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Trial Mission! Volcarona's Golden Scales!! (1169)


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I will have to wait for the subs, but this is one of the best Journeys episode we have had.


Some ppl have the insight of a Magikarp
So Tsurugi is a dark type expert while Asahi is a water expert, very interesting.

Never expected that the Volcanora that we saw was a Larvesta evolving.

Very decent episode for Journey standarts
That ways alot tbh. For me it was Alright


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See, THIS is a good Project Mew episode. A rewatch is essential since there’s a lot of talking, but even then, this episode was much better. Goh handled this one basically by himself instead of relying on Ash, with the exception of the end, but I’m pretty sure the hunters weren’t supposed to be there.

We got to see Cinderace again too. Seeing this guy come back nowadays is like your favorite wrestler coming out of retirement; it’s just for one last match before they disappear again only to pop up randomly again and people freak out.

And hey, our favorite dragon showed up again too!

Now we’ve had 2 chances in a row of Grookey finally battling only to be interrupted. They need to find a new shoulder pet for Goh so Grookey can do something already. I think everyone’s sick of them being a parrot.

Asahi has the other Urshifu form, but the DLC was last year, so I stopped caring. If they’re ever gonna talk about these two elephants in the room, it’s probably gonna be way down the line. It takes a while to get a trial mission episode alone, to find out more about Asahi and Tsururugi and where they got their Urshifu will take eons. Which is honestly the only downside to this episode; waiting for the next one. But hopefully that one continues the upward trend and maybe we’ll get a solo Goh episode where Grookey acTuallY FREaking DOES SOMETHING-!


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The first good JN episode. Pleasantly surprised.
There were such before though, I am still yet to hear a good argument for how Bea Battles, JN18, JN16, JN15 off the top of my head would fall apart.


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Eh, the episode was okay. These project mew episodes are just not cutting it for me. They feel like regular episodes of Goh catching Pokémon like before but now with a little bit of plot thrown in. All the story beats are the same, structured functionally identical to practically every other episode we’ve seen of Goh just catching Pokémon, however now it’s for a greater purpose I guess?

I’m also curious about why he didn’t catch a Larvesta himself or at least get given an egg? When you take away the mandatory scenes of Goh having to catch a few Pokémon before the plot kicks in, these episodes feel so flat. I don’t wanna be Mr. Pessimistic but watching these episodes I’m steady waiting for something exciting to happen but it’s always nothing.

Also didn’t someone say Sirfetch’d was gonna be here? He would’ve helped clear the way in the end instead of Ash and Goh literally falling on their asses because they suddenly forgot how to battle.
So did the class learn the lesson: don't believe every "leak" you hear?
The only lesson that turned out to be accurate was I should continue to ignore most post in the episode speculation thread.

So much unnecessary poison and vitriol for no reason over a good episode!


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Thought this was a weird episode, had good moments and saw weird moments. That egg snatcher sure knows how to push a wheelbarrow.. thought that scene just came off oddly. I did like seeing Volacarona control the fire like that.

The ending felt like such a waste, and why do they both have an Urshifu? Not really into them at all but maybe more episodes will make me like them. I would have preferred if they were both still Kubfu's and that we got to see them develop as it just seems like they just randomly chose for them to have Urshifu's because why not?


Good chemistry throughout, somewhat enjoyed this episode up until the end.

Seriously Ash? As many poachers as he smacked around, TR trio being his steady source of sustenance for beatings, he needed help against the goons here? At least have him try to use his other Pokemon, see them getting overwhelmed. That would be at least understandable. Sure we'd probably complain about his team looking weak, but honestly I'd probably prefer that over them just standing around looking horrified like a typical dumb character in a horror film.


It was a fairly good episode. It's a shame that Goh did not catch any members of the Larvesta line given that that was the focus of the episode, however he at least caught something.

As Goh's goal is to catch them all, having him gain PM tokens but not actually catch any pokemon would be fairly disappointing. Hopefully he actually starts catching the pokemon which the episodes focus on, though I still appreciate the captures on the way because it is at least progress.


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And yet another fully evolved Pokemon captured with no effort whatsoever! Yet another favorite of mine too... -_-
What a writer's pet! And how come they pump these out when we wait decades for PWC episodes? It's bull ****

I don't see the point of non-TRio antagonists when they have a Gacha machine, just makes the thing look even more pointless every week this saga goes on. Serves no benefit, can Bewear just punch it already?

Dracovish and Eelektross were nice though!