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Treasure Hunting!


Treasure Hunter
i do enjoy a good treasure hunt. Treasure Hunting can do several things:
-Assist in leveling up a pokemon.
-shiney encounters (found most of mine during treasure hunts.)
-Get awesome Items!

So what am i searching for? well this time i am after the elusive Lucky Egg! this means i am hunting the rarely seen Chansey, which seems to like to hold either nothing or an Oval Stone rather than a Lucky Egg.

so i ask, what is the encounter rate for a Chansy to hold its wonderful treasure? 10% probably 5% im guessing right?

I have a theory to run by you guys ... when the TV says something about pokemon holding an item, is that informational or does it mean that that pokemon is more likely to be holding that item?

also what other items should i search out? and why is it every player gets one and only 1 protector?
Lucky Eggs are a 5% chance on wild Chansey.

Most rare items are 5% chance. If you put up front a lead pokemon with the CompoundEyes ability, it'll increase the chances of wild hold items.


Treasure Hunter
true, too bad you cant make each battle a double battle in the wild, with Sableye's compound eyes, and with Bannette's Frisk finding a Lucky egg could be a bit easier ... sighs ...