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Tree's A Crowd! (283)

Mrs. Oreo

I don't think Treecko was any better or worse than the others though.

I agree, tho clearly Ash was impressed enough with Treecko to the point where he wanted to catch it. And it's kind of ironic that even tho Max was a Treecko fan, it was Ash who attained one here. :D


This was a good episode. Haruka and Masato's bickering through the whole episode was hilarious, as were Haruka's comments to Satoshi after he threw the Pokeball. The Rocket-dan's appereance was cool because Sabonea got to be used. Also, I think Nyasu's boss fantasies are funny sometimes, but they start appearing in just about every AG episode from now on it seems like and get really annoying. I liked Satoshi's battle with Kimori, although I have to say that Kimori's dub voice is the worst AG dub voice thus far.
This episode was pretty good. I'm glad that Treecko was proven to be a pretty awesome battler for Ash since this episode. I didn't get the whole thing near the end though, after the tree died. Was that a whole new tree growing?


I loved how May shoved it in Ash's face about weakening a Pokemon first. That's classic. And why was Max calling the PokéNav a "PokéNavi?" I know it's short for Pokémon Navigator, but why have the extra "i"?


Looking back, I wonder if the writers had Satoshi capture Kimori in this episode due to his initial interest in the species when he saw a Kimori in Odamaki-hakase's laboratory.
Treecko seemed like the kind of Pokemon that was sort of antagonistic so it didn't seem like a good choice for Ash at first. I think he softened up by the end although I still think that out of the Hoenn starters, Ash should've gotten Mudkip instead of Treecko. That said I liked Team Rocket's stunt here and that old tree reminded me of a world tree that you see in other shows and myths.


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Treecko is cool, and I actually like his dub voice. It was heartwarming how Ash and Pikachu helped Treecko try to keep the tree alive, and I liked how new trees were born when the old one died. The start of Ash's most clutch Pokémon.