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Trinimaster's Trade Zone

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Trinimaster., Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Trinimaster.

    Trinimaster. Well-Known Member

    Hmm Are anyone of them lv.1? sorry If I'm being a pain
  2. Kansas_Rocks!

    Kansas_Rocks! Awesomeness Trainer

    Both are. They have no egg moves, but they are both at lv. 1.
  3. Trinimaster.

    Trinimaster. Well-Known Member

    Its cool ill take the adamant one then so we have a deal,Ill VM you in a bit since I'm organizing my boxes right now
  4. joepotatoe

    joepotatoe Dunsparce MasterRace

    129.-Shiny flawless Lv.1 adamant Magikarp (DW Ability)
    285.-Shiny Flawless Lv.1 adamant Shroomish with EM Seed Bomb/Focus Punch
    252.-Shiny near flawless (Sp.Att 1) LV.1 jolly Treecko with EM grasswhistle
    204.-Shiny near flawless (Spd 2) Lv.1 relaxed Pineco with EM Toxic Spikes
    361.-Shiny flawless Lv.1 Timid Snorunt with EM spikes ONLY IF FEMALE
    636.-Shiny near flawless (Att.5) Lv.1 Timid Larvesta with EM Morning Sun
    607.-Shiny flawless LV.1 Timid Litwick with EM Heat Wave
    532.-Shiny flawless Lv.1 adamant Timburr with EM Mach Punch/Drain Punch
    559.-Shiny flawless lv.1 adamant Scraggy with EM Dragon Dance/Drain Punch/Ice Punch

    and If another trade I have set up fails Id be interested in

    639.- Shiny near flawless (Sp.Att.19) Lv.42 Jolly Terrakio
    Also they must all be in ENGLISH or french I could tolerate but no JAP :3

    I can offer:
    Shiny flawless DWF dratini(adamant) EM: Extreemespeed
    Shiny flawless mienfoo(jolly) EM: knock off
    Shiny flawless DWF gligar with the same EM as yours xD
    Shiny flawless EV trained lvl 100 whimsicott(bold, EM encore) (reply for more details on EV spread)
    Flawless Gamestp deoxys-a(naive) lvl 50 UT
    Flawless Movie14 Victini(adamant) lvl 50 UT
    Flawless SMR2010 Jirachi(jolly) lvl 5 UT

    All UT unless stated :D, also I'd need you to clone my pokes and trade them back, If not I'll find someone else to clone them, And we can trade then :DD
  5. furycalibur

    furycalibur feelin' Nostalgic

    since you are also trading regular shinys starting soon, how bout if i give you 2 regular UT shiny's for the 1 flawless?
  6. master91

    master91 shiny hunter

    i should have those 3 pokemon today if you still need them and i also have S/F nidoran♂
  7. I have an interest in your shiny Tirtouga.

    I have a Japanese, Jolly Jirachi recieved from the Hoenn reigon or a Dream World Korean Squirtle im willing to trade for it.
  8. Trinimaster.

    Trinimaster. Well-Known Member

    Hey unfortunately some of them I own already while the others I'm not really interested in,sorry

    Thinking about it now I'm not so sure If ill be collecting regular shinies again since my only interest is in shinies flawless ones,sorry about that
    Already got a nidoran but thanks anyway,what would you like for the 3 other pokemon I requested?

    Is your Squirtle fully legit? also can you tell me what level it is?
  9. warrior777

    warrior777 Member

    I like a lot of your Pokemon, do you think you could check my thread and see what you like from there?
  10. joepotatoe

    joepotatoe Dunsparce MasterRace

    Would you be interested in
    Shiny flawless bold MALE frillish (NN: The Sorrow)
    Shiny flawless Adamant Klink lvl 25 UT
    Shiny flawless BOld lvl 13 EV WIPED DW eevee
    Shiny flawless lvl 1 UT bouffalant
    Shiny flawless EV trained Bold DW vaporeon and
    Shiny flawless EV trained Bold Jellicent (NN: The Sorrow)
  11. It's seems very legit, i got it from a Korean girl over the GTSN. It's location when it was captured is the Entree Forest, lv. 10. Though I got it level 20, so it's raised 10 levels.
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2012
  12. furycalibur

    furycalibur feelin' Nostalgic

    so your only looking for shiny flawless level 1's? keep that deino on hold i'll get a hold of 1 >=P
  13. Trinimaster.

    Trinimaster. Well-Known Member

    Cacnea lv 1 UT [Adamant]
    Thundurus level 40 UT [Timid]
    Tornadus lv 40 UT [Jolly]
    Birth Island Shiny Deoxys, level 30 UT [Japanese]
    The first 3 are shiny flawless right? also is the shiny Deoxys legit?

    Pretty much own all of them,sorry

    I was interested but I like all the pokes I receive untouched sorry,do you have anything else you could offer?
    Shiny flawless pokes holds my interest the most as of now so yea pretty much.Just to let you know Deino knows 4 eggmoves (Ice Fang/Thunder Fang/Fire Fang/Dark Pulse) which makes it a unique shiny poke so I might want a SF poke with eggmoves as well for it
  14. furycalibur

    furycalibur feelin' Nostalgic

    thats ironic cuz i'd delete the 3 fangs because hes a special attacker
  15. Hmm... I have an untouched shiny slugma, recieved from hoenn. But i'd want it cloned, since i love it so much. I have others, too. Shiny Garbador, shiny zebstrika, shiny petilil, shiny snivy, shiny joltick, shiny sableye, shiny heatmor, and a shiny ninetails. Oh and a shiny axew.
  16. Trinimaster.

    Trinimaster. Well-Known Member

    I own an Abra that has all the elemental punches which doesn't contribute at all to his main stat (Sp.attack) but regardless many shop owners on here still want good offers for it since I'm not the only want who owns one.Even if you do decide to take out the fangs it still leaves Dark pulse which is a very useful move for a poke like Hydreigon since its a STAB move.I'm not trying to be difficult with you but at the same time a near flawless Deino with 4 eggmoves I just can't do an easy offer for it
  17. Trinimaster.

    Trinimaster. Well-Known Member

    Are any of them Shiny flawless or near? If so I'm interested in sableye/heatmor
  18. Ill need to check first.
  19. Trinimaster.

    Trinimaster. Well-Known Member

    Ok no prob
  20. Hmmm...they are both flawless in only 2 places...

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