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Trials and Adulations! (587)


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This episode was a killer, i like mamoswine and now that it does something right, its awesome. I liked how ambipom scared team rocket, lol.


Mamoswine got wounded by one of my favorite Hoenn pokemon, Aggron (you don't mess with it), oh noes. Luckily, Dawn knows how to care of it thanks to Brock's advice from Battle Dimensions. I'm guessing that now that Mamoswine defeated Aggron in a rematch, it'll obey Dawn's orders right?


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Mamoswine got wounded by one of my favorite Hoenn pokemon, Aggron (you don't mess with it), oh noes. Luckily, Dawn knows how to care of it thanks to Brock's advice from Battle Dimensions. I'm guessing that now that Mamoswine defeated Aggron in a rematch, it'll obey Dawn's orders right?


This episode was actually pretty funny. I laughed pretty hard when they zoomed out showing Dawn, buneary, pachirisu, and piplup being chased by agron. Also when ambipom scared team rocket away. This episode was better than I expected :)


Well, it looks like Jupiter isn't going to do a bullet-point summary of this episode, so I guess I'll try it out for size.

- Ash & the gang are traveling on god knows what pathway, & Dawn runs out of water. NO!!!! They're going to die from dehydration!!
- Dawn sets off by herself to the nearest river to refill her bottle...
- ...& she also comes up onto an Aggron, which makes its entry by firing off an SBC at Dawn.
- The force of the said SBC sends Dawn & her Piplup into the river, & she gets washed downstream.
- She hauls herself out of the river, all soaked, & is none too happy about being attacked by this Aggron. Unfortunately for her, she is now lost, so she begins her futile attempt to search for Ash & Brock.
- It also just so happens to be that these two are also worried about Dawn, as they've found her water bottle lying next to the riverbank, so now they start their own search for her. Ash, however, is better equipped for conducting searches, as he has Gliscor & his shiny new Staraptor.
- TR finds Dawn wandering off into god knows where, & decide to go after her. They fire off a white smoke bomb, which bewilders Dawn...
- ...& here comes the TR motto. Time to mute the TV........
- ...are they done yet? Good, un-mute the TV, & lets continue. They try to capture Dawn's Piplup, but she manages to avoid the attempt, so TR are forced into a fight.
- Halfway into the fight, Dawn hitails it out of here. Unbekownst to TR as to why she ran, they call her a coward.
- They then turn around to find that same Aggron bearing down on them. It fires off another SBC at TR, & they start running like madmen.
- In the meantime, Dawn finds a clearing in the forest, & utilizes her Buneary & Pachirisu to send out a signal in the hopes that Ash would find her. The problem? "Everyone" can see it, including that Aggron that they're trying to escape from.
- Again, they start running some more, but they run into a cliff, & are thus cornered by the Aggron. Having little choice, Dawn sends out her Mamoswine, & feed it a poffin to get it to fight.
- However, I think that the feeding was unnecessary, as the Aggron fired another SBC onto Mamoswine. Being none too pleased, Mamoswine trys to fend Aggron off, but it gets knocked down from the cliff, sending it as well as everyone else tumbling down.
- Mamoswine happens to be injured from this fight, as well as from the fall. Dawn, remembering her lesson from Brock, makes it a bed from all the leafy branches that she & the rest of her Pokemon can get, & they help Mamoswine out onto the bed.
- They then use some more branches to conceal Mamoswine fron danger, whilst they go off to find Oran Berries as well as some other natural mediciments.
- After patching Mamoswine up, Dawn utilizes a bucket, her Piplup, & her Buneary to get some ice to apply to Mamoswines leg.
- TR comes by their hidey hole, looking for Dawn, & she uses her Ambipom to scare them off. How? By slamming a rock onto the ground as hard as it can. Since there is a threat of Aggron attacks here, it worked.
- Speaking of which, that Aggron also stops by, trying to sniff her out, but it gets diverted by the rustling bushes. That would actually be her Pachirisu, lending a hand once more to Dawn.
- Nighttime comes by, & Ash hasn't found her yet, so they hunker down into a cave for the night. But it's a restless night for the both of them.
- It's also a restless night for Dawn as well, as she's checking out her Mamoswine.
- Sunrise approaches, but so is a makeshift Golem mecha from TR coming as well, & they're looking to settle the score with Aggron.
- They find it, & they duke it out. It seems like they're getting the better of Aggron, but in the middle of the fight, they uncover Dawn's hiding spot.
- "If she can hide that, she can hide anything!" Indeed...
- They then divert their attention to Dawn & her Pokemon, but Mamoswine has got other ideas.
- Better yet, Ash & Brock find her & join the fray.
- The combined effort from Dawn & Ash are too much for TR & their mecha to take, & they get sent flying off to god knows where, like they usually do...
- However, Aggron is still there, but Mamoswine scoops up Dawn & her Pokemon onto its back & dukes it out with Aggron.
- This time, however, Aggron gets the #%$@ beaten out of it, & begins to run the other way.
- Now that everything is well, Mamoswine dines on the bushels of bananas that she found while finding her berries.
- & all this happened because she lost Mamoswine's Pokeball...

& that's my bullet summary that's in place of Jupiter's for this episode.



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This episode seemed pretty decent actually. Great character development for both Mamoswine and Dawn. I liked how Dawn did what Brock told her to do back when Pachirisu had that fever.


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Yeah, the episode was quite nice actually. Pretty sweet to have some flash back scenes from "Doc Brock!" for Dawn to cure Mamoswine to health. And awesome of Dawn's Pokemon to help out, and which I found Ambipom to be great as usual. *sigh*

Plus overall, I liked the Battle between Aggron and Mamoswine, especially the cool music. Which I cant recall atm, xD. Mamoswine then obeying Dawn was a sight to see, though I saw it coming.

Now, next well, we will go HD. :D
A marvelous filler episode like others. Mamoswine finally obeys Dawn, however will it be in contests? Another note, how come some scenes felt like they were skipping around? Like the one scene where Pikachu gets hit by Aggron and in the next second, the thing jumps off facing Ash and Brock foot to foot.


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Mamoswine starts obeying Dawn, meaning this is not a filler episode.

I've been waiting for this episode, and I liked it. I can't help but laugh how Ambipom sent Team Rocket running just from using a rock. :)


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As I couldn't find this episode on the internet, I actually had to fall back on the original, Japanese version (the last time that happened was when CN screwed up the broadcast of "The Keystone Pops"). Thus, I can't make a judgment or comment on the US version, but I'm sure that it was great as well. (I just can't get used to the Japanese voices, which somehow sound too shrill if you ask me)

Anyways, a great episode, this time with the focus on Dawn. I particularly liked when she made a bed for Mamoswine, using the branches of the tree and treated its wound with care and affection! That's what dinstinguishes great Pokemon-Trainers from lousy wannabe-trainers. A really cute moment also was when Dawn's Pokemon slept side by side using the branches as blanket.
These two scenes really moves me. Yes, even though I may seem to be a diamond in the rough, I can also be very soft, if the situation requires it.

Then, of course, we had the action-packed and hard scenes, for example when Dawn fell off that rock or the brutal clash between Mamoswine and Aggron. Yeah, that's Pokemon at its best and I hope we'll get to see lots of such scenes in the future.

But there's one thing I didn't quite get:
Soon after Dawn and her Pokemon had fallen off said rock, Ash and Brock were standing at exactly the same place, looking for her friend.
But as we're supposed to believe that Mamoswine could hardly move (in the episode you could see that it dragged itself only a few steps, if anything) it should have been possible for Ash and Brock to actually see Dawn as she couldn't obviously be far away. This was some kind of logical mistake if you ask me. I wonder what you think about it.

All in all, an awesome, but above all, a moving episode which deserves
7 out of 10 points

Shadow XD001

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I loved this episode. I'm happy that Mamoswine will now finally listen to Dawn's commands. took shorter then Charizard[s/]

Aggron was probably the perfect Pokemon for it. It's strong (not uber strong) and is heavy like Mamoswine. Also, I figured Mamoswine's Pokeball was up at the cliff, because Dawn must have lost grip of it when they fell.


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My only complaint with this episode is that it made Dawn look really weak.

She had to hide from Team Rocket? Wouldn't Piplup, Ambipom, Buneary, or Pachirisu be good enough to defeat them?

And Aggron, why couldn't Piplup or Ambipom beat it? At least Piplup and Ambipom(focus punch) would have a type advantage rather than a disadvantage like Mamoswine


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well they didnt need to get any attention from from aggron by battling team rocket, though they did!i liked it and am happy im just confused how pokemon's behavior changes when they evolve cuz swinub liked her then became piloswine then mamoswine and didnt obey her. i liked the ambipom part where she hit the rock against the ground. she must be strong cuz she evn shook the ground hard


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My only complaint with this episode is that it made Dawn look really weak.

She had to hide from Team Rocket? Wouldn't Piplup, Ambipom, Buneary, or Pachirisu be good enough to defeat them?

And Aggron, why couldn't Piplup or Ambipom beat it? At least Piplup and Ambipom(focus punch) would have a type advantage rather than a disadvantage like Mamoswine

She wasn't hiding from TR but from Aggron.


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Ehh this episode was okay but I do agree thunderblade this did make dawn look weak ambipom and piplup could to care of it together with little trouble I dont see why she didnt just beat aggron contest style


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Oh yeah, Ambipom giving Team Rocket a scare with a rock was hilarious. xD That was probably one of my fav parts in the episodes.


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Well... definetely not in the top ten of favorites... I don't even think this is in the Top 100 for me... It was outclassed by its predecessor, Charizard Chills, for many reasons, but instead of going into a rant, I think I'll just give a play-by-play.

Epic entrance for Aggron! It just appears and Hyper Beams Dawn into the current! FTW! I think the only reason I liked this episode was because of Aggron...

Now, I'm going to go off on a tangent here and question the dub title... Trials and Adulations? ... I have no idea how that relates to this episode but... anyway... maybe they've run out of ideas already at PUSA...?

And, another tangent, she's checking Aggron in the Pokedex, why?! She just saw it, like, 6 episodes ago! *spaces out* Oh! Another FTW for Aggron... against Pikachu of all Pokemon! ... *spaces out again* Some talk about iron, Ash uses both Flying types to search, Dawn running around looking too...

Oh, look... Team Rocket... And they actually have a good plan... simple: crush the new guy [girl] strategy! She's running from an Aggron when she has Pokemon with strong attacks against it... The odds are in TR's favor...

Motto... Dialouge.... smoke bomb... screen-hogger vs. Yanmega... okay, odds not in their favor anymore... oh look, Dawn ran away... oh, it's just because Aggron's back... And despite encountering Aggron on several occassions, TR is clueless... Ash and co. searching... Dawn sends up a flare and it is seen by everyone, EXCEPT the clueless Ash and co.! ... I'm beginning to see a pattern here... Aggron appears and chases everyone

Earth to TR! Why not just capture the Aggron?! Ash and co. will actually thank you for capturing a Pokemon for once!
And let's bring out Mamoswine to complete the set because everyone needs exercise today! And despite attacking for no reason usually, Aggron is taking its sweet time finishing Dawn off... FINALLY! Some action! Aggron uses something besides Hyper Beam! Mamo is outclassed and breaks the cliff! ... Nice choice, Dawn...

And because Mamo wasn't abused enough, everyone falls on it! ... No, it doesn't hurt, Dawn, you just crushed it is all! And to top it off, Dawn loses its pokeball; sounds more like Snorlax than Charizard to me...

Great idea, Dawn, hide the giant, 600-pound elephant! Too bad there isn't a tiny crevice you can shove it in! And Ambipom wants exercise by running from Aggron too! Sadly, it only carries twigs that could give Mamo a splinter! Good work, Dawn, make the injured Pokemon walk to its splintery bed! ... Great camoflauge! Nobody will suspect the pile of shrubbery with giant eyes and nose is actually Mamoswine!... Yay! Flashback!

*spaces out* Dawn applies first-aid, Ash is Sherlock Holmes and Captain Obvious... Uh-oh! Team Rocket! What will Dawn ever do with four Pokemon fit to fight with varying movepools?! *spaces out*

You know, Pachi is smarter than most people give it credit for, kudos to you, Pachi! *spaces out* More healing.. more searching... Oh! TR somehow gets a mecha... and it's a Golem!... but it's pushed around by Aggron.... and epic fail... *spaces out* dialouge.. MUKUHAWK finds Dawn... Mamo saves Dawn and co. when they are frozen with fear.... group is reunited... Pika vs. Yanmega... surprise, surprise... Ashy wins again...

And all that attracts Aggron and Mamo finally listens to Dawn [would have liked that to be a more developed plot]... Dawn wins... hu-rray....

Mamo stuffs its face at the end of an episode.... again...

Again, not the most impressive episode as far as I'm concerned despite Aggron being the best Pokemon villain!


<-- so adorable ^_^
it's a nice episode, its just shows that Dawn really is an interesting chracter that can actually have an episode focusing on her and yet still be quite good.
but I think they kind of messed up with Mamoswine, they could do it a bit more exciting with him starting to obey Dawn like they did with Ash and his charizard/pikachu, but still a nice episode
plus the fact Pachirisu was out of its pokeball and could use his cuteness:):)
which made the episode that much better


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Great episode.. Dawn really has become a great pokemon trainer and not of battles,.but being able to take care of ehr pokemon too. Loved they had her remmeber everything she learned from Brock. when ash saw thwe pokebacll he was like. A pokeball!
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Episode was great. Poor Mamoswine was injured. :(
It was cool seeing Dawn and her Pokemon alone without Ash and Brock to help...


I really liked that Dawn was able to use what she learned from Brock when Pachirisu was sick. Aagron attacking Team Rocket, Dawn, and Ash and Brock was a good conflict to throw into this episode. Ambipom using a rock to scare of Team Rocket was pretty funny and the rest of Dawns team was wanting to help Mamoswine was nice to see. A pretty nice episode to watch.