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Triple Leaders, Team Threats! (664)


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I don't normally have much of a difference in opinion when it comes to the voices of the Japanese and English Dub but in Cilan's case I really like his Japanese voice better. I have nothing against his English voice though, I just found his Japanese voice more interesting and that.

Cress and Chili sounded alright too.

The Pan monkeys also sounded fine.

The cheerleaders sounded annoying though...then again they sounded annoying in the Japanese one too, at less for me they did.


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I absolutely love Oshawott's facial expression when Pansage is about to use Solarbeam. I like the VA's they got for Cilan and his brothers they feel very natural. I'd say my only problem is the fact that Cilan, Cress, & Chili are boys I think they'd work better as girls & give Ash two female companions to travel with which would definitely help go towards the newer direction they're taking with some of the elements of the series.


Oh, hey, Big Zam!
Cilan sounds...okay.

But how does Pikachu get his *ss handed to him by a Panpour?

He just tied with a Latios!
Well, apparently Ash has been 10 for who knows how many years and Pikachu's pretty much worthless in the beginning. Someone should ask the writer, What's wrong with improving?


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I really liked this episode from start to finish even when Cilan annouced his profession it made a lot of sense.

Now to the gym battle, typical Ash to break the rules of a gym to be able to face all three monkeys but I think he was secretly edging his bets just so you had a chance to still get the badge if he lost one :p. I really enjoyed Tepig v Panseer because it involved a lot of action and good strategy, but I think I find same type battles the best.

No matter how frustrating it is to see Pikachu lose again you cannot take away the fact that it was a great battle on panpour's part especially when it aimed water gun at Pikachu's feet. Finally, we have Pansage v Oshawott which shows Oshawott's concerned character towards battles. We end with Pansage clearly having the upper hand and then the cliffhanger is shockingly presented to us.


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Cilan sounds...okay.

But how does Pikachu get his *ss handed to him by a Panpour?

He just tied with a Latios!

Just because it beat Latios doesn't mean it's going to always beat everything that isn't a Legendary.

Cress knew what he was doing, Panpour was very strong. Electric moves were basically useless thanks to Mud Sport.

Also, plot has a small part in it all.


It's been a while...
- Oshawott=Cuteness! If it were in a Pokemon game, it'd have a Sassy nature. :p
LOL My Oshawott is Sassy. But now it's a Dewott.
I watched it again and the voices are really good. I may forgive them for the starters.


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I watched it...the gym leaders snapped too much. I'm also wondering if Iris likes him yet or is just there to drag him down...
It's much better than the sinnoh region.
But I don't like Cilan's voice actor.


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My best idea is that this was Zekrom's train of thought in the beginning:

"This Pikachu is overpowered! It can tie with a freaking Latios! I must weaken it!" *zaps Pikachu* *Pikachu can no longer use electric type moves* "Oh ****...I overdid it a bit, lets try that again" *zaps Pikachu again to let it use its electric type moves again but otherwise leaves it at about level 5*

LOLZ! That would be really funny if it were true. :) But considering how underpowered Pikachu is now, maybe it really happened. :p


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This episode was quite enjoyable, and I loved Cilan's voice actor. It was very fast paced, which I liked, but it felt as if the episode was about ten minutes long! The Gym Battle was fine, but because of the three Leaders, it shortened the battles drastically.



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Watched this episode, it was surprising that Pikachu lost to Panpour. But the battle continues to this coming Saturday, even though I looked ahead at the pictures.

The three Gym Leaders were amazing, too.


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I quite like Clian I was expecting him to be annoying but no hes cool. Pikachyu lost again isnt it like really high level by now/ That annoys me and although Tepig might have got a bit of training I wouldnt expect Osawott to win as its only just been given by the professor. But thats pokemon for you just go along for the ride
The cheerleaders DID annoy me but they fangirly what do you expect. Loved that Iris was all eh cant be bothered LOL.
Cant wait to see if ash can win his badge

Sapphire Kirby

Evaluation time!
My best idea is that this was Zekrom's train of thought in the beginning:

"This Pikachu is overpowered! It can tie with a freaking Latios! I must weaken it!" *zaps Pikachu* *Pikachu can no longer use electric type moves* "Oh ****...I overdid it a bit, lets try that again" *zaps Pikachu again to let it use its electric type moves again but otherwise leaves it at about level 5*

Zekrom is officially a jack***. :D


Normally, I'm not suppose to watch the anime anymore because I hate it. But quiting is so hard to do and will take time. Plus I want to see Cilan's awesomeness in english.

First off, let me just say that I hate Iris with a burning passion. She is such a know it all despite the fact she is a terrible trainer. Everytime she tells Ash he is a kid I feel the urge to strangle her. She knows Ash isnt from Unova, so is should be expected that he has no idea where the gym is. The fact that she herself knows nothing about the gym (its a restaurant, has three leaders) just shows how much of an ego she has. I have no idea what the writers were thinking when they made her Ash's traveling companion. Game Iris is much more tolerable.

That said, I don't like the episode. While Chilli and Cress try to take Ash's money and serve him a meal which Ash responds by yelling that he wants to battle the gym leader was funny, the battles, Team Serious, and Iris' existence are not. Ash's two new Pokemon he barely trained win with type disadvantages, but Pikachu loses to a water type! It makes no sense! Pikachu doesn't even land a hit! I know that the writers wanted to show off the marketable starters, but does it really require more humiliation on Pikachu's part? Pikachu already had a depressing loss a few episodes ago, so there is no reason to make Pikachu even more of a loser. The kids who watched the Sinnoh League still remembered that Pikachu tied with Latios; we aren't goldfish! If we had to have Ash lose once, why not use Pidove? I don't see the point in Ash catching it if he never uses it for anything.

Frankly, I'm disapointed. Ash's wins and losses were based on luck and plot power only. Tepig and Oshawott are outmatched by Pansear and Pansage, yet win anyway. Tepig beat Pansear by biting it's tail and tackling it into a wall after the little piggy got hit by multiple dig attacks. Oshawott acts like a real loser in battle but is able to deflect a large beam with a tiny shell. And when it loses its shell in the next episode, Ash randomly becomes a genius and knows that using water gun on a wall will bounce off the rocks in such a way that Oshawott gets its shell back. Gees, writers, what is with you! Is Ash a noob or an experienced trainer? Make up your minds!

I'm not even going to bother with Team Serious, as they are boring as H*** now and only waste air time that could of went to better battles.

The voices were all fine (besides Iris) and the music was good too. Cilan keeps his awesomeness in the dub, even though they are misprounouncing his name. Its Cill- lon, not Sign-lan! TPCi should know how to prounounce the names they come up with.

Overall, I'd give it a 4/10: watchable, but lame.


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Some of you are aware Hiyappu hit Pikachu with a ground type move, right? Edit: Or maybe not, seriously, it can only use two, so WTF was that move then.

I mean seriously hating the episode or not finishing it because Pikachu lost to a better trainer who HAS TO have Strategies against type advantages, is really the most stupid thing a fan of the anime can do.

I mean seriously, Corn was just better. it's not like Pikachu actually hit Hiyappu with any attacks anyway (except maybe quick attack).

Pikachu can go all the way against a freaking Latios just before Unova but gets smacked at the start of this region against a bunch of weak pokémon. Makes a lot of sense.

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Pikachu would have beaten Panpour but I think Cress just gave him no time to counter attack.... but still the gym battle was good


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I reall enjoyed this episode. I really like Cilian's character.I like the concept of 3 different gym leaders and the idea of it being in a restraunt. Cool to see the 3 Elemental monkeys for the first time.I love the last picture at the end Oshawott's face is priceless 8.5/10
but I honestly didn't like that an under-levelled and much weaker Tepig won against moves that were supereffective against it while an over-levelled Pikachu couldn't even win against a weaker Pokémon that had a type disadvantage.

How do you know for sure that Panpour is weaker? It only had a type disadvantage. Just because someone has a Pokemon doesn't automatically make it weaker than Pikachu.