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Trials of the Elite Four(AAMAYL/AdvanceShipping)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Master_in_Training, May 20, 2007.

  1. Master_in_Training

    Master_in_Training Future Master

    This is the same as my fic on FF.net, though, to follow forum rules, I decided to combine some of the shorter chapters.
    Rating: G(may go up later, I dunno)
    Short Summary: The Elite Four opens a challenge to those who want to join their ranks. Ash is included, of course, but if he loses just once to a single member, everything that he stands for as a trainer will be taken away from him!

    DISCLAIMER:I don't own Pokemon or its related characters.

    -Might as well put in a Table of Contents. Everyone's doing it:

    OP Animation

    1ST ARC: Chasing Friends and Dreams
    EF01: Reunion
    EF02: Bets, Do's and Don'ts
    EF03: Going to the Max
    EF04: One Day, Two Challenges

    2ND ARC: Hot Water Battles
    EF05: Underwater Battle Royal
    EF06: Charizard Plays Cupid
    EF07: Confessions of a Pokemon Trainer
    EF08: Round 2, Begin!
    EF09: Cold Climax
    EF10: Ash? The Second Brock?
    EF11: Third Round Blues

    3RD ARC: Have a Not so NIce Day
    EF12: Part I
    EF13: Part II
    EF14: Part III

    4TH ARC: To Sinnoh
    EF15: Shippy Ship Shenanigans
    EF16: Sinnoh Problems
    EF17: Sinnoh Problems II
    EF18: Raw Power

    5TH ARC: Deep Underground
    EF19: Cave In
    EF20: Payback

    6TH ARC: Vs. Bertha!
    EF21: Ground Days
    EF22: Smash Finish

    7TH ARC: Calm
    EF23: Acting not so Alike
    EF24: Johto, Here we Come
    EF25: Planning Way, Way Ahead
    EF26: Brock-itis Outbreak

    8TH ARC: End of Rocket
    EF27: Too May Baddies to Handle
    EF28: Unfriendly Reunion
    EF29: The Plot Thickens
    EF30: Under Siege
    EF31: Aftermath

    9TH ARC: Extended Families
    EF32: Pikachu's Been Busy
    EF33: Many Happy Returns
    EF34: War of the Words
    EF35: Clip Show

    10TH ARC: Fun at the P-1
    EF36: Get Ready to Rumble!
    EF37: P, P, P, P, Cha!
    EF38: Peripheral Pains
    EF39: Cross and Aura?
    EF40: Problem with Pichu
    EF41: Setting the Place on Fire
    EF42: Psychics Don't Bug Me!

    11TH ARC: Vs. Bruno!
    EF44: Face-off!
    EF45: Tie it On!
    EF46: Fiery Frenzy Plant!

    12TH ARC: Contest Redemption
    EF47: Dis-honorable Mentions
    EF48: Round it Up!
    EF49: Volt Tackling a New Perspective
    EF50: All it Takes is Coordination!
    EF51: The Metronome Phenomenon
    EF52: Interference
    EF53: Fireworks Display

    13TH ARC: Original 6, Unite or Not?
    EF54: Free Island
    EF55: Wings of Change
    EF56: Behind the Shades(again)
    EF57: Original 6, Incomplete?
    EF58: Tribute

    14TH ARC: Hoenn, the Last Leg
    EF59: Hoenn You Like It
    EF60: Ninja Delivery!
    EF62: Aerial Race
    EF63: Scaling Heights
    EF64: Current Events
    EF65: Can You Dig It?
    EF66: Fiery Dilemma!
    EF67: Return to Petalburg
    EF68: Ambush and Rescue!

    15TH ARC: Indigo Rematch!
    EF69: Breaking the On-Hand Limit, Again!
    EF70: Battling Friends Part I
    EF71: Battling Friends Part II
    EF72: Battling Friends Part III

    16TH ARC: Vs. Drake I!
    EF73: Vs. Gyarados!
    EF74: Vs. KingDragonite!
    EF75: Vs. Tyranimence!

    17TH ARC: Hope in Time
    EF76: Return of the Don?!
    EF77: Futility
    EF78: One more Chance

    18TH ARC: Calm Before the Storm
    EF79: Training Daze
    EF80: Fifth Day, Hey Day!

    19TH ARC: Vs. Drake II!
    EF81: Showdown at [Nearly] High Noon!
    EF82: A Battle's Blasting Burn
    EF83: Fighting as One

    20TH ARC: The End and the Beginning!

    EF84: Induction, Revelation!
    Extension and Epilogue

    BONUS Episodes-these are basically filler, but have interconnected plots following up to a sequel.
    (EF43) A Pokemon Story Never Told Before
    (EF61) Mysterious Disappearances

    EF01: Reunion

    Today we find Ash Ketchum walking on his way home to Pallet Town. With him is his best friend Pikachu and Hikari, a Pokemon coordinator they met during their adventures in Sinnoh. Brock, who also was travellling with Ash, left earlier, presumably to visit his family in Pewter.

    "How far is Pallet Town anyway?" the blue-haired coordinator spoke up.

    "We've only left Viridian City an hour ago," Ash replied. 'I can't wait to see everyone again. It's been almost a year now.'

    Little does Ash know that they are being watched by not one, but two parties.

    Jessie, James and Meowth, three agents of the crime syndicate Team Rocket, have been after Ash's Pikachu since they first met. The trio have always met with failure at the hands of the "twerps", but that doesn't stop them from trying and trying again. Right now, Jessie and James are relaxing in the bushes, eating ramen, while Meowth was spying on Ash and Hikari. Typical scheming there.

    Which brings us to the 2nd watchers. The first one is a large, tan, muscular man with brown spiky hair, wearing a karate outfit. His companion is somewhat smaller and older, wearing an old navy hat and jacket over blue slacks.

    "Don't you think it's a little early for him to fight us?" the tan man asked his companion.

    "I believe he is ready, Bruno," the "sailor" answered. "At this time tomorrow, the League has sent our challenge to all worthy challengers. This boy's always on the move, he hasn't even received his challenge yet."

    "You have a soft side for this boy," Bruno mused. "Planning to issue the challenge personally. Mind telling me why?"

    "He reminds me of myself, when I was his age."

    Pikachu(Home at last) The little yellow mouse jumped off Ash's shoulders and ran ahead of the group.

    They just arrived at Ash's mother's house, at the edge of Pallet Town. At the front yard is Mrs. Delia Ketchum's housekeeper, Mr. Mime, tending to the garden. "Mimey" was happy to see Ash again, that it halted its duties to greet the newcomers.

    "Nice to see you again, too, Mr. Mime," Ash said to the ecstatic Pokemon.

    Mr. Mime(They're here, they're here!) It called into the house. Delia came from inside, and hugged her son.

    "Oh honey, you're home," Delia said, and Ash, though being hugged by his mother in broad daylight, returned the gesture.

    "Have you been changing your-?"

    "Mom, I'm 15," Ash said, embarassed, breaking away from the embrace. "I don't forget stuff like that anymore..."

    "Well, you're still my little boy," Delia remarked, planting a kiss on Ash's forehead. Hikari and Pikachu snickered, making Ash turn beet red. "And who is this young lady?" she asked, turning to Hikari.

    Hikari stepped forward and offered her hand. "My name's Hikari, Mrs. Ketchum. It's nice to meet you."

    Delia shook Hikari's hand. "Goodness, another one, Ash? You really are growing up to be a man. But... I thought you already liked Ma-"

    "MOM!" Ash turned, if possible, even redder, especially at the sound of May's name.


    "This is disturbing."

    Ash is looking at a mirror in his room, and a stranger is staring back. The "stranger" is wearing semi-formal clothing, and the hair is gelled down. Pikachu was rolling on the floor with laughter.

    "Nonsense, honey," Delia said, marveling at her son. She rented out the attire for this occasion. After all, she wouldn't want her son the Champion to look ragged for his own party.

    As Delia exited the room, she added, in a sly voice, "You have to look good for a very special guest tonight."

    Ash took no notice of his mother's remark. He had his mind on other things.

    'This is a reunion, right? Maybe "she" will be there.'

    At the Ketchum's guest room, Hikari was now wearing a breathtaking purple dress. Delia walked in to give Hikari some make-up.

    "No thanks, Mrs. Ketchum," Hikari said. " I already have my own." She whipped out her own perfume from her bag.

    "Planning on hooking up with someone from the party?"

    "I think so."

    "I think I have a good candidate for you."

    (Just then, a certain young researcher in Prof. Oak's lab sneezed.)

    It was nightfall when Ash, Hikari and Delia left the residence for the party.

    The party, being held in Prof. Oak's large backyard, was in full swing when they arrived. Every League official was there(from MCs to Gym Leaders to the chairman Mr. Goodshow himself). Profs. Oak, Elm, Ivy, Birch and Rowan were also there, with their assistants and family.

    The Pokemon residing in the corral are also there. Ash could see his Kingler and Bayleef serving drinks, but there are also Totodile, Cyndaquil and Corphish running around the guests, playing with each other.

    Pikachu(Hello, everyone. Long time no see) It jumped off Ash's shoulders and joined its friends.

    Ash sheepishly grinned at all the familiar faces: Brock, Misty, Lily, Daisy, Violet, Erika, Blaine, Jasmine, Clair, Bugsy, Roxanne, Liza, Tate, Juan and Norman, among others.

    Brock couldn't hide his surprise to see his friend in semi-formal wear, but couldn't stay and chat as his eyes kept wandering from one girl to another. Misty, on the other hand, is looking at Ash and Hikari, the former trying to return his hair into spiky form, but couldn't.

    "I thought gel was supposed to style hair," Ash sighed, defeated. "Not glue it down."

    "It makes you look more civilized," Hikari replied. Delia requested for her to never let Ash mess up his hair.

    "It's just not my style."

    "You never change, do you, Ash?" Misty asked, bemused. "Try some womanly advice once in a while."

    "Thanks, Myst," Ash retorted sarcastically.

    "I'm afraid I haven't introduced myself to your new friend," Misty piped up. "My name's Misty."

    "My name's Hikari. I heard all about you from Ash and Brock."

    "Really? And what did they say about me?"

    Ash scurried away from the conversation, in case Hikari points out "everything" Ash told her about the redhead. He spotted Brock over at the buffet table, who was rubbing his cheek, and walked over.

    "Busted again?" Ash inquired. Brock nodded, sighing. "We'd better hide, before Misty focuses her anger at us."

    The two walked away farther from the two conversing girls, but not before Ash grabbing a few treats from the buffet. Ash and Brock walked a little distance away into the yard. Brock, of course, is avoiding a certain blue-haired female researcher, who is talking with Prof. Elm right now.

    "I don't know why it always happens. What am I doing wrong?"

    "Don't ask me. i just think what girls do are plain weird for me to understand. Anyway, I thought you were back at Pewter?"

    The two strode to a little pond, where a few water Pokemon were lounging.

    "Dad told me I should represent the Pewter Gym in this party."

    "'Represent'? But why? This is just a plain party, right?"

    Brock shrugged. "All I know is that there is supposed to be something really big to be announced tonight. And don't ask me what, I'm in the dark like you are."

    Ash stared back at the party. "I can see Norman's here. I wonder if-?"

    Brock looked at his friend knowingly. "She's here, Ash, don't worry. Just look behind you."

    Puzzled, Ash turned around. There she was, standing on the other edge of the pond, wearing a red formal gown. Her hair grew a little longer after a year in Johto, but it was no mistaking her.


    May turned her gaze upwards and her eyes met Ash's. Ash could see that her eyes were bloodshot.


    Last edited: Dec 21, 2007
  2. Seijiro Mafuné

    Seijiro Mafuné Diogomainardista!

    Well, um... not sure what to say. Other than 'Hikari' is translated as 'Dawn', if you didn't know, so you could use it. Also... why didn't you at least add one quote mark to the Pokémon's speech? I don't get it. Ah, well. Wonder what's May's tragedy. Post more soon!
  3. Master_in_Training

    Master_in_Training Future Master

    EF02: Bets, Dos and Don'ts

    The two teens just stared at each other. Brock gave both of them a wink. Then, saying something about "getting refreshments", Brock rushed back to the party.

    Ash looked over at May, who was now sitting on a large rock by the water. Ash walked around the pond, and leaned on the rock, his back to May.

    "Uh, May, I... Uh-" Ash felt sorry for himself. 'Great, just great. Now that she's here, I couldn't even say a word. What's wrong with me?'

    May's voice stopped Ash's thoughts completely. "It's nice to see you again, Ash..."

    Ash turned around and looked up at May. The moonlight reflected from the pond, which in turn reflected on May's sapphire eyes. Ash quickly turned away.

    "So, uh... How's it going in Johto?"

    "Fine, I guess." Ash felt that there was something wrong to the way May said that, but didn't press further.

    "I'm really sorry I didn't get to see the Grand Festival-" At this, May fought back tears, but Ash was looking down at the pond, so he didn't notice. "So... how'd you do?"

    "Fine, just fine." May pulled her knees up close to her body.

    "Well, that's good to hear!" Ash scratched his head, thinking of what to talk about next.

    Meanwhile, Brock was spying on Ash and May. Hikari just stood next to him, speechless, while Misty and Tracey handed each of them drinks, courtesy of Ash's Bayleef.

    "You're acting silly, you know that?" Misty asked with an incredulous expression on her face.

    "Look, I know Ash and May as a pair longer than any of you. They have the hots for each other since Day 1. It's up to me to play Cupid and-"

    "Bring them together?" Hikari surmised.

    Brock nodded, and continued to watch the two trainers. "Come on, just do it already!" he mouthed to himself.

    "We heard that," Misty said.

    "Do what exactly?" Tracey asked.

    "Uh, it's not what you think..."

    "'Do what', exactly?" a voice repeated. They all turned around to see Norman, May's father and Petalburg Gym Leader, looking at them, his eyevrows raised.

    "We've been here for quite some time now," Ash remarked, dissapointed for not thinking of any good subjects to discuss. "We'd better go back to the party."

    May nodded. "I guess you're right."

    Ash extended his hand to her. "Grab my hand, or you'll slip into the water."

    May did so, and she slipped down the rock to Ash's side.

    Brock sighed as the two returned to the main party. 'Well, I guess they're making a little progress,' he thought, as he watched Ash and May stride over to them, still holding hands.

    "It's about time you guys returned," Hikari remarked. She playfully nudged Ash in the ribs. "Had fun reliving old times?"

    Ash just stared at her, and didn't comment. He was saved from further embarassment as Mr. Goodshow called for everyone's attention.

    "Well, everyone," he started, "you are wondering why I gathered you all here tonight. But first, I'd like to congratulate Ash Ketchum and, of course his Pokemon, for their performance in the Sinnoh League."

    Everyone applauded as a spotlight is turned on Ash(and May, who was still standing close to him).

    "I'd also like to announce that the Pokemon League has been requested by the Elite Four to host a special competition for them."

    A buzz started, everyone discussing about the Elite Four. The League chairman had to call for attention again.

    "The Elite Four is now looking for exceptional trainers to join their ranks. We arranged that there would be four mini-competitions held in each region. A member of the Elite Four will be officiating each event. And whoever manages to succeed in the said competition will face the Elite trainer in a match."

    Ash remembered only too well that not once has he beaten any member of the Elite Four. Ash clenches his fists, ready to sign up for the challenge so he could have a rematch. Goodshow approached the distracted trainer.

    "I'd like to introduce an old friend of mine, Ash," he said. "He says that you've already met and fought each other."

    Ash heard a cough from behind him, and turned around to see a man wearing a navy hat and jacket walking towards him. It was Drake, and Ash can pretty well remember him.

    "It's been a long time, Ash," the man said. "It's nice to see that you've become stronger since we last met."

    "Drake, what are you doing here?" Ash asked.

    "Like my good friend Goodshow said, I came here because of the competition. Now..."

    Drake looked at Ash's eyes, and the latter didn't blink. "It's plainly clear that you want to face me and my cohorts again. It would be nice to see how well you've trained for the past two years since I met you."

    "Where do I sign up?" Ash said excitedly.

    Drake smirked. "However, you should understand that we, the Elite Four, are risking our reputation offering this challenge. And we also like to see if our 'candidates' are ready to risk anything for this honor."


    "A little wager, perhaps. Ash, if you lose even just a single match against one of us, you must forfeit your Trainer License."

    A gasp filled the whole crowd. Ash, however, remained clueless.

    "That's crazy!" Brock spoke up.

    "You want Ash to fight for his license?" Tracey added.

    "Why? What happens if I lose my license?"

    "Ash, all your League achievements-"

    "-your adventures-"

    "-and your... Pokemon-"

    "-will be taken away from you."

    At this, Ash turned back to the Elite trainer.

    "So, do you accept my little offer?"

    "No." Ash stared at Drake straight in the eye and didn't hesitate in his answer.

    "I always thought you would say otherwise," Drake surmised.

    "I don't care about my achievements, but I don't want to put my Pokemon on the line because of a stupid challenge like this."

    Ash began walking away as everyone looked at him in awe. But Drake wasn't finished. "What if I tell you that defeating the Elite Four takes you one step closer to becoming a Pokemon Master?"

    Ash looked back at him. "There has to be a better way than this."

    Ash didn't stay at the party much longer. He excused himself and went home, closely followed by Pikachu.

    As Ash lay on his bed, stroking Pikachu, he began to wonder about Drake's offer. "What do you think, Pikachu? Should I have taken that bet?"

    Pikachu(No, definitely not. What will happen to all of us if we lose?") Pikachu looked sadly at Ash, knowing how much it would mean for him to finally become a Pokemon Master. It coddled closer to its trainer.

    Ash and Pikachu slept deep that night. When Pikachu finally woke up, it was already noon. The yellow mouse tugged on Ash, to wake him up.

    A groggy Ash went downstairs still in his pajamas. He greeted Mr. Mime, who was sweeping on the landing, and then heard voices downstairs.

    "Oh, no, May is here," Ash hissed to himself, jolting awake. "She can't see me like this, especially after I left her at the party." Ash quickly bolted back upstairs, nearly running over Pikachu, which was on its way down, to the little mouse's annoyance.

    Pikachu resumed down the stairs and into the dining room. There, indeed, was May, having an animated conversation with Hikari and Brock. Delia, meanwhile, entered from the kitchen, to serve the teens lunch.

    "Honestly, that boy always sleeps that late when he's not in one of his adventures," Delia commented.

    "It's all right, Mrs. Ketchum, it's not as if I came here to see Ash," May said, turning red. "It's just that I couldn't stay in Prof. Oak's lab all day. Pikachu!" May turned to greet Pikachu, who immediately jumped to her lap. It coddled to May, missing the girl (As much as Ash).

    "Mm-hm," Hikari muttered, her mouth filled with Delia's stew. This time it was Brock who spoke up. "So, May, how was it in Johto?"

    "Please don't tell Ash any of this," May said in a low voice. Pikachu just tilted its head, while May scratched its ears. "I haven't won a single contest in Johto."

    "Huh? Why?" Brock inquired, stopping his spoon of stew halfway. May just rubbed her shoulders with her hands. "I don't know. I feel like I've lost my touch or something."

    "You're lucky Ash didn't see the Grand Festival on T.V. He was too busy in the Sinnoh Conference that time. But when should you tell him?"

    Just then they heard a large thump coming from the hallway. Ash jumped the last three steps of the stairs on his way down, nearly landing on top of Mr. Mime, who just finished sweeping.

    "Sorry 'bout that, Mimey," Ash said sheepishly, fully dressed in his clothes, and everyone sweatdropped.

    "Young man, you should stop this roughhousing," Delia scolded her son. "This is no circus, you know."

    "Sorry, Mom," Ash replied, taking his seat between May and Brock. "So, what's for lunch?"

    After lunch, Ash decided to head over to Oak's ranch/laboratory, to meet up with his other Pokemon. May, Brock and Hikari decided to join him.

    "You know," Hikari whispered to Brock, "you may be right about May having feelings for Ash."

    "What did I tell you?" Brock whispered back, as Ash and May walked ahead of them. "I'm sort of an expert on stuff like this."

    "Really? I never figured that, due to the many 'failed attempts' you made..."

    "I could have gone better if only I didn't capture that Croagunk. I swear, it must have Poison Stabbed me a hundred times al-"

    Brock couldn't finish his sentence, as Toxicroak (previously the Pokemon mentioned above) let itself out of its Pokeball again and gave Brock the usual treatment. Pikachu and Hikari just sweatdropped as Toxicroak dragged a paralyzed Brock all the way to the lab.

    Soon they reached the corral housing Ash's(and every other Pallet trainer's) Pokemon. As everyone stood watching, Ash made his cue. "All right, everyone out!" Ash happily shouted, throwing five Pokeballs into the air. From each of those five Pokeballs came a:

    -Grotle, a brown-and-green turtle with grass growing on its back

    -Ruxio, a small blue lion with black mane

    -Staravia, a dark-brown-and white feathered bird

    -Ambipom, a purple monkey with two tails(that look like hands)

    -Snover, a white-and-green creature that resembles a pine tree

    "I'd like you guys to meet the rest of the family," Ash said happily to his Sinnoh Pokemon and whistled. A large rumbling sound seems to be coming from all directions. Everyone was startled at first, thinking that there's an earthquake, but soon all of Ash's previous Pokemon appeared, running happily toward their trainer(reminiscent of when Ash made his stop in Pallet before the Battle Frontier).

    Ash quickly stepped out of the way as his Tauros stampeded past. After the herd of Tauros came Totodile, Cyndaquil, Bayleef, Heracross, Noctowl, Bulbasaur, Kingler, Donphan, Torkoal, Corphish, Swellow, Sceptile, Snorlax, Muk and Glalie.

    Ash greeted all of his old Pokemon, and introduced them to the "new batch". Like before, everyone got along pretty well. May watched this with interest, knowing that Ash wouldn't wager all of them for a title, even if the title is that of an Elite trainer.

    Brock and Hikari then called their own Pokemon. May dropped her gaze on Ash and decided to do the same.

    Pretty soon, some of the "basics" were now playing tag around the corral, joined by Pikachu and Ambipom, with Munchlax as "it". Sceptile returned to its usual spot on the branch of a large tree. Snorlax also returned to sleeping underneath the said tree, joined by Grotle, Sudowoodo, Blaziken and Bastiodon.

    Glalie and Snover are now trying to outdo each other with their IceBeams at a nearby pond, watched(and probably judged) by Prinplup. Swellow, Noctowl, Heracross and Staravia perched themselves at the wooden fence close to the trainers, and Toxicroak stood awfully close to its trainer. Bayleef cuddled close to Ash as usual, only for both of them to be smothered by Muk. May began brushing her Espeon's purple fur, with Hikari's interest.

    "So, Tracey, has any of my Pokemon acted out of line?" Ash asked Tracey, who just appeared, as he is trying to get out of Muk's "embrace".

    "No, they're behaving just fine," Tracey replied. "Except for the occasional Tauros stampede, things are going pretty well here."

    Ash sweatdropped at the sound of his Tauros's name, and decided to change the subject.

    "Where's Misty?"

    "The Indigo Season has started so she decided to leave for Cerulean first thing this morning. She said to say hi to all of you," Tracey said, sighing. Brock noted this sigh for future preference, but said nothing.

    At that moment, Ambipom snuck up behind Ash, and grabbed his hat as usual. "Hey," Ash said with mock anger. Ambipom threw Ash's hat to Corphish. All of the "basics" are laughing and they scattered as Ash joined in their game, trying to get his hat back. Soon Ash and the Pokemon were out of sight and earshot.

    "Tell me, how is this 'Elite Competition' supposed to go?" Brock asked Tracey. "How many trainers were challenged?"

    "As far as I could tell, it's all classified," Tracey answered, shrugging. "The League didn't even tell Prof. Oak, or any of the gym leaders anything. As for 'how many trainers', it seems all experienced trainers with League achievements, I guess."

    "So how is there supposed to be a competition if they didn't tell anyone anything?" May piped up, puzzled.

    "All the Elite Four ever gave their challengers as a start is the location of each member. Each location is found in the four major regions of the Pokemon world. Here in Kanto, the competition will be held in Cerulean City. In Johto: Cianwood City. In Hoenn: Meteor Falls. And in Sinnoh: Tengan Mountains."

    "Wow, talk about going global," Hikari said.


    "Ready or not, here I come!" Ash called out to his hiding Pokemon.

    The chase led them to the farther reaches of Oak's corral, where there is a dense forest. It was a good hiding place for the playful Pokemon.

    Ash searched around the brush, and spotted his first prey. He picked up his Bulbasaur, who was hiding in a hollow tree (Bulbasaur's bulb was a giveaway).


    Bulbasaur(You're mistaken, Ash. I'm not playing, I'm just resting.)

    Just then Ambipom appeared above them, swinging from branch to branch, wearing Ash's hat.

    As Ash made an attempt to grab the monkey, Ambipom tossed the hat to May's Bulbasaur, landing on her(?) bulb. Ash's Bulbasaur ran up to the other Bulbasaur and together they ran deeper into the bushes.

    When Ash was searching in their direction, all he found was Corphish. The lobster Pokemon scurried between Ash's legs, making him trip.

    Corphish(Try again, he, heh...)

    Corphish scurried over to Totodile's and Cyndaquil's hiding place.

    Cyndaquil(I'm tired of this game.)

    Totodile(Don't bring him here!)

    The little aquatic reptile kept jumping around, but too late. He was caught by Ash in mid-leap.

    From out of nowhere came Pikachu's voice.

    Pikachu(Three, two, one... Go!)

    The Pokemon tackled Ash from different directions. They all tumbled rolling on the ground, laughing.


    It was sunset. Brock decided to leave for Pewter.

    "My family will be really dissapointed if they find out I've been to Kanto without dropping by," Brock reasoned.

    May left for Ash's house, deciding to help Delia with dinner. Hikari said there's no reason for her to stay so she left with May.

    Tracey was sent on an errand by Prof. Oak. This leaves Ash in the corral, alone with the Pokemon.

    Ash looked at the pond, a distant look in his eyes. Pikachu approached its trainer, wondering what's on his mind. The others closed around Ash, thinking the same thing.

    "Pikachu, I wouldn't bet you guys for anything in this world," Ash said. "You know that, right?"

    Everyone nodded. It seems Pikachu has already told the others about Drake's challenge to Ash.

    "Is what I took a coward's way out?" Ash was feeling so dejected he punched the ground hard, to everyone's alarm.

    All the Pokemon looked at each other, sensing their trainer's emotions and feeling dejected themselves.

    "Look, I don't want to lose any of you."

    Pikachu placed its yellow hand on Ash's fist, which he didn't raise from the ground. This was followed by one of Ambipom's "tails", Bulbasaur's and Bayleef's vines. Sceptile placed its hand on Ash's shoulder.

    Ash understood the gesture made by his Pokemon. They will be there for him, no matter what. And what sort of trainer would Ash be if he couldn't even trust his Pokemon's strengths?

    From that moment on, Ash knew what he must do.

    "I'll be back," Ash said, and he dashed off back to his house.

    After a surprisingly delicous dinner(made by May on her own), everyone went upstairs to sleep. May and Hikari took the guest room, while the Ketchums retired to their own rooms.

    But at midnight, a shadowy figure crept out of Ash's room. He slowly made his way downstairs, careful not to wake up anyone. He unlocked the front door, and the moonlight shone on the figure's face: it's Ash.

    Ash walked the dirt path to Oak's lab, which was, of course, closed. Ash jumped over the fence, and was greeted by his Pokemon, who are waiting for him.

    "Okay, Ambipom, I hope it's all right if you stay here for now." The monkey looked disappointed but nodded. "Snover, better stay here as well, Bulbasaur may need help in settling arguments."

    Ash pondered who his last two Pokemon should be, and Totodile is trying to get his attention. "You want to come, too? All right."

    Totodile(All right!)

    "Ssssh," Ash hissed. "Or someone will hear us." Then he returned to the group. "Sceptile, why don't you come along as well?"

    The reptile nodded vigorously.

    After picking his team, Ash headed into the darkness.

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    Yeah! I've read this on FF, but I'm not a member there. I'm glad I can review at last. I really like the story, you write all of the characters very well.
    LOL! I can totally see that happening...

    There are only a few things wrong with this -
    1) Hikari is translated to Dawn, like Seijiro said, and...

    Shouldn't there be a comma between "Juan" and "and"? Or is that just optional.

    You forgot to capitalize that "I".

    Comma after Pikachu? (Don't you hate those little things?)

    Punctuation after "last"?

    Need a "So" after that "was"?

    Pikachu likes to drop into oblivion before he can finish his sentences, huh? (missed a period.)

    8) You seem to switch between present and past tense a lot. Is that on purpose?

    I don't point all of these out to embarrass people, I just think that if the readers point these out, then the author can spend more time typing. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge...)
    Advanceshipping forever!

    Note: This was written for chapter 1. My computer wouldn't let me post, so I had to come post it again. Chapter 2 is awesome as well, but I would not show everyone where to find the whole story. Why would they ever review here again?
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    EF03:Going to the Max

    In the morning, no one still knows of Ash's sudden departure(everyone still thinks he slept late again). Hikari and May are in the living room, showing off their own "achievements". Hikari eyed one of May's ribbons(you know pretty well which one) reprovingly.

    "It seems kinda a waste to cut a ribbon in half," she inquired her new friend.

    "Well, the contest ended in a draw, so we had to cut it in half," May replied.

    Hikari gave May a sly look. "You know, Ash never let go of his half of your ribbon," she said suddenly.

    May blushed. "He- he really didn't?"

    "Nope. I always see him holding it before an imporatant match. And I once saw him sleeping with it closed in his hand."

    May frowned. "Is Ash that sentimental?"

    "Okay, so I'm kidding about the sleeping part. But believe me, he holds on to it like a lucky charm or something..."

    To save May from further embarassment, there was a knock on the door. Mr. Mime went to answer it.

    The callers were Prof. Oak, Tracey and Gary. Delia, who was in the kitchen, went and greeted her guests. "Nice to see you, Professor. We are just sitting down to lunch."

    "We'd be glad to join you," Prof. Oak replied, smacking his lips.

    "Why did you have to bring me here, Gramps?" Gary inquired his grandfather. "There's still a lot to do at the lab."

    "Sorry, Gary, but it was Delia who requested for you to come here."

    "Uh-oh," Gary muttered, while Tracey stifled a grin.

    As everyone was sitting down to eat, May suddenly thought of Ash. "He might get mad if he finds out he missed two meals."

    "Well, you'd better go and wake him up," Hikari proposed, winking. Just then, the phone rang. Delia went to answer it as May headed upstairs. A minute later, Delia returned. "Professor, it's for you. There seems to be some sort of trouble in the lab."

    "What?" Oak immediately took the phone from Delia. On the other end of the line was his "Flash" Aide.

    "Professor, we just finished our roll call on all the Pokemon. Two seem to be missing."

    "Oh, no. Did you find out what Pokemon are missing?"

    "Yes." The Aide began skimming through a list in his hand. "A PDX #254 and PDX #158." "Ash's Totodile and Sceptile(strangely, Ash is the only Pallet trainer to have a Totodile and Sceptile)?"

    Just then May returned, a note in her hand. "Ash's gone! He left us a note."

    "What a strange coincidence," Gary said sarcastically.

    Everyone peered over May's shoulder as she read Ash's writing:

    To everyone,

    When you read this, I would probably be very far by now. I'm sorry, but I decided to take the Elite Four's challenge after all. Please don't worry about me. After all, this is not the first time I left without notice, right? I decide to do this alone, because I know you wouldn't like me putting my Pokemon on the line for this challenge. The reason for why I did this is: What sort of trainer am I if I couldn't even trust my own Pokemon's abilities in battle? I know this will be a big risk, but I'm now ready to take it. Ash

    May clutched the note in silence.

    "So he did accept Drake's challenge?" Gary said, deep in thought. "I just hope he knows what he's doing."

    "Of all the crazy things Ash has done..." Tracey's voice trailed off.

    May finally broke her own silence. "He's not doing it alone. I'll go and follow him."

    Tracey smiled and winked at her. "Ash will need all the moral support he can get. He just doesn't realize it yet."

    Hikari shrugged. "Since the Contest season hasn't started yet, I guess I could go with a little sightseeing myself."

    Delia sighed, but was not upset. Like Ash said in the note, it's not the first time he left without notice since starting his Pokemon journey.

    Before leaving, Hikari and May stopped by Oak's lab. Their Dexes were given upgrades, and Oak gave May Ash's own upgraded Dex, which he forgot to take before leaving.

    As the two girls left the lab, a voice called out to them. Delia reappeared. She gave them a new set of clothes for Ash, since it's been a while since he changed outfits. The new clothes are: a vest similar to Ash's original, only it is red instead of blue, and a new hat(similar to the Hoenn and Sinnoh hats, but instead of a greenHoenn or blueSinnoh circular marking, it is red like the vest).

    "Please, when you find Ash, tell him that all of us here in Pallet Town support him," Delia asked of the two girls.

    "Leave it to us," Hikari said, winking.

    "And please remind him to change his you-know-whats everyday."

    May smiled. "Don't worry, I'll tell him."

    Delia watched the girls walk away, on their way to Kanto's site for the competition: Cerulean City. Surely, that's where Ash will head for. Although, I have some doubts that he even knows where the competition will be held.


    Earlier in the day, shifting to Ash... "I have no idea where to go," Ash muttered to himself. Pikachu, walking by its trainer's side, sweatdropped. "We should have asked where the first Elite trainer is before leaving."

    Ash and Pikachu are now walking through a different path than he took in Viridian Forest. It was only 10:10 A.M., ten hours after his departure from Pallet Town. But all of Ash's stock of food was almost gone(due largely to the trainer's and his Pokemon's appetite). Ash sighed and sat on a rock close to a tree, where a family of bug Pokemon reside. Pikachu plopped down next to its trainer. Both are tired, due to non-stop walking and hunger.

    Ash took a chocolate bar from his pocket. Then he called out his other Pokemon. He split it into six small pieces, and gave one each to one Pokemon. "Sorry, guys, but that will have to satisfy you till we get to the next town."

    Ash watched his Pokemon eat. 'If only Brock were here,' Ash thought, smiling to himself. 'He would whip up something delicious for us.' After eating, Ash recalled his Pokemon and resumed his trip.


    As the clock struck 1:00 P.M.( roughly an hour after May's and Hikari's departure), a trainer just entered a pokemon Center in Pewter City.

    This young man is in fact, Max, May's younger brother. He just began his own Pokemon journey a year ago, leaving Ash's group. After getting into the Top 16 in the Hoenn League, Max decided to try out the Indigo League, so that he could meet up with his friends again. But he should have started out earlier, only if he weren't called home. His mother Caroline needed someone to stay with her during her pregnancy, while his father Norman was called away on urgent League business.

    The young trainer looked around excitedly. "So this is Pewter City, Brock's hometown. Boy, will he be surprised to see me."

    "Good afternoon," the Nurse Joy of Pewter City greeted the newcomer. "How may I help you?"

    "Yeah, I'm going to have my Pokemon healed, of course," Max said, grinning. He handed Nurse Joy his six Pokeballs containing his Pokemon. "I'm gonna challenge the Pewter Gym later."

    "All right, you can take a rest in the cafeteria while you wait."

    "Thanks." As Max grabbed something to eat, he took notice of an ad posted in the cafeteria's board:


    All trainers unite for this once in a lifetime opportunity. The Elite Four has organized a global competition to see who will be fitting to join their ranks.
    Those interested, contact the Pokemon League Association(PLA). No registration required.

    As Max was reading, a middle-aged gentleman approached. "I see you're interested in that ad, young man."

    Max glanced at the man and nodded. "You're not thinking of going to challenge them, are you? No offense, but this is the Elite Four we're talking about."

    "Nah. It's too early for me to join the Elite Four anyway. But I know someone who would love to fight them." Max grinned at the thought of Ash.

    "Pardon me, where are my manners? My name is Wilton. I'm a trainer, just like you."

    "My name's Max." Max shook hands with Wilton. "Like I said, I'm not interested in taking on the Elite Four just yet. It's only been over a year since I started my Pokemon journey." "Wise. As for me, I am thinking of competing myself."

    "Well, good luck." Wilton tipped his hat and bid farewell. Max once again looked at the ad. "Heh, I'll bet Ash is on his way to challenge the first Elite trainer already."

    The overhead P.A. called for Max, announcing that his Pokemon are healed. Max thanked Nurse Joy, and left the center.

    Max took out one Pokeball and called out his Grovyle(his starter). The green reptile looked ready to battle like its trainer. Then they walked the short distance between the Pewter Gym and the Pokemon Center.

    When he approached the large, stone-like building(I thought it was like so in the anime), Max was surprised to see it deserted.

    "Huh. I wonder if this place is always like this." Max stepped up to the Gym's large double doors and knocked. There was no answer. Grovyle looked as disappointed as its trainer, thinking that no one's there.

    Max just shrugged. "Too bad I don't know where Brock's family actually lives. May as well go back to the center. We'll ask Nurse Joy."

    Just then the two of them heard a rustle in the edge of the forest near them. Grovyle stood in front of Max, in case of an attack. And out stumbled: Ash and Pikachu! Grovyle stood poised to attack, but Max called it off immediately.

    It seems Ash has gotten lost in Viridian Forest again since we last saw him, and he and Pikachu are near to fainting due to exhaustion and hunger.

    Ash definitely looked dazed, but Pikachu still looked like it still has a little bit of energy in it.


    "Pikachu! Ash! What are you guys doing there?"

    Pikachu(Please help us, we're a little tired and hungry.) Pikachu pointed to a certain Pokeball in Ash's belt. While Grovyle held to a nearly unconscious Ash on Max's command, Max took the Pokeball and out came Grotle!

    "Wow! Is that a new Pokemon?" Before marveling at the new species, Max, with the help of his Grovyle, hoisted Ash onto the turtle's back. Then they immediately took Ash to the Pokemon Center.

    Minutes later, Ash's energy returned, gulping down his third tray of cheeseburgers in the center's cafeteria. Pikachu and the rest of Ash's Pokemon are now being looked after by Nurse Joy. Fortunately they didn't seem too exhausted, according to the nurse.

    Max looked on at his friend as Ash asked for a fourth tray of food.

    "Boy, Max, I'm glad you were there when you were," Ash said sheepishly. "Thanks."

    "No problem. What are friends for?" Max shifted his gaze to the other room, where Ash's other Pokemon are. "I heard you went to the Sinnoh region when we left over a year ago. What was it like?"

    "Not bad, though I think it would be better if you guys were there as well."

    'I'll bet you mean my sister especially,' Max thought, snickering. Ash, clueless as ever, took no notice of Max's snicker. "So, that turtle-thing, is it one of the new species?"

    "Yup. Its name is Grotle, and it's kinda like Sinnoh's version of Hoenn's Grovyle." Then Ash thought of something. "By the way, that Grovyle that helped me earlier... Is it yours?"


    Ash and Max went to the room with the other Pokemon. The first thing they saw was Max's Grovyle eyeing Ash's Sceptile with interest. The latter Pokemon just ignored the other, as it's not used to seeing a "younger" version of itself.

    Grovyle(Hmm, so I'm going to be like you when I grow up?)

    Sceptile(Hmmph. I really hope it won't be like that...)

    Grovyle looked hurt at what Sceptile said.

    Meanwhile, Ash's Grotle, was also watching the two Pokemon with interest. It didn't even notice the playful Totodile climbing up its back and hiding in one of Grotle's "growths". It seems that the little crocodile stole some of Ruxio's food, and the young lion is now looking for its prey.

    Ruxio(I swear, I'm going to shock you when I find you.)

    Totodile(I hope he doesn't see me here, he-he.)

    "Wow, so they are your new Pokemon? It's amazing," Max commented. Staravia began warming up to Max, and the latter gladly stroke its feathers.

    "Yeah, and aside from two I left back at the lab and Totodile and Sceptile here, this is the same team that won me the Sinnoh League a month ago." Ash decided to change the subject. "So, I'll bet you're here to compete for Brock's BoulderBadge, huh?"

    "That's right. but when I went to the gym, no one's there. I decided to return to the center to ask for directions to Brock's family's house. And that's when I found you."

    "Don't worry, I'll take you there myself."

    "Thanks. So what about you? I'll bet you are gonna fight the Elite Four, huh?"

    Ash nodded. Then he sheepishly added, "Problem is, I don't know where the first Elite trainer is."

    Max smiled and sweatdropped. 'Same old Ash.'

    Nurse Joy walked in. "If you're wondering where the Elite trainer of Kanto is, you would find her in Cerulean City."

    "'Elite trainer of Kanto'? What do you mean?"

    "Ash, you haven't exactly thought this through, have you? Do you even know how the challenge is supposed to go?" Max asked his friend slyly. It took a few seconds till it hit them.

    "Hold on. Did you say 'her'?!" Ash and Max both exclaimed.

    "And what's wrong with a female Elite trainer, huh?" asked Nurse Joy, looking affronted.

    Pretty soon, Max relayed to Ash what he read in a pamphlet in the Center's counter. At last, Ash understood how the challenge goes. But by the time they finished, the sun was setting.

    "Looks like you'll just have to challenge Brock tomorrow," Ash commented. "But I'll take you to his house like I promised."

    As the two friends left the Pokemon Center, Ash suddenly thought of something. If Brock knew Ash was around, the older trainer would easily deduce that Ash is going to the Elite Competition, after all.

    "Listen, Max, I'll only take you to Brock's place, but I won't, uh, have time to drop by. I may have to leave without saying hi to Brock."


    "If Brock asks anything, don't tell him you met me here, okay?"

    "But why?"

    "It's a long story. But it has to be this way."

    The two reached an intersection. Ash pointed to the west path. "This road will lead to Brock's house. Meanwhile, I'll be taking the Moon Trainline.' Ash pointed to the other direction. "It's nice to see you again, Max."

    And Ash sped off, leaving Max behind, a puzzled look on his face.

    Finally, Max reached a Brock's house. He was greeted by Brock's father Flint at the front door.

    "You must be Max," he said, ushering Max in. "Brock didn't tell me he's going to have all his friends come here."

    Max looked at him quizzically as Flint led him to the living room. There he found Brock conversing seriously with May and a new girl.

    "Max!" May greeted her younger brother in surprise. Then she ran towards Max and hugged him.

    "Well, this is certainly a surprise," Brock said.

    "May?" Max returned the greeting. "What's going on?"

    "Intoductions first. Max, this is Hikari, a friend of mine from Sinnoh. Hikari, this is Max, May's sister."

    The two just nodded in greeting. Then he repeated his question. "What's going on here? And why are you here, sis? I thought you'd be in Pallet Town with A-" 'Oh, wait, that's not right, Ash just left for Cerulean City.'

    "That's exactly why we're here," Brock cut him off. "May, you'd better tell him."

    After a few minutes of talking, Max just looked down on the floor. "If only I knew, I could have at least stopped him."

    "What do you mean, Max?" May asked incredulously.

    "I met up with Ash before I went here. Maybe that's why he didn't stop by to greet you, Brock."

    "So that I won't be able to talk him out of it," Brock surmised.

    "We'd better go after him, quick," Hikari suggested.

    "The Trainline Station's closed for the night at this time. Ash got quite a headstart on us now."

    Flint came in. "Why don't you kids just stay here until tomorrow? Lola took the kids on a holiday earlier today, so there would be plenty of room."

    After dinner, Brock took his three guests to their rooms. May and Hikari would be sharing one of Brock's sister's rooms, while Max roomed in with Brock.

    May couldn't sleep that night. She kept tossing and turning in her sleep, dreaming of herself chasing after Ash, saying that he's an idiot over and over.

    May got up from her sleeping bag. Hikari just mumbled in her sleep, and turned away. May walked over to the bedroom window and opened it. In the faroff distance she could see Mt. Moon(in which the moon is directly above).


    At the same time, Ash just jolted awake from his slumber. Still feeling a little tired, Ash stole a glance at Pikachu. The little mouse was curled up in its sleep. He and Pikachu were the only people on the train. Ash glanced at the window behind him and saw Mt. Moon. And in his P.O.V. it still looks like the moon is directly above it.

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    -No one's been to review? I feel sad. :(

    EF04:One Day, Two Challenges

    Early in the morning(6:30, to be exact), the four friends headed over to the gym so Max could get his BoulderBadge.

    "We have an hour till the Trainline Station opens. This will be a standard one-on-one battle, Max," Brock said, going over the rules to his challenger. "And just because you're my friend doesn't mean I'll take it easy on you."

    Brock grinned to himself. 'Funny, the last time I had a Gym battle here was against Ash, before I went on a journey with him.'

    Max nodded. "I won't take it easy on you either." Max looked ready to fight, Grovyle's Pokeball already clutched in his hand.

    flint walked up the center podium, ready to referee the match. May and Hikari watched on a bench on Max's side of the field.

    "All right, my call. Sudowoodo, let's go!" Brock called out his Imitation Pokemon.

    "Grovyle, I choose you!" Max practically shouted, and called out the Tree Gecko. Hikari inspected her Dex:

    Grovyle, the Leaf Gecko Pokemon

    Leaves grow out of this POKéMON's body. They help obscure a GROVYLE from the eyes of its enemies while it is in a thickly overgrown forest.

    Flint raised his hand in the air. "Grovyle vs. Sudowoodo. Begin!"

    "Grovyle, let's make this a quick battle," Max said, grinning. "Use Leaf Blade."

    Grovyle(Yes, Max) The leaves on its arms begin to glow, and Grovyle charged at Sudowoodo.

    "Sudowoodo, use DoubleTeam," Brock commanded. Sudowoodo evaded Grovyle's attack, and soon Grovyle found itself surrounded by three Sudowoodos.

    "Good, now use Headbutt!"

    All three Sudowoodo charged Grovyle heads first. Not knowing which Sudowoodo was real, Grovyle made it an effort to evade all three attacks. The first two were clearly illusions, but Max realized it too late. The third Sudowoodo managed to hit Grovyle square on the chest. Grovyle stumbled, but it remained on its feet.

    "Grovyle, are you okay?" Max asked anxiously. His Pokemon nodded.

    Grrovyle(Just got the wind knocked out of me.) It grinned at its opponent, apparently liking the battle.

    Brock smiled. "Sudowoodo, use Rock Throw!" Sudowodo complied and grabbed one of the large rocks dotted around the battlefield, and with no difficulty, hurled it towards Grovyle.

    The other Pokemon reacted instinctively and used Leaf Blade on the projectile. The rock was sliced cleanly in half. But it was actually a distraction. Grovyle found its opponent charging in its direction for another Headbutt.

    But this time Max was ready. "Grovyle, Agility!" Before Sudowoodo could connect, Grovyle vanished, and reappeared up above. "Now! Use Bullet Seed!"

    Grovyle now began spitting seeds at its target below. While Sudowoodo shielded itself from the seeds, Grovyle dropped down for another Leaf Blade.

    "Sudowoodo, Mega Punch!"

    Just as Grovyle came down, Sudowoodo hurled one of its "branches" upwards for the Mega Punch. It was unclear which attack connected. For a brief second the two Pokemon were frozen still, Sudowoodo's hand still in the air and Grovyle crouched down on the ground. Then Sudowoodo faltered and fell on its back.

    "Yes!" Max cheered.

    "Victory goes to Max and his Grovyle," Flint announced, waving his hand in Max's direction.

    "Good work, Max," May said, coming over to congratulate her brother.

    "Thanks, sis," max replied, grinning.

    Brock smiled and recalled his Sudowoodo back to its Pokeball. He crossed the field and handed Max his BoulderBadge. "You deserve this, Max. I hope you make it well at the Indigo League."


    Hikari just looked at her Poketch. "We'd better make our move, guys. If we leave now we could make it to the first round of the trainline."

    "Right. Is everyone ready to go?" Brock asked. Everyone nodded. "Dad, I'll be going with them. Is that all right with you?"

    "Don't worry, son. Although it might get a little lonely here."

    "Mom said she would be returning with the others later in the afternoon," Brock reassured his father.

    author's notes:I should have already explained this to you earlier: Mt. Moon is now a Pokemon reserve, prohibiting entry except for those who wish to study the Pokemon there. Trainers who wish to plan to go from Pewter City to Cerulean City will have to go take the Trainline that bypasses the whole area.

    May, Max and Hikari sat at the bench on the ramp next to the tracks, waiting for Brock as he bought tickets. After wondering what's taking him long, they saw Toxicroak dragging the older trainer by its trousers again; it seems Brock found the female ticketseller attractive, as usual.

    Max was once again fascinated by Brock's Pokemon. He whipped out his own Dex and trained it on the blue frog:

    Toxicroak, the Cursing Pokemon

    Toxicroak transports the powerful poison produced in its poison pouches to the spikes in its fists through the ducts in its arms.

    After that little mishap, the quartet boarded the train, along with many other trainers. It seems that they are all on their way to Cerulean City, for the obvious reasons.


    As for Ash... At the same time the others boarded the train, he is now in the Pokemon Center of Cerulean City, eating breakfast with Pikachu. Ash already had his Pokemon up for a last-minute check-up, just in case.

    Ash already arrived in Cerulean City late last night, near midnight. Luckily, there was only one room to spare in the Center(despite their large hotel-like capacity). And Ash immediately took that room and got some well-needed rest.

    It was a busy day for Cerulean City. Ash glanced at the T.V. monitor hanging from the ceiling at the cafeteria for everyone to see. On it was a news report regarding the Elite Competition. It seems Ash is too late for the first tier of challengers.

    The female reporter was saying:

    "After yesterday's amazing competition the Elite trainer Prima takes on her first of many challengers later today.

    "Tickets are once again sold out for the Cerulean City Gym. But this time, instead of synchronized swimming by the famous gymleaders, we get to see the first of what we hope would be the many battles of the Elite Four.

    "Back to you, Roger..." The news shifted back to the News Station.

    Ash glanced at his toast. "Hmm... Prima? Isn't she the trainer we met in the Orange Archipelago roughly four years ago, Pikachu?"

    Pikachu never heard what Ash was saying. Ash sweatdropped as he saw why: The little rodent was once again holding on to a bottle of ketchup like it was in love with it or something.

    "Looks like I have to see this battle for myself." Ash got up, paid for his ketch- I mean, breakfast, and he and Pikachu left the Center for the gym. The check-up on Ash's Pokemon may take a little while(his is in waiting after many others).

    Trainer and Pokemon exited the Center just as more trainers are coming in.

    "Man, Pikachu," Ash said to his partner, while walking to the gym. "These people must be here about the whole Elite Four thing, huh?"

    Pikachu only nodded, though it wasn't paying attention. Why? It still is holding on to that little red bottle even after they left.

    "I need someone to talk to," Ash remarked, sighing, sitting on a curb on the road. A couple of ten-year-olds passed by, both holding merchandise about the Elite Four.

    After resting his legs, Ash then got up, and resumed walking to the gym. It was full of people, and uniformed guards were standing at the gym's double doors.

    "Sorry, people," one of the guards said, and Ash recognized her as an Officer Jenny. "The gym is full. You'll have to watch the battle on the outdoor monitor."

    She pointed to a large flatscreen displayed above them all. Ash looked at it and saw that the battle was now under way.

    Standing on one end of the gym pool was the Elite trainer Prima, looking exactly like the way Ash met her before. Dressed in a black-and-red suit(I don't know what her suit in the games was called, sorry) and glasses. Her Pokemon in the current battle is a Blastoise.

    Her opponent is a tan young man not older than Ash, wearing surfing coveralls. The challenger has a Jolteon on his side. The match is already half-finished, as the screen's scoreboard shows Prima has won two battles already, and her opponent has yet to win one.

    Mr. "Surfer" ordered a Thunder Attack from his Jolteon. But Blastoise avoided it with Protect. Prima then had Blastoise Withdraw, and then Rapid Spin. The giant spinning shell hit Jolteon hard, and the yellow fox was easily knocked out. A loud buzzer then sounded to end the match, with Prima as victor(obviously).

    "Wow," a male trainer in front of Ash was saying to his friend. "She creamed the guy in three rounds... And he was the one with a type advantage."

    "Yeah," his friend replied. "Prima really deserves to be called an Elite trainer."

    Ash returned his gaze to the monitor, and clenched his fist in a mixture of anticipation, and dread. It would be great to fight a trainer of Prima's caliber, of course, but what if Ash loses. Ash shook his head to clear himself of such thought.

    "All right, Pikachu," Ash commented to his partner, "we're going to have to train harder if we want to beat Prima."

    "Dude," the trainer from before turned around to look at Ash. "You mean you're going to enter that Pikachu in the competition?"

    "Uh, yeah," Ash answered. "Why?"

    "Dude, only water Pokemon are allowed in the event," the trainer said. "You're Pikachu is, like, an electric-type."

    "Only water pokemon?!" Ash exclaimed. "I didn't know about that!"

    "Hope you have water Pokemon in your party if you want to compete," the other trainer said with sympathy. "My name's Bryan, and I'm entering the competition myself."

    "Hi, my name's Ash. Excuse me, I have to go back to the Pokemon Center to make a call. Good luck. Hope I face you in the competition," Ash shouted over his shoulder as he ran back.

    "Same to you, dude."

    Ash reached the Center in record time. He stopped for a breather, then headed for the counter.

    "Nurse Joy, how're my Pokemon doing?"

    "Ah, yes. Ash Ketchum, is it?" Nurse Joy reached from a tray behind her and handed Ash his five Pokeballs. "No need to worry. They're as good as new."

    Ash thanked the nurse. But a voice called out from behind him.

    "Finally. We found you."


    -Credit for Pokedex entries go to this site. Thank you, Serebii.net!
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    Sorry I haven't dropped by. My internet connection is mediocre at best.

    But enough about me.

    Good job with the chapters. Ash was quite in character. Tracey seemed kind-of boring, but that might just be the way he is. I didn't see much of Orange Islands - I was mad that Brock left. Misty though, was bland. Might want to work on her a bit.

    Nice plot development. It's different from most stories, which really sets it apart. I like this much better then alot of other stories I've read.

    Nice Job!
  8. Master_in_Training

    Master_in_Training Future Master

    EF05: Underwater Battle Royal

    Ash is still at the Pokemon Center, discussing his dilemma with himself(that Prima's competition requires water Pokemon only, and that Ash doesn't have any other than Totodile on his current roster) when he found himself confronted by his longtime friends.

    Brock, May, Hikari, Max and Misty all walked into the Cerulean Pokemon Center to find Ash. He was so surprised to see all of them there that he was at a loss for words.

    Even when he finally found his voice, Ash decided not to talk to any of them. He just ignored them, walking away until May asked him to stop. Ash stopped, but he didn't turn around.

    "Ash, we are only wondering if you really know of the gravity of the situation you're in," Brock spoke up. "Fighting the Elite Four... Putting your Pokemon on the line..."

    "Yes, I know," Ash replied.

    "Then tell us why you want to do it," Misty put in.

    "You guys will never understand."

    Brock walked up to Ash and put a hand on his shoulder. "How long have we all known each other? Try us."

    Ash turned around, but he didn't look at Brock directly. "My Pokemon. They know how much is at stake as I do. That afternoon I spent alone with them in Pallet Town... I talked it over with them."


    "And I thought, that, my Pokemon trust me as much as I trust them. They're willing to fight for my dream, for this battle. And that's what I intend to do. And I swear that I will not lose this time."

    Brock sighed. "Once your mind is made up, I guess there's nothing for us to do but see what happens. I just want to make sure you know what is at stake."

    "We'll be rooting for you, as usual, Ash,"Hikari said. "Just don't leave without telling us again, will ya? Someone may get a little offended." She smiled at May. The latter ignored her, though she was clearly blushing.

    "Now let's go call Professor Oak. I think you need another change of roster."

    The Cerulean Gym was temporarily closed(for preparation for the next competition), so Misty took her friends to the outskirts of the city. She took them to the Cerulean Cape. They were not alone, however, as other challengers are already there, training their Water Pokemon for the competition.

    Ash sent out his three water Pokemon: Kingler, a large, but friendly crab; Totodile, the mischievous little lizard from before; and the lobster Corphish, who may be the only other Pokemon to match Totodile personality-wise.

    Meanwhile, the others decided to add business with pleasure. As they watched Ash train his Pokemon, we find the three girls sunbathing, Max building a sandcastle with Pikachu and three of his Pokemon: another Corphish, a Wingull and a Barboach. Meanwhile, Brock started gawking at the bikini-clad girls at the beach. Fortunately Toxicroak is there to keep him in line.

    "Totodile, GO!" Ash commanded, and Totodile swam very fast in the water, made a lap around a bouy, and sped back. "Two minutes, five seconds. Not bad, Totodile," Ash declared, checking the reptile's time. "It's your turn, Corphish."

    Corphish, to Totodile's dislike, shaved five seconds off Totodile's time. After his lap, Corphish jumped for joy.

    Corphish(HA! Beat that, you little crocodile.)


    Ash took no notice of this little rivalry sparking up between his two Pokemon. He is now instructing Kingler to pull a large(and heavy) wooden board across the perimeter of the beach. Kingler took a little longer than expected, as it has to avoid other Pokemon training on the beach. In this task Ash is trying to strengthen Kingler's already superb upper strength.

    At nightfall, all three Pokemon were exhausted, and so is Ash. The beach is empty except for the five of them, so they decided to end it for the day. The competition starts tommorow, so Ash and the Pokemon better get a good night's rest.

    While the gym is still off-limits, Misty decided to spend time with her friends at the Pokemon Center. Unfortunately, only Ash's booked room from earlier provided room for all of them. Misty, May and Hikari squeezed into the only bed, while the rest camped out on the floor.


    At a quarter past 1:00, Ash woke up. Taking care not to wake the others, he tiptoed his way out of the crowded room with a little difficulty and closing the door behind him. The doorknob clicked a little, but Ash didn't bother.

    Ash was hungry, as he always is before a match. Fotunately, the center is open overnight, so Ash went to the counter. The Nurse Joy here was replaced by (of course) another Joy for the night shift.

    "Uh, so, Nurse Joy, is the cafeteria still open?"

    "Go ahead. I'm expecting more trainers to come even at this hour. So you can order something still."

    "Thanks." Ash made himself comfortable at a table in the corner of the cafeteria. Ash looked out the window and saw the Cerulean Gym in the distance. As he began wondering what sort of competition he will face later that day(technically), May appeared.

    "I heard you go out, Ash," May said, taking a seat across from Ash.

    "Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you."

    "It's okay? But shouldn't you be resting for tomorrow?"

    "I'm just restless, that's all."

    May smiled at him. "By the way, Ash. Your mother asked me to remind you of something."

    Ash sighed. "Is it about the you-know-whats again?"

    "Aside from that," May answered, giggling a little. "She also wanted me to tell you that she, as well as everyone else in Pallet Town, are supporting you all the way."

    "That makes me feel a lot better," Ash replied, returning May's smile. "Anything else?"

    "Yes." Ash then noticed that May was carrying a bag. She handed it over to Ash. "She also told me to change your clothes."

    After a few minutes in the washroom, Ash emerged, wearing his new attire, and his old jacket hanging by his arms. He decided to leave it open, and a black tanktop was visible as an undershirt.

    "Not bad," May commented. "And now for the finishing touch..." She handed Ash his new hat, which he put on immediately. Ash noticed that the hat looked better on him if worn backwards, so he let it stay that way.

    May looked at Ash while holding his old clothes, though he didn't notice. 'He looks even better than before.'


    At a quarter to three, Joy walked in to find Ash and May sleeping side by side on the dining table they took earlier. May has her head on Ash's shoulders, while Ash had his head resting on top of May's head.

    She smiled, and turned off the lights in their section of the cafeteria. Joy left, but returned a little while later, holding a blanket. She placed it on top of the two sleeping teens.


    Max woke up at the sound of a shower. He put on his glasses and glanced at his PokeNav. It was 7:00 A.M, just an hour before the competition. He was inclined to wake Ash up first, but realised that his sleeping bag was empty except for a sleeping Pikachu.

    "Hey, Brock," Max said, prodding the other occupied sleeping bag. It stirred, and Max heard a moan. "Come on, Brock. Ash's gone, again." Another moan.

    Max sighed, then was suddenly startled as a bathed woman came out of the bathroom, dressed in a yellow robe.

    "Gahhh," Max sputtered, covering his eyes. "I'm so sorry, miss. I'll be taking my friend out, immediately." He began pulling Brock towards the door.

    After great difficulty, Max hurled himself and Brock outside. Before he closed the door, Max heard Misty's voice, "I'm glad you understand quickly, Max."

    Max heaved a huge sigh of relief. He leaned on the wall as he watched Brock muttering in his sleep. 'I wonder wher Ash has gone this time?'


    At another place in the center, Ash and May are just waking up from their slumber as well. May was surprised at first when she saw the blanket covering her and Ash, but reconsidered it. Ash rubbed his eyes and yawned.

    "What time is it?"

    "Time to wake up, silly," May said, playfully nudging Ash.

    "Hey, guys," a voice called out to them. It was Max, closely followed by Brock. "We've been wondering where you went, and here you are."

    "Hmm, Ash," Brock looked at his friend slyly, a hand on his chin. "You know, if you want to spend some time alone together, you could have just asked, you know."

    "No, it's not like that!" May said suddenly. Ash looked at her quizzically. They were saved from further embarassment by the arrival of more trainers.

    "By the way, nice clothes, Ash. Kinda reminds me of a character in a comic book."

    After a few minutes, the party was joined by Misty and Hikari. Together they all went to the Cerulean Gym, where a large crowd is already gathered.

    "So, are you ready for the challenge, Ash?" Hikari asked.

    "You bet," Ash replied, clenching his fists in excitement. "Are you, Pikachu?"

    Pikachu(I won't be able to join. Water-types only, remember?)

    Pikachu hopped off Ash's shoulder and was scooped up by May. She held the little mouse close to her.

    "We'll be in the stands, rooting for you," Brock added.

    "Good luck!" Everyone said at the same time.

    Ash watched his friends disappear to the back of the gym, where the spectators of the event must be gathered. Ash grabbed the front of his new jacket and pulled on them to make them look straight.

    Finally, the Elite trainer Prima appeared from the double doors of the gym. She called for the crowd's attention. "For those who were here to watch the first event, I must tell you that the challenge you will be taking will be much different from the one before.

    "Now, the rules: 1)Only Water-type Pokemon are allowed in this event; and 2)Using any means of cheating will be dealt with immediately. Your actions will be closely monitored during the whole event."

    Prima looked seriously at them all, and her eyes seemed to be concentrated on Ash(though no one noticed). Ash didn't look away, and Prima could tell his face is full of determination.

    "Now, enter. And good luck to all of you."

    Ash followed the other trainers into the gym. Prima stood near the double doors, watching all of them closely.

    Ash looked around, but could see nothing but the back of another trainer, as it was completely dark. Then suddenly the overhead lights turned on, and everyone was blinded.

    All the spoltlights now trained their beams on a billboard at the front of the trainers. There was writing on it:

    All challengers. The competition is simple. In the "revamped" Cerulean aquarium are small treasures, expertly hidden and protected by traps. The first to make it out with three treasures will win the challenge. Contact between competitors shall be limited to one-on-one Pokemon battles only. There's no limit to how many trainers participate in one battle. If a trainer loses the battle, he/she is immediately disqualified. And any treasure he/she gathered will be free to be confiscated by other competitors.

    Ash noticed that when they meant that the aquarium was revamped, the large tank of water was even made larger. As he observed the new size of the pool, everyone else had stripped to their swim gear. Ash only started to remove his own clothes while most have already jumped in.

    Meanwhile, the spectators were gathered around a large T.V. monitor that was broadcasting the competition.

    "What is Ash doing?" Brock muttered angrily. "He had an awful start."

    "He needs to hurry up if he wants to take the lead and win," Max agreed with him.

    May held Pikachu closer to her, as the little mouse began to worry as well.

    When Ash finally jumped in, there were about five to six battles going on around the pool at once. Ash called out Corphish, and they swam towards the makeshift coral at the port edge at the bottom. Ash has already noticed earlier that there was a glint in that direction.

    Ash searched around the rocks, and found a small sparkling ruby the size of his middle finger. Corphish tugged on Ash's shorts, and the trainer noticed that a Qwilfish is heading their way. Ash ordered a Crabhammer, but the Qwilfish countered with Pin Missile. Corphish protected itself with Harden, and the missiles just bounced off it.

    Ash just held on to the ruby, and then sensed an approaching trainer, who must be Qwilfish's. Corphish once again Crabhammered the Quilfish, and connected. The little bloatfish was stunned.

    Ash quickly tangled with another trainer. The trainer, a redhead Triathlete, ordered her Octillery to Wrap around Ash's Corphish. Ash thought of recalling Corphish and sending out Kingler. But before he could, Octillery was hit from behind by a Seadra's thrash attack. Ash looked around to see to whom the Seadra belonged to, and saw Bryan from earlier. the other trainer gave a saluting sign to Ash, and Ash finds himself an ally.

    But as the two had their backs to each other, a Floatsel came speeding towards them in one direction, a Seaking in the other, and a Wailmer in another.

    Cornered, what are our trainers to do?

    Before making impact, Ash signalled to Bryan, Corphish and Seadra to the count of three. All four of them swam upwards at he last second, and the attacking Pokemon crashed into each other.

    Their attackers are relentless, and the opposing trainers called out a Cloyster, Sharpedo and Remoraid. Ash recalled his exhausted Corphish and called out his Kingler. Bryan called out a Vaporeon.

    Kingler immediately used Crabhammer on the Sharpedo. The shark Pokemon countered with Crunch, biting Kingler in one of its claws. As Kingler was trying to shake Sharpedo off, Cloyster bombarded it with Pin Missile. Vaporeon blocked the attack on Kingler with water Gun, but then was tackled by Remoraid.

    Back outside, everyone was startled by the free-for-all and Ash's disadvantage.

    "Great," Misty complained. "Ash found an ally, but they get triple teamed."

    "Isn't that against the rules?" Hikari wondered.

    Brock browsed through the rule book he was studying. "No. It is a sort of Battle Royal. Anyhting goes."

    "Ash seemed to have found a treasure first, so everyone's going after him," Max commented.

    "According to the scoreboard, two other trainers have already found two," Misty pointed out. "So why pick on Ash?"

    A voice behind them answered. "It's because they want to get rid of the biggest threat." Everyone turned to look at Prima, approaching them.

    Brock went all goo-goo eyes again, but was stopped by Max. "What do you mean by 'biggest threat'?"

    "It seems your friend is wide-known as a Pokemon League Champion of Sinnoh. So all challengers think that they have a better chance of beating your friend if-"

    "They all team up against Ash..." May finished the sentence for her.

    Bryan ordered his Vaporeon to use Iron Tail on the attacking remoraid. The water fox complied, and Remoraid was knocked out by the attack. A buzzer sounded, and suddenly, mechanical arms grabbed the Remoraid, Floatsel, and their trainer, and pulled them out of the pool. The scoreboard flashed with the following words:

    Three of 20 competitors down.

    'So that's how they take competitors out,' Ash thought. Bryan grabbed his defeated opponent's treasure, a clear diamond, and gave a thumbs-up to Ash and sped off with his Vaporeon.

    ash then ordered his Kingler to use a full-on Water Gun on Sharpedo. The spray of water hit Sharpedo right on the face, temporarily blinding it. Kingler immediately finished it off with Stomp, crushing the shark to the pool floor.

    The buzzer sounded again, and the trainer and her(I didn't imply it) Pokemon were taken out of the pool.

    Four of 20 competitors down.

    Ash looked around and saw a sapphire from where his opponent once stood, and saw a sapphire. He made to grab for it, but he was beaten to it by a Tentacruel's tentacles.

    Kingler grabbed the tenatcle holding the treasure, but in the process set off a small explosion in the cliff behind them. Kingler and the Tentacruel were both stunned by the rocks that fell on them.

    Ash checked to see if his Kingler is all right, but the Cloyster from before now started advancing on him. Ash called out Corphish again, and the lobster clamped its claws on Cloyster. The Cloyster Withdrawed, so no effect. Corphish readied itself for another attack, but Cloyster used IceBeam on it. Corphish was frozen!

    Ash is now down to his last Pokemon, and called out Totodile. The Cloyster launched Pin Missile, but the little crocodile was too fast for the attack.

    Ash recalled Kingler and Corphish, and searched the rocks for the sapphire. He found the blue jewel wedged in one of the rocks, and pried it off.

    Meanwhile, Totodile landed a Bite attack on Cloyster, but the shell was too thick for Totodile's teeth. While Totodile grabbed its jaw in agony, Cloyster clamped its shell on Totodile's left leg. Totodile howled in pain and tried to get free, but Cloyster only tightened the hold.

    Ash was wondering what to do, when Totodile began to flash white. Totodile began growing in size. After the light disappeared, the small reptile is gone, but in its place is a large light blue crocodile. Totodile has evolved into Croconaw!

    Ash took one glance at his newly evolved Pokemon and immediately adapted. Ash ordered Croconaw to break Cloyster's grip on itself. Croconaw managed to with little effort, as it seems Croconaw has pretty good strength.

    To finish off Coyster, Croconaw delivered a devastating Mega Punch. The bivalve Pokemon reeled backwards, knocked out, and Croconaw becomes victor.

    Ash punched the water in victory, as the Cloyster and its trainer were given the same treatment as the previous defeateds. Ash looked at his treasures: the ruby and sapphire. Ony one treasure left. Ash looked around, and saw an(guess what?) emerald. And Ash saw Bryan coming in from the other direction. It seems he's also one treasure short, and he also has seen the emerald.

    Both trainers looked each other in the eye and nodded. It would have to be a battle between them. Ash sent Croconaw forward, and Bryan called Vaporeon.

    The two Pokemon both used Water Gun, which met in midstream. After the impact Croconaw continued swimming towards Vaporeon, trying to land a hit with Headbutt. Vaporeon evaded the attack with Agility. Croconaw then tried to make a grab for Vaporeon's tail. He suceeded, and threw Vaporeon into the pool wall with a Seismic Toss.

    The impact not only knocked Vaporeon out, but it cracked the glass wall o the pool. Water came gushing out of the crack the batte made, followed by the remaining trainers and Pokemon. They al spilled safely to the floor.

    Ash sat on the floor, breathing heavily, Croconaw next to him. Bryan, meanwhile, was checking his Vaporeon for possible bruises. The gym's double doors opened, and security came filing in, closely followed by Prima.

    The other trainers began lining up in front of Prima. It seems that six trainers have completed the challenge. Officer Jenny turned to Prima.

    "There are six trainers qualified," she confirmed. "What now?"

    "We will start a tournament as a second round," Prima answered. "However, we need two more to start."

    Bryan stepped up, and held out three treasures in his hand: the diamond, a pink pearl and the emerald. Bryan seems to have gotten to the emerald first. "Make it seven, babe."

    "We need a last competitor," Prima spoke up. "However, the match can't continue due to the wreckage of the 'arena'." Everyone groaned.

    Ash stood up, his head hung in defeat. As he stood up, something caught Bryan's eye. He stooped to pick something up from the spot where Ash sat, and held out a round crystal. "Looks like you have your eighth competitor, babe," Bryan spoke up. "My little friend here is sitting on this treasure." He took Ash's arm and raised it.

    Officer Jenny looked at Prima who nodded. "It's official," Jenny announced to the crowd. "The second round will be an eight-man tournament. All participants gather here tomorrow at 8:00 for more details."

    Ash cheered, and so did Croconaw. The crocodile tried to dance like it did in its previous form, but felt awkward due to its size.

    After the competitors picked up their clothes(which the pool water unfortunately doused) the crowd began to thin, and Ash saw his friends approach.

    "Great job, Ash," Brock complimented.

    Pikachu(Well done.) The rodent hopped off May and climbed back to its usual spot on Ash's shoulder.

    "Thanks," Ash said, grinning.

    "Wow, a Croconaw," Max said, marveling at Ash's newly evolved Pokemon.

    "It looks so cute," Misty commented. It may be on her own point of view, as Misty sees any, and I mean "any", water Pokemon as such.

    Ash approached Bryan, who just recalled his Vaporeon back to its Pokeball.

    "Thanks, Bryan," Ash said, extending a hand. "You don't know how it means for me to get further in the competition."

    "No problem, dude," Bryan replied, shaking Ash's hand. "I'm looking for good competition along the way of this challenge, and you fit the bill."

    "I'm going to look forward to our face-off in the tournament," Ash remarked.

    "So do I, dude," Bryan said. He walked out, his soaked clothes hanging from his arms.

    Ash then sneezed, and he began to shiver. "It's freezing in here," he commented.

    "Here," May said, handing him a towel. "You'll have to wear that 'til we get back to the Pokemon center."

    Ash groaned, and blew his nose so hard that Pikacju almost flew off his shoulder. "Don't you guys have my old clothes with you?"

    "Sorry, Ash," Hikari said, shrugging. "We didn't think you'll be getting your clothes wet."

    "Think of it as punishment for destroying my pool," Misty said.

    "It's not my fault, it's Croconaw's," Ash complained. The Pokemon looked offended, and tripped Ash with its tail. Ash fell, but wasn't hurt. Instead, he slipped on the still wet floor.

    Everyone laughed. Even Ash joined in, but was immediately stopped by more sneezing.

    The Pokemon center was too crowded, so the PLA set up emergency centers around the park to accomodate more trainers.

    It was lunchtime, and, as usual, Brock prepared lunch for all of them. Fried chicken, salad, and some good pasta. Max smacked his lips in delight, and dug in first before the others.

    "Hmmm," Max said in delight, after tasting the pasta. "I sure missed your cooking, Brock."

    "Wrong, Max, I didn't cook that pasta," Brock replied.

    "Then who did?"

    "I did, Max," May spoke up.

    Max looked incredulously at his sister. "You? Since when did you get talent for cooking? And why?" he added, eyes twinkling.

    May glared at Max. "None of your business."

    Ash sneezed again, and he blew his nose in a napkin given by May. "I swear, never to get on Croconaw's bad side, ever."

    "Dejavu, Ash," Misty said, giving him a knowing look. "Remember Charmeleon?"

    Ash only remembered too well the fiery Pokemon which always gave him a bad time.

    "That's weird," May thought aloud. "You never had this sort of trouble with Grovyle, right?"

    "Or Grotle," Hikari added.

    "I was too inexperienced, and a little rash, back then. I guess that's why Charmeleon didn't obey me. But I'm not making the same mistake with Croconaw as I did with Charmeleon."

    Ash stood up from his seat and dashed back to the Pokemon Center to get Croconaw, Pikachu on his heels. Brock absentmindedly sipped from his soda.

    "That's a first. Ash leaving before finishing a meal."

    "He'll get stomach cramps, running off like that after eating," May commented, sighing. She excused herself, and went after him.

    After the two are long gone, the rest huddled together.

    "Awww, isn't that sweet, she really cares for him," Hikari whispered.

    "And not afraid to show it, as well," Misty nodded.

    "I think this is the time I should tell you guys 'I told you-'" Brock started, but they cut him off.

    "We know!" the other three said together.

    "Here, Ash," Nurse Joy said, handing Ash the Pokeballs containing the refreshed Kingler, Croconaw and Corphish. "And good luck for the competition."

    "Thanks, Nurse Joy." As Ash turned around, he saw May come into the center.

    "You have to stop this habit of always leaving us behind, Ash," she complained, arms crossed.

    Ash scratched his head sheepishly. "Sorry 'bout that."

    Together the two of them walked back to the park. Unknown to them, the others have already left, on Brock's "orders", to give them some time alone.

    Ash sent out his Pokemon, and May did the same. Aside from the three water-types and Pikachu, Ash also has Sceptile and Luxio.

    Ash and May went to sit on a park bench, while their Pokemon mingled with others.

    Munchlax is looking with great interest at a nearby hotdog stand; Sceptile, as usual, is lounging on a tree branch(I'm surprised the branch is strong enough to hold the Pokemon); Pikachu found playmates with wayward Plusle and Minun, joined by Squirtle; Blaziken looked intentively at Sceptile. The lounging Pokemon could sense that Blaziken wanted a practice battle, and it complied.

    The two Pokemon are now sparring, which attracted many spectators.

    Unsurprisingly, Brock and the others didn't actually leave. They are found hiding in the bushes a few feet from the two.

    "Sitting in the bench together with your true love," Max said in an airy voice to mock a romantic atmosphere, and made a face. "Yech."

    "Everyone already got the plan?" Brock whispered to his companions.

    "'Make sure that Ash and May become a couple at the end of the day,'" Misty repeated Brock's words. "Yeah, we heard it a dozen times already."

    Unknown to them, Ash and May are perfectly aware of their presence.

    "They still there?" Ash mouthed to May, so the others couldn't hear.

    "Unfortunately, yes," May replied, stroking her Espeon.

    Ash sighed. "I'm 15 years old, and they still think I couldn't build a romantic relationship? Some friends they turn out to be."

    "Well, it's your idea to keep this under wraps. When do you think we should tell them?"

    "I, uh, I don't know. But not now, especially."

    It's May's turn to sigh. 'For how long we've been keeping it a secret, everyone will definitely be surprised,' she thought.


    -Hmm, a Charizard, a Sceptile, and, soon, a Feraligatr. Anyone know what i'm trying to pull here? ;)
    -A funny flashback the next chapter. In my opinion, a good play on one of my favorite Pokemon(game- and anime-wise).
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  9. String Bean

    String Bean genius at work

    nice story.
    good cliffhanger.

    can u pm me when a new chapter is up?
  10. Master_in_Training

    Master_in_Training Future Master

    A very, very(times infinity) crazy title below. My first portrayal of my all-time favorite Pokemon. Too bad, he doesn't get any battles here(yet).

    EF06: Charizard Plays Cupid


    More than a year ago...

    It was nighttime, and the four friends have stopped at a nearby town before deciding what to do next. Brock decided to give them a treat by serving dinner at the Pokemon Center's outside lawn.

    Ash has just won the Brave Symbol, and became, er, champion of the Battle Frontier. He is happily rejoicing with the Pokemon roster he used: Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charizard. May watched the scene, secretly happy to see Ash finally defeating the Frontier Brain Brandon.

    Charizard felt submissive, feeling it let its trainer down by losing in the first round. Its pride was shattered.

    Ash approached his forlorn dragon. "Come on, Charizard, cheer up. You put up a good fight, even though Dusclops beat you..."

    The other three Pokemon slapped their heads(vinewhip with Bulbasaur), indicating they know Ash said the wrong thing. This prompted an extra-hot Flamethrower to Ash.

    Ash, after recovering from Charizard's unprovoked attack, sat on the table-side bench and sighed.

    "I gotta do something to boost Charizard's spirits," he said absentmindedly to himself.

    "That's going to be hard, knowing your Charizard," Brock commented, after taste-testing his stew. "No offense, Ash, but ever since we left it in the Charicific Valley, I'm surprised Charizard still makes its way back and obey you."

    "I know."

    "Hey, what about a practice match for it?" Max suggested. "I'm pretty sure Charizard's pride will return after a good battle."

    It didn't seem like a bad idea. Though there's one catch: None of their Pokemon are ready to face the 'hothead'. The closest decision would be a tie between two other felllow starters on their team: May's Combusken(it still hasn't evolved yet) and Sceptile. But the former lacks experience compared to the dragon, while facing the latter would only cause disaster due to contrasting natures and personalities.

    "I can't send Charizard back to the Valley like this," Ash said.

    In the end they gave up on the dragon, for the day. But Ash hasn't, yet.


    It was about midnight, and it was very quiet in the Pokemon center. In one bunkroom slept the four companions, Ash, Brock, May and Max. Ash and Brock took the bottom part of their respective bunk beds while the latter two slept at the top bunks.

    Ash tossed and turned in his sleep, still thinking about Charizard. He opened his eyes, and stared at the bottom of the bunk above, which is May sleeping. Careful not to wake Pikachu on his bed or anyone else, Ash tiptoed out of the room(a habit he carried on to current time).

    May woke up when the door to their room clicked when Ash closed it. She slowly climbed down from the upper bunk and immediately saw Ash is not in bed.

    May made her way out of the room, and into the Center's main hall. It was dark(it is midnight, after all), save for dimlights. May inched her way to the reception area, where a Chansey is positioned at the desk.

    May heard a low rumble outside, and recognized the sound to come from Charizard.

    "Sshh, Charizard, don't be too noisy or we'll wake everyone up." The voice belonged to Ash, and May could see him trying to settle the Pokemon down.


    Ash was startled to hear his name being called. He turned around and was relieved to find that it was only May. "Oh, sorry, May, I didn't mean to wake you..."

    "What are you doing up so late?"

    Charizard snickered. (Aww, isn't that sweet? She cares for you.)

    "Well, I thought that since Charizard loves flying so much, I decided to give him one trip, before sending him back to the Valley."

    Charizard roared, but Ash clamped the Pokemon's mouth shut with his hands. The fiery Pokemon retaliated by spitting Ember on Ash's palms.

    As Ash began blowing on his hands to cool them, an idea struck his head. "I know, May, why don't you ride with Charizard and I?"

    Charizard glared at its trainer, but said nothing.

    "W-what-? B-but... I- Are you sure it's safe?"

    "Sure. Charizard can lift something as heavy as a Blastoise. So we're like a couple of lightweights compared to that."

    (I swear, I'm only doing this so you could get a move with this girl, Ash.)

    May still felt a little nervous. She has ridden other Pokemon before, but it won't definitely be what it would be like on Charizard.

    "No, maybe I'll just stay here..."

    "Nonsense, May. Come on, afraid of falling?" May nodded. "Don't worry, I'll be behind you on Charizard's back while you ride close to the neck. I won't let you fall. I promise."

    These last words changed May's composure, as next we see her climbing onto Charizard's back, between the wings and neck. Ash climbed in behind her, and on his signal, they took off.

    "Where are the reins?" May asked frantically as she hugged onto Charizard's neck.

    (When did I need reins? What am I? A Ponyta?)

    "Don't worry, May, I got you," Ash said from behind her. And May felt herself leaning backwards on Ash's chest. "Okay, Charizard, one round on the mountain!"

    Charizard sensed how close in contact the two passengers were and smirked.

    (Hope you two don't get too lovey-dovey on me... Oh, wait, that was the original plan.)

    May felt the breeze ruffling her hair as Charizard circled the mountain Ash pointed to. Ash braced his arms near Charizrd's wings, for balance. Unwittingly, May let go of holding Charizard and found herself holding onto Ash's arms.

    After circling, Ash ordered Charizard to stop and return to the Center. But the wily dragon had other ideas. He then flew up to the highest ledge on the mountain and landed there. Charizard then brushed Ash and May off its back, and the two landed on the ground.

    "Hey," Ash said angrily to his Pokemon. "What was that for?"

    Charizard didn't listen. It then flipped on its side and began to snore(it is in the same position as it was when lounging during Mid-Kanto up to early-Johto).

    May looked over the edge of the cliff they're on. She shuddered at the thought of how high they are. Ash, however, continued to try to get Charizard to "wake up".

    "Great," Ash muttered, giving up for the time being. "We're stuck here."

    "And no one knows that we even left until hours from now, unless they wake up early."

    Ash sat down on a rock, stole a glance at Charizard and sighed. May stopped looking over the edge and sat next to him.

    "Sorry, May, that I got you into this."

    "It's alright, Ash. It wasn't your fault."

    "I dunno why Charizard acted that way all of a sudden."

    Author's Note:
    since Charizard's sound is close to a rumble, it would be hard(for Ash and May) to tell that it is actually awake, only pretending to be asleep. They think it was snoring, but Charizard is actually rumbling words of encouragement for Ash, even though it knows that they won't understand it. And remember, in my fic, Pokemon's speech is translated with ().

    (Believe me, you'll thank me for this later.)

    May shivered, and Ash looked at her in concern. "It's really cold."

    "Yeah, what a time for me to choose to fly with Charizard."

    (She's cold, idiot. Hand her your jacket-thingy.)

    May and Ash sat closely together, and Ash sublimely took Charizard's advice. He took off his "jacket-thingy" and gave it to May.

    "Here, so you won't catch a cold."

    "But, Ash, what about you?"

    "I've been through worse conditions. Right, Charizard?"

    (Yeah. Strangely, I was turned back to a Charmander when it happened. Stupid episode planners.)

    "Thank, you," May said, and put it on. She felt warmer now, in more ways than one.

    For minutes, Ash and May said nothing. Charizard canted its head a little(it's back was to them) to see if they're still awake. It was relieved to see that the two of them were just silently staring at the stars.

    "Ash, have you ever wondered what you want to do in the future?"

    "Yeah. I'm going to be a Pokemon Master."

    Charizard slapped its head and rolled its eyes(Not again. How dense could you get?)

    May was slightly annoyed as well, but not like Charizard's magnitude. "Have you even thought of how it is supposed to be done? Being a Master?"

    "He, he... Uh, no..." This time both May and Charizard rolled their eyes. "I think it's got something to do with either capturing Pokemon or becoming the best."

    (Well, duh...)

    "Then what comes after that? If you do become a Master, what will you do next?"

    "What do you mean?"

    May blushed. "You know, are you going to raise a family?"

    (Oooh, this gets pretty interesting.)

    Ash scratched his head. May just gave him something awkward to think about.

    (Why didn't they make me a Psychic-type? I'd want to get to Ash's head to tell him ALL ABOUT LOVE!)

    The last roar was emphasized by a Flamethrower. Ash and May were too used to it to care.

    Back to the question.

    "A family? Hm, haven't thought of that."

    May sighed, and rested her head on Ash's shoulder. The latter was a bit taken aback at the gesture but didn't resist.

    "Ash, is there a girl that you like?"

    Ash slipped off the rock they were sitting on to the floor. "Uh, well, I, uh... Y-yeah. I guess..."

    (That's a surprise.) No sarcasm intended. Charizard was indeed surprised.

    May looked at him. "Anybody I know?"

    "Uh, yeah, you know her..."

    May quivered her lip, as Ash rejoined her. May decided to drop the subject.


    It was 6:00 when Charizard finally decided to take the two back. Brock and Max greeted Ash and May when they landed at the front of the Pokemon Center.

    While Ash and May talked with their friends, Charizard was having its own conversation with the Pokemon.

    "Where've you guys been?" Max asked his sister, worried.

    "Sorry, Max, Ash just let Charizard exercise its wings and I came along."

    Ash looked at Charizard. "You know, you're really acting weird. But never mind that. You will be returning to the Valley now, right?"

    Charizard nodded. In a split second, it took off. It gave one last roar, and with a wave of goodbye and cheer from its Pokemon friends, Charizard flew away.

    "So, sis, what's it like riding a Pokemon like Charizard?"

    "It was fine, I guess." But May wasn't paying attention. Her eyes were still on Ash, and Brock immediately noticed this.


    Ooops... I forgot. This is the translation of Charizard's last roar:

    "I hope the next time I appear, I'd be coming to a wedding! With CAKE!!"

    The other Pokemon(Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Squirtle) made their replies like this when they said farewell to Charizard: "We'll guarantee it."

    Plus Squirtle said to Bulbasaur: "Especially when this guy returns to the lab, he's gonna make sw-"

    Unfortunately, Bulbasaur wrapped its vines around Squirtle's mouth to interrupt.
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    Lord Zant Two jobs. ugh

    Okay, that was just plain funny.

    I like how you involve humor, fluff, and battles in your fic. It's a nice ballance you've got goin' there. Keep at it, and you'll have something aMAYzing.

    Smell ya Later!
  12. Master_in_Training

    Master_in_Training Future Master

    WARNING! WARNING! In my opinion, major fluff and OOC (for Ash) ahead, I think. Plus, a little reference to the 9th movie, so there might be spoilers involved if you haven't watched it yet. You've been warned.

    EF07:Confessions of a Pokemon Trainer

    May felt a little subdued after her experience riding Charizard with Ash. She realises that maybe Ash just isn't inclined towards building a relationship yet.

    To May, it could be too late, 'cause before returning to Pallet Town, she has made up her mind in going to Johto.

    Along the way, the four friends made one last stop. There was a contest in the town they arrived in. May enters, of course, but it comes as a surprise to everyone that Ash entered as well.

    "Eh, I just thought I'd give it a try," Ash answered their inquisitive gazes.

    The contest went on like the way it was in the episode: Ash and May appealing with Pikachu and Eevee, respectively; and the two qualifying for the battle round; then the occasional TR appearance that doesn't miss every episode. Here, May's Combusken evolves to its Stage 2 form: Blaziken. You know, the usual...

    Everything's the same, up to the battle round, where it's Ash's Sceptile vs. May's Blaziken.

    I'd have to say these two were pretty impressive. Sceptile, it manages to hold its own even with a type disadvantage. And Blaziken was pretty wicked, for a newly-evolved Pokemon.

    The two Pokemon were at it the whole battle round, taking away the opposing appeal points.

    They were exhausted, and that triggered their respective abilities: Overgrow and Blaze. For the finale, they used Solarbeam(for Sceptile) and Overheat(for Blaziken). The impact of the two attacks filled the battlefield with smoke. When the smoke cleared, the time is up, and Ash and May were left with the same amount of appeal points, making it a tie.

    and now here's where it changes.

    "The winners of this contest," Nurse Joy announced, "are Ash and May!" The crowd cheered, and Nurse Joy strode over to them, holding out the ribbon. "Congratulations to both of you. But, I only have one ribbon here. Which one-"

    "Let Ash take it," May said suddenly. Ash turned to her, puzzled.

    "Uh, May-" Ash began, but May cut him off.

    "Don't worry about it," she said, bowing her head so they couldn't see her face. "After all, that's what you care about, isn't it?"

    May ran off, after that remark. She even left Blaziken behind, who looked concerned. The crowd began chatting about May's behavior, to Brock's, Max's and Pikachu's annoyance.

    Ash stood between Blaziken and Sceptile, baffled, with the ribbon dangling from his hand. The two Stage 2s looked at Ash, knowing pretty well what made May upset.

    Sceptile nudged Ash with its arm. (You'd better go talk to her, boss.)

    Blaziken agreed with Sceptile. (You don't know how much it would mean to her, Ash...)

    Ash looked at the two Pokemon and seemed to understand what they said. And after recalling Sceptile to its Pokeball, Ash went off after May.

    Ash found her in one of the secluded areas of the park, where they practiced(and fought TR earlier). May was swinging in one of the swings. Ash walked over to her, but May just ignored him.

    "May, it's not like you to run off like that," Ash said, as he sat on another swing beside May. "Something bothering you?"

    "It's nothing." But Ash noticed May wiping her eyes, which were covered in tears.

    Ash stared at the ground. 'Oh, man, is she really upset? But why? It's not like I did something wrong or anything. Maybe it's because I tied with her in the contest, and she's the experienced one in that department. Must have hurt her Coordinator pride.'

    As Ash continued pondering, he didn't notice May was looking at him. When he did notice, he turned, and their eyes met.

    "Wow, May, you have beautiful eyes, you know that?"

    "Stop that. It's not like you to say something like that..."

    Ash scratched his head. "Really?"

    "You're not exactly a romantic type, Ash." May froze. 'I just said it! Oh, no...' But May's feelings didn't stop her there. "I can still remember it clearly that you didn't think about raising a family yet."

    "Huh, you're right. But come on, May, I'm thirteen, too early to get married or something like that..."

    this is assuming Ash and co. spent more than a year in Sinnoh. Ash could have gotten two birthdays between now and the present.

    "Alright, Ash, I get it..."

    "Besides, I still have plenty of time to to get a girl like you." Ash choked, realising what he just said.

    'Did Ash just say that?' "Don't flatter me, Ash. Besides, I'm not... staying long..."


    "Remember after the Grand Festival, when Drew," (Ash clenched his fists at the sound of Drew's name), "asked to talk to me alone? He said he would be going to Johto. To compete in the contests there with the other coordinators..."

    May turned to face ash directly. "Ash, I'm going there as well..."

    Ash almost fell from his swing. 'Oh, man... Am I too late?' "May, you're going to Johto? Uh, I, uh..."

    Ash, as usual, comes to the farthest thought in his mind. "Hope you pack up big. Johto is a vast region. I remember how long it took me to get from Ecruteak to Olivine..." Ash realised that what he said was completely off-topic to what he actually wanted to say.

    May looked at him quizzically. 'Maybe Ash doesn't want to get a girlfriend, after all.'

    Ash slapped himself on the head. Before he could say anything more, May stood up. She started to leave, but Ash immediately reached for her hand, stopping her.

    "Wait, May." Ash stood up. "Oh, man, I don't know how to say this. But..."

    May looked at him. "Listen, Ash, it's getting late. I have to get a good night's rest. The ferry for Cherrygrove leaves early tomorrow."

    "Okay, it will only take a second." Ash called out Sceptile. Ash took out the ribbon from before. "Sceptile, use Leaf Blade on the ribbon!" The reptile complied and Ash tossed the ribbon in the air. Sceptile sliced the ribbon in half.

    Ash caught both pieces in his hands. May looked dumbfounded at Ash's actions, and it seems, so did Sceptile. Ash handed one of the halves to May. "Now this is how we could get a prize from the contest. It is a tie, after all."

    May took the half reluctantly, and held it close to her chest. "Ash..."

    "Maybe Charizard marooned us for a reason," Ash said suddenly.

    "What do you mean?"

    Ash turned away from May, but from the surprised look on Sceptile's face(who Ash was facing) she could tell that Ash had a peculiar look(blushing maybe). Ash recalled Sceptile to its Pokeball to save from further embarassment.

    "Well, uh, oh, man, I don't know how to say this... Uh, remember when we were down in the Sea Temple?"

    May looked dumbfounded. Ash has gone off-topic, again. The last May had to think about was that incident, which is very emotional for her. Apparently, Ash had something to say to bring this subject up.

    "You know, when I had to go back and put the last crystal in the Sea Crown to save the Temple from sinking, I almost drowned back then."

    "What? You didn't tell me that?!"

    "Let me finish. Just when everything was completely lost to me, I had a strange dream."

    May knew what Ash was talking about. It was the projection that the Pokemon Manaphy made using its Heart Swap, relaying May's prayer to Ash.

    Ash chuckled. "That dream gave me the boost of energy I needed to save the Temple. Thank you, May. In a way, it wasn't only I who saved the Temple. You deserve the credit, too."

    "Ash, that's great and all, but we have to go back. Everyone's waiting-"

    "Then they have to wait a little longer." Ash placed his hands on May's shoulders, and he turned her around so that they were facing each other. "You know, May, I think Manaphy's Heart Swap did more than give me your message. I think it's done something else..." Ash took a deep breath, and said, "There's a reason they call it Heart Swap. Because back then, at the Temple, when I lost hope for myself, and heard your prayer, I believe I heard something else as well. Something deeper from your heart..."

    May was taken aback. Does that mean that Ash knows? "May, do you love me?"

    "Well, I, uh..." May blushed so hard, that her face looks like a police siren in the dark night. "Yes, Ash, I do love you..." 'And there. I finally said it.'

    "Whoah..." 'Okay, so now what? There it is, May just said it. Oh, man, why is love so complicated?'

    Ash felt awkward, since he just "made" May confess her feelings to him. But the part about May's prayer having a sublime message for Ash, he had began thinking about it for a long time.

    Come on, only twice in his lifetime, he had heard two confessions to himself. 'Strangely, both on my Pokemon journey. Where I thought romance is supposed to be thin.' But as Ash began thinking about May's feelings, he began to realise his own feelings for her.

    'We've been together, for a year and a half, now. I've been there for her as much as she's been there for me. And now, she's going to leave for Johto, after Drew,' Ash gritted his teeth, 'gone from my adventure.'

    "May, as I(to make things short, Ash relayed "all" his thoughts above)." Ash bowed his head before continuing. "May, I think I'm in love with you too."

    For a split second, Ash and May just looked at each other, both surprised at Ash's actions. Ash edged his face closer to May, but she turned away.

    "It's too late, Ash. And no, it's not because I have feelings for Drew, definitely no," she added, seeing Ash's once again furious expression(at the sound of Drew's name). "Why did you have to say something like this, when tomorrow I'll be long gone..."

    "But isn't that how some romance in movies work? 'Guy confesses to girl before leaving for another region. And they decide to stay together?'"

    "That's in the movies, Ash. This is real life. I have to pursue my own dream, in Johto, and you have to pursue yours, in another region."

    "Then who says that if we're far apart, doesn't mean we can't love each other? I've heard of things like this. Far-off relationships, I think..."

    May slightly laughed. "'Long-distance', Ash, not 'far-off'."

    "So there. Come on, May. Will you be my girlfriend? I believe a long-distance relationship is strong, because no matter how far apart the two are, they still love each other."

    'Wow, did I just say that?'

    'Wow, did Ash just say that?' May then faced Ash once again. She closed her eyes, and braced for it.

    Ash noticed the motion, and gazed at May. 'This is it. Do I have to use my tongue? Should I be French-like? Wait am I even holding her right?' Ash pushed his face closer to May's. But...

    "OUCH!" The bill of Ash's hat hit May on the forehead.

    "Ooops, sorry," Ash apologized, smiling sheepishly, pulling the bill backwards. He tried to kiss May again, and this time it was a sucess. Both felt great warmth as their lips touched.

    For how long the two were locked in each other's lips, who knows. But they were interrupted by something, a rustle from the bushes. Out came Pikachu, who was looking for them. It was shocked to find Ash kissing May, and at the same time happy.

    Ash and May separated, and May approached Pikachu. "Hey, you, Pikachu. How do you feel about your trainer over there finally getting a girlfriend?"

    Pikachu responded by jumping into May's arms, and it rubbed cheeks with May. May hugged the rodent closer to her, and Ash was delighted Pikachu seems to accept May.

    (That's great. Really great. Wait until I tell everyone at Prof. Oak's...)

    As May turned back to Ash, Pikachu now in her arms. "Boy, will everyone be surprised. Ash the so-called dense trainer has finally got himself a girl?"

    (I sure am glad Charizard wasn't here, he'd certainly be gloating saying it's his "handiwork".)

    "Hey," Ash said in mock anger. "I'm not that dense."

    "So let me get this straight. The girl you said you liked earlier, it was me?"

    "Maybe," Ash said, turning his back to them, to hide his grin. May whispered something to Pikachu, and it jumped off May's arms to give Ash a good shock.

    Momentarily paralyzed lying on the ground, Ash looked up at them. "Oh, I swear. I'm gonna get even with you two."

    At that instant, Ash sprung himself from the ground, and playfully chased May and Pikachu back to the Pokemon Center where everyone's waiting.

    As he caught up to them, Ash asked a little favor as he held May's hand. "May, please promise me that you won't tell anyone that we are now a couple."

    "Why?" May asked as she and Pikachu looked at him.

    "Well, for one thing, I don't want anyone to know about us, yet. Can you imagine it if people see a 13- and 11-year old dating?"

    May thought for a moment. "I guess you're right."

    "Plus, can you imagine it if Brock found out that I got a girlfriend before he did?" Ash gave a nervous chuckle. "I can clearly remember his reaction when I was kissed by a girl for the 2nd time-"

    "Waaait a minute. You were kissed? TWICE?!" May began glowering again.

    'Uh-oh,' Ash thought. 'I think I just said the wrong thing...'


    My, and Ash's, first attempt at fluff, unless you count the last chapter was fluffy(I was preoccupied with Charizard's antics). And the flashback ends here.
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    Master_in_Training Future Master

    I still feel really sad that only a few people here are reviewing(almost rarely). But even with that, I'll continue on, for this is my biggest project.
    I'm not posting one chapter here, as it's AaMayL filler. If you want to read it:

    EF08:Round 2, Begin!

    The next day, Ash entered the stadium along with the other competitors. They were directed into a locker room where they were given final instructions by a referee.

    "It would be a 3-on-3 knockout battle. However, like the previous round, you will only be allowed to use water Pokemon. The tournament line-up will be as follows." He pointed to a poster on the wall. "Good luck."

    Ash looked at the line-up, which is as follows:

    First Layer:

    1) Jr. Trainer Ash vs. Surfer Bryan

    2) Triathlete Noel vs. Diver Micah

    3) Jr. Trainer Alice vs. Blackbelt Randy

    4) Surfer Harry vs. Diver Mark

    Ash turned to Bryan, who was standing next to him. "Looks like you'll be my first opponent," he said to his new friend.

    "Yeah, dude. May the best trainer win." The two shook hands.

    A bell sounded the start of the second round. The referee motioned for all the trainers to follow him out of the locker area.

    The 8 trainers were taken to the stadium's main area.

    Brock, Hikari and May were all sitting in the stadium's front row. Pikachu(as usual) is sitting on May's lap. Misty and Max are absent, unfortunately, for the latter has to compete for the CascadeBadge.

    "This is just like an ordinary league," May commented, surprised. "I thought that with the Elite Four involved, it would be a lot different."

    "That's right," Hikari agreed. "Maybe they should have at changed the format, at least."

    "Well, maybe the PLA wanted it to be traditional, even with facing an Elite trainer in the end," Brock guessed.

    (I still don't get why they wanted to have a Water Pokemon only tournament for this. I should be down there, with Ash.)

    May must have sensed Pikachu's disappointment, so she stroked the rodent's fur.

    "Ash is up first," Brock said, trying to change the subject. "I hope he had a good training with the Pokemon earlier, since last night who-knows-where you two went." He glanced at May, a glint showing beneath the squint.

    "Don't worry, I oversaw the whole training," she retorted, ignoring Brock.

    "Hh-hm," both Brock and Hikari grunted at the same time. "I hope that's all you two did," Hikari added. May blushed.


    Before the sun even rose, Ash and May are back in the Cerulean Cape. May decided to help Ash train for the 2nd round by having a practice match with him.

    "Bulbasaur, use Vine Whip!" May's Bulbasaur used its vines to try to catch Corphish, but Ash had the lobster tunnel into the ground(reminiscent of its debut).

    "That's not fair, Ash," May complained. "Besides, the 2nd round won't have any land to dig in, so you'll have to think of something else."

    "But how can we be sure that a Pokemon will use Vine Whip in the competition? It probably has a Water-only rule."

    "Oh, so that's how you want it to go, huh? Fine. Bulbasaur, return. Come out, Skitty!"

    May's pink cat Pokemon appeared, and Ash just stared at it.

    "Uh, May..."

    "Just wait. Skitty, use Blizzard!" Skitty did so, and the blast froze Ash and Corphish in place.

    "Now don't say that Blizzard wouldn't be used in the match, Ash-y," May said, pulling out her tongue at him.

    After a few minutes of thawing (courtesy of Blaziken), Ash and May sat on a beach blanket May had set up, together with breakfast.As Ash dug into his bacon, he gave a loud sneeze. "You froze me on purpose, May."

    May just pretended she didn't hear him, and instead was feeding her Squirtle some feeds. The other Pokemon were already halfway into their food.

    Ash took a bite out of a toast, and began to think. "I never did get around to ask you, May."

    "What is it?"

    "Since when did you get so good at cooking?"

    "Are you saying that I don't cook as good as Brock?"

    "No, I'm just saying," Ash said quickly.

    "I'll have you know, I was being tutored by Brock, my mom and your mom."

    "Why did you want to learn about cooking, anyway?"

    "Isn't it rather obvious?"

    "Uh, no."

    "Well, we can't depend on Brock's cooking all the time, you know."

    "Like when?"

    May sighed. "Like when we have to fend for ourselves."

    Ash didn't get the meaning of this. It was shown on his face, it seems, since May stared at him incredulously. 'He's my boyfriend for a over a year now, but he's still dense about love.' May sighed.


    The battle field is what Ash would suspect: a water-filled arena, dotted with island formations here and there. He stood on a platform on one end, opposite Bryan. The referee stood at the center border of the arena.

    "Ash, let's make this a good battle," Bryan called out to him. "I won't take it easy on you, dude!"

    "Neither will I," Ash called back."Ash vs. Bryan, first round of Prima's Cup. BEGIN!"

    Ash called out Corphish, and it landed on one of the islands. Bryan called out his Seadra.

    "Seadra, give it your best Twister!" Seadra summoned up a very strong wind around it(which stirred up to the spectator stands), and it picked up some of the water.

    'It's not going to be easy,' Ash thought, eyeing Seadra's Twister. 'Seadra is part-dragon, after all.' "Corphish, dive in!"

    "That won't work, Ash," Bryan said. "The Twister will only swallow up your Corphish!"

    And that's exactly what happened. Corphish was lifted up into the vortex. It was now spinning around rapidly around the field.

    But Ash seems to be waiting for something, as he isn't making any attempts to recall Corphish.

    'Come on, wait a little longer, buddy,' Ash thought frantically, concentrating. Then he sensed what he was waiting for. Even if Corphish couldn't control its movement in the twister, it is closing in on Seadra at the center.

    "Now, Corphish, use ViceGrip!" Corphish clamped its claws onto Seadra, and now the Dragon Pokemon was caught up in the twister as well.

    Both Pokemon were beginning to get dizzy, but Corphish held on to its quarry. Soon the Twister subsided and the two Pokemon fell into the water. But even after getting dizzy, both were able to surface, ready to battle.

    "Seadra, use Hyper Beam!"

    'Uh-oh. That can't be good.' "Corphish, dive again!" 'If Corphish dodges this, Seadra will be vulnerable.'

    Corphish dived again, and, thinking like its trainer, hid behind one of the rocks underwater. Seadra's Hyper Beam, however, was so strong that the rock broke in two when hit. The water began filling with smoke and debris, and Ash's Corphish was nowhere to be seen.

    Everyone began looking around for the little lobster.

    "Okay, Corphish, use Bubblebeam!" Ash said without hesitation.

    From Seadra's left a whiff of smoke, water and debris rose, and from within it appeared Corphish. The Pokemon launched its Bubblebeam, and the hit got Seadra dazed.

    "Now, finish it with Crabhammer!"

    Corphish, now above the Dragon Pokemon, came hurtling down, claws first. The blow hit Seadra square in the head. Now, an unconscious Seadra is floating motionless in the water.

    The referee waved his flag in Ash's direction. "Seadra is unable to battle."

    Bryan smiled. "I should have known not to underestimate your Corphish, dude," he said to Ash, recalling Seadra.

    "Thanks. Don't want to be confident, but bring something out better."

    "Oh, don't you worry, dude, I will. Come out, Vaporeon!"

    Bryan's blue Bubble Jet Pokemon is next.

    "Corphish, it's time to rest, " Ash said. But Corphish doesn't seem to be listening. Instead it clicked its claws, wishing to continue. "Alright, stay if you want to."

    Corphish stared right into Vaporeon's eyes, and the latter looked right back. The two seem to be "leering" each other, waiting for the other to strike first.

    "Now, Vaporeon. Use Water Gun."

    "Corphish, evade the attack by diving again," Ash said, giving the same instruction for the 3rd time.

    Corphish complied, but Vaporeon was too quick. It caught up to Corphish underwater, and landed a Slam attack. Corphish was pushed back into a rockface.

    "Corphish!" Ash exclaimed.

    The ref waved the flag in Bryan's direction. "Corphish is unable to battle."

    "Oh, man," Ash said, recalling Corphish. "Time for our two Pokemon to have a continuation of last time, Bryan!"

    Ash called out Croconaw. The crocodile clicked its jaw in excitement, to find its opponent from last time. And the feeling appears mutual for Vaporeon.

    "Croconaw, give it your best Mega Punch!" Croconaw jumped into the water, and began speeding up to Vaporeon. But Bryan had other ideas.

    "Vaporeon, use Agility." Vaporeon began appearing only in after-images around the field. Croconaw looked around for its opponent, but couldn't tell where it will appear.

    "Croconaw, scratch my last command. Use Tide!" Croconaw closed its eyes, and the water around it began rising. With one roar, the water came spilling down in all directions.

    Vaporeon wasn't able to evade the attack(how could it), but as the water came back to normal, Ash was shocked to find that Vaporeon wasn't the least bit hurt!

    'Oh, no, I forgot, it's got Water Absorb!' Ash thought. 'So I've got to return to usual brawl tactics.'

    "Okay, Croconaw, you've got to get closer to Vaporeon!"

    It was easier said than done, as Bryan had Vaporeon use Agility again to keep Croconaw from doing so.

    "I know how strong your Croconaw is physically, Ash," Bryan commented. "So I made sure it won't even come close to my Vaporeon."

    "Nice one, Bryan." Now Ash has to think how he would be able to face against Vaporeon's speed. This Water-only battle is now shifting to Bryan's advantage.

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    Lord Zant Two jobs. ugh

    Nice battle scenes! The date was funny, and so was the morning "training". Sorry I can't review more often, school is still wrapping up where I live, so I've been pretty busy. Then I'm off to camp. I probably won't review for about a week and a half, but I already know what comes next. BTW, "Jr. Trainer Ash" was a pretty funny name. Almost laughed out loud at what I imagined his reaction to be.
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    Time to remove the unlucky number. Please, those who "hit" this thread, please review. I'm not content with just the number of hits, but to the number of reviews as well.

    EF09:Cold Climax

    The last episode leaves Ash's Croconaw against Bryan's Vaporeon. Croconaw is at a distinct disadvantage, because of Vaporeon's Water Absorb, nullifying all water attacks, and Vaporeon's speed, coupled with Agility, makes it near-impossible to hit with a physical attack.

    Vaporeon+speed+Agility= trouble for Ash!

    Vaporeon kept darting around the field, occasionally hitting Croconaw with Water Guns and Quick Attacks. But Croconaw can't retaliate. Ash clenched his fists. 'I've got to think of something, fast.' Then it hit him. "Croconaw, swim after Vaporeon!"

    Confused, the crocodile had no choice but to comply, hoping that its trainer had a plan in mind. Croconaw swam around the field after its opponent, but it couldn't catch up.

    "Heh, does he think that his Croconaw can outrace that Vaporeon?" a spectator behind Hikari remarked. "Fat chance!"

    "Yeah, that trainer isn't very smart, is he?" another said.

    May stood up so suddenly, that Pikachu fell face-first to the floor. (Ouch!! Hey!) She faced the other spectators, an annoyed look on her face. "If you don't have anything nice to say to somebody, it's better to not say anything at all," she retorted to the speakers.

    "Come off it, miss," the first speaker replied. He stood up, and he was a lot taller than May. Brock also stood up, and looked at the spectator. Luckily, Brock is taller and the speaker couldn't say anything. "Don't start anything," he said, placing a hand on May's shoulder to make her sit back down.

    The unruly spectator turned on his heels and walked out of the stadium.

    "Calm down, May," Brock said, returning to his seat. "Arguing won't help Ash, you know."

    "Sorry, Brock, it's just that... They're not afraid of shooting insults where everyone can hear them."

    Back at the battle, Ash hadn't changed his command. Croconaw is still swimming after Vaporeon, but it's getting pretty tired. Vaporeon, on the other hand, isn't showing signs of slowing down or fatigue.

    "You'd better think of something else, dude," Bryan said, slightly annoyed.

    'He's right,' Ash thought. At that moment Croconaw stopped to take rest in one of the islands. Vaporeon appeared behind it, and landed a Skull Bash. The impact, with the power increased by Vaporeon's momentum, knocked Croconaw back into the water, hard. "Croconaw!"

    The referee looked at the spot where Croconaw fell, waiting for a decision. Croconaw reappeared on the surface. Surprisingly, it wasn't out completely. Instead, it only looked like it had the wind knocked out of it.

    "Let's finish this off, Vaporeon," Bryan said. "Make for another Agility, and then Skull Bash!" "Croconaw, are you okay?" Ash called to his Pokemon. "You had enough for now. RETURN!" But Croconaw refused to get into its Pokeball. "Croconaw, are you sure that you still want to fight?" Croconaw nodded. At that moment, Croconaw began to glow light-blueyou can guess what's happening.

    'It's Torrent,' Ash thought. 'But that won't help. Because of Water Absorb. Wait... What if-' "Croconaw, use Tide again!" Everyone began to wonder if Ash has gone crazy. Water Absorb will only replenish Vaporeon's stamina. Croconaw complied, however.

    Soon, the water began rising up again. Due to Torrent, Croconaw's Tide is higher than usual, and the water in the arena was almost empty. Vaporeon stood on the floor, exposed. Another roar, and the water began spilling down. "Now, Dive!" Croconaw disappeared, and Vaporeon was confused. It couldn't find Croconaw anywhere because of the current.

    Ash had Croconaw use the current of Tide to hide in during Dive.

    Even with Vaporeon's Water Absorb, it couldn't protect itself from the strength of the current. Just then, something grabbed Vaporeon from its tail. It was Croconaw, who was able to sneak up on Vaporeon during the Tide!

    "Allright!" Ash shouted.

    Bryan looked dumbfounded.

    "Now, Croconaw, use Seismic Toss!" Once again Croconaw spun Vaporeon around by the tail, gaining momentum, and then released. The momentum threw Vaporeon into a rock face with tremendous force. Vaporeon stumbled out of the hole it made, and floated unconsciously to the surface.

    "Vaporeon is unable to battle."


    Bryan smiled to himself. "This is the kind of battle I'm looking for, dude," he called to Ash.

    "Thanks, Bryan, I feel the same."

    Bryan recalled Vaporeon, and grabbed a third Pokeball from his belt. "I've been saving this guy up for Prima, but looks like I have no other choice. Come out!"

    Out came a Huntail. But it's no ordinary Huntail. This one has green scales instead of blue. It is a Shiny Pokemon!

    'I've got a bad feeling about this,' Ash thought. "Don't let your guard down, Croconaw!"

    "Huntail, use Blizzard!"

    White powder was coming out of Huntail's mouth. It began flowing through the entire arena.

    "Croconaw, get out of the water immediately!" Ash commanded. Croconaw jumped out and landed in the island closest to Ash. Pretty soon the water was completely frozen.

    "This is not good," Ash said to himself. "Croconaw can't use Tide now."

    "That's right, dude," Bryan replied. "But that's not all. Can you see where my Huntail is now?"

    Ash and Croconaw looked around, and were dumbfounded to see that Huntail was nowhere to be seen!

    "I'll show you. Just to give you a heads up. Huntail, now!"

    Just then, a crack could be heard behind Croconaw, part of the ice broke, and Huntail emerged from the small hole it made. Croconaw turned around, but too late. Huntail connected with an Iron Tail, hitting Croconaw in the stomach.

    Croconaw slided backwards from the impact. Before it could retaliate, Huntail dove back into the water, and the hole was immediately frozen over by Huntail's Ice Beam.

    "Croconaw, are you allright?" Ash asked for the second time. Croconaw's feet trembled a little, but it managed to stand up. "Okay, then, Croconaw, time to break the ice with Mega Punch!"

    Croconaw's right hand began to glow, and it punched the ice with tremendous force. But the ice still held after the impact.

    "Huntail's Blizzard is exceptionally strong, Ash. It won't be broken easily."

    'Oh, man, this is definitely not good.'

    Croconaw began looking around for its opponent. Huntail broke out of the ice again, and attacked Croconaw with Ice Beam. Fortunately, Croconaw barrel-rolled, and was only fazed by the left leg. Huntail returned to the water, and froze its entrance/exit again.

    "Like I said before, I won't take it easy on you, Ash. This is where it gets rough."

    "I'm not liking these odds," Brock commented tensely. "The battle's almost half-over when Croconaw's access to the water is completely off."

    "Ash..." May muttered, her eyes filled with concern.

    "Croconaw, try to find the spot where the ice is weakest!" Croconaw began running around the ice, looking for a weak spot. There seem to be none. Not even one of Huntail's "entrances" are weak enough for Croconaw to break through.

    Huntail broke out of the ice again, and used another Ice Beam. The hit was a bulls-eye, and Croconaw was frozen up to its upper torso.

    "Allright, don't let your guard down, Huntail," Bryan commanded. "Dive back in again, and surprise all of us with your Iron Tail from anywhere, dude."

    'Okay, Ash think, or else it's bye-bye. Remember Pokemon 101? Ice can be broken by rock. And ice can also be broken by-' "Croconaw, use Metal Claw!"

    Croconaw's claws began to glow, and it slashed its way out of the ice!

    "Great, Croconaw. Now use Iron Tail!"

    "Too late, dude!" Bryan shouted, and Huntail popped out again and delivered its own Iron Tail. Before the crocodile could protect itself, Huntail connected, and Croconaw was reeling backwards. Strangely, Croconaw's tail was dug too deep on the ice, and it made a large wake when Croconaw was sent reeling backwards!

    "Now, Croconaw, before Huntail freezes all of it over again. SURF!"

    Croconaw summoned up its largest wave, and sent the entire water flowing against Huntail! Torrent is still in effect, and so the attack was even greater.

    Croconaw's Surf broke up the ice in a few seconds. The water cleared, and Croconaw could be seen standing over a motionless Huntail.

    The ref waved his flag in Ash's direction. "Huntail is unable to battle. Ash Ketchum wins the match!"

    The crowd clapped and cheered. Bryan also joined in the applause. Ash punched the air, ecstatic about his victory.

    The two trainers recalled their Pokemon, and met outside the locker area. "That was an awesome battle, dude. I really enjoyed it."

    "Same here."

    The other competitors arrived to congratulate Ash. One of them, a cute blonde about May's age, seemed to be interested in something more.

    The bell sounded, signalling the next competitors to step up for their battle. The aforementioned girl, Micah, is one of the competitors in the match. She winked at Ash, causing the latter to gulp in surprise. After a wave, Micah and her opponent walked back outside.

    "Dude, I think she likes you," Bryan said, nudging his friend. "Come on, let's see this battle."

    Ash broke out of his trance, and ignored Bryan's remark. "I have some friends in the stands. Let's go join them."

    "But first, let's get our Pokemon checked out."


    Ash and Bryan joined the others in the stands, after depositing their Pokemon for express healing. After introductions are made, the five pulled their attention to the battle.

    Micah started out with a Mantine. Her opponent, Noel, is using a Lombre. Mantine is flying around the battlefield, while Lombre drifted in the water, shooting Water Guns at it.

    Seating arrangements: Brock--Hikari--May(with Pikachu)--Ash--Bryan

    "That Micah girl... She's talented, dude, and with a cute look to boot. Maybe you should introduce yourself to her."

    "Sssh," Ash hissed, but too late. May has turned her attention to Ash and Bryan.

    "What do you mean?" she asked Bryan.

    "Well, you see, Micah over there seems a tad bit interested in your friend, babe."

    Ash slapped his head. He didn't dare look at May's face.

    "Oh, really..." May sounded calm, but Ash stole a glance, and could see a nerve throbbing in her temple.

    Pikachu(Oh-ho-ho. Quite a two-timer. Tsk, tsk, Ash.)

    The battle continued on. Micah's Mantine was victorious against Lombre after a Wing Attack. Noel's Seaking met the same fate.

    Micah recalled Mantine when Noel took out his Octillery. Then she called out a Kingdra.

    Octillery used Smokescreen, filling the arena with black smoke. Kingdra looked around the smoke for its opponent, but Octillery snuck up from behind it and used Wrap. The dragon Pokemon struggled to get free, but Octillery only squeezed tighter.

    "Kingdra, use Dragon Pulse!" Micah commanded.

    A small shockwave began emanating from Kingdra's body. Octillery was suddenly stunned, and released its hold.

    "Now, Dragonbreath!"

    Kingdra released a small yellow beam and it hit Octillery, knocked it back towards its trainer's side of the arena.

    "Octillery is out of the battle. Victory goes to Micah!"

    Micah jumped in the air joyously. The crowd applauded her. Ash and co. joined in the applause(though May was a bit less enthusiastic). Micah glanced where Ash was sitting, and winked at him. Bryan and Brock thought it was at them she was winking at(you could see the latter going goo-goo eyes, although why Brock could go for a girl his junior, I couldn't tell, maybe she's attractive enough for his taste).

    The next rounds spurred no interesting results. Alice and Harry defeated their respective opponents and advanced to the nexy round.


    Our scene shifts to outside the stadium at 7:30 P.M. The third round will begin the next day.

    Ash stretched his arms and legs, which were asleep for sitting for a whole hour. "Let's call it a day and head back to the center. I'm starving!"

    Pikachu(I second the motion!) Pikachu was perched on May's left shoulder.

    "Sure. I'll just whip up something from my special cookbook," Brock said.

    Ash turned to Bryan. "You're welcome to join us, if you'd like."

    "Thanks, dude. Appreciate it." Bryan glanced over Ash's shoulder and grinned. "Looks like someone is coming to meet you, dude..."

    "Huh?" Ash turned around and saw Micah, striding over to them.

    "Hi," she said to everyone.

    "Why, hello there, miss," Brock suddenly dashed forward and took the girl's hand(see what I mean?). "May I interest you in-"

    Brock wasn't able to finish, as Toxicroak emerged from its Pokeball as usual to Poison Stab Brock, again. As the Cursing frog Pokemon dragged its master away, Micah's attention drifted towards Ash.

    "You were awesome out there," Micah declared. "If I'm going to face you in the 3rd round, I'd better be careful..."

    "Uh, thanks, I think," Ash replied. He was starting to feel uneasy, like earlier when Bryan told May of Micah.

    'Who does she think she is, flirting with him like that?' May thought.

    Hikari spoke up. "Why don't you join us as well? There's plenty of room." 'Ooooh, I'd like to see Ash in this sort of spot,' she thought, giggling. "You don't mind, do you, May?"

    "Uh, no. Of course not." May turned around to hide her annoyance.

    "Why, thank you." Micah still had her eyes on Ash.

    When Brock recovered from his "treatment", the six of them walked back to the Pokemon Center.

    Micah was walking uncomfortably close to Ash's left. May was twitching on his other side. Bryan was looking at the three of them from behind, an amused look in his face.

    Meanwhile, Brock and Hikari were at the back of the group, conversing in hushed whispers.

    "You just did this to torment me? Or Ash?" Brock hissed to his friend.

    "I just want to find some things out this way," was all Hikari could reply.

    Micah leaned closer to Ash. The latter blushed. May also turned red, but that's another story.

    Ash, still oblivious to love despite having a girlfriend, doesn't know what to do. As he was starting to get comfortable in Micah's company, May must have sensed this, so-



    -Can you guess what happened to Ash? Just think of those early series, only with Brock.
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    May grabbed his ear? Or did Pikachu? Anyway, AWESOME battle scene, I was on tenderhooks the whole time! Micah sure is interested, huh. (In Ash, that is.) May should battle her, or something.

    Great Job!
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    Kinda short, but to keep the shippyness high.

    EF10:Ash? The Second Brock?

    Ash and co. are back at the same park table they sat in the other day. Max and Misty already joined earlier(Max pulled a 2 out of 3 against Misty, earning the CascadeBadge). And there were new faces: Bryan and (to May's annoyance) Micah.

    May was so jealous about Micah's interest in Ash. She was also furious about Ash showing signs of liking the other girl. The two emotions combined made May pull Ash's ear so hard that he was bent halfway(he was pulled downwards).

    Ash is still wincing on his severely-pulled ear. "Do you still have some of that ear ointment with you, Brock?"

    "Sorry, buddy, but I'm fresh out. I stopped stocking on them since Max left for his own journey."

    "Try to pull a Brock on us again, and your ear will be getting a lot worse," May said quietly.

    "My sister is a monster when it comes to jealousy, Ash," Max commented. This got him a slap in the head by May.

    "You know," Brock said impishly, looking at Ash and May, "now what could be the reason for you to get jealous, May?"

    "Well, uh, it's because... I-" May stuttered. "Fine. Ash and I are already boyfriend and girlfriend, if that's what you guys are implying."

    "AH-HA!" Brock shouted suddenly. "I knew it!"

    Ash lowered his head in his hands, to hide the red on his face. 'Busted,' he thought.

    "Since when?" Max asked curiously.

    May told them all about the events that led to the relationship: involvement of certain Pokemon(Manaphy, Charizard, to name a few), Ash's kiss, you get my drift.

    After her story, Ash couldn't feel any hotter under the collar. Everyone had their eyes trained on him. Just then Brock grabbed Ash in a headlock.

    "I never knew you to be a little romantic, buddy," he said, rubbing Ash's head with his knuckles. I think it's called 'noogie'(kutos in my native tongue).

    "Owowowowow... Stop it, Brock!" Ash said. Brock let go, and Ash grabbed his head, clutching the part where Brock rubbed it.

    "Hmmph," May said, turning away. "If he starts to act all Brock-ish on us, the ship might end right here, right now."

    "Oh, boy," Micah said, sighing. "I guess this cutie here is unavailable then..."

    "You got that right," May said to her. 'If you think that, why are you still flirting with him?'

    "But there's no harm in a little friendship, right?" Micah commented, batting her eyes at Ash again. Ash didn't turn away.

    May suddenly stood up. "I'm done. Thanks for the meal, Brock." May left the table, but instead of heading into the center, she went straight towards the park.

    Pikachu looked after May, and motioned for its trainer. (We'd better go follow her.)

    Ash exchanged looks with Pikachu. 'It's getting dark out. It won't be safe for her to go out alone.' "I'll go follow her," he said to the others, and he ran off in May's direction.

    Brock took this as a cue to get closer to Micah.

    "You know, there's more fish in the sea."

    "I hope you're not suggesting yourself, Brock," Misty muttered.

    "'Cause that will surely never happen," Max added. At this moment, Brock burst into tears(mock-crying).

    'Nice bunch,' Bryan thought, smirking.


    Ash found May sitting by her lonesome at the foot of a Lickitung-slide in a playground. Ash stood in front of her, while Pikachu crawled to her right. May tilted her head so she's facing the other way.

    Ash looked apologetic. "Come on, May, are you still angry?"

    "Yes," May huffed, crossing her arms.

    Ash heaved a huge sigh. May stood up, and walked to one of the swings and sat down. Ash followed her and sat on another swing. They start swinging, alternating back and forth. For five minutes none of them spoke up, both lost in their thoughts.

    Ash broke the silence first. "Uh, you know, May, uh..." 'Hoo-boy, not again. I still couldn't talk straight to her.'

    "You shouldn't really try to flirt with other girls if you already have a girlfriend, Ash," May said quietly.

    "I know, but... I don't want to be impolite to girls. From experience with girls like Hikari and Misty, I don't want to get on a girl's bad side anymore. I learned that the hard way..."

    May gave a small laugh. Ash was glad that May's anger toned down a bit. May stopped swinging, and stood up.

    "Okay, Ash, I'll forgive you. On one condition."

    "Name it."

    "Don't flirt with other girls again. One thing we don't need is another Brock running around chasing and flirting girls."

    Ash also stood up. "Sure. Like I said before, I'm not going to be like him. Too amorous..."

    "Hmmph. I hate to say it, but maybe you should take a few lessons from him."

    "I thought that you don't want me to be like him. Make up your mind, sheesh..."

    May turned around to face Ash, and Ash was relieved to see May's face full of joy again. "Maybe not..."

    Ash walked to May's side, mimiced a bow, and took her hand. "Come on, 'mistress', let's go back to our friends."

    Pikachu, sitting on top of the Lickitung-slide, looked at the two of them walking away.

    Pikachu(Isn't that sweet? But don't forget 'bout me!) Pikachu slid off the slide and ran after its trainer.

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    Lord Zant Two jobs. ugh

    I was right about the ear thing! Triumph! Yes, noogie is the correct term. Max should know better then to say something like that, sheesh. Still don't like Micah, but maybe Bryan does? Overall, funny chapter, and nice shippiness - It was well written.
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    EF11: Third Round Blues

    When Ash and May returned, it appears that everyone else didn't wait up for them, and the park table they sat on earlier was deserted.

    Ash looked at his Pokegear watch. It is only 7:30 P.M. He looked around, puzzled. "That's weird. It's still pretty early. Did everyone turn in already?"

    "I guess they're pretty tired from the excitement earlier," May said.

    "Why would they be tired? I was the one competing, remember?"

    May shrugged, and then yawned. "I'm pretty tired myself. We'd better turn in. The third round starts tomorrow morning."



    The next morning, after wishing Ash and Micah good luck(May was a little friendlier to her now), the others went to sit in the stadium with the spectators.

    The two trainers joined the other two competitors in the locker room. Minutes later the referee entered.

    "Today, the third round will be a grid tournament. The four trainers will have their matches be randomly selected by our computer. Only one of three Pokemon per trainer can be used for each match, also randomly selected. In the grid tournament, there will be a total of six matches. Whoever gains the largest number of victories in those matches will go on to face Prima, later today.

    "The grid tournament will be displayed as follows:"

    The monitor behind the referee lit up. It showed a grid with the four competitors lined up along both the horizontal and vertical lines. The referee pressed a button near the monitor, and the different panels of the grid began flashing up, alternately.

    The screen splits, and the second monitor shows the computer randomly flash-choosing the competitors. The first picture showed Harry, and the second picture: Ash.

    Below the respective trainers' pictures, the computer is now flash-choosing the Pokemon. Ash's reveals his Kingler, and Harry's shows a Poliwrath.

    "First match: Ash and Kingler vs. Harry and Poliwrath."

    Ash stared at his opponent, and Harry exchanged the gesture.

    "Hope you've come prepared," Harry said in a confident tone, extending a hand. Ash took it, and they shook hands.

    "Don't worry. I just hope you won't be a sore loser when I beat 'ya."

    "Both competitors, follow me to the arena," the ref said. Ash and Harry followed the ref to the arena.

    Minutes later, Ash finds himself standing in the very platform at the edge of the arena where he fought Bryan the day before. The spectator crowd have already been oriented at the third round rules.

    "Go. Kingler!" Ash called out his crab Pokemon, and it landed on one of the islands close to Ash's side of the field.

    "Poliwrath, let's GO!" Harry took out Poliwrath. The dark blue frog, with a spiral design on its underbelly, also landed on an island on it's trainer's side of the field.

    The referee signalled the start of the match. "Kingler VS. Poliwrath. BEGIN!"

    "Poliwrath, use Waterfall!"

    Poliwrath dived into the water and swam at breakneck speed(based on the attack's description in the games). "Kingler, get ready to grab it with Vicegrip," Ash ordered.

    Poliwrath jumped out of the water. It was so high in the air, that Poliwrath seemed to eclipse the morning sun to Ash.

    "Now, Mega Punch!" The Poliwrath cocked its fist back, and starts falling down in Kingler's direction. Kingler tried to block it with Harden(and one of its claws), but Poliwrath landed the hit with great power.

    Kingler was knocked off its island and landed in the water.

    "Kingler!" Ash's face is filled with concern for his Pokemon. However, the crab resurfaces. It seems it won't give up without a fight. Ash looked relieved. "Let's try not to get hit again by that attack, okay, buddy?" Kingler clicked its claws in agreement.

    Without warning, Harry ordered another Waterfall attack. Poliwrath swam up to Kingler at the same speed as before, and Kingler was "tackled" with enourmous force.

    "Kingler, go for Vicegrip again!" Ash commanded, after Kingler recovered from the blow. Kingler positioned itself on another island.

    Poliwrath jumped off the water again and landed next to Kingler. "Don't give it the chance," Harry said. "Pummel it with tons of Mega Punches!"

    Poliwrath obliged, and Kingler was now being bombarded with powerful punches. However, Kingler stood its ground, and managed to clamp one of its claws on one of Poliwrath's fists. Poliwrath began cocking its other fist back, but Kingler also grabbed the fist with its other claw. The two Pokemon are now locked together in a fierce shoving war.

    "Poliwrath, Mega Kick!" Harry ordered. Using its trapped hands as support, Poliwrath swung itself backwards, and thrust its right foot aimed for Kingler's head. Kingler used Iron Defense for protection, and Poliwrath's kick bounced back in recoil.

    Kingler released Poliwrath's fists at that exact moment, and Poliwrath reeled back due to the force of the recoil. But Poliwrath immediately recovered and somersaulted on the island next to Kingler.

    "Kingler, try to grab Poliwrath again!" Kingler tried, but wasn't able to comply, since Harry ordered his Poliwrath to dive back into the water.

    "Poliwrath, use Icy Wind!" Poliwrath began blowing a cold breeze coming from its fists. The white wind coursed through the water, and straight in the island where Kingler stood. Icy Wind froze the island, with Kingler on it.

    "Kingler!" The crab is seen motionless inside the ice.

    "Kingler is unable to battle. Victory goes to Harry and Poliwrath."

    Ash stood dumbfounded. He has lost.


    After dropping off his Kingler to be healed, Ash walked silently back to the locker room. He was joined minutes later by May and the others.

    "Uh...? What are you guys doing here?" Ash asked, sitting down on one of the benches.

    "We came-" Brock started.

    "-because we thought you need-" Max followed.

    "-a little cheering up-" Hikari picked up.

    "-after your loss," Misty finished. All of them(minus May) were suppressing their grins.

    "Oh, really?" Ash said crossly. "Brock, Misty, you know I've outgrown that part of me. Let me rephrase it: 'I'm not a sore loser anymore.' Got it?"

    "Don't worry, we got it," Misty replied.

    "Suuure..." Brock added, eyes glinting underneath the squint. Then he turned serious. "You know what this means, right? You can't afford to lose another match in this tournament."

    "Yeah, I know. And I'm not gonna lose again."

    Ash got a little breaktime, which he spent watching the other matches. In the second match of the third round, Micah is squaring off with Alice, with a Mantine and Lanturn, respectively. Ash made sure not to make his cheers too enthusiastic, so May won't get jealous, again.

    Even with a type disadvantage, Micah pulled off the win. Lanturn was defeated with an amazingly powerful Hydro Pump.

    Ash clenched his fists. 'Micah is no ordinary trainer. I have to watch out when we meet in the match-up.'

    The next match called Ash back into the locker room. The computer selected him and his Corphish against Alice's Lumineon.

    They began the next match immediately. Ash called Corphish, and Alice called out her Lumineon. The white-and-blue Neon Pokemon landed right on the water.

    "Take no prisoner, Corphish! We can't afford to lose this one."

    The referee signalled the beginning of the match.

    "Corphish, use Tackle attack!" Ash commanded. Corphish launched itself into Lumineon, but it expertly dodged it.

    "Lumineon, Water Pulse!" Lumineon sent soundwaves along the water, and it hit Corphish. The lobster was stunned immediately. Then, Lumineon hit Corphish with a Tackle.

    Corphish recovered from the blows, and made a grab for Lumineon's tail with Vicegrip. It missed, due to Lumineon's Swift Swim.

    'Oh, boy, does this look familiar?' Ash asked himself rhetorically. "Corphish, use Bubblebeam instead." Corphish unleashed its Bubblebeam on Lumineon, but the attack barely fazed the Pokemon. It kept swimming round and round Corphish in a circular pattern.

    "Go for another Tackle, Lumineon!" screamed its trainer. Lumineon launched itself into Corphish again, but this time Corphish is ready. Before Lumineon could make contact, Corphish managed to lock Vicegrip on one of the "wings".

    "Good, Corphish! Now, don't let go." But Lumineon is stronger than it looks, as Corphish was being dragged easily in Lumineon's wake. 'Oh, great. What next, genius?' "Time for another Bubblebeam, at point-blank range!"

    Corphish obliged, but the Bubblebeam kept missing, due to the force of Lumineon's drag. Corphish got fed up, and launched itself forward. It released its grip on Lumineon, and used Slam just as their heads are level. Direct hit! Lumineon stopped swimming, and it was floating in the water, knocked out. Corphish appeared right next to it, looking happy with itself.

    "Lumineon is unable to battle. Victory goes to Ash and Corphish."

    Again we see Ash back at the locker room. And again his "cheering squad" appeared. Tired, Ash almost fell flaton his back on the bench.

    "Aren't they rushing things a bit?" Ash complained. "Three battles non-stop? And I took two out of those three..."

    "The PLA must be doing this to get the interest of the crowd," Brock gathered. "Plus, new challengers are arriving by the second."

    "Way I heard it," Max added, "they must be planning for Prima's match to start this afternoon. Much like when we arrived."

    Ash hung his head and sighed.

    The next match was Harry and Wartortle vs. Alice and Pelipper. It was a tie, Wartortle knocked itself out after a Swagger attack and Pelipper was hit by a stray Hydro Pump.

    After that, it's Micah and Gorebyss vs. Harry and Wailmer. Micah pulled off another win. Ash once again watched with apprehension, knowing what Pokemon Micah has left that she will use against Ash: Kingdra.

    Finally, it's down to Ash and Micah.

    "Just because you're cute doesn't mean I will take it easy on you, " Micah called across the field to Ash.

    Ash nodded. "Same here. And... Minus the 'cute' part," he quickly added.

    In the stands, everyone of Ash's 'cheering squad' were also apprehensive.

    "Think Ash stands a chance?" Max asked thoughtfully.

    "Well, I don't want to sound biased, but I think Micah's battling skills are exceptional, and then there's that Kingdra of hers..." Brock began.

    "You already sound biased," Hikari commented, narrowing her eyes at Brock. The latter grinned sheepishly.

    "Okay, Croconaw, let's GO!" Ash called his Pokemon. Micah took out her Kingdra.

    Croconaw appeared ready as usual for battle. It landed on the island at the center of the arena. Kingdra, meanwhile, is floating stationarily on the water.

    The battle has begun. Croconaw started by jumping into the water. It locked eyes with its opponent, while circling around it. But Kingdra remains stationary, although it never left its eyes on Croconaw.

    Ash was lost in his thoughts, trying to figure out a way to defeat Kingdra. "Alright, Croconaw, use Metal Claw!"

    Croconaw broke out of its cycle, and jumped out of the water in Kingdra's direction, claws glowing. But Kingdra countered with Slam, and Croconaw was knocked back into the water.

    Croconaw resurfaced, and Ash gave his next order. "Mega Punch, Croconaw!" For the second time, Croconaw leaped up again and aimed a Mega Punch at Kingdra's chest. Unfortunately, Croconaw was Slammed back, again.

    Brock crossed his arms. "Kingdra is only playing with Croconaw," he said thoughtfully. "Not good."

    Ash seems to be thinking along the same lines as Brock. 'Got to change plans.' "Croconaw, use Ice Beam!" Croconaw looked incredulously at its trainer.

    (Uh, Ice Beam? Uh-oh...)

    "What? You don't know how to use Ice Beam? Hoo-boy..." Ash slapped his hand on his forehead. "Not good," he said, mimicing Brock's earlier tone.

    Micah made her offensive. "Kingdra, Take Down attack." Kingdra made a dash for Croconaw, and the latter is a sitting duck. The impact sent Croconaw flying again, this time against the barrier around the perimeter of the arena. Croconaw fell face-first into the water.

    Ash began to think that Croconaw fainted. But the resilient Pokemon still managed to resurface. Its jaws formed into a smile, indicating it was enjoying the fight, that it found a really formidable opponent. At that moment, Croconaw began glowing the familiar blue color.

    "Torrent? Already?" Croconaw's grin turned, if possible, even bigger. 'I hope this levels the playing field,' Ash thought. "Allright, Croconaw, give it everything you've got!"

    Croconaw started swimming around Kingdra again, barraging its opponent with Bubblebeams and Water Guns. Torrent makes the water-type attacks more powerful, and Kingdra seems to be starting to feel pain.

    "Kingdra, Dragon Breath!" Kingdra fired yellow flames at the water in Croconaw's direction. The water began rising like a wall in front of Croconaw, but the crocodile continued swimming, and blasted through the "wall", preparing to land a vicious Skull Bash.

    Kingdra evaded the attack by side-stepping, and fired another Dragon Breath, this time aimed at Croconaw. Even though it hasn't recovered from Kingdra's evade(Croconaw is still in midair) Croconaw spun around and fired its Water Gun. The two projectiles met in midair, and being in close proximity, the two Pokemon were knocked back by the force of the blasts. Croconaw expertly landed on its two feet on an island, and this time it was Kingdra's turn to be knocked into a wall.

    Croconaw jumped back into the water, made use of Kingdra's momentary stun and managed to hit a second Mega Punch, right at Kingdra's jaw. Kingdra found itself crashing into the wall again.

    Micah is beginning to show signs of concern, but still remains calm. "Kingdra use Rain Dance!" Kingdra summoned up black nimbus clouds in the sky. Rain started to fall. And the crowd, not anticipating such weather, covered themselves with whatever they could use.

    Ash looked puzzled, wondering what Micah is up to. But then he realised Kingdra is gone, as Croconaw is now looking desparately for its opponent. Just then fleeting images of Kingdra appeared around the field.

    "Kingdra's using its Swift Swim ability," Brock pointed out, while trying to shield himself from the rain with a pamphlet, to no sucess. "It becomes faster in the rain. Micah is starting to look really good," Max, who was sitting next to him, pulled on his ear, "YOW! For the battle, I mean!"

    Ash was surprised to find himself smiling. 'This keeps getting better and better.' Croconaw is thinking the same thing. The fleeting images started towards Croconaw. It was prepared to use another Take Down. Croconaw barely had time to evade the attack, and was hit, hard, and landed on a nearby island.

    Croconaw struggled to get up, but Kingdra appeared looming over it next to the island. Kingdra jumped high, and tried to Slam Croconaw flat on the ground. Croconaw immediately covered itself with its hands. Croconaw is struggling as its hands locked onto Kingdra's tail. The weight of Kingdra added to the Slam weighing down harder on Croconaw. The crocodile is now in a tight spot, literally.

    Ash then thought of something. Kingdra is right in Croconaw's sights, meaning, it's vulnerable, so... "Croconaw, Hydro Pump!" Launched from between its arms, Croconaw used Hydro Pump. Such an attack alone is powerful, but with Torrent, well, it's another story. Kingdra was hit squarely in the chin, springing it back high into the air.

    "Again, use Hydro Pump, this time on the ground!" Croconaw complied, and the blast sent itself flying, right after Kingdra, who is still in the air. Croconaw's head hit Kingdra square in the chin with a Headbutt, and Kingdra found itself unconscious before landing on the same island before.

    "Kingdra is unable to battle," the ref announced. "Victory goes to Ash and Croconaw!"

    "YES!!" Ash shouted in delight. The rainclouds dissipated with their summoner's defeat, and the sun appeared between the vaporating clouds.

    Now it was back to the locker room for the tallying of scores. The results are:

    ASH: 2 wins, 1 loss

    MICAH: 2 wins, 1 loss

    ALICE: 2 losses, 1 tie

    HARRY: 1 win, 1 loss, 1 tie

    "It is a tie between JR. trainer Ash and Diver Micah. A tiebreaker will decide who will face Prima in the finals."

    But Micah raised her hand. "I forfeit my match."

    Ash turned to her, as well as the other competitors. "What? But why?"

    "I was planning to use Kingdra as my main battler if ever I face Prima, but the last battle took everything out of it. I will give the opportunity to fight Prima to my friend Ash. I may sound like a quitter, but I just don't feel confident without my Kingdra." The referee still looked skeptical about Micah's backing down. Micah turned to Ash. "I joined this competition just so I could find a good battle, and I just found it with you, Ash." She extended her hand. "Good luck. I hope you get to defeat Prima."

    Ash took Micah's hand and shook it. "Thanks, I think..."


    -Whew! This chapter was originally "3" chapters in FF.net. But I decided to bunch them together.
    -Next is the first of the four climaxes in my story: Ash vs. Prima!
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    -I can't believe that I still haven't reached the 2nd page here.

    EF12:Have a Not so NIce Day

    And so it has been announced. At 2:00 P.M., the Elite trainer Prima will now face her second opponent in the Kanto branch's Elite Finals. Ash immediately sped off to the Pokemon center after all the attention he was given, for two reasons: to immediately heal his Pokemon, and to contact Professor Oak for a few more changes for his roster.

    The rules: a 5-on-5 knock-out set match battle. There will be five matches, and only one Pokemon will be used in each match. The Pokemon gains a point for its trainer in a victory. Once a victor in each match is declared, the trainers immediately switch to their next Pokemon for the next match, even if the victorious Pokemon is still able to battle. Whoever wins the most matches during the entire battle will be declared the winner. To give the challenger an equal footing, he/she will be given a roster of up to ten Pokemon belonging to the Elite trainer. They are not given, however, which Pokemon, the Elite trainer shall choose.

    There is also a rule in favor of Prima: the arena will change depending on what Pokemon she will use(e.g. a rock field for Mamoswine).

    Ash studied the pamphlet the referee gave him. It had pictures of Prima's ten main Pokemon: Blastoise, Jynx, Glaceon, Gastrodon, Walreine, Lapras, Dewgong, Abomasnow, Delibird, Mamoswine. While he was eating, he began formulating a plan. He intends to use his following Pokemon as the battlers: Pikachu(about time), Luxio, Sceptile, Croconaw and Grotle. All of them, maybe except for Croconaw, have a distinct advantage over any/all of Prima's Pokemon, whichever she may choose.

    During lunch, the others knew better than to disturb Ash in his train of thought. May begins to act worried, since Ash isn't even touching his food.

    "You really should get something to eat, Ash," she said. "You've got to keep your strength up for that battle with Prima."

    "Yes, mom," Ash stressed the last word, but took his girlfriend's advice.


    At a half hour before two, the group returned to the stadium. Ash started for the locker room, for a last-minute preparation. The others returned to their usual seats in the stadium, but May went after Ash in the locker room. Ash was at first surprised to find her there.

    "Come to give me a good luck kiss?" he asked jokingly.

    May raised her eyebrows. "Fat chance." She fumbled with something in her fanny pack. "Anyway, I forgot to give something to you." She took out Ash's Pokedex. "Prof. Oak thinks that you will always need this one."

    Ash took the electronic device. 'Now what could I use the Pokedex for in this battle? What is Professor Oak thinking?'

    Pikachu tugged on Ash's jeans(It's time. Let's go.)

    Ash headed outside, Pikachu resting on his shoulder, but May stopped him for a moment longer. Standing on her tiptoes, May planted a kiss on Ash's cheek.

    "Good luck," she whispered. And she went outside to join her friends.

    Ash only looked at her back as she left, and lightly touched the spot where May kissed him. "Thanks, May," he called after her. 'So I got my good luck kiss after all,' he thought, smiling.


    When Ash appeared at his podium, he found the arena closed by a platform, indicating that the form of the arena was still undecided. Prima stood on the opposite side, and she smiled at Ash.

    "Took you long enough to get here, Ash," Prima said.

    "I've been waiting for this match ever since you beat me on Mandarin Island," Ash replied.

    "Let's begin, shall we?" She signalled to the referee. The referee pressed a hidden switch, just as she released her first Pokemon.

    The water field from before is now gone. In its place stood a rock field. Prima's first Pokemon is revealed to be Delibird.

    Ash tilted his cap backwards(man, I missed that) and threw out the Pokeball containing Luxio.

    "Prima vs. Ash. First match: Luxio vs. Delibird. BEGIN!"

    "Luxio, use Agility!" Ash commanded.

    "Delibird, Ice Beam!" Luxio started running to avoid the attack, but it wasn't aimed at him. Prima had Delibird "ice" a portion of the field. Luxio, whose Agility is still in effect(and imperfect), stepped on the ice and slipped. Luxio crashed into a boulder.

    "Luxio, are you alright?" Ash asked his Pokemon. Luxio, stumbling out of the rubble it caused, grunted an okay in response to its trainer. "Use Thunder Fang!"

    Luxio continued to run, avoiding the ice patch(which still hadn't melted, even with the hot afternoon weather). It jumped from one boulder, and at Delibird, which was in the air, Its teeth began sporting yellow sparks.

    Delibird avoided the attack with Double Team. Luxio was, in a moment, stationary in midair, surrounded on two sides by Delibird and its "double". The lion Pokemon, not knowing which is its target, spun around to hit both targets with Slam. Even that didn't work, as Delibird proved too fast. The double was hit and vaporised, but the real Delibird managed to evade the Slam.

    Luxio landed on the ground feet first. But Ash could sense the temperamental Pokemon is about to start a fuse. That's not a good thing, as Luxio couldn't concentrate in battle with its anger.

    "No time for this now, Luxio," Ash called to his Pokemon. "Keep your temper down, or we'll lose..."

    But Luxio isn't listening. Its eyes are contorted into a fierce grimace. Then it began running towards Delibird, not even knowing what it's doing.

    "Uh-oh, here we go again," Hikari commented.

    "What's wrong with Luxio?" Max asked.

    "A little anger management problem," Hikari answered.

    "'Little' is putting it in a lighter way," Brock corrected her. "Luxio's temper is something that can be compared to Charizard's, and you all know how that went..."

    Luxio jumped at Delibird again, aiming another Thunder Fang. Delibird easily dodged the attack, due to Luxio's deliriousness(don't know if it's the right word). Ash cringed a little when Luxio was Slammed back to the ground.

    Luxio barely staggered to get up.

    "Delibird, Icebeam!" Prima commanded. This time, Delibird is aiming for Luxio itself.

    "Quick, Luxio, try to evade it!" Ash shouted frantically.

    Too late. Delibird managed to freeze Luxio's paws to the ground. The lion struggled to get free, but the ice is too strong.

    Ash clenched his fists. Pikachu looked as distraught as its trainer. (We can't call Luxio back, or we'll forfeit the match. Quick, Ash, think of something!)

    "Luxio, try to get some electric currents to your feet," Ash commanded. Luxio flashed its tail, and with spark effects, lashed the tail to the parts that were frozen. It worked, and the currents were able to break the ice. "Great, Luxio, are you ready to listen to me again?" Luxio nodded. "Now, straight forward with a Tackle attack!"

    Luxio darted forward. But Delibird is ready, and so is Prima. "Icicle Spear." Delibird began blowing cold wind again, and began forming into ten icicles, shaped like spears. Delibird hurled the spears in Luxio's direction.

    "Luxio, evade the atack, now!" Ash ordered. Luxio jumped to evade the first few spears, but some managed to hit the Pokemon. Luxio endured the pain, and then was able to get a hit at Delibird with Tackle. Delibird was knocked back, and through some rocks.Smoke began to form where Delibird fell. Luxio landed a few feet away.

    "Nice work, Luxio," Ash cheered to his Pokemon. When the dust cleared, Delibird is up, but there's no scratch on it! "What? How the-?" Luxio looked as startled as its trainer.

    "What happened?" May asked, puzzled. "How did Delibird manage to get out of that hit without a scratch?"

    "It used Present, its special attack," Max replied. He, too, sounded tense.

    Luxio was starting to lose its temper again. But Ash calmed it down. "You can't let your anger take over, okay, Luxio?" Luxio relaxed and nodded to its trainer.

    "You still have a lot to learn about Pokemon, Ash," Prima said coolly. "Delibird, let's finish this with BLIZZARD!"

    Delibird began blowing cold winds with its beak again. This time the wind grows stronger and stronger. Snow began to form around the arena. This is a mite different from Bryan's Huntail's Blizzard, that's for sure.

    "Luxio, hold your ground," Ash cautioned. Luxio needn't telling twice. It tensed at the change of weather. But, it was a bad idea. Once again, Luxio found itself freezing from the feet upwards. Luxio struggled, but this time it stuck. Luxio even tried the previous tactic Ash ordered it before, but the ice is too strong.

    Soon the ice is up to Luxio's neck! Luxio held its head up, so as not to get suffocated by the ice. Just as Luxio's "ice tomb" began to cover it completely, it began glowing white!

    Luxio began growing in size, and the ice holding him is slowly breaking up. Luxio has evolced into Luxray!

    "What timing, Luxi- I mean, Luxray!" Ash exclaimed to his Pokemon, while shielding himself from the cold wind. Ash then remembered the Pokedex, and went to analyze his new Pokemon:

    Luxray, the X-ray Pokemon

    The evolved form of Luxio, it has eyes which can see through anything. It spots and captures prey hiding behind objects.

    "This is great," Ash said knowingly. "That means Luxray can see in this weather, as well. Alright, Luxray, try to find Delibird in this storm!"

    Luxray's yellow eyes began to glow, and it darted around the battlefield. Luxray seems incredibly fast for its species. It soon spotted Delibird still continuing to blow Blizzard, standing on top of a rock. It gave a loud howl as a signal to Ash.

    Ash heard the sound, and immediately gave the next command. "Now, use Thunder Fang!"

    Fortunately, for Ash and Luxray, Delibird seemed unaware of the fast advancing Pokemon. So this time Luxray managed a direct hit with Thunder Fang. The blizzard stopped, but there is still snow on the ground, though visibility is now clear.

    Luxray is found standing on the boulder where Delibird used to be. Delibird, meanwhile, is sprawled on the ground next to him. Luxray made for its bag, to use Present again, but Luxray reacted immediately by shoving it away. Delibird looked apperehensively at its foe, and fainted.

    "Luxray is the victor. This round goes to Ash!"

    "Nice going, Luxray!" Ash called to his Pokemon. Luxray dashed over to him, and gave Ash a jolt with its tail. As Ash lay on the ground, he turned angrily at his Pokemon, only to see it grinning. Ash sighed, realising that Luxray is only showing its appreciation(reminiscent of Charizard and its Flamethrower).

    "Looks like we've got another 'affectionate' Pokemon for Ash," Max said, smirking.

    "That's the problem," Brock added. "He's loved too much."

    This prompted May, who was sitting between them, to slap them on the back of their heads.

    Prima smiled as she recalled Delibird. "You did a good job, Delibird," she said, and took out another Pokeball. "Let the others take care of this from now on. Come out, Jynx!" The Humanshape Pokemon appeared.

    After recalling Luxray, Ash nodded to Pikachu. "Your turn, Pikachu," he said to his partner. Pikachu nodded(Bring them on!) and entered the field.

    "Second match. Pikachu vs. Jynx. BEGIN!"

    Prima didn't hesitate this time, and immediately went on an offensive. "Jynx, use Ice Beam!"

    Pikachu tried to evade, but the snow from the last round is still there, cutting its speed. Pikachu instead jumped to evade Jynx's Ice Beam. The beam barely missed, but Pikach was able to get away, uniced.

    "Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!" In the air, Pikachu let out a huge surge of electricity, which directly hit Jynx. "Then go for Iron Tail!" With its tail glowing, Pikachu aimed for Jynx's head. But the psychic-/ice-type was ready. Pikachu, landed, not on Jynx, but on a Barrier! Jynx pushed the barrier upwards, hurtling Pikachu back to the ground!

    "I never saw a Barrier used like that!" Hikari exclaimed.

    "This is an Elite trainer we're talking about," Max replied. "They can pull off different methods to their techniques."

    Pikachu hit the ground, back first. Jynx wasted no time by materialising more Barriers. Then she Doubleslapped them all in Pikachu's direction, acting like very strong projectiles! The Barriers are so strong, that the ice in their path are giving way! Pikachu finds itself cornered just as the first Barrier loomed over him!

    Pikachu finds itself in a tight spot between a rock and a hard place(literally). Just as the Barrier hit the boulder, Pikachu barely managed to squeeze underneath a small gap between the Barrier and the ground. The impact caused an explosion, which sent Pikachu flying, right at Jynx.

    Another Barrier is heading Pikachu's way, but the yellow mouse defended itself by lashing Iron Tail in the direction of the Barrier. The Barrier broke after being hit by Pikachu's tail, saving the Pokemon. Pikachu landed this time on soft snow.

    "Jynx, deliver a Lovely Kiss," Prima directed. Jynx wobbled its hips, and winked at Pikachu.

    Ash grimaced at the image that came to his mind. "Pikachu, don't let Jynx hit you!" Too late, Jynx delivered a "flying kiss" to Pikachu. The little rodent was knocked to sleep.

    "Now, Wake-up Slap!" Jynx picked up Pikachu, and slapped it really, really hard, one after another. Pikachu woke up after the third slap, but couldn't budge due to Jynx's strong grip.

    "Pikachu, go for another Thunderbolt!" Pikachu used Thunderbolt its captor, bu Jynx didn't release its grip. After another shock, and another, Jynx still didn't budge. Pikachu is getting exhausted for using the attacks consecutively. But after the third shock, Jynx is beginning to give.

    "Pikachu, Iron Tail!" With one last burst of energy, Pikachu lashed out another Iron Tail at Jynx. The latter finally let go, after being hit by the super-effective attack. They stumbled to the ground, struggling to get up.

    "Jynx, try for another Barrier/Doubleslap combo!" Prima commanded. Jynx complied, and due to close proximity, Pikachu wasn't able to evade. It found itself being carried away by the Barrier. Pikachu crawled to the top edge of the barrier, and jumped right before it hit another boulder.

    "In the air, Pikachu! VOLT TACKLE!" Ash commanded.

    Pikachu shot itself like a missile towards Jynx, surrounded by electricity. Jynx threw another Barrier in Pikachu's direction. The two attacks met in midair, and Ash could hear 'glass' shattering. Pikachu broke through the Barrier and hit Jynx with Volt Tackle.

    Jynx toppled down at being hit, knocked out. "Pikachu is victor. This round goes to Ash!"

    Ash wiped the sweat off his forehead. Pikachu jumped into his arms. "Great work, Pikachu. One more win and we'll have Prima beat!"

    Pikachu(You got that right!)

    Even with the score in Ash's favor, Prima didn't look concerned as she recalled Jynx. "I should have known that your skills have improved after 4 years, Ash," she said calmly. "No more child's play. Go, Mamoswine."

    From her Pokeball came a large brown creature with tusks twice as long as Ash's arm.

    "A Mamoswine?" Ash again consulted his Pokedex:

    Mamoswine, the Twin Tusk Pokemon

    The evolved form of Piloswine, its imposing tusks are made of ice. Its numbers diminished when the Ice Age ended and the climate turned warm.

    "Go, Croconaw," Ash said, caling the Pokemon he has used for most of the competition. "Because of you and the rest of my Pokemon I've gotten this far. Now's your chance to finish it!"

    Croconaw came out of its Pokeball, ready to battle. It didn't seem intimidated of its opponent, which is almost thrice its size.

    "Third round. Mamoswine vs. Croconaw. BEGIN!"

    "Mamoswine, Rock Throw," Prima ordered. Mamoswine picked up a large boulder with its powerful tusks, and hurled them in Croconaw's direction.

    "Croconaw, get ready for Metal Claw," Ash cautioned.

    But even before the boulder could reach its target, Prima gave her second command. "Icicle Spear, NOW!" Just like Delibird before, Mamoswine formed icicles and threw them at Croconaw. The crocodile was able to break the boulder with Metal Claw, but the Icicle Spears hit Croconaw at pin-point(no pun intended) accuracy.

    "Aggh, it was just a diversion," Ash said, angry at himself for not seeing the attack. "Croconaw, are you alright?" Croconaw stood up from the spot where it fell.

    "Now, try a Body Slam," Prima ordered. For a behemoth, Mamoswine jumped high in the air, and fell, aiming for Croconaw.

    "Quick, Croconaw, evade the attack!" Ash ordered frantically. Pikachu(Hurry!) added.

    Croconaw barrel-rolled through the snow to the left side of the field. When Mamoswine hit earth, the ground shook so violently that several snowflakes jumped from their ground as well. Croconaw, who barely avoided the Body Slam, shielded itself from the heavy falling snow.

    "For a large Pokemon like Mamoswine, it sure moves fast," Hikari commented.

    "Prima did say no more child's play, right?" May said anxiously.

    "Boy, would I love to get on her playtime," Brock said dreamily. Everyone gave Brock a little "snapping back to reality" (YOWCH!), and continued on with the match.

    Now, Mamoswine has grabbed a stunned Croconaw by the tail, and hurled the Pokemon upwards. Whilst Croconaw is still in the air...

    "Another Rock Throw, Mamoswine," Prima ordered. Mamoswine hurled another large boulder at the fast falling Croconaw.

    "CROCONAW!" Ash's shout snapped Croconaw back to its senses. It turned around(facing upwards it turned around to see the ground below) and struck another Metal Claw at the boulder. Not a moment too soon, and Croconaw was able to land safely with pieces of the shattered boulder scattered around it.

    Ash and Pikachu sighed in relief. "Let's not get caught offguard again, huh, buddy?" Croconaw looked back at its trainer and nodded. Ash pointed his index finger at Mamoswine. "Hydro Pump!"

    Croconaw's cheeks began to puff, and out of the large jaw burst a powerful stream of water. The attack hit Mamoswine right between the eyes.

    "AVALANCHE!" Prima ordered.

    Mamoswine used its tusks to cause a large shockwave. "Oh, I've a bad feeling about this," Ash said. The snow around them began to rise high, just like water in Surf. For the first time since it debuted, Croconaw had a look of fear and surprise on its face.

    Croconaw broke out of its Hydro Pump attack and darted far to the side. But the giant Avalanche seems to be homing in on it.

    Ash senses that his Pokemon is in great danger. Ash ran along the side of the field, after Croconaw. The giant wall of snow crashed down on Croconaw and Ash, who was right behind it!

    “ASH!” everyone exclaimed in terror.


    -Deep freeze(gets slapped for a bad pun) cliffhanger. That doesn't end there, don't worry.
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