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Treehouse Saga (Contestshipping)


The Queen
Wow, I finally finished Umbreona and now start Treehouse Saga. Just in case of anything, here ya go:
approved by: Kiori
Rated (in whole): NC17
Ship: fully Contestshipping
This fic:is WEIRD XD
Ages of the characters: May: 13 Drew: 14 kk?
Now, on with the show! ^^
Treehouse Saga
Chapter 1 - September

Caroline sat on a cushioned, blue, hospital seat next to a white bed. Her hands were clasped to her knees tightly as her body shuddered in grief. Machines clicked, buzzed, hummed, and beeped as doctors, nurses, and visitors strolled the hallways just outside the door. The wooden door to the room was open and displayed Ash, Max, Brock, and Misty as they loitered outside with worried expressions. Norman, Caroline’s husband, stood opposite the wall, his arms crossed and seemed to be in a trance, thinking things over. The shoes of the doctor clicked as he strode into the room. He seemed cheerful against everyone’s grim faces as he checked the clipboard hanging off the bed Caroline sat next to. His dark eyes shifted from the paper to Caroline’s face, to the paper again as he tried to conjure up the right sentence to say.

“Well, it hasn’t gotten any worse,” he said unsteadily in a young, male voice.

“Oh,” Caroline acknowledged his words, “That’s good.”

She didn’t change her sad expression, though, despite her words. More clicking of shoes upon bare, white tile came into the room. It was an old woman. She was tall and her skin sagged in her old age. Her hair was as white as the tile, tied in a bun, and her eyes were droopy like a Snubbull’s eyes. Her mouth was all folded in; the loss of teeth will do that to a person. She wore a green, old sweater that looked as though she had knitted it herself, over a white and blue blouse. Underneath, still, was a long, maroon skirt, in which whose color collided with her color scheme. She turned angrily at the doctor.

“It’s the island of room 643!” she shouted like a wild lady.

“Miss Bates, please,” the doctor said.

He didn’t want her to upset Caroline any more than needed.

“I can’t believe you! You put these children in danger!” Miss Bates, the old woman, rambled on and on.

“Miss Bates!” the doctor put his foot down, “Enough about this island! It’s not real!”

“It so is!” she said, “I’ve been there!”

“Danger?” Caroline’s eyes watered again.

“Don’t listen to her, please,” the doctor said, “She’s just a crazy old lady. She’s full of nonsense.”

“Fine. But when something happens, I want to hear you say I was right!” Miss bates concluded and stormed out.

Norman came in to comfort his wife after he heard the commotion. He looked down, sorrowful at his oldest child, May, who lay on the white sheets completely immobile and unconscious. Caroline whimpered. On the next bed over lay a child Norman had never met before. The kid had green, slightly long hair. He wore a battered up purple over-jacket over a black turtleneck with jean pants. Norman turned his focus back on May. She breathed slowly, as if she were just asleep. It had only been yesterday when they got the call from May’s friends that something terrible had happened and that they should come down immediately. Caroline and Norman had then hitched on the fastest ferry and made their way to the hospital to find May completely knocked out. It wasn’t just her, though; many people had the same conditions. Unfortunately, they had all woken up by that morning and many were well enough to leave. Caroline had been weeping over May’s side for that time. The news of the cause of all this had only come in that morning.

“Doctor Spenser,” Norman said to the doctor, “I think we’re ready to hear how all this came about.”

The doctor nodded and began to tell the tale.

May had finally wrestled Drew to the ground as her lips explored every aspect of his face. She held him down with her hands at his shoulders, pushing down with all her weight. Unfortunately for her, he was so much stronger than her, and could easily push her back up with ease. He had done so throughout the evening, and May was certain she would never get the chance to be in charge. Now that they were in the perfect position, and the duration always wears him out quicker than her, she finally got a break and was able to hold him down for five seconds. She felt his hands go from her sides to her hips, and a feeling of insecurity raced through her. They were both breathing hard, and completely clothed, and May tried to force herself to move on past the first feely stage, but she just couldn’t. He grabbed her bottom, and she jumped away off of him, red spreading across her face.

“Come…on!” Drew whined, “Again?”

“I’m sorry. I can’t do it,” May whimpered and collected herself in the bathroom to her left and closed the door.

Drew buried his face in his hands and lied back down on the worn mattress they were having fun on. He looked up at the wooden ceiling and sighed. Gosh had it been a long time, stuck on this island. It was a month, or about a month, they had been there. It was just a quiet little tree house in a thick forest on a deserted island. No people or Pokemon in sight. Just the two of them. It hadn’t always been that easy to get some from May. The first memory he had of that strange place was lying in a spoon position with May on the hard wooden floor of that tree house. The two had woken up at the same time and jumped back in embarrassment and surprise. At first, they did their usual quarreling, blaming each other for their current location and so forth. After a while, though, Drew managed to refrain from teasing her and tried to be there for her when it rained hard or when she felt home sick. All those things led up to what they had now.
It occurred to Drew, that each step they made, a new something or other would appear in their tree house for their convenience. It couldn’t be coincidence, as May had said it was when he brought it up some days ago. He tested out his theory, and each time they got that much closer, something appeared. The first time they had made out, the bathroom just appeared out of no where the next day! May took no notice, even though the thing supplied running water, though with no pipes. She was just grateful that they finally had a place to wash, and teased him in how he should do the same. He shrugged it off. All he wanted to do was stay on the island forever, just with her, or at least make it so they were no longer just a bickering pair of rivals. It was funny that their Pokemon weren’t with them. How Drew missed his companions. What ever did happen to them?
He listened to May scuttle in the bathroom, doing who knows what. The only thing that appeared, regardless of their status ups, was the food. Sometimes it would just appear, just as they started to get real hungry.

“What a crazy place,” Drew muttered to himself.
Yeah, yeah, I know...this is NOT NC17 material...but hey. Like any story, you just can't start with sex. You got to build up. Anyway, I hope I gave enough cliff hangers to keep you interested until I get up to the goodies. If you wanna be on the PM list, do say so. ^^
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. . S K Y L I G H T
wow, intense...lol, nice story, though much shorter than your other stories,is it a prolouge, or is my computer just messed up and making everything smaller? anyway, I didn't find any mistakes...I don't think....*_*;


The Queen
No, it was that short for starters...it was only two pages typed...exactly. Anyway, thanks for posting a reply! ^^


Veteran Water Lover
*a small trickle of blood runs down from his nose* Umm...*ahem* this is um...different.
OMG OMG OMG...... i've been waiting forever for this fic of yours Encyclopika....... and its awesome too......... =D
great job on it so far....... i really love it so far........ and i think it'll stay that way...... can't wait for the next chappie =D *jumps up and down*

Rene Bellosh

Just great, I was only away for all the afternoon and most of the night and I miss this. :p Anyways, it's quite apparent all that preliminary relationship building junk is dealt with quickly in order to provide just pure lemon later on. :D But I wonder who that Miss Bates chap really is?

Brief but good start says I. Hopefully we'll get more bang for our buck next time (I need as much as possible you know). ;)


Awesome, I love it and same question, who is Miss Bates? Anyways, Drew and May together as always are your specialty!


blows stuff uhup
:D YAY! You wrote it! It is kinda weird, but presumably everything will be explained later - then again, I already know most of it. ;) Besides, leaving lots of questions open is good. I'm curious about Miss Bates - I can see her helping them get off the island in the end. Hmmm. Write more? ;)

Nathan Madien

Me on a Good Day
That fanfic really grabbed my attention (in a good way, of course). I, like the others before me, can't wait to see the next chapter. :D


Yeah, ok!
Interesting story, especially the stuff that seems to be appearing out of nowhere.

One thing though, if this fic is going to have actual explicit sex scenes later on, shouldn't the NC-17 rating be in the title of the thread? Some people may wander in here expecting another standard shippy fic, and not know that there is actual sex involved. At least, that's what Kiori told me when I posted my NC-17 fanfic.


The Queen
Too bad? I say, read the very first post of a fic IN WHOLE before just waltzing in and reading. If you can't take the time to read what the author has posted, which is all important to certain extents, your punishment is getting screwed over. To all those who don't read warnings, look for ratings, and what not on anything (fics, sites, blah blah) I say you start the habit now...it's really a wonderful skill.
Anyway, thanks for replying everyone...I also did mention in the in the first post that this story is weird as all hell. If you need me to explain how something "works" please do ask. The functions of the island do come up over and over again.


Staff member
Super Mod
Yay for spooning! :D

Strange, but I wouldn't have it any other way. :D

Can't wait for the next chapter!


lara lynx

Well-Known Member
*Jumps up and down* I wanna be on the PM list! I love the first chapter, and i can't wait till it gets to the NC17 stuff ^_^


Well-Known Member
I'm not going to be around later...I'm only 11...:(

Erm...it is...new! I mean I like it, but it's so different from Contest Tie, but I'll understand better as more events pass...

Warn us for the NC-17 part, kk?

Aren't you supposed to be an adult to see this stuff? Most of us are 13-16 years old...


blows stuff uhup
There's an NC-17 warning in the summary to let anyone underage know not to read. Of course, if they decide to read anyway, that's up to them. :p

Nathan Madien

Me on a Good Day
Sweet May said:
yea but some people don't mind reading fics like this one....... i think ^^;

Hey, I'm only 19 but I like to read these kind of fanfics as long as they are good and somewhat plausible.


. . S K Y L I G H T
*laughs head off* If your 11, and you DO mind about ratings, then you shouldn't be reading ANY of the fics here burakki! *laughs again* PG-13. besides, isn't YOUR fic PG-13? trust me, I'm 12, and I reeeally don't care. imaginary peoples ****ing imaginary peoples.


Well-Known Member
Just asking. One answer and I'm satisfied, you don't have to laugh your heads off. ¬¬

Well then, I won't be around. I DID look at...argh I forgot the title, but it was Advanceshipping...something like A Day Inside May...I'm just so forgetful...:D