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Trench's Pokemon Shop/Trade!

Which of these pokemon would you like to see in my trade shop?

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Breeding Rookie
Hi i was wondering if you are willing to trade your shiny onixfor my shiny charmander? and i would also like a shinybeast


Speed Gym Leader.
Alright, the shiny beasts have been claimed, after this day, all give away pokemon will be given away to only those people ho have negotiated trade with me or have received a giveaway pokemon before.


Expert Trainer
Giveaway mon every weekend? sweet :)

Would I be able to get that suicune off you now if you arent busy? :)


Speed Gym Leader.
what new features?

You can now request pokemon, i dont like it if you request legends, but i will take shiny pokemon requests, but not if their legendary, you may say, "Hey man, can you get me a shiny starly?" and i might accept and look for it. Then il put you on a waiting list.

Giveaway mon every weekend? sweet

Would I be able to get that suicune off you now if you arent busy?

Yea sure, il be in the wifi room rite now.

are the ho-oh and lugia shiny? if they are then i want a chance to get it! and i have some rare shines i can donate

Idk, look at the pics if their shiny or not. :p
(Yes, they are. :D)

Also, kool il be in the wifi room.


Speed Gym Leader.
I'd like a chance to win the ho-oh and lugia. Thanks a bunch for the shiny raikou! When are you available to trade?

If you read the 2nd post, you are not able to get the shiny giveaway pokemon untill that date, so your post saying that you want the legendary pokemon wont count. Also Np, i like giving away pokemon, especially if it means seeing people being happy.


Breeding Rookie
hmmz im intrested in your shiny onix Pm me to set something up :)


Speed Gym Leader.
@ theblaze
i would LOVE a chance of the 2 legendary pokemon
and i request a shiny dragon type pokemon

You will have to wait till this upcomeing saturday to get one of the shinies. So your post, wont count. Still ima put you on the waiting list. As soon as i get a dragon type pokemon in my game shiny, il Pm you, i hope you have a good pokemon you are willing to trade me.