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Trial of Terror - A Horror One-shot Contest


The Compromise
Oops, nearly forgot to thank the judges for their reviews! *hugs* I really appreciate it... :)

Oks, then, Iceking. :) The scarlet christmas's in the other version was starting to get on my nerves... *runs to read*
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Ryano Ra

Verdant Vitality
Congratulations to all of the winners!

Now, my question serves as follows; will there be another contest made pretty soon? I think that you four made great judges and should greatly consider conducting more contests in the future, despite the long delay. ^^


Well-Known Member
If they ever start a Romance contest, I would DEFINITELY try competing...I need to do something other than horror. XD But DON'T do a comedy contest, because Iceking, Saber, and Typhlogirl would rape the rest of us. ;_;


Lost but Seeking
But DON'T do a comedy contest, because Iceking, Saber, and Typhlogirl would rape the rest of us. ;_;

Well, they could judge, right? That was why you, FloatingFlames, Burnt Flower, and Sike Saner decided to do this one, isn't it? Because you knew the genre well and wouldn't want to compete and crush the competition?

Of course, that would only be if they wanted to do it, but I think that it would make sense...

Elemental Charizam

Sudden Genre Shift
Well, a lot faster than Flames at any rate :p

Biut seeing some of the entries here, I don't really think that the few 'uber authors' in a certain genre are so much better than everyone else that their winning would be a certain thing.


Ryano Ra

Verdant Vitality
^^;; Well, if they ever do a Fantasy one, I'm definitely not competing, though I would like to compete in a Drama, Action, Adventure, or Suspense one just for the heck of it. ^^;; I want to become familiar with other genres...more contests, people, MORE CONTESTS! ;-;