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Tribal Savages

Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by Calarus, Apr 30, 2010.

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  1. Calarus

    Calarus Fierce Kanto King

    Tribal Savages(Recruiting Now)

    Welcome to "Tribal Savages" the domain where leaders of leaders are born. If you are looking for a down to earth clan and trainers who aren't afraid to battle this is your home also. Here we dont believe in the word "NUB/S" only the word beginner cause we believe all people who try their best are the same as anyone else. This is the domain where death is delt to all who mess with the Tribal Savages. So read more and decide for yourself.


    "Read them, learn them, Live them"
    " All rules of SPPF apply here"
    1.) Respect your "Leaders"
    2.) No disrespect of your clan mates or any other clan within Serebii
    3.) No Trolling of clan members
    4.) Give "Respect" to all Serebii mods and thier decisions
    5.) Dont dare "Spam or Double post in Clan thread"
    6.) Dont ever think your better than anyone just be yourself
    7.) All "Clan business is kept within the Clan"
    8.) Stay "Active"
    9.) All "Chat Moderaters will obey Chat Rules"
    10.) Do your best so that we all achieve our goals.

    (Break these "RULES" and punishment will be Enforced")

    We are alos accepting "DOUBLE BATTLERS" here we work on both concepts of PKMN Battling so if you Double Battle you are wanted.
    What would you like to be called?-
    Activity Level-
    Rate yourself as a battler-
    Anything else we should know?

    Note: to any members applying, If you are a "Troll" or known troll. You are not wanted in this caln. We dont care who you are or who you know you are not welcomed here. We have the right to deny you membership if you dont like it go take up space in some other clan. The Tribal savages Leaders and Clan members.

    "We are here to serve you in the best way possible, Dont take our kindness for weakness"

    I am Calarus-aka,"The Kanto Pokeologist" Feared By Many, Hated By Few, Respected By All.

    New Work Schedule: GMT -1, I will be on everyday except WEDS 3:00pm till 5:30pm. Saturday & Sunday will be 8:00am till 2:00pm
    So this is my schedule please understand that these are the only times I will be available cause very busy with work.

    Yeah Like I Care, I run This Show.
    100% Reason To Remeber The Name.
    Vacant Leader Spot
    Im Not The Best, Just Hard To Beat.



    TS-3 - CC-2


    War Opponent: Team Catalyst
    Roster Size: 5 vs 5
    Starting Date: Now
    Roster Lineup: ISDr, Voidhawk, Viridian91, Ron, Calarus.
    Negotiation Terms: Nothing special
    Score: 2-0, (T.S.)
    These are the details as of now I will keep it updated.

    Everyone that 1st joins will start with the Child Rank

    After passing your 1 week probation you will move on to Tribal Student and allows you to purchase "SHOP PKMN"

    This is where you will request your 1st Rank up battle

    The Tribal Healer is youre second Request RB

    This will be youre 3rd RB

    This will be youre 4th RB-Allows you to apply for a Clan job

    This will be youre 5th RB-Allowing you to decide War nagotiations

    This Rank is obtained through service

    This Rank is obtained by winning war battle and your activeness in wars

    This is our Highest Rank-Honorary members who have gave their devoted time and sweat recieve this rank this rank is equal to the leader and Co-leaders


    About the shop, pokemon will be listed and classed by their playable parts. Example Offensive and Defensive, Staller etc. Moves, Nature, EV's, IV's and Item will also be posted.
    Shiny PKMN-You can tell shiny shop pkmn from their counterparts by their glowing tinge or are labeled shiny.

    (3) Adamant TORTERRA : Rock Polish WITH Life Orb (5 Medals)
    IVs: 31, 31, 31, 31, 31, 31
    EVs: 252 Atk, 4 Def, 252 Spe
    Moves: Rock Polish, Earthquake, Wood Hammer, Stone Edge

    (3) Modest EMPOLEON : Agility SubPetaya WITH Petaya Berry (5 Medals)
    IVs: 31, 31, 31, 31, 31, 31
    EVs: 24 Def , 252 SpA , 232 Spe
    Moves: Agility, Substitute, Surf, Grass Knot

    (3) Hasty INFERNAPE : LeadApe WITH Focus Sash (5 Medals)
    IVs: 31, 31, 31, 31, 31, 31
    EVs: 64 Atk , 252 SpA , 192 Spe
    Moves: Fake Out, Stealth Rock, Fire Blast, Close Combat

    (3) SHINY Timid GENGAR : LifeOrb set (7 Medals)
    IVs: 31, 30, 31, 30, 31, 30
    EVs: 4 Def , 252 SpA , 252 Spe
    Moves: Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Focus Blast, Hidden Power Fire / Explosion

    (3) SHINY Adamant GYARADOS : Offensive Dragon Dance WITH Leftovers (7 Medals)
    IVs: 31, 31, 31, 31, 31, 31
    EVs: 4 Def , 252 Atk , 252 Spe
    Moves: Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Stone Edge, Earthquake / Bounce

    (3)Lead Jolly Aero: Lead, Pressure With Focus Sash (5) Medals
    IV's: 31, 31, 31, 31, 31, 31
    EV's: 4 HP, 252 ATK, 252 SPE
    Moves: Stealth Rock, Taunt, Earthquake, Rockslide

    (3)TERRORDACTYLE Jolly Aero, Pressure WITH Life Orb (5) Medals
    IV's: 31, 31, 31, 31, 31, 31
    EV's: 4 DEF, 252 ATK, 252 SPE
    Moves: Stone Edge, Earthquake, Roost, Taunt

    (3)SUBROOSTE Jolly Aero, Pressure WITH LeftOvers (5) medals
    IV's: 31, 31, 31, 31, 31, 31
    EV's: 208 HP, 104 ATK, 48 SPDEF, 148 SPE
    Moves:Substitute, Roost, Taunt/Whirlwind, RockSlide
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2011
  2. voidhawk

    voidhawk Blergh!


    This is the proper TS League Tournament. It will be single elimination. The aim is to get everyone that signed up for the league to get some warm up for the league once started. Also it will give enough time to get the league itself organised. All league related stuff is in ISDr's post on page 1, under one of the spoilers at the bottom. All match-ups were random.

    If any changes to the types are needed, I have no objection provided the type you want to switch to is free to take. Please Inform ISDr of this.


    [xJLPx(Dragon)] vs [coolsboy(Dark)]
    [Mike_kun(bug)] vs [pokeTim(electric)]
    LOSS [TyranitarFan(psychic)] vs [Reeno(rock)] WIN
    LOSS[Voidhawk(ground)] vs [kyro12(water)] WIN
    LOSS [ISDr(Ghost)] vs [xMetagrossx(Fire)] WIN
    WIN [decadencia(steel)] vs [SnowFlake(ice)] LOSS​

    Tournament 1: Out of a total of 8 members DarkMudkip29x emerged victorious, and became the winner of the first ever TS clan tournament.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2011
  3. xMetagrossx

    xMetagrossx Blaziking


    Coming Soon: WAR CAPTAINS and WAR NEGOTIATORS, implementation of these posts will be done from the 14th of May 2011

    These are the jobs available currently (Medals Stated are per job project):

    Cayzeo's Tutoring: One member will tutor another to help himimprove as a player and help the clan improve as a whole. This may include test battles, team brainstorming and strategics only 5 at a time:
    Current people being tutored:

    • Megaknight
    • Mike Kun
    • Kyro 12
    • Charburble
    • Scubasteve
    The person being tutored must make the lesson time not the tutor

    Application for RNG breeeding Requests:
    RNG requests can be made on the thread, and whoever can take it can do so, just make sure that whoever requests a RNG pokemon confirms that someone is doing it for them so that there are no doubles

    Shiny (Y/N):
    Egg Moves:
    Anything More /Extra Requirements:

    RNG and IV breeder medals (Categorized under number of good IV stats)
    • 0-1 Flawless = 1 Medal
    • 2 Flawless = 2 medals
    • 3 Flawless = 3 Medals
    • 4 Flawless = 4 Medals
    • 5-6 Flawless (in ideal formation; ie Special Sweeper with a low not used Attack IVs) = 5 medals
    *Exceptions include when bred for Hidden Power or Trick Room sweepers, which do not need the flawless IVs in certain stats and are given full price for specificity.
    **For shiny pokemon add +1 to the medal value based on their IVs.
    Artists(5):post the specifics of what you want in the clan thread and an artist will accept the job which will be posted here. Payment will be discussed with the job completer. Here are some clanmembers art shops.

    EV Trainers (3): Normal EV trainers: x JLP x, PaulN, decadencia, Voidhawk, The Chemist(5th GEN only)
    Single Stat-to-Max EV trainers: x JLP x, Voidhawk, quilava576 ,HerrLupfa :
    Cloners(1 per clone): xMetagrossx, decadencia

    Item Collectors
    (In game items such as TMs or Berrys): xMetagrossx, decadencia, ISDr
    Note: For ALL JOB sections, the person requesting that service will have to transfer medals from his/ her tally and give them to the IV/ RNG breeders.

    Tribal Market Place
    In addition to having shop proper members can also have their own shops. Simply post the link of your shop and I will place it here

    LINK to xMetagrossx's trade thread

    LINK to Decadencia's trade thread
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2011
  4. ISDr

    ISDr Well-Known Member

    I QUIT

    Tribal Medal System (all CREDIT goes to TMK for this medals system and new market place idea as it wasn't possible without your help, and all other members who assisted in run up to the new system, special thanks to zodiac sage and viridian 91 for all suggestions.[/CENTER]

    The Tribal Medals act as the major source of currency in the clan, users can earn varying amounts of Tribal Medals for performing certain tasks for the clan. This includes but is not limited to participating in battles, breeding, ev training or cloning (more details to follow).
    Tribal Medals have a variety of applications within the clan, they can be used to purchase pokemon or items from the clan shop, purchase rank battles [see Rank Section], or purchasing various services from the Tribal Marketplace.

    I will update all Medals on a REAL-TIME basis, meaning whenever i get onto serebii and notice any medals to add on i will update them(just like before the weekly updates were introduced) (Just remember to be patient because I may not log on to serebii some days. If I see any impatience cropping up for no reason, I wont be happy :'()

    NOTE: I will need you to post in the clan thread clan activity that earned you those medals, SO THE PM/VM should ONLY contain the total medals I have to add. I have kept the updating period as every FRIDAY TO MONDAY of each week. If that time is not OK with you as in you can really not be online to send me an update PM/VM, we can arrange another time (contact me for time change by PM), THE Biggest problem with real time updates were that though convenient they were prone to errors and useless arguments over a small number of medals, so this weekly update idea will keep errors at an all time low, and also give me and EASIER time here, and you guys can obviously keep track of ur medals from now on, (DO not give incorrect totals for me to add because I will sometimes verify against the activity psots on the clan thread)


    Tribal War Lord: The eight hand final earned rank. This rank is equivalent to that of the clan leaders. Requirements: Having shown sufficient loyalty and hard work to the clan. This rank is given at the discretion of the Leader and users may be demoted from this rank to their previous rank if their activity falls below a certain level.RIGHT [CAN GIVE RANK UP BATTLES TO TRIBAL CHIEF RANK SEEKERS AND BELOW] [TO ADVANCE TO THIS RANK, YOU CAN REQUEST RANK UP BATTLES FROM ONLY CLAN LEADERS]

    Tribal War Chief: The seventh earned rank. Requirements: Participated in and shown excellence in war matches. 69 Tribal Medals and has participated in at least 23 battles as a Tribal Chief, in addition to War Battles. RIGHT [CAN GIVE RANK UP BATTLES TO TRIBAL LEADER RANK SEEKERS AND BELOW] [TO ADVANCE TO THIS RANK, YOU CAN REQUEST RANK UP BATTLES FROM ONLY CLAN LEADERS]

    Tribal Chief: The sixth earned rank. Requirements: 60 Tribal Medals and has participated in at least 20 battles as a Tribal Leader. Member must have demonstrated service to the clan. RIGHT [CAN GIVE RANK UP BATTLES TO TRIBAL SAVAGE RANK SEEKERS AND BELOW] [TO ADVANCE TO THIS RANK, YOU CAN REQUEST RANK UP BATTLES FROM ANY MEMBER AT TRIBAL WAR CHIEF OR ABOVE]

    Tribal Leader: The fifth earned rank. May allow user to assist in War Negotiations. Requirements: 54 tribal medals and has participated in at least 18 battles as a Tribal Savage. Must win the Rank Battle to advance. RIGHT [CAN GIVE RANK UP BATTLES TO TRIBAL WARRIOR RANK SEEKERS AND BELOW] [TO ADVANCE TO THIS RANK, YOU CAN REQUEST RANK UP BATTLES FROM ANY MEMBER AT TRIBAL WAR CHIEF OR ABOVE]

    voidHawk 1 (wifi,PO & pbr)
    Kyro12 48 (wifi & PO)
    TyranitarFan 64 (pbr & PO)

    Tribal Savage: The fourth earned rank. Requirements: 45 tribal medals and has participated in at least 15 battles as a Tribal Warrior; Must win the Rank Battle to advance. RIGHT [CAN GIVE RANK UP BATTLES TO TRIBAL HEALER RANK SEEKERS AND BELOW] [TO ADVANCE TO THIS RANK, YOU CAN REQUEST RANK UP BATTLES FROM ANY MEMBER AT TRIBAL CHIEF OR ABOVE]

    Cayzeo 158 (wifi & PO)
    Reeno 20 (wifi, pbr & PO)
    viridian91 33
    xMetagrossx 76 (wifi & PO)
    Mike kun 57 (wifi & PO)

    Tribal Warrior: The third earned rank. Requirements: 36 tribal medals and has participated in at least 12 battles as a Tribal Healer; Must win the Rank Battle to advance. RIGHT [CAN GIVE RANK UP BATTLES TO TRIBAL STUDENT RANKS WHO WANT TO BECOME TRIBAL SOLDIERS] [TO ADVANCE TO THIS RANK, YOU CAN REQUEST RANK UP BATTLES FROM ANY MEMBER AT TRIBAL LEADER OR ABOVE]

    zodiacsage 37 (wifi & PO)
    DarkMudkip29x 23
    Decadencia 91 (wifi & PO)

    Tribal Healer: This is the second earned rank. Requirements: 27 tribal medals and has participated in at least 9 battles as a Tribal Soldier; Must win the Rank Battle to advance to this rank. [TO ADVANCE TO THIS RANK, YOU CAN REQUEST RANK UP BATTLES FROM ANY MEMBER AT TRIBAL SAVAGE OR ABOVE]

    RonRonROn 38 (wifi)
    x JLP x 69 (wifi)
    Charburble 32

    Tribal Soldier: This is the first earned rank. Requirements: 18 tribal medals and has participated in at least 6 battles as a Tribal Student; Must win the Rank Battle to advance to this rank. [TO ADVANCE TO THIS RANK, YOU CAN REQUEST RANK UP BATTLES FROM ANY MEMBER AT TRIBAL WARRIOR OR ABOVE]

    Aerodrome 17 (wifi & PO)
    chimmy timmy 16
    pokeman5959 35 (wifi)
    3OZZ_DAWG1 0 (wifi & PO)
    coolsboy 8
    Snowflake! 48
    poketim2 34
    megaknight 28
    blazing fire 14
    Rezna 0 (wifi)
    xblader519 12
    Scubasteve23 43

    Tribal Student: This rank is given to those who have been with the clan actively for one week. Requirements: Clear the 1 week probation

    AJB1 25
    bluejay 5
    REggie25 5
    Typhlosionvsworld 5
    UGNS69 5
    ♠xEoNx♠ 8
    quilava576 19
    Team legend's Dragonite 5
    gengareric 5 (pbr)
    ThePhoenixarisen9 7
    vapor_trails 8
    BboyShadow 5
    Curly! 5 (wifi)
    Elite Four Lucian 5
    mewfaith 5
    JEK 5
    Namu342 5
    Something1212 42
    Dareliisko 34
    HerrLupfa 5
    DangerX 17
    andzedan000 5
    bedros 69
    PaulN. 5

    Tribal Child: The first rank and automatically bestowed upon each new member. Requirements: N/A

    tcuck 5
    Ohitsdylan 5
    TheUndefeated 5
    Zev. 5
    SoulCyndaquil11 5
    RooJ 5
    Angrydragon1104 5
    Jericho_Slayer 5

    Some Stuff to be aware of: If a Tribal Child is decently active and still with us after a week they will be ranked up to Tribal student automatically by me, but if they are not that active or do not show after joining, I will contact them by PM to ask if they are still here or not, if then I dont get a reply within a week or two then I will have to take them out of members list on the start of third week of inactivity.


    Another Note: Though it states that u need a certain number of battles at a specific rank to rank up, I will allow members to keep their battles count and adjust their battle count after ranking up, e.g. if you battle and meet ranking requirements of batle count as a tribal child, you will still be allowed to request your rank up battle, so guys dont worry about that matter, just make sure to keep your batle count and it will be nice if u ask for rank ups when u have battle coutns and medals as its far more easier, and well time placed

    AnotherNote TO participate in a clan war, you neet to be in the Tribal Soldier rank or above, or experienced Tribal Stundent ranks:: Another prefered thing will be experience in battling and ability to adapt to different scenarios well (this is what rank up battles are for anyway):: Once most of you guys are in Tribal Soldier, and there are lesser Tribal Child ranks, the war requirement will be increased to highwer ranks, but still consider all war able battlers:: ++ :: From now one, we will start experimenting or basically giving chances to all members above Soldier to be in war rosters, and participate in future wars, so each team for war roster for different wars will be slighttly different to cater for experience value of more members, AND future wars are likely to be prolonged as well, lie in case of 7 vs 7 wars, unlike the current usual wars that are 5 vs 5

    (More questions will be answered on chat, but I hope i was clear enough)

    Using Tribal Medals
    Tribal Medals are used as a currency, this means that means that rather than just earning Tribal Medals from the Clan proper, users will actually be able to exchange medals for services. For instance to use the service of our various EV trainers the user must have enough Tribal Medals to give to the EV Trainer.
    This means that users will be forced to partake in battles to earn enough Tribal Medals before being able to use the various perks offered by our users.

    Tribal Medals and Rank
    In Tribal Savages, varying ranks are available to users as a symbol of their activity and dedication to the clan. In order to reach these ranks members must prove their worth not only on the battlefield but also by service to the clan. As such each rank battle will cost users a predetermined amount of Tribal Medals.
    However, for each rank a certain number of battles must be played (regardless of wins and losses), these numbers will are listed in the RANK section in the first post.

    Tribal Medals Values
    Defeating a member equal to or lower than you in Rank: 3 medals
    Defeating a member of higher rank than you (including leaders): 4 medals
    Defeating a War Opponent: 4 medals
    Cloning: 3 medals per 3 Pokemon
    EV training (See Market Place): 3 medals
    Recruiting/Referring new members: 5 medals, if and only if the new member recruited moves on to Tribal Student rank which proves that he/she is active
    Shop Pokemon: 1-5 medals (See Market Place)
    Custom Bred Pokemon: 1-5 medals (See Market Place) (NOTE: SEE MORE DETAILS ON THIS IN JOBS AND MARKET PLACE

    VOLUNTARY ASSIGNED SECTION::: Medal Consistency Checkers::: xMetagrossx, voidhawk, Reeno, Decadencia

    Besides all ways if obtaining medals, the last way that's my personal favorite it’s called CAUGHT BEING AWESOME! This way of obtaining medals is totally up to you if you’re a kind good sportsman and like to help others as well as anyone asking for help or just want to lend a hand. If I see it you get extra points for being a good person because I believe a clan is just like a family and we must all work together to achieve our goals. Just one small opint relating to this, these medals are not to be requested by any member, they are a way of thanking you for support and good sportsmanship and great awesomeness, but not all the time, since all members can achieve great things and if I start giving everyone these medals all the tmie it just makes no use of these medals category, so please understand, AND normal medals are usually enough lol, Also I do not usually take off exact rank up medals if u watch closely sionce I believe you have to have some medals to fall back to adfter ranking up incase something is needed by you from market place section/ jobs services, Thanks for understanding

    Loss of Tribal Medals system goes as follows. Medal amount depending on action, FLAMING, INSULTING, TROLLING, DISRESPECT, INVADING OTHER CLAN PRIVACY, FALSE ACCUSATIONS, BAD SPORTSMANSHIP, ETC, I don’t mind swearing but use it in the clan chats to an acceptable level when we are just relaxing, but not here in the clan thread please thank you.


    17 th March: OK, now, for the important bit, The LEAGUE organisation stuff, I NOW REQUEST all members that are strictly in Tribal soldier and Above to post here the type that they would like to be AND also send me a PM if they wish, REason: SO that duplicates(in terms of a identical choices) are avoided,

    AND also, you need to first see if any type has already been choosen, dont choose that one (the only thing(if u really want that type) u can do if a type has been choosen is ask the person who chose the type if they were willing to let go of that type and give it to you in PEACE, I will not tolerate any useless arguments, ALSO, since we have a lot of memebrs that can get a league postition, you might consider waiting, till all postitions [12 sections of the league] are choosen, then those memebrs left can choose a type already choosen(MAX 2 members per type), and it shall make the league more convenient for challengers, and you guys more stronger together and also 5th gen style gyms (but of course to win a badge at ur gym challengers will only have to beat one of you )


    (1) only choose type that have not been taken (you can see taken types in posts of members in case I havent updated straight away)
    (2) The only time u are allowed to choose a taken type is if u wait till the default positions number has been filled then you can choose a type that only has 1 person allocated (apart from elite positions)
    (3) I will take care of the order of positions you get, and whether yuo will be elites/ gym leaders: You need to understand that elite positions will be given to the veterans of the clan (ME not included coz I want you all to first get settled in to it)
    (4) Once league will be up, positions can change depending on your performance, and obviously I aim to get every member a place in it, (THE Leagu will be only for TS members who handle all positions and all memebrs in serebii can challenge it, and I have made rules yet to be revealed for legue runners and challengers, will be discussed further at a later date)
    (5) Be good, and get organised in Peace, (ALSO REMEMBER LEAGUE CHOICES ARE ONLY OPEN TO THOSE WHO ARE IN TRIBAL SOLDIER AND ABOVE, if you get to soldier you will be put into the league)
    (6) GOod LUCK to us all
    (7) Before the league starts up there will be a monotype tournament here, that will be a kinda warm up tourney, but I reccomend all of you to keep up practice with the leagues teams (3 pokemon that are of gym specific type, e.g. heatran / typholsion in fire fym etc. etc, and 3 randoms)AND you can select the tiers you will be using and also your opponent's
    (8) I personally request all of those who think that they can adjust to most types to consider allowing other members to get those types if need be coz league stay evenly strong but maintains the incraesing difficulty and skills,
    (9) We definitely need league to be strong and decent, so choose wisely and i will allow you to change once league is up before end of April hopefully, Till then, we shall run current clan tourney then mono type tourney that willl soon come dont think of that now its in the diary, and do ur best in the elague, adn also be active on the clan, coz most rules will be relatively straight forward and will be out soon, so dont worry much on the yet, do the above,
    (10) This should be obvious by still I will say it again, All memebrs on serebii will be able to challenge the league as well as you all guys

    18th March: Choices start up::::xMetagrossx = Fire, decadencia= steel, xJLPx = Dragon, voidhawk= ground, Reeno= rock, Mike_kun= bug, kyro12 = water, coolsboy=Dark, TyranitarFan= psychic ], pokeTim = electric , SnowFlake!= ice, ISDr = ghost [[[[Total : 12/12 so far]]]]

    Note 1: the teams should be AT LEAST 3 of the gym type, and 3 random type pokemon, we can call then league teams instead of monotype teams coz that is kinda confusing,
    Note 2: You will have the power to choose any tier they want, and also indicate the opponent's tiers, e.g. if I was to challenge a gym in that league, you could say that you would use a 4th gen OU team, and even I had to have a 4th genOU team:::::
    Note 3: League will cater for 4 and 5th gen, BUT there have been a lot of queries on the 5th gen aspect of it. I recommed that we wait a bit till smogon identifies the tiers properly for the gen, so we dont have to keep making alternative changes:: You will have plenty of time for 5th gen training, because on average the league will take a month to slowly set up:: A question that may arise is that if u already have started a 5th gen team then what??? Answer:: Feel free to start making your teams on 5th gen but make sure that once tiers stuff is finalized your teams must follow them, AND also I will probably allow you to choose whether you and your opponent can use opponent Dream World Abilities or NOT, so that should again give you more power just like the power to choose your own tier and the opponent's tier, (More discussions on chat please, and questions as well)

    Members and Clan Jobs banner designed via cooltext.com ((EPIC))
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2011
  5. xlAcelx

    xlAcelx New Member

  6. Calarus

    Calarus Fierce Kanto King

    Welcome Ace, lol you have 2 posts so just delete 1 and youre good.
  7. ZettaOmega

    ZettaOmega New Member

    Zetta here ready to tear it up!. Name: ZettaOmega Battle Experience: month and a half only started in HG/SS
  8. Calarus

    Calarus Fierce Kanto King

    Welcome Zetta, enjoy tearing it up.
  9. ISDr

    ISDr Well-Known Member

    Welcome to all new members. Have a nice time here.

    edit: And cal, i did make some new templates for the ranks. I will show them to you when you're online.
    Last edited: May 2, 2010
  10. Reeno

    Reeno Fury Hunter

    Hey, ISDr suggested I have a think about joining up with a clan to enhance my experiance here so I decided to take up the offer. I'm currently into my final week of my 2nd year degree so until next saturday I wont be avaliable too much, but after that i'le be poking around pretty much every evening. As for rating myself as a battler, ive been playing various pokemon games over the past 10 years, but havnt taken on competative battling until december last year, so i'd class myself as a learner, past the beginner stage but I still have a way to go before i'd say I was decent.
  11. Calarus

    Calarus Fierce Kanto King

    Welcome Reeno, it is a pleasure to have you with us if you need any help just ask and we will work to our best abilities to help you.Calarus
  12. Undead Lust

    Undead Lust Banned

    Welcome to the clan, new members.

    Call me Lust, I'll be happy to help with any questions you may have.

    Hope you enjoy your time here <3
  13. Calarus

    Calarus Fierce Kanto King

    Royal make sure to finish your section and carry on.Calarus
  14. Royal Arcanine

    Royal Arcanine Well-Known Member

    DOn't worry Cal i'm working on it.
  15. Calarus

    Calarus Fierce Kanto King

    Alright good to hear, and just have faith guys we can get through all of this.
  16. blazing fire

    blazing fire Seeker

    hello i got a pm from isdr asking if i wanted to join so i said yes. i have a question how do you rank your self? i also ask if you call me dark flame,i'm ready for anything
  17. soulbomb77

    soulbomb77 New Member

    Hey guys, I'd like to start competitive battling on the new generation. I only have Diamond, but I hope to get SoulSilver sometime soon. I've played pokémon since the first gen, and have done some competitive battling before, just not in the 4th gen.

    What would you like to be called?-Brando
    Activity Level-Occasional
    Rate yourself as a battler-Moderately skilled
    Anything else we should know?
    Last edited: May 8, 2010
  18. Undead Lust

    Undead Lust Banned

    I believe that everyone starts off on the lowest rank and you will rank up as you earn Tribal Medals. How to earn them and such is on the 4th post.

    Also, welcome to the both of you to TS. If you both have questions or would like a battle, contact me at any time. Just call me Lust.
  19. ISDr

    ISDr Well-Known Member

    Welcome dark flame, aka blazing fire and soulbomb77. Have a good time here.

    edit: and blazin fire, dont worry abount how to rank youself, you'll be fine, relax and look forward to meeting other members and battling once everyone in the clan is able to be online and have fun.
  20. blazing fire

    blazing fire Seeker

    isdr didn't you read my message yesterday i can't battle yet.i can't tell every one but someone has my ds,so i have to wait to battle. don't tell them who has my ds isdr, i not kidding.
    Last edited: May 8, 2010
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