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Trench's Pokemon Shop/Trade!

Which of these pokemon would you like to see in my trade shop?

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Speed Gym Leader.
Trench's Trade Shop Beta 3.1

Trench's Trade Shop BETA 3.1!!

Hello Guys, Every week i will be Adding Pokemon(If I can), and Giveaway Pokemon. What are these "Giveaway Pokemon" you may be asking your self. No, their not Event pokemon, they might be sometimes, but their mostly Normal or Legendary Pokemon that are Shiny.

These Pokemon are shown on Monday, but they are up for giveaway on SAT-SUN, on Saturday the posting begins and on Sunday the last postings get entered, random persons will be selected (I have no control over ho gets the pokemon, i use a website that picks someone for me at total random,) If someone has donation points they have a HIGHER chance of getting a pokemon. But if a Person reaches the 20 Point max and win the Giveaway pokemon they get a free random shiny from my shop.

(When i mean free that means you can trade the pokemon for any kind of pokemon, even a Lv.1 Magikarp that has nutin special :p)

Altough reaching the 20 Point max is hard, due to the fact that when you win a pokemon your points get divided by 3 or 4. But enough of that guys here are the rules.


1.) Follow all Serebii Rules ( No hacks, be respectful, no spamming etc...)
2.) NO HACKS. I don't even know why I have to put this here because it is obvious. I will not hesitate to report you if I find out you intentionally offer me a hacked pokemon.
3.) If i give you a Hacked or RNG Pokemon Don't Report me, Most of the Pokemon i trade now are not from me, and sometimes i forget to check if the pokemon i received is hacked or RNG, If i give you a Hacked or RNG pokemon tell me and i will give you back your pokemon PLUS a shiny pokemon for free as my token of forgiveness, if you decide not to tell me its your call, I HAVE WARNED YOU!!!​

4.) I have many trades to do every day, eventough i dont seem to have alot of negotiations here, i have this type of shop in another website(Im not promoting the website), so if i dont respond back about your offer please PM me, but No spamming!
5.)If you Spam my Thread, or PM's i will put you in a 1 day hold up, continue your actions and it will be a 4 days hold up.
6.) Please respect Me and Fissurous.​

Owners of this Thread
Owner: Trench
Co. Owner: Fissurous


Here are the pokemon:
Taillow Lv.9
Horsea Lv.25
Magikarp Lv.10
Cubone Lv.4/Lv.15
Gliscor Lv.25
Houndour Lv.18
Krabby Lv.52
Magnemite Lv.16 x2
Flareaon Lv.30
Smeargle Lv.17
Houndoom Lv.45
Magneton Lv.17 (Supposly Cought in the Safari Zone)
Skorupi Lv.45
Vibrava Lv.44
Gastly Lv.6/Lv.3
Azurril Lv.42
Slugma Lv.29
Solosis Lv.21
Drowzee Lv.14

Shiny Lugia Lv. 71
Rayquaza Lv.71

Here are just a few DW pokemon i have collected!
Lotad Lv.10
Lotad Lv.10
Kangaskhan Lv.10
Nidoran (F) Lv.10
Ponyta Lv.10

Here are a few pokemon.
Turtwig Lv.1 31 IV's in HP
Mudkip Lv.1 31 IV's in HP
Riolu Lv.1 (Has Egg Moves)

Here are the Pokemon That I'm Looking For:
None at the Moment

Shiny Charmender

Name of Donaters:

People with points:
Drake: 8 1/2
Theblaze: 4
Gavman87: 5 1/2

People ho Have traded with me:
(Please Note, if you are not in this list you can not participate in the giveaways, but you can still get in the list by conducting a trade with me)

Here are a few requested pokemon:
Shiny Pokemon(Any Dragon Type will do) Requested by: theblaze

(Please dont request legendaries.)

I have currently a shiny Garchomp, it has 31 IV's in Attack, and its EV trained, 253 EV's in Attack, 253 EV's in Speed, and 4 EV's in Hp. Its in Lv.100, If you want it for your wifi battles you can trade for it. Also its Adamant Natured. Its one good Powerhouse Pokemon.
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Speed Gym Leader.


1.) After being over my problem a little i should now be able to log inn daily.
2.) New Giveaway Pokemon Monday
3.) Secret Feature.



Claimers of the Twins?
Latias: Champblack16
Latios: Epicpokemonprotector

Giveaway Pokemon for this Weekend

The Lati Twins!


Lv.40 Latios
O.T: Ethan

Lv.40 Latias
O.T: Trench

If you want one of these 2 twins, you will have to wait till this Saturday and Post that you want a Twin. If you get lucky you can be picked.

Till Saturday, have a good day. :)
(Yes, that Latias is mine. :p)


Here are a few people in the List.

Here a few people ho got their Pokemon!
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I'm interested in your shiny Totodile and Chickorita. Maybe something in my trade shop will interest you if you decide not to give them away xD.


Speed Gym Leader.
2 down 1 to go

Shiny Totodile and Chikorita have been reserved! but the shiny cyndaquil still wants an owner that wont whip the smack out of him (O_O) LOL

And to filip, the shiny starter that you picked has been claimed already.

P.S. Pokedex101, il trade you the shiny milotic as soon as im done with this, ok? :)
Now I want that Cyndaquil real bad. Do you need a chansey or something else. Kinda hard to trade with no wants.

Edit: Saw it was to late. Man I am slow...


Speed Gym Leader.
Sorry man :(

If ive had another cyndaquil i would have given it to you but its all about luck, still you did get that other shiny :)

Il take anything, just PM me and wait till im ready to trade with you.

EDIT: Fissurous PM me and wait till i respond with my message saying when im rady to trade

EDIT: theblaze srry to say this but cyndaquil got claimed already, but dont worry next weekend i should have a new iveaway pokemon, hopefully shiny.

EDIT: Srry for the confousion, but this is whats happening.
Cyndaquil got claimed by epicpokemon protector
Totodile got claimed by Fissurous
and Chikorita got claimed by Filip

so thats in theres no more shiny pokemon for giveaway.

Plz Filip, Epicpokemonprotector, and Fissurous PM me and il tell you when im rady to trade since ive already traded about 20 pokemon today it might take me some time to get ready.
also Pokedex101 claimed the shiny Milotic, Pokedex101 PM me too.
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Speed Gym Leader.
There are more shinies but i only post new pokemon up for trade during the weekdays while on the weekends i post 1 or 2 pokemon for giveaway mostly shiny.


Speed Gym Leader.
Sorry guys for the inconvinience, my Modem stoped working for the 2nd time this week (Planning on getting a new one very very soon) but its back on, i will start tradeing with you guys rite now, and the blaze which pokemon do you want to offer?