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Tropical Apocalypse (Pokemon) ~ RP (Rated R)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by VampirateMace, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Long ago many ancient cultures prophesied about the end-times and the mysterious pokemon that would appear in mankind's final hours. With so many of these titans appearing recently it became obvious to scholars that the apocalypse was upon us. It soon manifest, in the form of a devastating increase in solar activity (causing all sorts of other natural and technological disasters), as well as an increasing number of wormholes to the Ultra Beast's dimension.

    A tsunami has washed over Alola, leaving few survivors. Some of those remaining were told by Sophocles that if they can catch Necrozma, he might be able to find a ritual they can preform to end the crisis.

    Now, as the waters start to recede. . .

    1. Obviously, follow the standard forum and sub-forum rules.
    2. Don't SPAM, flame, or otherwise harass other players.
    3. Don't bunny (control others' character's) without permission. If you know me, you know I am strict on this.
    4. Your character is NOT Omnipotent, Omniscient, or Omnipresent. Do NOT have them know things they shouldn't, teleport without the appropriate pokemon, or otherwise god-mode.
    5. Put your name(s) and rough location(s) [if possible] at the top of your post. It is helpful to list pokemon with their nicknames as well. - Inventory is not required for this RPG, as long as no 'magic items' appear.
    6. Do NOT be the idiot that forces me to make more rules (love you guys). If you're not sure if you should do it, either don't, or ask first!

    & Guidelines:
    ~ Please don't just find people or pokemon (including Necrozma, but not Ultra Beasts) out of the blue. There is an event system that allows for finding surviving people, pokemon, and items. You may find aggressive Ultra Beasts at anytime you like, but I don't know why you'd want to since it's gonna be hard to heal your pokemon.
    ~ While natural disasters and resulting the deaths feature heavily in the RPG, I ask that you treat the subject with respect, and don't try to make them into a funny or insignificant situation/topics. Yeah, this is an RPG and weird stuff is still going to happen.
    ~ In general there should be no modern electronics (including pokedex). I know this can be hard to remember, so let's all be kind and supportive of each other. There are also a couple exceptions, simple electronics like lights, could still function if fueled by a pokemon's electricity (assuming they are not too damaged by recent events), and of course, the Alolan RotomPokedex.
    ~ There will not be set fight rules, as you should not be fighting each other, only NPCs, but I still expect you to treat them with respect and caution. Your Cleffa is not going to KO an Ultra Beast in one hit.

    Accepted players
    1. Jezebel - *Jean Grey* (Cece)
    2. Virgin - Dragalge (Veronica)
    3. Lover/Twin 1 - Monster Guy (Max)
    4. Lover/Twin 2 - Sketchie (Lucas)
    5. Nerd - Tangeh (Jordan)
    6. Jock - Schade (Morgan)
    7. Fool - Hydrangea (Isaac)
    8. Wild - VampirateMace (Mace)

    And so it begins. . .

    Location: Mt Hokulani, Hokulani Observatory, outside (afternoon)
    Pokemon: Bellossom (Blue - M) & Stableye (Glimmer - M)

    Mace looked dumbfounded over the dark waters. Moments ago there had been cities, jungles, beaches, hills, and so on. This was bad, very bad. The recent solar flares had knocked out the power, which meant most people probably never even knew it was coming, because there had been no tsunami siren. She and the others up here had only survived out of dumb luck, or by being close enough to run when they noticed the ocean recede before the wave.

    A small Bellossom clung to her shoulder being unusually quiet, while her Stableye stood beside her gazing out over the water. She looked at them, Blue looked scared and she patted his head, but Glimmer looked back up at her with the blank soulless gaze Stableye always had. She could tell what he was thinking from the gesture though. It was on her own lips already, “This is bad.”

    It was the only thing she could think of, the only thought that occupied her mind. This was bad. What was someone supposed to do for a tragedy this scale? Take off their hat? Was that a man's rule? What did it mean or matter anyways? It wasn't going to help anyone. She shook her head slightly. This was bad.

    Moments ago Sophocles had flown off on a Charizard after some book. Then she'd seen it. The ocean floor, as a massive wave pulled back the sea. He probably had a perfect view of the wave when it happened. She hoped the kid was alright. Probably. He was even higher up then them when it happened. She wondered if he was terrified. Weren't his parents down there somewhere?

    The waters were starting to pull away now. The island was a mess. Trees lie on the ground, up rooted from miles away. Buildings were reduced to slabs of foundation and piles of rubble. A battered green tour bus sat teetering on a hill not too far away. She surveyed the ocean, the waves, while rough, seemed to be returning to what passed for normal these days. It was scary, but her mind processed now what she was supposed to do in the face of such an terrible event, “This is bad. . . we should probably go look for survivors.”
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2017
  2. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Location: Mt Hokulani, Hokulani Observatory, outside (afternoon)
    Pokemon: Helioptile ("Ellie" - F), Arcanine ("Jake" - M)

    Jordan stood in front of the guardrail, solemnly gazing through frameless glasses at the remains of Malie City. Still in shock, she couldn't tear her gaze away. The arcanine to her left had managed to save both her and the helioptile whom was trembling in her arms, but few others were so lucky. If she hadn't been on her balcony at the time, if Jake hadn't been there, she would certainly be...

    Jordan scrambled back inside, a terrified helioptile in one arm. 'Jake!' Her voice was strained with panic; she was barely able to hear herself over the rapid heartbeat in her ears. Her arcanine had already noticed, and was waiting at the front door with her energency backpack dangling between his teeth. Jordan ran ahead and tore open the front door, clamoring onto Jake's back in a desperate bid to outrun the roar of rushing water.

    She'd never had her life flash before her eyes before. She was certain they were going to die. It was an eerie experience to reflect on, as if it had been a nightmare instead of reality.

    They tore toward Mount Hokulani, the threat of a watery demise not far behind them. She'd never let Jake run at full speed before - she dug her right hand into his fur, her left cradling Ellie to her chest. They were practically flying. The wind whipped past them, impeding her hearing. Jake barked, and Jordan squinted up - they'd approached the mountain at the fastest angle, but it was an awkward one. A steep embankment just over ten feet was their last obstacle. Jake jumped sooner than Jordan expected, and it felt as if they were gliding in slow motion as she noticed the ocean finally rush underneath them. She held her breath, and they landed heavily, skidding to a halt. Ellie screeched in surprise as Jordan lost her grip and tumbled off onto solid ground. She panted, staring at where they had been running just moments ago. The onslaught of water was breaking trees and carrying with it beach umbrellas and lawn chairs. Her blood ran cold as she spotted a prone body bobbing motionlessly in the current. 'We need to get to the observatory, Jake...'

    She didn't really feel much safer up here. There would just be something even more terrible after this, she just knew it. And she'd thought technology being down for the last week was the end of the world. Attempting to brew coffee over a fire was a strange and unpleasant experience, and she barely knew what to do with herself with the computers being down - she'd given up going to work, there was nothing she could do to restore the computers' function, though she'd tried. But now?

    She gripped the edge of the guardrail, knowing that her coworkers and friends were dead. She didn't see them up here, and every other bit of Alola appeared to have been flooded, though the water was finally receding now. She couldn't process that right now, she felt as if she were numb. Everything had happened so quickly. She bowed her head and turned away. She tried to transfer Ellie from her arms to her shoulder, but she was being uncharacteristically clingy. Jordan supposed she couldn't blame her, and stroked her gently as she walked. Jake stuck close to her side. He was a trained guard pokemon, and was naturally overprotective at the moment. There were other people here; at least she wasn't the only one.

    “This is bad... we should probably go look for survivors," a young woman wearing a lot of red and a large brimmed black hat spoke up as Jordan approached.

    Though Jordan agreed, that seemed a bit optimistic, at least in the area surrounding the mountain. Still, it was the morally correct thing to do. "We should, though I doubt we'll find much," Jordan said, a bit more bluntly than she'd intended. She couldn't really help it given the circumstances. Realizing this, she added "perhaps around the mountain's edge? Some people may have managed to climb up there and are stranded. There's another mountain south of here called Blush Mountain. It's possible there's others there, but it may be dangerous since the power plant is there..." She trailed off, worried anxiety was clouding her judgement.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2017
  3. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Morgan Dunbrook
    Mount Hokulani Observatory, outside

    Morgan was standing with his pokemon at the top of the mountain, looking out over the detruction that now surrounded them in all directions. He had been jogging up the mountain as part of his daily routine, and about halfway to the top, he noticed the ocean recede, and vaguely saw the massive tidal wave forming in the far distance. After that, it was all just chaotic. Mounting Peep, he pulled Happy and Haku with him as he ordered the Dodrio to run by all its might. Surprisingly enough, Peep picked up astonishing speed, even with Morgan, a Chansey and a Marowak on its back. With its left head flowing gracefuly in the wind behind him, the Triple Bird ran as it had never ran before, managing to get all 4 of them to safety on top of the mountain.

    Morgan was now sitting by the side of the Pokemon Center, taking in all the other people that had managed to get to safety before the wave hit. Being overtaken by panic and anxiety, he couldn't really move about much. He was more or less paralyzed wih fear. Peep, Happy and Haku had also taken seat next to him. Peep was exhausted, breathing heavily while shivering in fear. Happy was dancing around, trying to lift Morgans mood. She was massaging his face with her ittle stubby arms, smiling like she didn't have a care in the world, completely ignoring the chaos around them. Haku was also very scared. The Bone Keeper Pokemon had tucked himself on the other side of Morgan, holding onto his bone as if his life depended on it.

    Fiddling with his phone, Morgan tried to call someone, anyone. As luck would have it though, his phone was not responding at all. He threw it away in a fit of panicked anger, and buried his head in his hands. Happy picked up on this, and wobbled over to the phone, brushed some dust off it, and put it in her pouch next to her infamous egg. She was still trying to get Morgans attention, but when she realised he wouldn't budge, she turned her attention to Peep, whose two heads were dead tired. the left one however, was dancing in tandem to Happy's cheering. Most, if not all technological equippment had been down for about a week already, which in itself was very suspicious. Not that Morgan was much on the technological stuff to begin with.

    He tried getting to his feet, and Peep followed. the two likely looked like two ragdolls trying to stand up in the wind. Haku was supporting himself on his bone, looking older than he really was. There was a decent sized group of people at the summit, and the workers of the Pokemon center was also outside, looking at the horriffic view. The water was now receding, revealing the mass destruction of what used to be the peaceful Ula'Ula Island. Morgan didn't know anyone there, but he did not feel optimistic about the people that were not up in the height at this time. There were other tall mountains in the Alola region, but they would not fit the entire population. Just the thought of it made Morgans knees go numb again. He leaned onto Peep, who suppoerted him as he moved away from the guardrail again. The Left head was leaning onto Morgans head, drooling lovingly over his hair. He gave it a cuddle before trying to stand on his own again. the situation was bad. Like... bad. What could he do now? Was it safe to venture down from the mountain? Should he stay on the mountain? So many thoughts rushing hrough his head at once. Morgan was snapped out by it by Happy's Mega Punch, which sent him flying a feet back. she looked at him lovingly. "Chansey!" She said. "You.. you're right. There is no point panicing. I must stay vigilant!" Morgan said. ".. Sey?, Happy said, tilting her head to the side while looking at him. "Yes. I should go and see if i can't get a grip on the situation.".

    Morgan then proceeded to stretch out. He had gone for a jog after all, and stretching out always helped him clear his head. Happy and Haku joined him, while Peep cheered them on joyfully. They all were careful not to look out over the destruction again though, and focused on lifting the spirit.

    “This is bad... we should probably go look for survivors,", a woman in red attire said. "We should, though I doubt we'll find much,", another woman responded. It was quite obvious they were very distressed by the situation, as they should be. Morgan walked over to them. "perhaps around the mountain's edge? Some people may have managed to climb up there and are stranded. There's another mountain south of here called Blush Mountain. It's possible there's others there, but it may be dangerous since the power plant is there...", the other woman said again.

    "First things first!" Morgan said in a stern tone. "We must make sure that everyone here is safe first. since there is a pokemon center here, there should be options for those who might be injured." Happy was standing besides him, copying his gestures, still smiling as oblivious as ever. Haku was standing next to her, looking scared. "The second thing is: Is it safe to go down from the mountain yet? What if that wave was the first of many? Not that i care or anythng, but it would be bad if any of you went down, and another wave came.". He crossed his arms. If nothing else, Morgan now felt better about the situation. He tried to stay optimistic in front of the two ladies, trying to lift the current mood.
    "Caaaw!" Peeps right head said, in a triumphant tone!
    "Caaaaw!" Peeps middle head said, equally as optimistic.
    "Yeee..." Peeps left head said, kinda ruining the effect. The other two heads stared at it in silence....

    After a few awkward seconds, Morgan shifted his attention back to the ladies. ".. Right. you guys have anything to add?"
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2017
  4. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    (OOC: Sketchie did say that Lucas collapsed... This post may get edited if he tells me I did something wrong.)

    Max Hudson-Moncrief
    Location: Mt Hokulani, Hokulani Observatory, outside
    Pokemon: Altaria (Rapunzel - F) Primarina (Ariel - F) Mimikyu (Mickey - M)

    Max looked out at the flooded island, and sighed. First the electronics stopped working, now this. This was not at all how he expected his honeymoon to go. They had decided to climb to the top of Hokulani with their Pokemon on a whim. Next thing they knew, they were dodging a tsunami. Now, what was once a thriving island city, was now only a flooded wasteland. It was only out of pure luck that they were here to begin with.

    Max's Pokemon seemed to be doing their own things. Ariel the Primarina was looking at the water with disgust. Frequently, debating whether or not to get in. She was a Water type, and needed to swim, but it was dirty water. The struggle was real! Rapunzel the Altaria hovered over her trainer, making sure he was ok. Mickey the Mimikyu was staring at Lucas' Alolan Raichu, trying to work up the courage to say something. If the situation were different, Max would have nudged him along, but right now, they're were more important things to deal with.

    The only good thing about this whole situation, was that Max still had his loving husband by his side throughout this entire ordeal. He would be a mess if he had to go through all this alone. "Well, this is turning out to be some honeymoon, eh?" He laughed nervously while rubbing the back of his head, trying to lighten up the situation. He knew it wasn't doing any good.

    Lucas said nothing, he was just staring off into the distance, looking somber. Max had expected as much. Lucas hadn't been in contact with his family since the wedding. Now, with all communications cut off, and all of these disasters going on, he could understand why Luc would be worried.

    Max took Lucas' hand. "How are you holding up?"

    Again, Luc said nothing, and this time, he collapsed. Max caught him, and took him in his arms. "I gotcha..."

    Rapunzel somehow noticed the look of concern on her trainer's face, let out a squawk, and immediately flew down to check on the situation.

    Max frowned and scrunched his eyebrows. "Everything's gonna be ok..." He whispered as he ran his fingers through Lucas' hair. Max had been worried about his husband's mental state ever since he lost contact with his family. He had since decided that he would not let him out of his sight, lest he hurt himself again. Oh, please be ok. I can't lose you too...

    Max was distracted, doting on his husband, that he hadn't noticed any of the other people and Pokemon outside the observatory with him.
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2017
  5. Hydrangea

    Hydrangea Actually a cat in disguise Staff Member Moderator

    Isaac Casanova

    Mount Hokulani Observatory, outside

    [ ]

    Isaac glanced down the mountain, he was lucky he had even made it up alive. Those rising flood waters had nipped at his ankles, and he was just lucky enough to make it up with Vinny, Puck, and Mimi. He glanced at the trio, Vinny had quickly scooped her companions onto her back and began running as fast as she could when she saw the wave approaching. Isaac admired that, he was ready to kiss his ass goodbye before he heard his Leafeon scream for him. He never did well in disasters, hell, when Kyle left all he could really do was stand there with his jaw wide open. He probably wouldn't be standing at the top right now if it weren't for Vinny and her quick thinking.

    "shit man..." He muttered, staring down past the guardrails and into the once beautiful island streets below. Nothing was left, just the flooded remnants of a once beautiful vacation spot. First he couldn't even get a hold of his agent, and now this? He certainly had some choice words when he got back to Unova. He glanced around him, it looked like he wasn't alone --- that was a perk he supposed. He saw what looked like a jogger, two young women, and a young couple. They kind of reminded him of him and Kyle, back in those days...


    It was no time to be thinking about the past, Isaac needed to focus on the present. And his present situation sucked. The least he could do is get a little buzzed, if he was going to die up here anyways --- he might as well do it in style. He pulled a marijuana cigarette out of his pack, taking a large puff and letting out a loud cough. Man that's good, maybe he should offer it to some of the other survivors... but maybe he should really just keep it all to himself at this point. He took another puff, before tossing it aside and turning to the others.

    Vinny huffed, letting out a quiet 'Leee...'. She hated when her trainer started smoking those funky looking cigarettes, they made him depressed and awful. She didn't even understand why he would want to, the smell of them made her stomach churn. Puck was checking on his Minun companion, ensuring that she hadn't been wounded in the whole ordeal. She scoffed, remarking something to him about checking on himself first. "Minun, mi..." She turned her head to the side, grunting and moving closer to their master. Puck simply sighed, looking at Mimi longingly from afar.

    "So like, should we just off ourselves now? Or do we wait for another goddamn wave to take us out?" Isaac remarked. He sounded bitter, mostly at himself for even coming here in the first place.
  6. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Number of events: 3
    (Event Advantage is in play, which is to say, I'll hold off on throwing certain Events at you, and even reduce the number of negative events. . . this time.)

    1) Tremor - There was a small localize tremor. No one is injured, but it was a little scary.
    All players are effected.

    2) A wormhole has opened and spit out an aggressive looking [Buzzwole]!
    Effected Player: Sketchie (Lucas) [as well as Max and the others by proxy]

    3) You've found a [wild] pokemon! It's a [Sassy Poliwrath], and it seems happy to see you.
    Effected Player: Tangeh (Jordan)

    Location: Mt Hokulani, Hokulani Observatory, outside (afternoon)
    Pokemon: Bellossom (Blue - M) & Stableye (Glimmer - M)

    Though Mace had not really been talking to the other humans so much a herself and her pokemon, she got a reply, multiples in fact. Another young woman doubted they'd find much anywhere outside of the highest areas. She had a good point, Mace wasn't exactly optimistic herself. A guy in overly formfitting shorts chimed in, saying they should check on the people here and that he wasn't sure it was safe yet.

    Mace took a breath, “I don't really feel like anything is 'safe' anymore these days, but I don't see any other waves coming for now at least. I know there's injured people up here, but I'm not medically trained, so I kind of feel like I'd be more use digging people out and getting them up here to safety. . . Assuming I can find anyone.”

    Looking around she could see there was chaos in the few people up here. The few patrons and workers from the Observatory and Pokemon Center were gathered around the guardrails with mixed looks of confusion and terror. One young man even seemed to have collapsed, with a guy who was obviously close to him and several Pokemon, looking over him. Another guy approached their loose group, asking if suicide was the answer. Glimmer stared at him intensely.

    Suddenly a light tremor shook the mountain, causing a few onlookers to scream. Mace stumbled, but regained her footing without falling. That. . . was pretty concerning. Was this a volcanic mountain? It was an island, so it pretty much had to be, right? She looked at the jock again, about ready to tell him she wasn't sure it was safe to stay on the mountain either, when suddenly a shimmering vortex opened briefly in front of the lovers, spitting out a strange creature!

    “What the. . ?” exclaimed Mace looking over the bulky red creature. This was clearly one of those Ultra Beasts people had been taking about. Unlike a regular pokemon, most people didn't know the name for Buzzwole. It swiped aggressively towards the lovers.
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2017
  7. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Cecilia Filan
    Mount Hokulani Observatory (Outside)

    What the actual fuck just happened? The question still rung through Cece's mind even as the waters receded. Her electronics failing to work was one thing. Sure, it was weird and unexpected, but it paled in comparison to this. All she wanted to do was take a hiking tour of Mount Hokulani and camp there for the night, perhaps snog a rogue Hiker or two while she was at it. What she didn't expect was the water pulling back. Stupidly, she even took a moment to check out the sight, and it took Azrael nudging her with both his head-hands to remember that it was not at all a sight. She had quickly turned around and made Tristan and Carmen take off as fast as they could, while Azrael took it upon himself to lift Cece from the ground and fly her to the summit. Fortunately, they were already pretty high up to begin with, so it was only a short distance away to safety. All in the span of a few moments, the thriving Malie City below them was now a flooded, watery mess. What had once been beautiful beaches and lush forests was now reduced to wasteland.

    Carmen had snaked herself around the redhead's neck once she was in the vicinity of the Pokemon Center. The Salazzle didn't like water, and wasn't about to start enjoying it after the wave hit. Cece wasn't one to stand back and take deep sighs of relief, however and chose not to stay at the Pokemon Center or the observatory. Instead, she peered over the guardrails moments after the wave hit, which worried her Houndoom a lot, to the point that he kept trying to tug her away. It was as if everything came down within the span of moments - only minutes earlier, she was still quite enjoying her stay in Alola and enjoying the buzz about Kahili's fall from glory, yet now, she, as well as many others, had just fled for her life and survived partly because of sheer dumb luck.

    The redhead instinctively took out her phone, the thought that similar things were happening outside of Alola came to mind for a moment. Was Unova going through the same thing? A dark thought crossed her mind. Maybe it was a good thing, especially considering Castelia City was a seaside city and thus, the perfect place for such a wave to fall - it would more likely than not wipe out the rest of Hadrian Rex's minions in Castelia's crime underworld...Shay too, of course, if by some chance her bullet missed him. They deserve it, they all deserve it...the redhead thought to herself before she shook her head. Her parents lived in Nimbasa, and she sure as hell didn't want anything to happen to them. The screen remained blank, and she had half the mind to just fling her phone out at the dark waters below. She released her death grip on the rails, rubbed her eyes with her free hand and blinked before staring down hard.

    "FUCK!" She exclaimed, knowing that as much as she didn't want to admit it, the shit she just saw really went down. It wasn't her senses taking a piss at her for being drunk, it was all real, and all she could do now was to carry on. There was no use moping or crying. If she wanted to go back to Unova, she sure wasn't going to accomplish anything by whining or just standing there, especially as it was looking pretty likely that this wasn't going to be the end of it. Turning around, she stroked the Salazzle on her neck reassuringly, and the volcanic lizard responded with a low, affectionate hiss as she climbed atop Cece's head. Tristan howled with relief, rushing to Cece's side, and Azrael flew over to her, nudging her forward. She stroked the Hydreigon's neck and patted her Houndoom on his head. They might've been rattled earlier, but they were taking things as best they could - they were all strong, that much she knew.

    The redhead spotted a group of people gathering outside the observatory a short distance away, and she began to head towards them. She heard them chatting; a woman dressed in red admitting that she did not have medical training and was more of use digging up people rather than patching up injured ones, and a guy in green asking about whether they should kill themselves during the supposed lull or wait for another wave to do the job. Before Cece could step any closer, however, a tremor nearly made her lose her footing. Was this a sign? Was another wave coming? Cece looked over her shoulder and out towards the ocean. It didn't seem to be receding. When she turned her head once more, she noticed that a shimmering vortex had appeared out of nowhere in front of what appeared to be a male couple, and spat out a strange red, muscle-bound, insect-like creature. Whatever it was, Cece couldn't put a finger on its identity.

    “What the. . ?” She heard the woman dressed in red exclaim at the sight of the creature. Cece caught up with the group of people and crossed her arms, eyeing the visitor.

    "Overcompensating little bastard, huh? Probably terrible in bed," she commented boredly, as she noted the way it flexed its muscles proudly and swiped towards the couple. The creature looked insect-like, at least from her point of view. Was it even a Bug-type, however? There was only one way to really find out.

    "Go, Carmen. Flamethrower!" She ordered. Carmen's markings began to glow fiery red as she slithered down from atop her Trainer's head and dropped to the ground running, her body igniting as she did. Once she got close to the creature, she unleashed her flames towards it.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2017
  8. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Location: Mt Hokulani, Hokulani Observatory, outside (afternoon)
    Pokemon: Helioptile ("Ellie" - F), Arcanine ("Jake" - M) + Poliwrath ("Disco" - M)

    A blonde man dressed in athletic gear came up to them, insisting they should provide medical attention to anybody who had made it to the top of the mountain first, and questioned whether it was safe to venture down. Jordan glanced down at the water. She supposed if it was caused by an earthquake, there could be violent aftershocks, but it was hard to fathom it being more devastating than the first. The other woman commented her doubt on there being another wave, and noted she wasn't medically trained. Jordan wasn't either, though she did have a first aid kit on hand. She decided she should mention this. "I'm not certified, but I do have a first-aid kit on hand. There's probably something in there that can be used." She supposed most of the pokemon center's functions would be down at this point - would the doors even work?

    The woman she'd been talking to surveyed the area, and Jordan did the same - though she quickly spotted something out of the ordinary. A poliwrath had spotted her and was running in her direction. She recognized the pokemon as Disco - he belonged to a coworker named Raven, and sometimes was permitted to hang around the office. They often surfed together, and Jordan had watched them a few times. Disco was never in his pokeball as far as Jordan knew, which was lucky considering the technology malfunction. "Disco," she greeted as he approached. He seemed happy to see her, but there was an intensity in his eyes that worried her. "Is... is Raven here?"

    The poliwrath looked sadly at the ground, then turned away, eyes shut. Jordan approached and put a hand on his shoulder. "Stay with me for now, alright? We'll figure this out..." Like any Poliwrath, Disco was a very strong swimmer. If only humans were so lucky. Raven lived close to Mt. Hokulani, but if she hadn't been as lucky as Jordan had been to observe the wave, that wouldn't have made a difference...

    She was too in shock from everything going on to register her friend's death properly. A tremor ripped through the ground and Jordan learned on Jake for support. Ellie squealed in fear from her trainer's arms, and buried her head in Jordan's shoulder. Jordan panted, her heart racing. Maybe the earthquake aftershock was a good theory after all...

    A shimmering vortex appeared in the sky, as if something out of a dream, and a large muscular red insect-esque pokemon popped out of it. Jordan had no idea what it was, but it was targeting a young male couple.

    "Go, Carmen. Flamethrower!" Jordan glanced over to see a young woman with fiery red hair commanding a salazzle. That was a logical choice of attack, considering the odd pokemon's appearance.

    "You too, Jake," Jordan commanded, though it felt a bit odd to be issuing her pokemon to attack. "Flamethrower."

    Jake braced himself, then unleashed a jetstream of flames toward the odd bug creature, aiming slightly to the left of the salazzle's stream.

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