wore blue sleeveless top and pants. Hikari’s was the pink with laces and a ribbon on the waistline. They were lining up for their seats.

    Marina’s seat number was #122, May’s seat number was #119, Hikari’s seat number was #120, and Misty’s seat number was #124.

    “If these are our seat numbers, and the seats are by pairs, then our seats would be connected!” computed Marina.

    “Yeah!!!” they all screamed.

    When they got on the plane, they saw who their seatmate was.

    “Kenta?!” Marina screamed. Her seatmate had dark hair. He wore a jacket similar to Ash's but it was red, and he wore yellow shorts with matching yellow and black shoes.

    “Ash?!” screamed Misty as she saw her raven-haired seatmate who wore a blue jacket with the hood down and denim pants with blue shoes.

    “Shinjii?!” Hikari screamed as she looked at her seatmate. He had grayish-purple hair and wore dark-blue trainers' shirt, dark gray pants and black shoes.

    But the seat next to May was vacant.

    “I guess I’m lucky.” she murmured. Then somebody sat on the seat.He had chartreuse hair and wore a black long-sleeved sweater with a purple short-sleeved jacket, turquoise pants and black shoes. May turned to see who it was.

    “Drew?!” she screamed. What a coincidence for all of them! They are seated beside the person whom they least expected!

    That's it for chapter 1! I'm still working on chapter 2. Kahitonn- I got the name by combining Kanto, Shinnoh, Jhoto, and Hoenn.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2007
  2. clover455915

    clover455915 Clover455915

    Great Story 10/10 I Would Luv It If U Could Pm Me Thx
    O N Isn't Ash+hikari Pearlshipping. Oh n 4 da rare candy thing u should give it to wrumple easier to rise n it is very strong once it evoled
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2007
  3. penngrade6

    penngrade6 Banned

    Well it looks good but it was kind of rushed, as You didn't describe the setting or the characters. Not everyone knows what Kenta looks like or what Hikari looks like.

    But I do like the shippings within the fic and this story has lots of potential. So please put me on the Pm list!
  4. HelloKitty17

    HelloKitty17 therocketsummer</3

    This looks promising. Seems a bit rushed, but it was okay. I like the shippings you specified you will be using too. Add me to the PM list please?
  5. XxM!styxX

    XxM!styxX shooting the moon ☆

    Put me on your PM list this is a good fic. Especially thought it was funny when Misty said "bye" and Ash was like "wait for me!" :p
  6. aipom_fan

    aipom_fan Well-Known Member

    i like ur story a lot but ur rushing it to much. we need more detail with the people setting and what they are doing. it like the parings that r being done. add me to ur pm list.
  7. Haruka_San

    Haruka_San < Togehther Forever~

    Thanks for all of your reviews. And yes, it was rushed. It only took me 30 minutes to type it. I'm glad you all like the ships! But how can I put people in my PM list?
  8. honey_clover112

    honey_clover112 tsundere full force!

    Really like it! But it was rushed....as said as many people here....but I rate it as 10/10! I also like the pairings, especially contest and ikari<shipping>.
    Oh, yes....can you please put me in the PM list too? Thanks!

  9. Haruka_San

    Haruka_San < Togehther Forever~

    I'm sorry, but what is a PM list?
  10. penngrade6

    penngrade6 Banned

    A PM List is a list where you Pm people when the new chapter is up.
  11. Haruka_San

    Haruka_San < Togehther Forever~

    I love reading your replies. They mean so much to me.
    "Chapter 2: What the Heck?!" I'[m Working on it! I'll post it up by Philippine Summer
  12. Sweet Melody

    Sweet Melody Choco is awsome...=3

    awsome chapter! little rushed but awsome none the less. soo could i be on the pm list to please?
  13. Haruka_San

    Haruka_San < Togehther Forever~

    Glad you liked it. And yes, you are now in my PM list.
  14. Haruka_San

    Haruka_San < Togehther Forever~

    Well, here it is. It seems rushed too cause I have tests coming up. And I'm sorry if this chapter is a little short.

    Chapter 2: What The Heck?!

    “May?” said Drew, at the same time, Ash, Kenta and Shinjii also said:

    “Misty?!" (Ash)

    “Marina?!” (Kenta)

    “Harika?!” (Shinjii)

    “My name is Hikari!” shouted Hikari to Shinjii in an annoyed tone.

    As they all settled down, the pilot said, “It will take us three hours to get to Kahitonn. You may read books or listen to music using the Magic Music, the thingy with lots of buttons and a headphone attached. You can also sleep if you want to.”

    May & Drew

    “Oh, great. Why do I have to be stuck with you.” Drew said.

    “Oh well, the least we can do is get to know each other better, right?” May suggested.

    “Okay, sure.” Drew replied. “At least you changed your look. It was really getting old.” He remarked, even though he liked May in her old look and didn’t think of it as ugly, but he still couldn’t tell his feelings for her.

    “There was nothing wrong with my old look!” May shouted.

    Then, a beautiful red rose popped up to her face.

    “Here, just settle down.” Drew said as May accepted the rose.

    “*You’re lucky your-* uh, never mind.” May said, blushing a deep shade of red.

    “Hmm? What?” Drew asked. “I’m what?”

    “It’s nothing, Drew.” May replied, still blushing.

    Misty & Ash

    “It’s a coincidence again, isn’t it Misty?” said Ash.

    “Yeah. Must be. But what are we gonna do until we arrive to Kahitonn?

    “I don’t know. Talk about the ‘good old days’ ?” Ash suggested.

    “Okay, sure. Starting when you stole my BIKE!” Misty shouted.

    “I told you I’ll pay you back when I get the money.” Ash said in a scared ‘no money’ tone.

    “You’d better!” Misty shouted back in the "Anime-Big-Head" expression. “Even May’s Bike, and Hikari’s bike!”

    Hikari & Shinjii

    “For the last time, my name is Hikari not Hakira, Maira, Maria, or Rima! It’s Hikari! H-I-K-A-R-I!” argued Hikari.

    Yeah, Whatever, Susan.” Shinjii said.

    “My name is Hikari!” She shouted again.

    The two kept on arguing until Shinjii finally got her name right after Hikari ordered Pochama to use peck on Shinjii’s head.

    "Okay, okay, sorry Hikari." Shinjii apologized while Hikari retuned her Pochama. "So, you're Ash's friend, right?"

    "Yeah, kinda like travel buddies-well, used to be. You're his rival."Hikari said softening a little.

    Marina & Kenta

    Luckily, Marina & Kenta were friends so they didn’t have trouble talking to each other.

    “So, Girl’s Journey, isn’t it?” Kenta asked.

    “Yeah!” Marina replied. “We were all excited. We wanted a journey for girls only. Poor May, though.”

    “Why?” asked Kenta.

    Don’t tell anyone but she’s crushing on Drew.” Marina said.

    “Oh.” Kenta said, in a kind of “uninterested” tone. But he listened to what Marina was saying.

    "So, wanna listen to music?" Marina suggested.

    "Yeah, sure." Kenta said. "I love music."

    Meanwhile, the two seats across May and Drew were occupied by two girls. One had dark-hair, wore a carnation pink long-sleeved shirt and light-green denim pants. She had strawberry lipstick on, light skin and her hair was extending to her lower-back. The other had tanned-skin, wore eyeglasses, a girlie-pink top, and a matching pink skirt. She had red lipstick on, and hair extending down her shoulders. They both looked fashionable.

    “OMG! Look, Arianna! It’s Drew!!!” said the light-skinned girl.

    “OMG! You’re right, Allison!!” said Arianna.

    “Oh, great.” said Drew, with the Anime Sweatdrop on his head.

    “Fangirls?” asked May, with the same Anime Sweatdrop on her head.

    “Yeah.” Drew replied.

    “Sigh, I wish I was that lucky girl.” wished Arianna.

    “Yeah, me too.” agreed Allison.

    “Please, everyone sit down for we’re taking off.” said the stewards and stewardesses to the people.

    “I guess we gotta sit down.” said Allison.

    Then, a girl with long, blonde hair who wore a Drew-Fan-Shirt, seated at the back of Allison and Arianna, said “ Omygosh, omygosh, omygosh!! Is that Drew?! THE DREW?! <SQUEALS> I’ve got to get his autograph!!!”

    “Yup that’s him, Sakura.” Arianna said.

    “I have got to get his autograph!!!” Sakura screamed.

    “Whoa-oh, I think this will be a bad day.” Drew said, but he saw May asleep, leaning on the airplane window still.

    “She must be really tired cause it’s only been forty minutes.” Drew muttered.

    He looked around. Hikari and Shinjii were asleep too, but leaning away from each other. Marina and Kenta were listening to music. Ash was listening to music too, but Drew figured he was listening to music with lots of drum beats because he was pretending to play the drums. Misty was reading a magazine entitled “Fashion and Fitness Girl” but she was glancing at Ash and she just rolled her eyes and continued reading her magazine. His fangirls were staring at him and waves “Hi” to him when he looks at them.

    “When will the flight be over?” he thought.

    Then, May was squirming and leaned on Drew’s shoulder. Drew blushed a little and his fangirls were really jealous while May was in deep sleep that she didn’t know that she was leaning on Drew!
    *She was about to say cute and charming :p* Allison is my friend's worst enemy. Arianna is my other friend. Sakura is a nice name.<(-_-)>
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2007
  15. Mungy

    Mungy <-Do I really care?

    That has to be my absolute fave part of the chapter. =3 I like your style the descriptions are great it did sound a bit rushed though.
  16. Sweet Melody

    Sweet Melody Choco is awsome...=3

    That was a nice chapter. You did seem to rush it a little through. But over all it was great!
  17. HelloKitty17

    HelloKitty17 therocketsummer</3

    Hey, great chapter! I loved the whole thing with Shinji messing up Hikari's name, Ash playing drums to the music, and May falling asleep on Drew <3

    The whole thing with Drew and fan girls is in just about every Contestshipping story nowadays so I expected that part, good job with it though.

    A little rushed, but good length.

    Good job, :]
  18. aipom_fan

    aipom_fan Well-Known Member

    it was very nice chapter. very funny when shinji how he make fun of her name. drew and may part were so cute espesally when may sleep on drew's shoulder. one thing i don't understand. when u say u made up the name sakura u can't because sakura means cherry blossom in japanese and it kind of common. u mite no care but it just confuses me.
  19. Haruka_San

    Haruka_San < Togehther Forever~

    Like I said, I have tests coming up. Would you like to be in my PM list?

    Tests coming up. In summer I won't rush anymore unless summer school.

    My cousin does that too.

    Really? I didn't know that.

    I'm glad you all like it. I thought the chapter would be boring. My friend told me so.
  20. Luna~Eternal

    Luna~Eternal Member

    Ur fren told it is a boring chapter???
    I love it!!!
    *Goes fangirly all over you and got beaten up on the head*
    Yay pls update.
    The joke about the name made me gagged on my noodles!!!
    I also like how you make May fall asleep on Drew's shoulder.
    May is probably going to get threatened by the fangirls of Drew...
    Update soon! Kawaii story ne?

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