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Trench's Pokemon Shop/Trade!

Which of these pokemon would you like to see in my trade shop?

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I'd like a chance of winning a shiny Ho-Oh or shiny Lugia, please :).
I'm interested in your shiny Slugma, CMT for what you'd like~
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If U Seek Amy

i am a god
Scratch that. I re-read your initial post, and it doesn't seem bad. Soooo...
"I want a chance of winning the pokemon"
EDIT: How do you decide on who gets it? I hope it's fair, like you write each user-name on a piece of paper and grab them from a bad or something along those lines. (If you don't, I know a program so you won't make a mess or something.
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"I want a chance of winning the pokemon"


Speed Gym Leader.
Oh shoot me in the A---, LOL,
I conduct the Giveaway by using a website that decides for me ho gets it, i have no control ho gets it, unless you have donation points wich ups your chances by alot!


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Give me Until Sunday and i shall have the winners of this Giveaway! :p
Untill then i cant wait to get mroe posts about these pokemon.


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i want a chance of winning the pokemon i'm also might donate a shiny charmander


Vae Victis
"I want a chance of winning the pokemon"

- Great Idea of the Pokemon giveaway...


I'm legally blind
I'm interested in your shiny lapras and your shiny slugma. I can give you a shiny metang and a shiny spheal. Tell me if your interested.


Speed Gym Leader.
I did see just now. :p

Also the Event will be done at 8:00 P.M. ((GMT -6:00) Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico City)

Just to let people know


Speed Gym Leader.
The End

I guess il end the giveaway right here for now, i have an idea of of what to show as the next giveaway this monday.

(Want to know what are the Giveaway Pokemon being shown on friday already? Well heres a TIP.

I will anounce later and Pm the winners later around 9 PM.

Also thank you everyone ho signed up for the giveaway. :)

GL People!
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