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Tropical Apocalypse (Pokemon) ~ SU (Rated R)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by VampirateMace, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    RP: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?658933-Tropical-Apocalypse-(Pokemon)-RP-(Rated-R)

    ~ While I was writing this the temp reserve slots filled up (since the idea originally came up in a chat). If you're in one of these slots please confirm if you are or aren't planning to play within the week. And I will set you as a 2 week reserve or remove you accordingly. If you are not on the list, you can request to be on the wait list at this time to be notified if a spot opens.

    Important Notes:
    ~ This RP is for advanced RPers only. I don't want to intimidate everyone, but there will be higher standards regarding sign-ups and game play. So, please don't take it personally if your character is rejected. You may be granted another chance, depending on the reasons.
    ~ This RPG is Rated R. There is high possibility of violence/gore, deaths, natural disasters, cussing, drug and alcohol use, religious fanatics/cults, as well as psychological horror themes and mature situations. So, please use discretion in participating or reading this RP.
    - Religious texts used in this RPG are used fictitiously and out of context. This RP is not meant to add or detract from any of the sources. If you wish to take any religious quote seriously, I highly recommend reading the full source first, and using your best judgment.

    The Apocalypse Begins. . .
    Our story opens several years ago in the Hoenn region. There a young hero attempted to prevent the destruction of the planet when teams Aqua and Magma released the titanic legendary pokemon, Kyogre and Groudon, only for Rayquaza to swoop down and resolve the matter in it's own way. But not before there were casualties; drownings due to flooding, injuries from earthquakes, and heatstroke due to the excessive sun.

    The people of Hoenn had long told stories about these creatures, and their reappearance was something of a marvel:

    The embodiments of the land, the sea, and the sky. That is said to be the identities of the super-ancient pokemon. In the same way that we humans and pokemon have life, our world, too, is alive.
    (Legends from Mt Pyre)

    It happened long, long ago. The world was wracked by a ferocious clash between the pokemon of the land and the pokemon of the sea. The pokemon of land raised mountains and created continents. The pokemon of the sea raised huge waves and carved out oceans. Their fierce duel raged without end. The world was engulfed in massive fires and vicious storms. It was then that the pokemon of the sky descended from a storm. The pokemon, shining a vivid green, becalmed the two enraged pokemon. Then, it's duty done, the green pokemon flew off into the wild blue yonder.
    (The Legend of Hoenn)

    But other ancient cultures knew them too, only by other names; such as the Hebrew legends of Behemoth, Leviathan, and Ziz:

    Behold now behemoth. . . and his force is in the navel of his belly. He moveth his tail like a cedar. . . His bones are as strong pieces of brass; his bones are like bars of iron. . . Surely the mountains bring him forth food, where all the beasts of the field play.
    (Job 40;15-20, KJV Bible)

    “Canst thou draw out leviathan with a fish-hook? or press down his tongue with a cord? Canst thou put a ring into his nose? or bore his jaw through with a hook?”
    (Job 40, 25-26, Hebrew-English Bible)

    “There go the ships; there is leviathan, whom Thou hast formed to sport therein.”
    (Psalms 104; 26 Hebrew-English Bible)

    “The boar out of the wood doth ravage it, that which moveth in the field [presumably Ziz] feedeth on it.”
    (Psalms 80; 14 Hebrew-English Bible)

    These events, though more tragic, did bear some resemblance to the earlier events in the Orange Islands, which had also been predicted, in a better known prophecy. Clearly the pokemon of old were awakening. Over the next few years, more antediluvian titans would emerge, titans of time and space, volcanoes and weather, of life and death. All long forgotten until their reemergence.

    Scholars of course (official and armchair), went to work connecting the dots. Many of these creatures were of course mentioned in local lore and prophecies, but the intellectuals continued to find references to them in far flung works across the globe. Stories from long ago, of epic heroes, harsh battles, and creation itself.

    Articuno it appears, was also known as Simurgh or Roc and mention many time throughout the ages, while Zapdos is the Thunder bird of old, and Moltres is the mighty immortal Phoenix!

    “Even thus by the great sages 'tis confessed
    The phoenix dies, and then is born again,
    When it approaches its five-hundredth year. . .”

    (“Inferno” Divine Comedy, Dante Alighieri)

    Meanwhile Yveltal, Xerneas, Zygarde are mentioned much in Norse mytholgy as the ethereal stag Eikthyrnir who created clean clear waters, the carrion eagle Hræsvelgr who sits at the world's end, and Níðhöggr the dragon that gnaws on the roots of the world tree and eat the corpses of the corrupt:

    “Eikthyrnir the hart is called,
    that stands o’er Odin’s hall,
    and bits from Lærad’s branches;
    from his horns fall
    [dew] drops into Hvergelmir,
    whence all waters rise:”

    (“Grímnismál” Poetic Edda)

    “A hall I saw, far from the sun. . .
    Venom drops through the smoke-vent down,
    For around the walls do serpents wind. . .
    There Nithhogg sucked the blood of the slain. . .”

    (“Grímnismál” Poetic Edda)

    And the trio Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus appear to be revered as the weather gods; Fūjin (wind), Raijin (thunder and lightning), and Inari (fertility and agriculture), in some regions. In Hindu these gods are called Vayu, Indra, and Bhūmi. The four Tapu of Alola too, are seen as specific gods in some cultures; Kū, Kāne, Lono, and Kanaloa.

    From this emerged a theory, the reappearance of these titans could only mean one thing, there was a disturbance in the very nature of creation itself. Perhaps even something that signaled a greater disaster on the horizon. For some the concept from Buddhism, that the fabric of universe will unravel as morals decay, causing chaos, came to mind.

    Then it happened, in the beautiful tropical island chain of Alola. Much like the hole created by the theoretical asteroid Wormwood spewing locusts, predicted in Revelations, a massive wormhole opened up over Alola and started to spit out monsters. A young hero rounded the first few up, thinking the issue was resolved.

    Ultra Beasts, these things were called, Pokemon from another dimension. Several scholars set to work trying to identify these captured creatures from among the still unidentified one found alongside the titanic legendaries of myth and prophecy.

    They find Celesteela bears some odd resemblance to Kaguya-hime, a radiant moon woman born of bamboo, who rejected all suitors. Odd, but not particularly ominous.

    Xurkitree meanwhile may have inspired the tails of Raijū, the thunder beast that often lurks in trees. And perhaps Nihilego inspired such imaginative creatures as the gorgons, whose hair writhes like ekans.

    The pieces were falling into place. Buzzwole was the insect man of Dane-zaa folklore. The concept of making shikigami was based on ancient sightings of Kartana. And Pheromosa apparently inspired Martina the Beautiful Bug-Type.

    Alone none of these things were anything more then a curiosity, the ultra beasts had obviously been here before, and it was only a little concerning. But then in the last chapters of Daniel, the meaning of which was meant to be sealed until the end-times, they found a description eerily similar to Guzzlord:

    “After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly, and it had great iron teeth, it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it; and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns.

    I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold in this horn were eyes like the eyes of a man, and a mouth speaking great things.”

    (Daniel 7;7-8, KJV Bible)

    The meaning of these events was now made exceedingly clear, the end-times, the apocalypse was upon us. But which apocalypse? So many were described in the works of old. Egyptian mythology tells us the world will someday calmly descend back into the waters of chaos that created it. Meanwhile the Norse legends give us Ragnarok, a violent war to end all wars, which ultimately burns up the stars and universe entirely.

    Then not long after the appearance of the Ultra Beasts, unusually active sun spots and solar flares start to occur. Over the next few days they progress to cataclysmic levels, knocking out all modern technology and communications (including the pokemon box systems and pokeballs). As the electromagnetic field is damaged the planet is racked with unusual temperatures and radiation, which kills off life on entire continents. Tidal waves and earthquakes devastate the remaining population. The problem is clear. The sun is dying, and with it, so will the Earth.

    Alola is hit with a massive Tsunami. Almost all land on the exotic island chain is covered in several feet of sea water, devastating everything but the highest points; like the Observatory on the peak of Mount Hokulani, the league atop Mount Lanakila, and the peaks of the volcanic Mount Wela and scenic Blush Mountain.

    The sudden sightings of yet another creature, Necrozma go almost unnoticed in light of these terrors.

    The RPG opens. . .
    Our characters, on the peak of Mount Hokulani have just survived the tsunami. Everything on the island is gone, or at least flattened; buildings, vehicles, historic monuments, vegetation, pokemon, and people. Sometime in the previous month, some, if not all, of their pokemon were lost to the solar flares damaging the box systems and pokeballs.
    * (Some pokemon, such as Ride Charizards have survived the tsunami, but can only be found via Events. These can fly you around Alola, but aren't able to fly all the way to any other regions.)

    Why you were there was your own prerogative, but just before the wave hit, you learned that Sophocles, half-mad from the lack of tech, has devised a theory. He recalls once seeing scans from an old book, with faded text and strange symbols. He and the other forum goers eventually interpreted it to say that once the final days arrive, eight heroes or sacrifices (the text was kind of vague on this) would gather on a mountain top. This was a mountain from which all the stars could once be seen, but now a dead star had come to Earth, and started to draw the life out of it's sun. Other stars had gone dark in days past, and the sun would soon join them.

    But there is one spark of hope. If the group could capture the incarnation of the dead star, they might preform some ritual to appease it. . . unfortunately the text of the ritual was very fragmented and Sophocles needs to go see if he can see the book in person. Meanwhile, he thinks you guys should try to find and capture the star. . .

    Some gameplay notes:
    ~ Every few posts (ideally after 3-6 posts) I'll make an Event post. For this post I'll randomly select 1-8 events, both good and bad, through rolling 8 and 20 sided dice. These events may affect only a single player, or everyone in the game. They may be as simple as finding a berry, as devastating as an earthquake, or as scary as a wormhole popping open and spitting out half a dozen Guzzlord. These events will be the only way to find wild pokemon (outside of aggressive Ultra Beasts, which you're free to encounter at any time that makes sense), Necrozma, or human survivors.
    ~ While natural disasters and resulting deaths feature heavily in the RPG, I ask that you treat the subject with respect, and don't try to make them into a funny or insignificant situation. Sophocles has suggested you go catch Necrozma, but if your character is more inclined to go look for survivors, or just try to survive themselves, that's an option.
    ~ In general there should be no modern electronics (including pokedex). I know this can be hard to remember, so let's all be kind and supportive of each other. There are also a couple exceptions, simple electronics like lights, could still function if fueled by a pokemon's electricity (assuming they are not too damaged by recent events), and of course, the Alolan RotomPokedex.
    ~ There will not be set fight rules, as you should not be fighting each other, only NPCs, but I still expect you to treat them with respect and caution. Your Cleffa is not going to KO an Ultra Beast in one hit.

    The 8 Symbols/Character types:
    1. The Jezebel/Flirt - A Jezebel figure who is lacking in relationship commitment. Non-romantically, this role could be filled by a Gossip or False Friend.
    2. The Innocent/Virgin - A figure lacking in romantic relationships, by choice or design. This role does not have to be a literal virgin. This role could also be fulfilled with someone that's simply Young or Inexperienced.
    3. The Couple/Lovers [1] - A figure who is devoted to, and usually distracted by The Couple/Lovers [2]. These roles could also be filled by Twins or BFFs.
    4. The Couple/Lovers [2] - A figure who is devoted to, and usually distracted by The Couple/Lovers [1]. These roles could also be filled by Twins or BFFs.
    5. The Scholar/Nerd - A figure who's focus has long been that of developing their mind. This role could also be filled by a Business person or Politician.
    6. The Athlete/Jock - A figure who's attention has been mostly on development of the body. This role could also be with a Famous or Rocker figure.
    7. The Fool/Addict - A figure who likes to think they're an individual, but in reality they are slave to some substance or activity. A Burnout or Mooch could also serve for this role.
    8. The Wild Card - An unfamiliar figure. . . the traits for this role are unknown, while some suggest it maybe a hero or authority figure, or even a god incarnate, others feel it may align with something more disturbing and sinister, a Sacrifice.

    1. Jezebel - *Jean Grey*
    2. Virgin - Dragalge
    3. Lover/Twin 1 - Mon Guy
    4. Lover/Twin 2 - Sketchie
    5. Nerd - Tangy
    6. Jock - Schade
    7. Fool - Hydra
    8. Wild - Mace

    1. Jezebel - *Jean Grey* (Cece)
    2. Virgin - Dragalge (Veronica)
    3. Lover/Twin 1 - Monster Guy (Max)
    4. Lover/Twin 2 - Sketchie (Lucas)
    5. Nerd - Tangeh (Jordan)
    6. Jock - Schade (Morgan)
    7. Fool - Hydrangea (Isaac)
    8. Wild - VampirateMace (Mace)

    1. Jezebel - *Jean Grey* (Cece)
    2. Virgin - Dragalge (Veronica)
    3. Lover/Twin 1 - Monster Guy (Max)
    4. Lover/Twin 2 - Sketchie (Lucas)
    5. Nerd - Tangeh (Jordan)
    6. Jock - Schade (Morgan)
    7. Fool - Hydrangea (Isaac)
    8. Wild - VampirateMace (Mace)

    Wait List:
    1. legnak

    Important NPCs
    1. Sophocles - This young techie has suggested you go catch Necrozma, while he tries to figure out the ritual to appease it. He took off on one of the few surviving pokemon, a Ride Charizard. And we just let him go, truly we are terrible adults.

    Sign-up Forms:
    (Please Note: The only pokemon your character has access to are whatever pokemon they had outside of pokeballs before all the tech died. I am not expecting you to post a whole team, as such the max number of pokemon is 3. Remember there is no box system and no pokeballs.)

    Main Char:




    Appearance: +10 sentences
    - Please include a rough inventory here.

    Personality: +10 sentences

    History: +10 sentences

    Pokemon (3 max):



    Appearance/Accessories: +3 sentences

    Personality: +3 sentences

    History: +3 sentences
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2017
  2. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    I confirm if Sketchie confirms. :3
  3. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    I'll confirm my nerd reserve, and edit this post once I get a SU rolling.

    Edit: Done!

    Main Char:

    Name: Jordan Connolly

    Age: 25

    Gender: Female


    Jordan is of average height, at about 5'4", with a naturally dark complexion. A sedentary lifestyle and a career of being bent over electronics for most of her day have led to an anterior pelvic tilt and a bit of extra weight. Partially as a result, she has a pear-shaped body with strong curves and a large booty. She has a heart shaped face with chocolate brown eyes. She wears berry-coloured lipstick and a bit of mascara, but little of other makeup. She wears frameless rectangular glasses to correct mild nearsightedness, though she needs to take them off to read. They have the effect of making her look about ten year older with them on, leading to many comments over the years that she should look into getting contact lenses. Her hair is naturally violet, and is parted heavily on the right side. It doesn't go far past her chin, and is straight with a bit of an inward curl on the ends.

    She dislikes pants, finding them too hot in the Alolan climate and uncomfortable regardless, nearly always opting to go with a skirt or a dress instead. Her current outfit is a knee-length navy skirt that she often wears to work, an orange-yellow shirt that hugs her body with a sheer fabric overtop to make it look more flowy, and red sandals that are both stylish and comfortable. She wears small cubic zirconia studded earrings shaped like stars. She has a medium-sized tattoo of a crescent moon within a stylized sun on her right shoulder, which she got two years ago as a tribute to her love for Alola. It's hidden pretty effectively by most shirts, though the edge may peak out when wearing larger necklines.

    With her, she has a lightweight purple backpack. With all of the chaos going on, Jordan prepared it in case of emergency, though it was put together more with the thought of evacuating to a hotel than being stranded in the wilderness. It contains a change of clothes (a grey summer dress with thin yellow stripes and a large diagonal thick stripe down the middle), a basic first aid kit (contains plasters of varying sizes, a roll of gauze, tweezers, antiseptic cream, a bottle of painkiller pills, cleansing wipes, and a manual on basic first aid), a floral lilac nightgown, toothbrush and travel-sized toothpaste, a filled water bottle, and two granola bars. She also packed her pokemon's pokeballs and a small flashlight, though they are useless now. She additionally was carrying her cellphone (which doesn't work), wallet (contains her ID card and about ₽1,000 in loose change), and lipstick in a small black purse, as she tends to bring those items everywhere.

    Personality: Jordan is introverted and serious, having a professional, difficult to rattle demeanor. Not a particularly bubbly or energetic person, she can come off as overly serious in her speech. She is very to-the-point and does not beat around the bush much, which can be make her awkward in social scenarios that require a little more sensitivity. That said, she isn't heartless, and is actually a good person to go to for advice or comfort, as she's happy to give brutal honesty when it's needed and is great at being an emotional rock for others to lean on. She isn't humourless either, but has a very dry sense of humour that may be difficult for new acquaintances to distinguish whether she's joking or not. She's rather private about herself and will usually deflect personal questions with short responses. Though she hates small talk, she tends to do a lot of it since she sometimes doesn't leave openings for deeper conversations. She's naturally slow to trust and let people in, and does not ever forget when somebody helps her or hurts her. It is extremely difficult to win her trust back once it's been broken.

    Bringing up a subject Jordan enjoys will instantly turn her into a much more open, chatty person. That said, her interests are rather odd and specific: computer hacking, certain RPG video games, and underground electronic music are a few prominent examples. Her taste in alcohol is similarly odd for a woman her age, being something of a scotch whiskey connoisseur - she dislikes anything sweet, but a good neat scotch is the perfect way to end a long week. She blames a past boyfriend for the odd interest, as does she for her addiction to caffeine. Around a month ago she managed to cut her black coffee consumption from four cups a day to three cups a day, a feat she was probably a little too proud of herself for accomplishing. Without her daily limit, she gets splitting headaches and becomes irritable and tired (two days cold turkey should have her mostly back to normal). She rarely gets enough sleep at night, contributing to the vicious caffeine cycle. Naturally, she's also a bit lost with all the technology being down, normally spending 90% of her waking hours in front of a screen, be that at work or at home.

    A genius with a computer, Jordan knows all the ins and outs of the most common operating systems. Since her day is spent trying to solve obscure problems, she's become quite the effective problem solver and is very good at thinking outside the box. Though she hides most emotions rather well, she has a distinctive look on her face when trying to brainstorm a solution: brow furrowed, head bowed slightly, and one hand gently tapping her chin. She is also poor at hiding anxiety, with a tendency to start pacing and mumbling in panic to herself. For her to cry or display anger, she would need to experience a heavy emotional blow. Generally she's very well-composed, though lack of coffee may make her more likely to verbalize frustration.

    History: Jordan was originally born in Castelia City, Unova as the second child of four. She's three years younger than her older sister Kendra, and four and five years older than her younger sister Paige and brother Rafael, respectively. She grew up in a cramped two bedroom apartment in the outskirts of Castelia City. Her parents had way more children than they could afford, and Jordan has memories of nights where all they had for supper were potatoes. Forced to share a bedroom with her two younger siblings, Jordan found herself more and more going to the local library after school just to get some quiet time away from her family. Not exactly the safest idea for a child to be in that particular area of Castelia City alone, but her parents were too busy to pay it much mind. Her older sister similarly stayed away from the house after her babysitting duties were done, though what exactly she got up to Jordan never quite figured out. Jordan was never particularly close to her, though it was still a shock when Kendra simply didn't come home one night when Jordan was ten years old. She called later to explain she had decided to go on a pokemon journey with some friends who were willing to cover her initial expenses until she could battle well enough to pay them back with her winnings.

    Outraged, her parents ranted about how idiotic pokemon training was for months afterwards. Still young and impressionable, this got in Jordan's head as well, and she carried a dislike for pokemon and a judgement of trainers for many years. Her parents were much more restrictive on Jordan's freedom, and she was forced to come home after school to look after her siblings in her sister's absence. It became normal to her, and despite her issues at home she blossomed into a solid student. She learned quickly, and in particular was fascinated with the school's computers (a luxury she didn't have at home). She had a few close friends with similar interests, and they would spend lunch playing on the computers. Through some research and trial and error, Jordan managed to figure out a way to bypass the code that disabled them from playing computer games, and two new hobbies were born.

    By the time she hit eleventh grade, her two siblings were finally old enough to be trusted on their own after school before their parents came home from work. They still lived in the same apartment, but her brother now preferred to sleep on a futon set up in the living area, leaving Jordan to share a room with only her younger sister, Paige. The change and extra space was welcomed, and the two sisters bonded more closely. Jordan enjoyed helping Paige with her homework, or instructing her what to wear for a dance, or allowing her to gossip over the seventh-grade boys in her class. Jordan herself began dating a boy in her class named Tristan - both of them were top of their class (not that there was much of a competition, considering less than half of their classmates would go on to graduate) and loved playing video games against each other when the teachers weren't looking. Tristan's parents approved of Jordan, though begrudgingly - they'd wanted to move their son to an expensive private school for years, but Tristan refused as all his friends were at the public school.

    Tristan was the more outgoing and adventurous of the pair, so Jordan wasn't exactly surprised when he decided to go overseas to study in Kalos after graduation. What was surprising was his insistence that she go with him - he knew she would never be able to afford such a thing, but his family was willing to pay for their rent and school for the first year. For Jordan, this would mean turning down the large scholarship she'd earned to the local university in Castelia, moving away from her family - and, most importantly, away from her little siblings. Jordan realized over the years how much Kendra had missed out on by cutting their relationship so early, and Jordan did not want to make the same mistake her older sister had. Ultimately, the temptation of traveling - something she had never done - to a glamorous location like Lumiose City with her boyfriend was far too exciting of a life opportunity to pass up, but the image of Paige tearfully waving goodbye for the final time before they boarded the plane would be forever engraved in her memory.

    The best year of her life happened in Lumiose City, Kalos. Jordan loved the culture, made many friends, and her boyfriend spoiled her with expensive meals and gifts. On top of a wonderfully hectic personal life, Jordan struggled to juggle two part-time jobs at local cafés and part-time classes in a computer science program within the city, ultimately resulting in major sleep sacrifice and a still-standing addiction to coffee. When Tristan suggested they adopt a pokemon together, Jordan initially resisted, still harbouring the same resentment she'd had since she was young. She insisted they were dangerous and a lot of work. He didn't listen, and adopted a young female helioptile without her say-so. It only took a few days for the helioptile's sweet and docile nature to win Jordan over, and they named the little pokemon Ellie.

    The excitement wore down after the first year, and life became less fun and much more stressful. It was too much work to handle increasing hours at work, classes, and spending time with her boyfriend, and Tristan was even more so in the same boat, with a highly demanding courseload and a number of volunteer leadership opportunities on his plate. Tristan's parents tentatively offered another year of rent, if they needed it. Having felt like she and Tristan had been drifting apart for a while now, the couple discussed their options and ultimately decided to separate. Jordan didn't wish to impose on his family if it wasn't going to work out in the end.

    The ordeal was sad, but undramatic, and Jordan moved into a much smaller apartment in a less convenient part of the city. She took Ellie with her, as she had bonded to Jordan the most. She quickly became nervous, having never lived alone before, and the nightlife became less attractive to her as it was dangerous. Break-ins weren't uncommon in this area of the city, and paranoia led Jordan to adopting her second pokemon - a growlithe named Jake who had been bred to be a guard pokemon. Knowing Jake was awake and trained for emergency scenarios helped her sleep at night, and she eased into her new routine. Work was still busy, school was still busy, and she continued to play video games in her spare time on the laptop her ex-boyfriend had gotten her for her birthday.

    A young Kalosian man started to become a regular at the café Jordan worked at, and she slowly realized he was coming in every day to talk to her. She liked having the company once the morning rush was over, and over the weeks their relationship became gradually more flirty. The man's name was Gabriel, he had a fantastic Kalosian accent, and was set to be the ambitious successor to his father's industrial company. He worked odd hours when his father was out with clients, and seemed to like to spend a lot of time at the café when he wasn't working. Certainly not in a position to enter a relationship again, she denied his request for a formal date, yet allowed him her phone number. Against her better judgement, she did miss being a relationship, though fervently denied she shared any such relationship with Gabriel... even after she was finally persuaded to go on several dates with him over the course of four months.

    One night, Jake woke Jordan up with unrelenting barking, and when she scrambled out of bed to see what was the matter, she made eye contact with a tall man dressed entirely in black. She hastily doubled back to alert authorities, and the man chased her to silence her, shouting death threats. Jake attacked, giving Jordan time to call the police, but the man fled before they arrived, threatening to come back when she was least expecting it. Shaken by the event, she immediately began searching for a safer area to live in, but everything was out of her price range. When she confided to Gabriel, he offered for her to move into his apartment until she could find her own place. That was the plan at first - he even slept on the couch and politely offered her his bed to make her feel comfortable - but being in such close proximity rapidly pushed their relationship deeper, and before Jordan could really process everything, she had a new boyfriend. Her hectic schedule wasn't so much of a problem with Gabriel, considering he still loved to visit her at work and wasn't incredibly busy himself.

    In an oddly familiar scenario, Gabriel announced to Jordan that he had to move to the Alola region - his father had set up a sister company there, and since it seemed to be doing well, he felt it would be best if Gabriel gained some experience by overseeing the operation in Hau'oli City. Jordan did some research, threw out some resumes, and landed a computer programming internship with a large company in Hau'oli City. In hindsight, the decision was impulsive, but she was twenty-one years old and had zero connections to Lumiose anymore. She figured she had nothing to lose, especially as Gabriel was paying for their flight, with a decision to split the future rent costs.

    The first few months passed beautifully. Jordan loved the Alolan climate, as did Ellie and Jake. Ellie adjusted very quickly, but Jake was out of sorts for a while, especially as he never warmed up to Gabriel. Jordan loved being able to put her education to use and write code. She'd put school on hold to focus on her internship and her new life in Alola, and it was a relaxing change not to worry about it. Everything changed when Jordan was stopped before coming back into her apartment after work by an extremely apologetic girl whom claimed Gabriel had been seeing her for a few weeks, and she'd just realized he wasn't single. Not rushing to any conclusions, she quietly waited until Gabriel had gone to sleep, then grabbed his phone. She'd long noted his predictable password, though she was fairly certain he didn't know she knew it. Turned out it wasn't just one other woman he's been seeing, but three - and one of them he'd been chatting to back when they still lived in Kalos. Maybe they worked for his father's company and wanted to sleep with Gabriel for a leg-up? Jordan wasn't sure, but after a heated midnight confrontation which just resulted in a lot of excuses, mostly about Gabriel giving Jordan everything while she gave him nothing, she packed her things and left.

    She slept in a hotel that night, and one of her fellow interns graciously allowed her to stay with her for a bit until she could properly figure everything out. She realized that Gabriel was right about some things - she wouldn't be here if it weren't for him. For that matter, she wouldn't be here if it weren't for Tristan. She resolved never to be so dependent on anybody ever again, and became a much more private, focused person as a result. She desperately wanted to be wholly independent, which started with a job posting for an IT specialist in Malie City. Jordan had always been fascinated by Johto culture, and the job had steady hours and was right up her alley.

    She moved into the top level of a three-story home, just a five minute walk from the beach and fifteen to work. She became much more comfortable with her independence over the next three years. Inspired by the people of Alola using ride pokemon to get around, she saved up for months to purchase a fire stone and began going for rides on Jake the arcanine. She also got a tattoo on her right arm when she was twenty-three, of a crescent moon within a stylized sun. It symbolized her love for Alola, as well as her resolve to stay in Alola and make the most of what life gave her - she would sometimes look at it when she felt like doubting herself. Most of her free time was dedicated to video games, though she had made a few friends as well. She transferred her school credits and began taking online classes though an Alolan college, hoping to gain her degree so she could do some higher-level activities than figuring out how to fix email spam and restore frozen spreadsheets.

    With all the natural disasters going on, Jordan naturally packed herself an emergency bag and instructed Jake to grab it and Ellie and find her in case of an emergency. When water began drowning Alola, that was exactly what happened, and the trio miraculously made their way to the most logical safe point - the highest point in Alola...



    Species: Helioptile (Ellie)

    Gender: Female

    Appearance/Accessories: Ellie looks like the standard helioptile, with bright eyes, a thick healthy tail, and black frills which appear more like droopy ears. She rarely ever unfolds her frills, considering she has never been in a battle. She almost always has a smile on her face. Like many helioptile, she has the dry skin ability and is therefore sensitive to intense sunlight (despite loving the sun in lower UV doses).

    Personality: Very docile and a complete sweetheart, Ellie really enjoys people and climbing or resting on those she's familiar with. She spends most of her day either asleep, sunning herself, or doing both at the same time, and is quite effective at locating appropriate sunning rocks. She was bred in captivity and has never been in a battle in her life, though she knows some very basic attacks and would be capable in an emergency situation.

    History: Ellie was born to a breeder in Kalos and deemed to have a good disposition to be a pet rather than a battling companion, and was sold as such. Jordan's boyfriend at the time brought the young pokemon home, despite Jordan's distaste for pokemon in general. Ellie was responsible for turning Jordan's opinion on pokemon completely around, and Jordan is very grateful to Ellie for this. Ellie has been through a lot with Jordan, from her move from Kalos to Alola, many job switches, and two boyfriends in the last couple of years. Ellie takes everything in stride, and Jordan feels lucky to have her.


    Species: Arcanine (Jake)

    Gender: Male

    Appearance/Accessories: He has an abundance of smooth, fluffy hair that makes it apparent he is well-cared for and frequently brushed. He's of normal height and weight for an arcanine (which is large), with well-defined stripes and clean, white teeth. He doesn't wear any accessories, most things being too small for him to wear anyhow.

    Personality: Loyal and fiercely protective, Jake is almost always found near Jordan and will growl at approaching strangers unless she commands him not to. When there is no immediate threat, he is much calmer and is very friendly and mellow once he becomes used to a person or pokemon. He turns anxious and panicked when he doesn't know when Jordan is. He had specialized guard training as a puppy, and Jordan occasionally trains with him to maintain this, but he is not used in typical pokemon battles.

    History: Jake was originally purchased as a growlithe bred and trained to act as a guard dog, as Jordan was wary living on her own in a seedy area of Lumiose City. His presence made Jordan feel more secure in her own home, and his training was actually put to use once during a break-in. He wasn't a big fan of Jordan's second boyfriend, though the resulting move to Alola prompted his evolution to an Arcanine. His days are more relaxed now in Malie City, spent guarding the home and riding with Jordan in her spare time - including, most recently, all the way up Mount Hokulani to escape a tsunami...
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    dibbity dabs with a confurmation ;3c
  5. Hydrangea

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    Confirm on fool/addict my dude. Will post wip in a few.

    Main Character
    Name: Isaac Aain Casanova
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Isaac was everything fifteen year old me wanted appearance wise in a boyfriend, although he's a little shorter than I'd like. Isaac stands at around 5'8", which is an area of noticeable annoyance for him. His strong voice is often commented on in a downcast way, with people remarking about how such a powerful voice could come from just a short man. Isaac has a little bit of noticeable muscle tone, however these days it's looking more and more like a dad body. He's a little rough around the edges with a minor gut, but these days it feels like it adds to the mature vibe his music is going for. His face is mature, although sullen for someone of his age. His cheekbones have noticeable definition, adding proper depth to his facial structure and giving him an even more handsome appearance. That's what makes the ladies go crazy for Casanova Aain. His face, although well taken care of and properly groomed usually has stubble left on it. Isaac hates going baby-faced, he would much rather appear like he hasn't shaved in weeks than look like a child. His five o'clock shadow has luckily become expected and welcomed by fans of his music, as well as an sexual and romantic partners he wishes to pursue. His eyes are a bold shade of green, however they usually have fairly noticeable bags under them from Isaac staying up late attempting to write songs instead of getting his beauty sleep. His hair is sleek, well groomed and "fluffy", for lack of a better word. It's a typical and plain brown in colour, short, with the bangs spiked upwards to a degree. However, the young man usually tucks his hair into a beanie --- but certainly not for those blistering Alolan summers.

    Considering Isaac was taking a much needed vacation when the disasters began to occur, his current appearance is less than favourable for him. Isaac usually likes to look as casual as he possibly can, doning a long sleeved green sweatshirt and even sometimes going as far as to cover that with a deep moss green coloured hoodie. It's a wonder he doesn't sweat to death on average days. For pants he usually tends to stick to black sweats, with his favourite green converse placed snugly upon his feet. Unfortunately for Isaac, Alolan summers are far too hot for him to dress as he usually would --- so his agent had to improvise. Isaac can now be seen wearing a pinkish-purple button up shirt with pineapples strone about for it's design, as well as a pair of green shorts. His shoes are a semi-normal pair of purplely-pink flip flops, made to keep his feet cool and to show off as much of his leg hair as he possibly can. He's sometimes seen wearing a pair of green sunglasses to block out the haters the sun, and he's also carrying around a light green backpack. Man, does he ever look like some kind of tourist and not a celebrity. As a bonus, his appearance as Casanova Aain is also shown on the far right, but that won't exactly be used much so I'm not describing it.

    In his backpack, he has a box of "herbs" (it's weed), a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, a few Pokebeans for the full Alolan experience, a green metal water-bottle that's around half full, and a small notebook full of musings and song lyrics. He also carries a small picture of him and Vinny, the only girl in his life that matters, it's from one of those cheap photobooths you find around malls.

    Isaac is quiet, for the most part. He prefers to keep to himself, not really speaking unless spoken to, not outwardly attempting to engage with others. He's a closed book, it's pretty difficult for you to tell what he's thinking about unless you know him well. Which you probably don't, the only person who really knows the "real" him is Vinny, but she can't exactly talk to tell you what he's like. He heavily values being alone, especially after a long show. He doesn't "get" people, he doesn't understand why people display emotions in such different ways and prefers to interact with humans as little as he possible can. They're frightening war hungry beasts after all --- but Pokemon, Isaac feels like he can really understand Pokemon. He will always take the company of the adorable creatures over that of humans, they don't make fun of him or poke at the sad meanings in his song lyrics. Actually, Isaac might have a minor case of Anthropophobia --- or more simply, a literal fear of humans and interacting with them. This stems from some childhood trauma regarding many kids making fun of his somewhat noticeable trident lisp, which is only apparent when he speaks --- not when he sings. Isaac himself is very self conscious of his lisp, going out of his way to avoid words that make cause it to slip up. Don't bring it up if you don't want him to get upset, it's a pretty touchy subject for him.

    Isaac's music is somewhat sad, reflecting the way he views society. He pities them in a way, finding that people as a whole are a very sad and messed up group of people. Obviously, quite a few people have found solace and relatability in his music, as he has a pretty huge fanbase at this point. Actually, Isaac is somewhat of a different person when he's hiding behind the mask of fame. He becomes far more outgoing, bold, and unfiltered. Fans would describe Isaac --- or as he's better known to them, Casanova Aain, as an extremely outgoing activist personality. Probably someone that would make a strong leader if ever presented with the opportunity, unabashed and unafraid. Isaac is actually a little bit of a fame monster, he's pushed away all of his interpersonal relationships to exclusively work on his music --- as that is what brings him the greatest joy in life. You could almost equate fame to a drug for him, it fuels him and all those cheering fans are only making his ego as Casanova Aain stronger.

    Many people, fans and critics alike believe that Casanova Aain might be a strong persona to hide behind, made by someone who has no sense of individuality or is extremely uncomfortable in their own skin. The latter is the more correct of the two, as Isaac might be the most afraid of himself. He's uncomfortable with his appearance, thinking he appears to be a slob. He's uncomfortable with his voice, even though he's the singer and guitarist of his one man show. And he's especially uncomfortable with his own sexuality, finding it to be a confusing and difficult subject to talk about. Romantic pursuits have never been for him to begin with, but he's had even more trouble getting attached to other humans after his long term boyfriend left him due to an explosive fight. Isaac has never actually recovered from this, turning to drugs for newfound support. He's sticking to his old motto that a significant other will only get in the way, as this has seemingly proven true.

    Isaac, although quiet, is a great speaking companion... figuratively speaking. Isaac is the greatest listener in the world, although he may often seem disinterested and angry --- he is actually very curious about what makes other people tick or get upset and would very much like to hear your take on these things. Although he may follow it up with somewhat blunt and unwelcome advice, but hey, at least he talked to you, right? He's also very excitable about topics he's interested in, and may actually talk your ear off if you peak his interest. His favourite subjects are music, Pokemon breeding, and movies.

    Isaac was born to a normal, kind, middle-class family in Lacunosa Town in the Unova region. His mother, Elaine Casanova (née: Dewitt) felt extremely blessed following the birth of Isaac, as her and her husband, Leon, had been trying for years to get pregnant with little success. As he was the first born, and assumed by his parents to be their only child he was absolutely spoiled from the time he was old enough to form words in order to say what he wanted. By definition, Isaac wasn't a spoiled rotten child --- as he expected actually very little from his parents, however they often far exceeded anything he thought they would and threw their hard earned money on the latest toys for him. His parents always spent time with the young boy, from birth to age eight they were ever present. Although his parents both worked steady jobs to maintain their home and raise their child, they gave Isaac the best possible life they could, making sure to spend enough time with him so he would never get lonely and lash out.

    Unfortunately for Isaac, growing up with two parents that loved him dearly and took him on all sorts of adventures would draw to a close when he was around eight and half. His parents had run into money troubles, with his father's gambling problems being the source. Isaac was too young to understand at the time, despite being a rather intelligent boy who always did well in school he was still just a boy. His mother had finally had enough, booting his father out of the house and filling for divorce not long after. Isaac was devastated, but found it comforting that he was still able to visit his father whenever he pleased. His parents had split custody, meaning he would stay at his mother's house for two weeks and then go to his father's home for a week. It was actually a nice outlet for the young boy, as his father maintained the spoiling that he was known for and sometimes even bought Isaac far more than he could afford. His father was never a man that knew how to manage money, and living in that one bedroom apartment was evidence upon itself. Isaac had to sleep on the futon in the living room during his stays, but he never minded --- at least he was able to see his father. It went on like this for a few years, at the age of ten Isaac was giving two copies of his final report card for his parents. There were straight As all around, and during his visit to his father's, his dad found it appropriate to award him for his efforts.

    The two went to a local market in Castelia City, where the boy saw the object of his ultimate desires. A beautiful guitar. It was a little pricey, especially for his father's part time job at the butcher --- but his father felt that he had earned it. Isaac was ecstatic, learning how to play it with practice and becoming actually quite good. His voice wasn't too shabby either, a voice coach would certainly work wonders to improve his talents. His father felt like he had real talent, encouraging his wild dreams to be a musician and even coughing up more money for guitar and voice lessons. Once he was back at his mother's however, things changed. His mother's new boyfriend, Ansel, had recently moved in with them upon finding out that Elaine was pregnant with his child. Isaac was quite excited to learn he was actually going to have someone around other than him and his mother, although he wasn't exactly crazy about the way Ansel spoke about his father. But, his mom liked him --- and that was what really mattered. About a month after Isaac turned eleven, Lily was born. She was beautiful, bright eyed, and quite loud. But Isaac loved her from the moment he first saw her. He was the best big brother he could be, and upon Lily's 7th birthday he was ready to set out into the big world --- looking for fame.

    His mother and Ansel didn't exactly approve of his newfound dreams to be a musician however, they spoke of how it was "foolish" to expect fame and fortune and that they boy should actually find a proper career of some kind. Go to school, pick up some sort of field and stick with it. Isaac wasn't too thrilled with the notion, but agreed nonetheless. Being eighteen and freshly out of high school, he decided to try to get a major in breeding, despite knowing very little about Pokemon. A requirement of the university he wished to attend was to have a Pokemon companion, to better learn how to interact with the creatures. Luckily for Isaac, Ansel had picked him up a small graduation gift from himself and Elaine --- a small female Eevee. Isaac loved her, truly, it was love at first sight and she helped him excel in his classes. Isaac's intelligence had stayed, and he flew through school effortlessly. All until the day of his final exam.

    The exam seemed easy on paper, prove that you had the ability to select a Pokemon couple and breed them for their traits --- successfully delivering the egg in the process. He selected a Pikachu as the female, and a Mienfoo as the father. It seemed simple, and he was ready to become a fully certified breeder. The breeding itself went fine, all until the Pikachu actually needed to deliver the egg. There were complications that could have been avoided, and for Isaac's excitability and lack of patience --- he lost the mother and the unborn child in the process. Isaac was devastated, he could not believe he had killed a living thing. The graduation ceremony was tomorrow, and he didn't have the strength to face his parents and tell them the truth. So he ran, taking only his guitar and his Eevee with him.

    Isaac lived on the street for a year after this, he preformed on street corners for cash and found a new companion to cope with the pain. The drugs. Drugs were Isaac's new best friend, he used them to nullify his vision of that Pikachu bleeding out in his hands, and to feel a new strength from his music. One day while preforming on the street corner, Isaac was seen by a producer who simply adored his sound, he offered Isaac the deal of a lifetime and Isaac was quick to agree. He had it all so fast, fame, fortune, and all the drugs he could ask for. It was at one of his concerts that he met him, that boy in the green hat. They were around the same age, and Isaac caught sigh of him in the crowd --- banging his head with his Jolteon in tow. Following the show, the boy asked for an autograph, and Isaac was quick to ask for a phone number. The boy's name was Kyle, and they connected almost instantly. Numerous dates followed, with the two falling hard and fast for each other. Until Isaac's overdose dragged them apart.

    Isaac had mixed far too many drugs at one of his parties, passing out in a pool of his own vomit and having a seizure. Kyle was mortified, rushing him to the hospital as fast as he could. Luckily for Isaac, he was alright. But Kyle had had enough, he hated the way Isaac was living. He hated that the drugs were his main focus, and he hated the fact that Isaac's circle of music "friends" was more important than him. Kyle severed their relationship there, which only made Isaac's habits grow far, far worse. Music became his entire life, not wanting to get hurt again he shoved everyone away. His only friends were Vinny, drugs, and his music. After his breakup, his music had begun to grow more and more depressing. And following him vomiting into the crowd at a concert following a drunken binge (which was of course, broadcasted all over the news), his manager advised him to take a vacation. Paying for a trip to Alola.

    Unfortunately for Isaac, he could not have picked a worse time to take time off. Alola had recently had all sorts of anomalies that his manager had somehow failed to tell him about, and during a hike up the tallest mountain in Alola, a huge tsunami hit --- forcing him and his Pokemon to be stuck on the mountain top. All he knows for sure now, is that he better not die. The music industry would really suck without him.

    Pokemon (3 max):
    Species: Leafeon
    Nickname: Vinny
    Gender: Female

    Appearance/Accessories: Vinny is a tiny bit smaller than the standard run of the mill Leafeon, being the runt of her litter. Her leaves have more of a blueish hue to them, appearing crisp and somewhat cold and cool. She wears a dark green ascot around her neck, similar to how the Pokemon in Mystery Dungeon wear their scarves. The scarf has a collar attached to it that says "Vinny" on the front in fancy cursive writing, the back says "Aain's girl".

    Personality: Vinny could be described as a tomboy in her attitudes, she’s quick to jump to conclusions with other Pokemon and start fights. She also adores getting dirty and play fighting with other Pokemon, as well as pranks and causing trouble, often taking food from other Pokemon’s bowls in an attempt to stir up trouble. Isaac will always scold her but never really does a good job of it. She loves being the centre of attention, usually seen on Isaac’s shoulder or following directly behind him wherever he goes, she even dances along to his shows and music videos --- often attempting to steal the show. However, Vinny cares deeply for her trainer and would do anything to protect him. Much like Isaac, she also likes keeping to herself and being a lone wolf, preferring to stay on her own and getting minorly territorial when other Pokemon, particularly females, get close to her master.

    History: Vinny was given to Isaac as a graduation present by his step-father and mother. She was a young Eevee back then, ready to attend university with the much less jaded Isaac. Vinny is the girl that matters most in Isaac's life, perhaps the only girl that actually matters, and she's fully aware of this. While Isaac was living on the street, she evolved in order to fend off the street rats that sometimes plagued their sleeping areas in alleys. Since their meeting, Vinny has fallen in love with her master in a deep way. She wants to be the only girl that matters to him, and luckily for her, it seems that Isaac doesn't really have an interest in other women.

    Species: Plusle
    Nickname: Puck
    Gender: Male

    Appearance/Accessories: Puck wears a blue scarf that is very long, similar to what aviator pilots would wear. It has a small heart charm on the neck. He also dons a pair of brown goggles above his head, he really wishes he knew how to fly. Puck's fur is a little ruffled in places, giving him a more rugged appearance. He's slightly larger than the average Plusle.

    Personality: Puck is a dreamer, always has his head in the clouds... quite literally. Puck wishes he could fly so he could properly explore the world, as he's always wanted to see the wonders of the Pokemon world. His kind, friendly, and certainly a go-getter. He likes pumping his team up for action, and could very well be considered a natural born leader. Even Vinny seems to respect his ideas and authority at some times. Puck does have a soft spot, and that's for pretty women. Unfortunately for him, Mimi has him wrapped around her little finger.

    History: Puck and Mimi came as a package deal when Isaac got into show business. He acts involved Vinny in music videos, as well as in concerts --- but his manager felt like his shows needed more umph. He was given Puck and Mimi who were trained contest Pokemon, meaning the two knew how to put on quite a show. They were trained in dancing, pyrotechnics (with their combined electricity), and minor singing. The two were trained together from a young age, meaning that they're pretty much like siblings. (Although Puck wishes they were much more than that, as he's quite smitten with Mimi)

    Species: Minun
    Nickname: Mimi
    Gender: Female

    Appearance/Accessories: Mimi wears a red bow around her neck, the bow facing the back like a proper lady. The front facing ribbon has a small star charm on the front. She's a fairly normal Minun, but Puck thinks she might be the cutest Minun in the world. She keeps herself well groomed and often gets Isaac's makeup crew to doll her up nice and pretty.

    Personality: Mimi is prim and proper, as she feels all ladies should be. She's quite standoffish with Vinny due to her tomboyish behavior, and wishes the Leafeon would at least not play in the mud. How was she ever going to pick up a mate like that? She's chatty, caddy, and can be somewhat aggressive to male Pokemon. She heard that males love a lady that's hard to get, so that's exactly what she aspires to be.

    History: Puck and Mimi came as a package deal when Isaac got into show business. He acts involved Vinny in music videos, as well as in concerts --- but his manager felt like his shows needed more umph. He was given Puck and Mimi who were trained contest Pokemon, meaning the two knew how to put on quite a show. They were trained in dancing, pyrotechnics (with their combined electricity), and minor singing. The two were trained together from a young age, meaning that they're pretty much like siblings. (Although Puck wishes they were much more than that, as he's quite smitten with Mimi)
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  6. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Main Char:

    Name: Maxwell "Max" Hudson-Moncrief

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male


    Appearance: Max is a tall and lean young man standing at 6'3". He is physically fit, and has a, toned, well muscled, physique that he enjoys showing off. At one point, his dad put him on a strict exercise program, and while he hated being forced to do it, he admits it's done wonders for his body. He still works out regularly to maintain it, just at his own pace, and not as intense, He has a fair complexion, and his face is free of blemishes and facial hair. His strawberry blonde hair looks messy, but he likes it that way, claiming that it adds character to his look. It appears to be longer on the top than it is on the sides, and it seems to go in many different directions. He doesn't wear any hair gel, since he doesn't like the feel of stiff hair. He has a round, boyish face with wide expressive eyes that are a deep shade of blue. He often has a smile on his face.

    Max's taste in clothes changes with his mood. Some days he'll dress casually and wear a simple tank top and jeans, other days he wears fancier clothing. He knows how to sew and make his own clothes to suit his tastes. He likes bright colors, but usually wears various shades of purple. He went to the Alola region on his honeymoon with his husband, and he expected it to be hot, Max dressed fairly lightly. His outfit consists of lavender, tight fitting tank top, with a low neckline that he chose because it shows off his upper body. On the bottom, he wears a pair of purple floral patterned swim trunks. He wears purple sandals on his feet. Max accessorizes his look with a necklace that has a purple heart shaped pendant attached, and a pair of purple sunglasses that either are over his eyes, or on top of his head. He has a silver wedding band on his left ring finger that matches his husband's. He also has a Mega Bracelet on his right wrist with a mega stone on it. He carries around a purple messenger bag to carry his things in.

    At this point, his only things are a sketchbook, some pencils and pens, a bottle of water, and a limited supply of Pokemon snacks. His other stuff is useless for one reason or another.

    Personality: Max is a cheerful, optimistic guy who doesn't like to be bogged down with unpleasant thoughts. He enjoys laughing and making jokes with others, even in inappropriate situations. He is easygoing and friendly, which makes it easy for him to befriend people. He is really good at understanding other people's emotions, and is an emotional guy himself. He is not embarrassed to show his feelings. He cries when he is sad, and is openly affectionate towards those he cares for. Max considers himself a hopeful romantic. He has an idealistic view of love, and is passionate about these views. Now that Max is a married man, he doesn't go gaga for every attractive guy he sees anymore. He still appreciates male beauty, but his flirty gestures are saved for his husband. After the disaster happened, Max is very worried about his husband's mental state, and is very fiercely protective of him. Almost obsessively so. He refuses to let him out of his sight, and do anything by himself. He knows his boyfriend has a history of mental health problems, and knows the disaster likely took a toll on him. He's already lost two people he's cared about in the past, and doesn't want that to happen again.

    He truly believes in love, and likes romance of all sorts. He loves flaunting the fact that he is married now. Max is driven more by his emotions than logic, and tends to act impulsively as a result. It is something he has always done. He sometimes does not think about how his actions affect others until it is too late, and winds up feeling bad about it afterwards if something goes wrong. When someone does become his friend. he gets attached to that person very easily, and can be clingy and overly dependent. He will always be in your business, will constantly call/text you, and do things for you whether you want it or not. He also doesn't take rejection very well, he'll usually deny the rejection, or come up with excuses to avoid feeling heartbroken.

    Max is very sensitive, and is willing to be a shoulder to cry on, and give you some words of encouragement when you are down. For him, hurt feelings hurt worse than a hurt body. It is very easy to get him to like you, and once he is your friend he will remain your friend for life. He will keep your secrets a secret, and will do what he thinks is best for you. If there's one thing Max can't stand, it's being forced to do something he doesn't like. He can usually respect authority, but it becomes a problem when he feels that the authority is unfair. Trying to control him is the fastest way to get him upset. When he gets upset, he will lash out. Max also reacts with anger when being reminded of his father. He is the type of guy that lives in the moment, and isn't one for planning for the future, preferring to deal with things as they happen. He doesn't really like schedules or routines, finding them boring and restrictive.

    Max is a creative individual. His favorite pastime is drawing and painting, and he often be found doodling in a sketch book when he has free time. He also knows how to sew and make clothes. He's not planning to be a designer or anything, he just likes making costumes, or just making things purple. In addition to his creative pursuits, he enjoys Video Games, Anime, Disney, and other things that most would consider geeky. He also has an affinity for cute things. It's the reason why he likes the Fairy type so much. Max doesn't care for sports that involve a ball all that much, after his father forcing him to participate in them for so long. He's willing to play games with friends sometimes, but he isn't competitive about it. After spending years being scared of his father, and finally getting out of that situation, he has had enough of being concerned what other people thought about him. He is going to be himself, and if you don't like it, that's your problem not his. After everything that's happened to him, Max is able to empathize with others in a similar situations. He sees himself in them, and really wants to help them. This can drive some people nuts because of how overbearing he can be. He does genuinely care about people.

    Max does not drink any kind of alcohol, at all. It has only caused him nothing but trouble in his life. He is also uneasy in situations where other people are drinking...

    History: Max Hudson was born and raised in Opelucid City, Unova, to a wealthy and prominent family. The Hudson family were known for being Dragon Tamers ever since the line began (They use Dragon type Pokemon as well as Pokemon in the Dragon Egg Group. Pokemon that gain Dragon type upon Mega Evolution also qualified as Dragon types.) His mother, Kimberly, while not born into a wealthy family, made her own money the old fashioned way, by working hard. While Max grew up in wealth and luxury, he didn't have the best relationship with his father. Joe Hudson was a strict man, and he had high expectations for his son. He had a low tolerance for failure, and Max was disciplined harshly when the expectations were not met. His father had always wanted his boy to follow in his footsteps and become a Dragon Tamer, like all the other Hudson men. (Men in the family usually trained specific species of Dragons. Max preferred the cute or elegant looking Pokemon the women in the family used.) From the moment Max could walk and talk, he pushed that dream onto him. He was sent to elite private schools to study Pokemon Battling, and and act like the upper-class elite that he is. He was given his very own Gible to be his first Pokemon. Max absolutely hated that Gible. It was disobedient, rambunctious, and flat out rude. Max would have preferred something cuter. His mother didn't agree on what her husband was doing, saying Max should be able to make his own choices, but the man wouldn't have any of it. Saying that taming such a tough Pokemon builds character, and would make him strong. Max hated having to use that stupid Gible, but stayed with it in order to please his strict father. Over the years, he started to develop and get stronger. That still didn't change the fact that he hated what he was being forced to do something he didn't want to do for stupid reasons. He also didn't agree with his father's ideas about how a man should act. Still, he kept his mouth shut, but resentment slowly started to build.

    Growing up, Max always had an interest in art. He was often doodling in his school notes when he should have been paying attention in class. While he excelled in art classes, he wasn't good in Math, and was average everywhere else. His mother encouraged his artistic talents, but his father chastised them. Claiming that art was for sissies, and that it would never do him any good. Naturally, Max was always closer to his mother than he was with his father. She was the one who told him bedtime stories as a kid, which is how his view of romantic love developed. She was also the one who encouraged his artistic goals where his father never did. His parents often disagreed on a lot of other things besides how to raise their child. It was not uncommon for the two to have very heated arguments on a regular basis.

    One day, Max heard his younger cousin Olivia had gotten her first Pokemon, a cute Swablu. Olivia was a bit of a tomboy, and preferred the type of Dragons the men in her family use. Olivia was eyeing Max's Gible, stating she had always wanted one of her own, but she got a Swablu instead. It didn't take long for the two to agree to a trade, and soon, Max was the proud owner of an adorable Swablu. Max figured his dad wouldn't have a problem with this. After all, Swablu still evolved into a Dragon type. Well, when Max got home from school that day, he would find out that he was very wrong. Joe was livid. No son of his was going to train a sissy Pokemon like Swablu. He claimed that Swablu was for the women and girls of the family, and men were expected to use manly Pokemon. His anger got so bad, he slapped his son hard across the face. Max's mother got home from work just time to see this, and that was the last straw for her. After a very loud argument, Max's mother filed for divorce. She got custody of her son, and they moved out of the home they shared with Max's father. Max also took this opportunity to show off his Swablu, and start training her, as well as take a proper painting class to improve his skills.

    For some time, Max was happy. He lived a comfortable life at home with his mother, he was popular in school, and made a lot of friends. He still practiced his painting, and his grades improved. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to last. When he was sixteen, his mother was involved in a serious car crash that left her severely wounded. She ultimately died from blood loss on the way to the hospital. He was forced to live with his father. Max barely had time to grieve for his mother's death. His father imposed his ideas just like before. He took away all his art supplies. He was sure he would have taken his Swablu if Max hadn't kept her Pokeball hidden. He was then given a Bagon by his father, and told not to trade it, or there would be consequences. Of course, Max didn't listen, and traded the Bagon. This time for a Popplio. The boy he traded from was the son of a breeder from the Alola region. He had plenty of Popplios and other Pokemon to trade. Joe found about this, and Max was disciplined much worse than before, but he was happy that it seemed his dad was going to stop imposing his ideals on him at least... However, Max's father also had started drinking after the divorce, and as Max found out, he was a violent, angry drunk, who would go berserk, and often yell, scream, and beat him over the slightest things. It is because of his father, that Max refuses to drink any type of alcohol.

    Regardless of what was happening at home, Max still kept up a cheerful facade in front of others. He didn't dare tell anyone of his father's abuse for various ranging from thinking he won't be believed, to making the situation worse. Joe was very good at acting like a supportive parent in public, especially in front of family members, fueling Max's fears. Due to his resentment of his father, he tried to look for the affection he didn't get at home from others. He wanted people to like him, and tried very hard to please everyone. He constantly worried about what other people thought, and kept things secret from people that he felt would make them think negatively of him. (Such as the fact he likes My Little Ponyta, or that he didn't care to listen to the guys talking about girls. He didn't find himself interested in them.) Despite feeling miserable inside, he kept smiling through the pain. Every night he cried in his pillow, and swore he would get out of this one day.

    He found any excuse he could think of to not have to come home and deal with his father, studying with friends, trying to find a job, whatever was plausible. He also did some rebellious things behind his father's back, like sneaking out after school to go to parties, and other popular hangouts. Not coming home until very late into the night. It was at one of these parties that he met a very special guy named Robert (better known as Robbie) that was close to his age. Max first laid eyes on him when he was playing his guitar, and singing for a crowd of people. Max noticed three things about him. The first thing, he had a beautiful singing voice, two he was very handsome even though he was embarrassed to be having that kind of thought at the time, and the third was that his guitar was covered in Hello Skitty stickers. After he was done performing, Max felt the urge to talk to him. The two of them started to hit it off very quickly. After Max found out they went to the same school, the two started spending a lot of time together. They had a lot of things in common, including the fact that they were both artists, although, Robbie was a musician and a poet rather than a traditional artist. It soon became clear that there relationship was more than just platonic. Max couldn't stop himself from thinking about how hot his friend was, and had feelings about him that he never felt about anyone before, let alone another guy. He found out the feeling was mutual, and started growing closer until they eventually had their first kiss.

    After that, the two stared going steady. Max was excited about the status of his relationship, but also scared. He knew his father would never approve of him dating another guy. He definitely couldn't invite him over to his house. He kept his relationship a secret so his father wouldn't find out. It was exciting at first, but all the sneaking around had a negative effect on the relationship. Robbie was openly gay, but Max was still in the closet. He wanted to be able to be public with his boyfriend. Max was worried about the reaction people would have if people found out he was dating guys, particularly his dad. He occasionally would pretend to go out with girls so people wouldn't get suspicious, which upset Robbie more. Robbie gave Max an ultimatum to come out, or their relationship was over. Max couldn't do it, and Robbie left. Max was devastated.

    Throughout all this, he was able to bring his grades up during his last year of high school, and managed to graduate. Now that he was an adult, Max had to go to art college. He would also use the type of Pokemon he liked. Max revealed these plans to his father, and of course, it did not go well. A loud argument ensued at the dinner table that night, which ended up with Max coming out as gay. Max's father was drunk at the time, and proceeded to punch him in the face a number of times, threaten to kill him, and use several gay slurs before passing out. After that, Max had enough, and ran away from home. He went to the only place he could think of to go, his ex-boyfriend's house. His dad had never met Robbie before, he would never know to go looking for him there. After knocking on the door, and explaining to Robbie's parents, and Robbie himself, what had happened, the family took the boy in for a while. Robbie felt bad for leaving Max after discovering the reason why he was in the closet... It didn't take very long for the two boys to rekindle their relationship. Max hadn't seen or heard from his dad since.

    After he and Robbie publicly came out as a couple, he found out nearly everybody in school pretty much suspected Max wasn't straight. All of his friends were ok with it. After everything that had happened, Max stopped trying to hide parts of himself to please people. It just wasn't worth the effort. Now, he was going to live life the way he wanted, and no one was going to stop him. Max and Robbie had planned to go to art school together. Max had even decided to specialize in Fairy types, the polar opposite of Dragon types, just to spite his abusive father and his stupid family legacy.

    But before they could go through with those plans, Robbie was involved in a fatal car accident with a drunk driver. Making the situation worse, was the fact that the drunk driver turned out to be his father, who survived the accident. It was as if that man couldn't resist making one more attempt at making his life miserable. Of course, his dad was arrested and put in prison for DUI as well as vehicular manslaughter, much to Max's relief. He also discovered that he had inherited a large sum of money from his deceased mother that his father had been keeping a secret for some time. Still, he had lost his boyfriend, in the exact same way he had lost his mother. He put off starting school, and spent a lot of nights crying alone. The sudden loss left a hole in his heart he was unable to fill.

    After lots and lots of therapy, Max decided to move on with his life. He moved to Castleia City seeking a fresh start, and got an apartment there. He lives off of his inheritance money, as well as supplementing his income by selling his paintings at the local art gallery, as well as doing commissions as a free-lance artist. He also went to art college to further his craft, and was dating a lot of guys. Things continued normally for him, until one day, he learned he would be getting a new neighbor. Max was curious who he would be living next door, so of course he took a peak. That was when he saw... him. Max ogled the hot guy wearing a torn gray tank top and skinny jeans that showed off his body perfectly, carrying a big box, and on talking on the phone in another language. Being the good neighbor that he was, Max made a point to introduce himself. He got the other guys name, Lucas Moncrief, and Max knew right away the two had chemistry. The two began talking, and flirting with one another. While Max still dated other boys, he had a hard time getting his handsome neighbor out of his head. It helped that every evening, Max would hear him playing his guitar, and singing love songs through their shared wall. Max loved it. Ever since Robbie, Max had a soft spot for musicians.

    Eventually, Max made his move, and asked Lucas on a date. Their first date was Ice Skating at in Nimbassa City next door. That went well, so they went on another date. Then a third date. Eventually, they had flat out became an item. Life was good for Max. He completed art school and got a fine arts degree, his paintings were selling, and he had a stable relationship again. Eventually, Max moved in with Lucas, because having two apartments right next to each other was kind of pointless now. He was happy. A few years later, Lucas proposed to Max on Christmas, and of course Max said yes. They had a big fabulous wedding a few months later. No alcohol was served at their wedding, and Max invited some of his family members that he didn't see too often after the situation with his father.

    Despite the craziness going on with the solar flares and sunspots, Max and Lucas decided to go on their honeymoon anyway, leaving for Alola. Lucas inherited a large coastal manor on one of the islands, and felt like it would be the perfect place. They had decided to climb the tallest mountain the day of the tsunami. Now bad things are happening, and Max is very worried. Both for the state of the world, as well as his husband's mental state. He knows Lucas has a history of mental health problems, and had done research on it after he found it about it. He's nervous his husband might hurt himself, or possibly worse. He's already lost two people he cared about in his life, and he does not want to have to go through that a third time.



    Species: Altaria

    Nickname: Rapunzel

    Gender: Female

    Appearance/Accessories: She wears a collar with an Altariaite around her long neck. Otherwise, she looks like a standard Altaria. She always keeps her fluff clean and perfectly groomed at all times, a trait that carried over from when she was a Swablu.

    Personality: Rapunzel is basically the complete opposite of the Gible he traded to get her. She is a kind and gentle Pokemon, who is very close to her trainer after being together for so long. Rapunzel is very much the team mom. She cares for the other Pokemon and her trainer as if they were her own children. She often hugs them with her fluffy wings when she's happy. She gets mad when any of them are threatened, and she will fight fiercely to protect them. She often competes with Ariel over who is the better singer.

    History: Max's father gave him a Gible that he really did not care for. His cousin Olivia had gotten a Swablu, but she preferred a Gible. The two immediately agreed to a trade, and Max and Rapunzel had been together ever since. He kept her on his team even after Max had decided to specialize in Fairy types. He obtained the mega stone and the mega bracelet from Lucas, which helped to make her an official Fairy type.


    Species: Primarina

    Nickname: Ariel

    Gender: Female

    Appearance/Accessories: Ariel wears a pearl necklace around her neck that matches the pearls in her hair. Otherwise, Ariel believes herself to be too beautiful to even need any accessories. She only wears the necklace because she liked the pearls. She looks like a normal Primarina, but Ariel thinks she's more beautiful than other Primarina.

    Personality: Ariel was nicknamed after a certain mermaid known for her beautiful singing voice. Just like her namesake, Ariel the Primarina also has a beautiful singing that she is more than happy to show off. Her and Rapunzel often get into sing-offs which Max finds hilarious to witness. Ariel is a kind and friendly soul, who likes to sing and play. She is also a very feminine Pokemon who likes to be told she's beautiful. She is also vain and likes to keep herself looking nice. She can often be seen primping if she is near a reflective surface.

    History: After Max was forced to move back in with his father, he gave him a Bagon. Max was told not to trade this Pokemon, or there would be consequences. Max didn't listen, and traded the Bagon his father gave him to a boy who was the son of a breeder from the Alola region to get a Popplio, since they were rather rare. After that, Max's father stopped giving him Dragon Pokemon and became abusive.


    Species: Mimikyu

    Nickname: Mickey

    Gender: Male

    Appearance/Accessories: Mickey's Pikachu disguise is a more vibrant shade of yellow than the ones Mimikyu normally wear. It is closer in shade to the color Pikachu actually are. He keeps his Pikachu costume very clean in an effort to get his crush to notice him, which is why it's the color that it is. Max makes him new Pikachu costumes when the old ones start getting ratty. Otherwise, he looks like every other Mimikyu.

    Personality: Like the Mimikyu Pokedex entry states, Mickey just wants to be loved, and wears a Pikachu costume hoping to be loved as much as Pikachu. He's a bit of a shy one though, and has a hard time expressing his feelings. He has a crush on Lucas' Raichu, but is too embarrassed to actually pursue anything, no matter how much Max tries to nudge him along. Towards those he is close too, he is the most affectionate little thing you will ever meet.

    History: Max met Mickey at the same time Lucas met his Pikachu. When Robin followed Lucas home, Mickey followed Robin. For a while he stayed outside Max and Lucas' apartment, hoping to catch a glimpse of his crush. It didn't take long for Max to notice the Mimikyu sitting outside the apartment, and it took even less time for him to figure out why. So, Max took this Mimikyu in himself, and not so subtly ships him with Robin.
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    Schade Iron Defensive

    Confirming for Jock, and throwing down my WIP. will work more on later today, or tomorrow.

    Name: Morgan Dunbrook
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Morgan is a rather tall young man, standing at 1,87 cm tall. He has a slender, yet physically fit body due to his active hobbies, and the amount of time he spends on them. His skin is also slightly tanned due to spending a lot of time outdoors. His hair us short and blonde, and usually stands up in the less flattering version of "I woke up like this". Morgan takes care of his appearance, and has fair skin without blemishes as a result. His mint green eyes are often locked in a weird mixture of seriousness and boredom, and he rarely shows any other emotion. Overall , he isn't the most expressive of people, despite being viewed as decently attractive by most around him.

    For clothing, Morgan typically has dresses in light, sporty outfits of a variety of colors. He is more or less never seen in anything but training jerseys or sweatpants, and has never worn a suit before. His most common of such attire is a dark blue sidecut tank top, showing off most of his upper body. With this, he wears a salmon red tight set of bicycle shorts, for easy movement. Along with this, he wears sturdy and comfortable white sneakers for jogging, and a pair of white, fingerless gloves with a star print on the upside.

    He wears a deep blue small backpack which contains his pokemons Fast Balls, as well as a few Super Potions. He has a bottle of water, and a few energy bars as well. He does carry with him his phone in there as well, though it is not working for whatever reason.

    Personality: One thing you will quickly learn about Morgan is that he is a snarky individual, using his barbed tongue to speak freely in a cold, harsh manner. Most, if not all of his conversations with others are dripping of sarcasm and edge, which makes him come across as rough. Typically though, despite his rudeness, he commonly means the opposite of what he says, which very often goes undedected by those who doesn't know him for the guy he is. Underneath all his snark and sarcasm, Morgan is a guy plagued with insecurities. Whenever he puts his snark aside, he is a genuine and honest person, which can surprise others that doesn't know him. This side of him is often demonstrated in his interractions with his Pokemon when others aren't around. However, most of the time, Morgan is covered with a strict and bored-looking facial expression.

    Stoic and standoff-ish, Morgan is a determined young man, and has a rather strong competitive streak, which is shown in how he always push himself to the limits in his physically oriented hobbies. he sets high standards for himself, his competitive nature comes in tandem to a strong set of work ethics, of which he express in his interactions with others. Morgan is also quite the workaholic, and has a very negative attitude towards anything that keeps him away from the office. he puts no effort into hiding his displease regarding anything that makes him feel out of place, and is very harsh and condescending when socializing with others about it.

    Under all his snark and thick layers of sarcasm, Morgan is a vulnerable guy with a lot of emotions. If you manage to dig through his layers, he is genuine and friendly, and would stick up for you in a pinch. All he wants is to take life at his own pace, without the interfering of others. He tries to be more open to people, though he finds it really hard, and often end up mocking or insulting someone instead of being true. Despite all this though, he is still a friendly person once you learn how to cope with his tsundere nature. As mentioned, Morgan's hobbies include physical activities. This is mostly a way to quell his boredom, but has later evolved into becoming a coping mechanism for dealing with his feelings. If he's angry, he'd go for a jog, and if he's sad he'd go for a swim. The reason for this is that he doesn't know how to fully express his feelings.

    History: Morgan is a normal young man, born in the normal town of Vermillion City in the normal Kanto. His parents were fairly normal, his father being a Gym Trainer in the local gym, while his mother was a retired Pokemon nurse, staying at home in their normal house, doing normal household things. As one would expect, Life was fairly normal for Morgan. He was average in school, had many friends despite his shortcomings, and had generally very few troubles during his upbringing. His parents were always strict in their beliefs that hard work is the only key to a successful life, and Morgan was taught to keep his feelings to himself. This marked the beginning of his insecurities, which would only evolve further throughout his life.

    From an early age, he didn't show promising results in whatever he did, nor was he particularly bad at anything. He was perfectly decent at more or less everything, which is nice in theory, but dreadfully boring in the long run. He was not ungrateful for living a simple and problem-free life, on the contrary. He was always grateful for what he had, even though all he had was boredom and developing emotional anxiety. He lacked some excitement in his life, which he eventually tried solving by picking up a variety of hobbies. Despite their strict parenting, his parents had always wanted him to find his own path, and they would agree to whatever choice he made (unless he became a drug addict or dropped out of school). Great as this was, it didn't really help Morgan figuring out what he wanted to do with his life. Despite that, he never considered picking up the Pokemon training trend, as it just didn't appeal to him as much as he would want it to.

    However, he eventually got to befriend a rather eccentric triathlete, who was traveling through town on his way to the cycling road near Fuschia City. Having nothing better to do that day, Morgan asked if he could tag along. Because it is perfectly normal for young kids to tag along with strangers on bicycles. His dad agreed, and came with them to the bridge. There, Morgan learned about the joyous wonders of bicycling, and heard tales of swimming and running as well. Even though he was fairly certain his new friend was exaggerating the topics to the skies and back, it sounded more interesting than literally anything elsegoing on in his life. using his own kind of embarassing, yet cute and lovable bicycle, he took the long road over the bridge, only to rush back down once he had gotten up. Feeling the wind in his face as he rushed down and when he flew several feet forward after an unlucky crash with a passerby Ponyta, Morgan loved it. He then decided to take on triathletics as a hobby, something he would end up enjoying tremendously.

    A few years later, Morgan spent more or less all his time that wasn't spent in the classroom on the new Mach Bike that his dad had bought for him from Hoenn, or jogging alongside the beaches, or swimming in the ocean. He spent all his time outdoor, and he enjoyed it. At this point, he was also old enough to travel, which he did a lot. At this point in life though, it was time for Morgan to figure out what he wanted to do. He was fairly determined to be a professional triathlete, but both his parents urged him to take a break first, and see more of the world through adventuring with his two Pokemon. The concept of being a Pokemon trainer hadn't ever really sounded that amazing for him, but Morgan understood that it was a new experience, and he was all for new experiences even though he had already at some point visited most of every region around He found a brochure for the Alola at the docks of Vermillion City when he was figuring out where he wanted to go next.

    Despite his better judgment regarding the natural anomalies happening around the place, he decided to go to Alola to experience the rich outdoor life the place had to offer. The visit was everything he had hoped for and more. The more not necessarily being a positive thing. As communications went out, he grew somewhat wary, but didn't let it bother him, as he rarely used his phone anyway. He was out on a hike up Mount Hokulani together with his three Pokemon when the Tsunami hit. Not sure what to do next, he awaits the situation, while trying to keep his Pokemon calm and steady.

    - All his pokemon are caught with Fast Balls. [​IMG]

    Nickname: Peep
    Gender: Male
    Appearance/Accessories: the Middle head has a pair of Aviator goggles around its neck. His left head is not as in synch as the others. Its eyes are more wide, its feathers are a bit more ruffled than the others, and it have a habit of constantly drooling, being oblivious to what is going on around it.
    Personality: Peep is what you would consider a.. not normal Dodrio. Sure, two of its heads behave and function accordingly, but due to unknown reasons, the third head is always the exception. While Peep is normally a fierce and competetive Pokemon, its third head always acts aloof, and out of synch with the other two. It has a habit of spacing out, drooling with its tongue hanging out, while looking in a weird direction at something that isn't there. the third head is also more loving and friendly than the other two, often resting down on the shoulders of others as a sign of affection. Despite its oddities, however, Peep is a fully functional Dodrio in every other aspect. Despite its odd behavior, Peep's three heads work in perfect synchronization during battles. The other two heads are tolerant and friendly with their less developed brother, and Peep is considerate and tolerant to most situations, where his trainer would be impatient. Peep is also an energetic pokemon that enjoys joining Morgan during his runs or bicycle rides. As such, he is rarely kept in his Pokeball.
    History: Peep was obtained as an egg to celebrate Morgans first year abroad, being a symbol of appreciation. Morgan, who had never had an interest in Pokemon Training to begin with, decided to keep the jolly Doduo, even after evolution when he learned that he was special. The two share a deep friendship based on mutual respect.

    Nickname: Happy
    Gender: Female
    Appearance/Accessories: Happy looks identical to others of its kind, save from being less expressionful. She mostly has a cheerful smile on her face, regardless of the situation. Besides this, she looks like a normal Chansey without any special aesthetic traits.
    Personality: Happy, just like Peep, differs from others of its kind when it comes to how she behaves. At first glance, she is a pretty normal example of a Chansey, cheerful with a happy grin all the time. Literally all the time. Regardless of the situation. Happy is extremely oblivious to the world around her, and follows her own set of morals, "Happiness by force" which translates to a rougher, more physical approach to most everyday things. Although she means well, Happy is not above wrestling other pokemon to the ground with her surprising strength in order to heal them with her Softboiled move, which she uses in her own, custom way. She is a surprisingly able fighter, and takes joyful glee in hurting other pokemon in battle. Despite that, she always aids in healing her defeated opponents, in a degrading manner by pimp-slapping them in the face with her egg of cheerful healing.
    History: Happy was gifted to Morgan, against his wishes, by his family in order to try and lighten him up. It was clear from the get-go that Chansey was different, but seeing that Morgan already handled a somewhat restricted Dodrio, they went ahead with it. Morgan eventually warmed up to the strange pokemon, and the two remained as close allies ever since.

    Nickname: Haku
    Gender: Male
    Appearance/Accessories: Haku differs from others of his speicies by being Shiny. He is also slightly smaller than others of his kind. Besides that, he looks like any other alolan Marowak.
    Personality: Haku is a lively go-getter, and can be considered as Morgans only "normal" pokemon. Always the optimist, Haku remains positive even in the most dire situation, and is quick to come up with solutions or improvements on the current state of things. He is easy-going, and takes life at his own pace, something he tries to teach Morgan to do as well. He loves to dance, as it was taught by its original trainer. He would often try and force Morgan into dancing, and becomes very strict in its instructions. He has a habit of clunking Morgan on the head if he fails to dance as instructed, something Morgan himself struggles with being patient with. Despite their shortcomings, the two have grown quite fond of each other despite their short time together.
    History: Haku was gifted to Morgan from an eccentric old guru from Alola. The Guru was a great dancer, and had taken it upon himself to teach Morgan the arts of alolan dancing when he was visiting there for his vacation. After 3 days of practicing under his guidance, the man gifted him with the special Marowak, to help aid him further.
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    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    welcome to the tropocalypse y'all
    this is pretty much done unless mon looks at it and says Now Hold On A Minute


    Name: Lucas Spencer Hudson-Moncrief
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Lucas is gorgeous. In my opinion, anyway. He stands tall at 6' 3", has some build to him. While his coloration suggests otherwise, his features are very German. His head is somewhat long, with a well defined chin and angular features. He has a strong jawline, and sharp cheekbones. He has short, pitch black hair that he lets sweep just above his eyebrows, sometimes spiking his bangs up, and thin, well trimmed sideburns that go just past his ear. His eyes are expressive and emerald green, decorated with long, dark eyelashes. He has thin lips that are usually drawn up in a smile and an angular nose. His teeth are unnervingly straight and white, and very pointed in some places. His ears are pierced, and he usually has black studs in but he does kind of mix it up. His body is fairly proportional, with toned arms and legs. His hands are averaged sized, and his feet are a little larger than average. His core muscles are very well defined (or, to put it bluntly, he has abs), and he's been told he has very nice biceps. His collarbones and hipbones are very well defined. He has several self-made scars. On his left wrist he has the X scar, as well as two other horizontal scars just above them. He also has a couple on his left shoulder and bicep. The rest of them are on his upper thighs, and they're pretty long. He also has two longer scars, one on his left pectoral and the other on his right hip, though they are very faded.

    In this edition of Lucas Moncrief, we see tropical honeymoon Lucas! Since probably most of their stuff has been destroyed, they only need one outfit, so that's pretty awesome. He'll be wearing a light blue button-up, undone, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbow. Occasionally we may see him take it off to be a show off. He's also wearing dark red swim shorts and simple brown slip-on shoes. He has a pair of sunglasses that will either rest on the bridge of his nose or be placed on top of his head, and he carries around a brown messenger bag. On his left ring finger is a dark silver band with a Celtic knot engraved on it, and on his right wrist is a bracelet with a mega stone in it. I suppose that's pretty much it.

    As for a basic inventory, in that messenger bag is a small notebook, some pens, a (full) metal water bottle, some pokemon treats, a bottle of medication, and a wallet with pictures of his family and his husband in it. The rest is mostly useless junk.

    Personality: Lucas is an upbeat kind of guy, kind and always has other's best interest at heart. He adores making friends and being surrounded by people. He usually has a smile on his face, and is always happy to help his friends. He loves the attention, he loves the lights, he loves being loved. He's incredibly romantic and spontaneous, coming up with activities on the spot is a natural talent of his. He's passionate about everything he does, even the small things. Lucas is an incredibly talented musician, and can play nearly any instrument he tries because of how long and how hard he's worked at it. He's especially proficient in viola, guitar, and vocals, and is usually humming one tune or another. If you watch him fight, you'll notice he fights to a rhythm, and you might even see him counting the beats out. He's also quite responsible, and very good at managing finances. Lucas is empathetic, incredibly empathetic, and can easily figure out what others are feeling, and his emotions will match theirs.

    He enjoys a wide variety of pursuits besides music, athletics being one of them. Though he's never been good at sports involving a ball, he's a talented ice skater and ballroom dancer, and he's also very good at fistfighting. He likes going to the gym, especially when he's in a bad mood, because working out and getting stronger helps him feel again, and get his mind off things. He loves the delicateness of ice skating and ballroom dancing, and has become very strong through a lot of lifting other people up in both areas. He does enjoy a good video game from time to time, but he prefers storyline over anything else. He loves pokemon as much as he loves humans. He hates alcohol, as it makes his symptoms worse, and refuses to drink it. He also hates coffee. He's also a cuddler, and can be very very touchy and huggy and "dude let's hold hands aw ye."

    However, he's easily annoyed, and his annoyance is usually shown by explosive anger. His emotions are extreme than normal (i.e. he gets really angry by simple annoyances), especially the more negative emotions. His reactions with other people tend to be more intense also, and he doesn't handle criticism, unkindness, or rejection well. He's clingy and dependant, often having a "favorite person" who he's always trying to get attention from. Though Lucas is incredibly skilled at emotional empathy (knowing and feeling what others are feeling), he lacks cognitive empathy (knowing what others are thinking basically). If someone around him is upset, he'll automatically believe himself to be the cause even if he's done absolutely nothing. He's sensitive to sudden changes in attention (be it an increasement or decreasement), and if there's a sudden decrease in attention he often starts panicking. Lucas can't focus very well, and is also very impulsive, never really thinking things through. He can also be very moody, and occasionally goes through periods of "swinging," usually an hour or so of extreme mood swings. He has absolutely no sense of self, and clings to the things he's good at or praised for in hopes of keeping some personality he can call his own.

    Lucas's greatest fears are being alone and being abandoned. Lucas will usually try to make friends wherever he goes because of this. He cannot stand being alone, and insists he always has someone with him. He doesn't sleep well if there isn't someone nearby (nearby being, someone else in the house). Due to terrible, violent nightmares, he has to take medications to suppress his dreams. Lucas tends to shut down when he's alone, which can lead to dissociation or cutting. Lucas can sometimes feel hollow or empty, which hurts quite a bit for not being able to feel anything during those periods. While he's made great strides in managing his self-harm problem, Lucas will occasionally relapse and cut himself. It's especially triggered by anger, feeling "hollow," sadness, rejection, or being alone. He hates himself, and blames himself for his father's death. He believes he's unsalvageable, unworthy of love and affection, even though that's exactly what he wants. Though he normally functions well, he is terrified he'll lose control and everything will come crashing down around him.

    Though Lucas struggles with mental illness (PTSD and BPD, specifically), he has made great strides in keeping it all under control, and to most people it would seem nothing was ever wrong in the first place.

    Some things important to this role play: Lucas is a little older and has pretty much fully taken on his position in his company. He's calmed down quite a bit from his high school days. Currently, however, he's a bit of a ticking time bomb. He hasn't been able to contact his family since the wedding, and he's very worried about them. This whole "tidal wave destroying all of Alola" thing isn't exactly making it any better, either...

    History: Trigger warning for abuse, self harm, suicide, murder... suffice it to say that Lucas Moncrief's history is likely the worst out of all of my characters.

    Lucas was born to Luana and Isaac Maxwell. Isaac and Luana were an arranged marriage -- Luana was the heir to Cranford and Company of Johto, Isaac the heir to Morningstar Incorporated of Kalos. As part of the agreement, neither could take on the other's last name, but they chose a middle ground. Maxwell was chosen because it was an English name, the origin of Cranford, and it began with M, for Morgenstern. Due to Isaac not wanting Lucas to grow up overly pampered and sheltered, they moved from Kalos to Canalave City when Lucas was four, where would enjoy a relatively normal life (though, let's be honest, they were so well off they could live just about anywhere they wanted). Isaac loved Lucas very much, and spent a lot of time with him.

    A couple months before Lucas started school at five, Luana became pregnant with her second child. Tragically, it ended in a miscarriage late second trimester. After that, Luana was never the same. She started to be more introverted, spending more time with herself than with Lucas or Isaac, and she started to be much more violent and unpredictable, yelling at Lucas for the silliest things. Isaac started to worry about Lucas, but unfortunately, work got in the way. Isaac's parents died shortly before they moved to America, and Luana's was very ill. Though Lucas was set to be the heir to combine the two companies/families, as he was only five years old, Isaac took his place in managing things, requiring increasingly more time overseas in Germany. This, sadly, allowed Luana to get worse. The abuse got worse and worse. The abuse includes: various types of neglect, coffee burns, forcing him to drinking bleach, two stabbing incidents, starving, forcing him to stay awake, as well as constant emotional and physical beatings. Luana created a system of warped rules, that Lucas strictly followed (punishment could range from another beating, to being forced to stay up all night, to being starved a day or two). He lost his voice, never speaking a word at his house. But he would sing. In the dead of night, when he was certain his mother was asleep, he would make up little melodies for himself. And he sang songs of hope for the future. "But!" someone from the corner whines. "Child Protection Services!!" Oh, sweetie from the corner, worse things happen that go right past CPS. With Luana's incredible knack at being motherly when everyone was watching (including her own husband, who mostly lived in Kalos now due to work), everyone thought the problem was in Lucas, not Luana.

    Life continued like this until around the time Lucas was ten years old. Four days before Lucas's tenth birthday, his mother had accidentally stabbed him in the side. The wound required staples to be put in for the first little while. Early morning two days before Lucas's tenth birthday, Lucas had a particularly bad dream. In his thrashing and tearing at himself, some of the staples were torn out, waking him. As you can guess, there was blood everywhere -- both from the newly opened wound, and the places where the staples had ripped. Lucas panics and tries to hide his sobbing and to stop the bleeding. Unfortunately, both efforts were in vain, and Isaac, who had just arrived home, heard the soft commotion. Isaac enters Lucas's room to find the tear-stained blood-stained boy, and immediately takes him back to the ER to get everything patched up again. When the doctors lifted off Lucas's shirt, Isaac noticed just how thin Lucas had become, as well as a myriad of bruises and a stitched up wound next to his sternum. Isaac is shocked, and very confused. On the way home, Isaac asks Lucas where he got his injuries. Lucas, sick and tired of keeping it all in, gushes to his father about everything that had happened over the past five years. Isaac is heartbroken to hear his son's tale, and decided that it had to end tonight.

    You would think this is where we get a happy ending, but I'm merely writing a history planned two years ago, and alas, there is no happy ending for the Maxwell family. Isaac had a handgun. It had been passed down for generations and would go to Lucas when he came of age. It was truly gorgeous, blue tulips adoring an ivory grip. It was kept in a safe that only the eldest of each generation knew the code to. Unfortunately, Isaac made a fatal mistake. He left the safe unlocked, giving Luana access to the gun only two months prior. December 18th. Lucas tells Isaac all. Isaac is racked with guilt at being such a neglectful father for five years. Isaac waits for Lucas to go to bed, before confronting Luana. Everything snaps. Luana pulls the gun from somewhere nearby (she had been using it to scare Lucas only a few days earlier) and begins to fire. One shot through the light bulb. One shot through the floor. One shot through the piano. One shot through the window. One shot through Isaac's knee. Isaac cries out. A neighbor has been awoken. They are afraid, but for all the wrong reasons. Luana, calm and collected and insane, sets the gun down on the table. She walks into Lucas's room, takes him by the ear and slams him out of bed. She then drags Lucas into the dining room, and sets Lucas across from his father. Luana goes off on some rant, though her speech is slurred and incomprehensible.

    One shot through the lightbulb. One shot through the kitchen floor. One shot through the piano. One shot through the window. One shot through Isaac's knee.

    One shot through Isaac's head.

    In one quick motion, Luana had grabbed the gun, and shot her husband through the temple. She walked over to Lucas and placed the gun to his head. A neighbor awoke a long time ago. They are afraid, but for all the wrong reasons. They called the police, afraid for the Maxwell household. The trigger is pulled. The gun never fires. Police break down the doors. They rescue a dead father, a disowned mother, and a broken son.

    With Isaac dead, and Luana in prison, Lucas couldn't stay in his home. Both of Isaac's parents were dead, and Luana's parents were living in Alola, dying. Lucas had a godfather in Kalos, but both he and the caseworker decided it wasn't suitable for Lucas to travel all the way to Kalos, so Lucas was put into foster care. He went to a couple houses around the region, before coming to the Moncrief home in Eterna City. Elaine and Ollie Moncrief were a nice couple, and had been married for seven years. They already had a child, five-year-old Matthew, and Elaine was pregnant with another son, to be named Markus. Elaine was a mechanical engineer, and Ollie was a doctor. Elaine and Ollie took Lucas into their home gladly, and after a few months Lucas was adopted. Lucas abandoned the Maxwell name, and took on the Moncrief name. But, the years of abuse and the traumatic night of his father's death had taken a toll on the boy. He refused to speak unless spoken to, and cried if anyone raised their voices too loud. Elaine, an abuse survivor herself, aided in Lucas's recovery. One month after Lucas arrived at the Moncrief home was the first time he said a word unprompted, and you could see the relief and joy in Elaine's and Ollie's eyes. However, around this time began the nightmares. Turbulent, terrorizing, violent nightmares that shook Lucas to the core, leaving him tossing and screaming night after night. Though Lucas had already been seeing a psychiatrist, they took him to a specialized doctor to see what was going on. Everything pointed to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Lucas was put on medication to suppress the nightmares.

    The nightmares stopped. Lucas simultaneously got better and he got worse. He began to talk more. He stopped singing solely at night, and began to sing whenever he felt. Elaine gave birth to Markus on October 8th, two months after Lucas was adopted, and the two found a special, unbreakable brotherly bond. Elaine bought him a guitar and a viola for his 11th and 12th birthday, hoping music would help heal the pain. And it helped to an extent. Lucas got better. Lucas got worse. As time went on, it was evident something was seriously wrong. He was so incredibly irritable and moody. And reckless. Mostly in terms of sexuality. He lost his virginity when he was only fourteen, and since has had partner after partner after partner. Life was a game and Lucas was too angry and in so much pain that he didn't care what happened to him. He just wanted to play. Needless to say, Elaine was concerned, and began to take him to another psychiatrist. After months of evaluation and attempted therapy, they reluctantly diagnosed him with Borderline Personality Disorder. Over time and with several therapy sessions, Lucas was able to straighten things out again, and learned how to control his emotions. To a point. It's a process.

    When Lucas was 13, they moved from Eterna City to Fortree City in Hoenn, as Oliver had gotten a job there. Lucas and Matthew had the time of their lives up in the treetops, though it was a little scary with three-year-old Markus toddling around. It's okay, though, because he had his big brother Lucas to protect him. Lucas’s youngest brother, Johnathan, was born when he was 15. Speaking of being 15, he got drunk once at 15, but was raped by his boyfriend at the time, so alcohol is out. He’s taken ketamine once, but it gave him a bad trip, and messed with his nightmare medication for a few weeks. Drugs are also out. Fun times in Fortree City!

    Lucas's life went on as normal as it could be until he was 17. One fateful night, when the rest of his family were out of the house, and Lucas was alone, he started to go into his panic mode. Trying to suppress it, he made himself a nice warm bath, and just soaked. Then he started to think, and his thoughts spiraled out of control. He started thinking that he was truly alone, that he had been abandoned by everyone. Not having people in the house made it worse. Somehow, his mind found a conclusion - it would be better if I didn't exist. In his state of cloudy thinking, he grabbed his razor from the counter, took a deep breath, and cut two slits in his left wrist. He leaned back, watching his blood color the water red, and fell asleep.

    When Lucas woke up, he was in the hospital, an IV in his arm and his family gathered by his bed. Elaine told him that when they had come home, Markus, his younger and favorite brother, had found him unconscious in bloodstained water. Panicked to see his brother near death, Markus told Ollie. From the time Lucas slit his wrist to the time the rest of the Moncrief family found him, Lucas had lost a lot of blood, and was as pale as snow -- which is impressive, for a guy who is already exceedingly pale. Ollie found a way to stop the bleeding, bandage the cut, and dress Lucas quickly. They took him to the hospital where Ollie worked, and were able to give him a blood transfusion. After a few days, Lucas was able to go home. After a long talk with his parents, Lucas retired to his room to think. As he thought, he realized something. The pain he felt when he cut himself... felt good. Not good in a fulfilling way, but there was a release. He confined himself to his room, and once again brought the blade to his wrist, though he didn't cut as deep that time. For a time, it was very out of control, and scars appeared on his shoulder and mostly his thighs. Late senior year, he finally took the steps to overcome his problem, but the temptation never truly went away, and he still had the occasional relapse. The bathtub incident marks the steady decline of his self destructive sex life, and the steady incline of self destructive self-harming.

    He graduated from high school with high honors, and already had his associates degree through a program with the nearby university. When he was 19, he was instructed by his ex-mother's cousin, Martin Cranford, to move to Castelia City in Unova to begin work on merging Cranford and Co. and Morning Star Inc. Though unwilling to leave his family (who was moving back to Eterna City), he eventually left to the city. It wasn't hard to find a simple apartment close to where Martin had set up work on the first Moncrief Enterprises office building, but it was hard getting all moved in. He didn't really have anyone to turn to in this region, and Martin was busy, so it was all up to him to move. It was on that day, in a torn gray tank top and messy skinny jeans, holding a box to big and on the phone in German with a family member that he saw... him. His next door neighbor who was impossibly gorgeous. Oh dear. He eventually got the boy's name, Max Hunkson Hudson, and thus began their courting. Lucas, feeling alone and swallowed up in the big city, would spend evenings against the wall their apartments shared, acoustic guitar in hand, singing a love song he prayed Max would hear.

    Eventually, one of them worked up the courage to ask the other out on a date. One date became two, became four, became ten, until eventually there was no point in denying it -- they were officially dating. Life was good for Lucas, he had a hot boyfriend, things were looking up for his company. Eventually, Max moved in with Lucas, because having two apartments right next to each other was kind of pointless. He was happy. His Christmas gift to Max a few years later was an engagement ring, and they were married a few months later.

    That was the last time Lucas saw his family. Shortly after is when all the craziness started happening. He knew they returned safe and sound to Eterna, but... then communications went down, and being cut off from them made Lucas slightly panicky. Max and Lucas decided to go on their honeymoon anyway, leaving for Alola. Lucas inherited a large coastal manor on one of the islands, and felt like it would be the perfect place. They had decided to climb the tallest mountain the day of the tsunami, which is great, because now they are alive, which is pretty cool and also important because I can't write dead people very well.

    Pokemon (3 max):

    Name: Eve
    Species: Banette
    Gender: Female
    Appearance/Accessories: Eve wears a necklace with a Banettite attached to it. (The Morgensterns were a powerful Kalosian family, of course he knows about mega evolution!) Other than that, she looks like a very standard banette. Her eyes are more purple than red though, as well as her finger claws and feet when she mega evolves.
    Personality: Eve is a calm prankster. She's pretty quiet and laid-back, always happy to just kinda bop along behind her trainer, but if she sees the opportunity to create a meager amount of chaos, that girl will immediately take it. She loves a good prank, but if it takes too much effort, then it's not worth it. She truly is Lucas's partner pokemon, and she'll get over her laziness if it means working together with her favorite human.
    History: Eve met Lucas when he first moved to Hoenn with his family. One day, shortly after moving in, Matthew comes running up to Lucas, panicking and saying there's a ghost in the room the boys share. Lucas goes in to check it out, and finds a shuppet, happily floating along. Matthew cowered behind Lucas as he approached it with his hand outstretched. The shuppet took one look at Lucas and decided yes, yes this is a good human. I want this human. She decided that his hand wasn't worth her time, and instead went barreling into Lucas's chest. The two have been inseparable ever since.

    On a business trip to Kalos, he was able to obtain a Banettite (and a Lopunnite). He rarely mega evolves them, but he has it just because he can and he thinks it's Neat.

    Name: Robin
    Species: Alolan Raichu
    Gender: Male
    Appearance/Accessories: Robin's eyes are bright and shiny and perfectly clear. His silky soft fur is a little unruly, and just does not want to stay down in certain patches. Like the six tiles you can find feebas in, these patches change on a daily basis. He's also a little bit bigger than your average Alolan raichu. (And a little bit heavier.)
    Personality: Robin is a bumbling, happy-go-lucky furry blob. He's a little ditzy, he has his blonde moments, but really, he does try his best. He's clutzy and gets in the way a lot, but since he now floats you can kind of just... give him a good nudge and he'll be on his merry way. Robin really does have a heart of gold, though. He's a big softie and a big cuddler, and just likes to see people smile.
    History: Lucas met Robin shortly after moving to Castelia. He found him as a pikachu meandering the streets. He noted it was cute and moved on. The pikachu did not. The pikachu then followed Lucas home, and Lucas, also being a big softie, couldn't tell it no and opened up his home to the big yellow puffball. Through his business venturing, he came across a thunderstone, but decided to wait. Regular raichu were great, but he had a soft spot for the Alolan cuties, so he wanted to plan a time he could go to Alola so Robin would evolve differently. Robin was given the thunderstone as soon as they hit the Alolan shore, and now we're pretty much caught up to the present.

    Name: Lottie
    Species: Lopunny
    Gender: Female
    Appearance/Accessories: Lottie is a shiny lopunny, so her various tufts of fur are a bright pink. She also wears pink ribbon barrettes at the base of her ears -- the left one has the mega stone attached to it. Her fur is soft and silky, and the pink fur tufts have cute and fluffy curly fur. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, please take a look at this cat. Actually maybe you should just go look at it anyway.) She's about the normal size for a lopunny, and has bright pink irises.
    Personality: Lottie is, of course, very vain. She is beauty, she is grace, she will kick you in the face. Seriously. Lottie does have quite a bit of sass to her, and won't take crap from anyone. Despite being as vain as she is, she isn't too afraid to get her fur dirty, as long as she can clean it up later. She is fierce and determined, and will eventually get what she wants. Eventually. Has a particular liking for grapes.
    History: Lucas found Lottie shortly after being adopted. He was playing in the woods when he found a buneary fending for herself, fighting against some of the other nearby pokemon, surrounded. Lucas, still young and a little stupid, decided it would be best to go in and help her. While Lottie would never admit that, he was probably right in doing that. He took her home, holding her in his arms, and his parents happily let Lucas keep the sparkling little bunny. After all, they don't do well in the wild, it's sheer luck for the pokemon when they find a trainer willing to take them. Lottie and Lucas grew very close, close enough that Lottie eventually evolved. She would be considered Lucas's other partner pokemon, but she doesn't feel replaced by Eve one bit. The two pokemon actually get along quite well now. She's done very well in contests in the past, and that's what she misses most about Sinnoh and Hoenn.
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  9. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Confirming my reserve as the Jezebel well! <3

    Main Character

    Name: Cecilia Filan (Cece)

    Age: 24

    Gender: Female


    Appearance: Cecilia is a strikingly beautiful wild Irish rose, with looks that can seduce almost anyone, male or female. No, she's not picture of classic, delicate beauty. Quite the opposite actually, leaning more towards a dark, sensual beauty that matches her reputation. At 6'1", she towers over most females, and her skin is Celtic-fair. Her thick, wavy hair is deep red in color falls to her waist in length ("sex hair", as many would call it), and she wears long bangs that cover the right side of her face. She usually wears her hair loose or up in a ponytail...never buns, though; she hates buns, claiming they're the stuff of librarians, fuddy-duddies and wallflowers. Her eyes are a piercing emerald green, framed with long lashes and set in a slightly angular face with strong features - rather thick arched brows, an aquiline nose, sharp cheekbones and pouty lips. Her body is muscular yet lean, with strong shoulders, large breasts that she is never shy about, a toned stomach, and long legs. Cecilia has quite a number of tattoos as well - both her arms are covered in black-inked barbed wire tattoos, and on her left leg is a large tattoo of a sleek, stylized, demonic-looking dragon in black ink. Her back is tattooed as well, with a large, black-inked tribal wolf covering her upper back, as well as a small Celtic Knot tramp stamp. Her ears bear multiple piercings, mostly in places where most upstanding people wouldn't think of getting piercings in the first place.

    Cecilia favors the color black in terms of just about everything, even clothes. Nope, tropical weather is not an excuse not to wear black. It's a good thing, however, that she favors clothing that leans towards the revealing side, and she's not at all shy about showing skin, no matter what amount. In fact, being in Alola was the perfect excuse for her to show a lot of it for practicality reasons in the hot weather. Her usual outfit consists of a black bikini top with pentagram-style straps that criss-cross over her chest and emphasises her cleavage, and over this, she wears a sheer black cropped tank top with a dark silver skull-and-crossbones print in front. She wears short black minishorts with black suspenders, under which she wears a black bikini bottom matching her bikini top, consisting of merely criss-crossing straps that form a pentagram over her hips and crotch. Aside from her suspenders, her shorts are held up by a black belt adorned with gunmetal spikes and fastened with a dark skull buckle. Her shoes are sturdy black lace-up leather combat boots with buckled belts decorating their tops. A black leather thigh strap encircles her left upper thigh, with a small black pouch attached to its back. Cecilia wears black leather fingerless gloves on her hands, a gunmetal iron chain on her neck and a black newsboy hat with a skull print. When the sun is shining particularly brightly, she dons black sunglasses.

    Cece carries a black backpack with a diagonal strap that crosses the front of her torso. Inside it are a bottle filled with soda, as well as two bottles of strong Alolan alcohol, a pack of cigarettes and her lighter, some Dusk Balls, a pack of cards, a box of protection and some spicy snacks for herself and her Pokemon (who also love spicy food).

    Personality: Cecilia is not the kind of young woman that mothers would want to see their sons bring home. Rather than being modest, well-spoken, gentle and proper, she's wild, unrestrained, rough-mannered and sensual as hell. She's an extrovert, never one to shy away from getting to know people and their sexual histories, and is in fact, usually the instigator in just about anything. She is friendly, but not exactly in the most conventional way. Rather, she gets too comfortable around people immediately and rather than at least try to seem sweet and approachable for the first five to ten minutes, she's extremely upfront, outspoken and bold to just about everyone. This can either come off as either of two things: charming or a total turnoff. Her manner of speech is rough, vulgar and coarse. She swears a lot, drops innuendo often and makes a lot of dark or inappropriate jokes. She doesn't filter herself around others either - she's one to speak her mind and say what she thinks, no matter how insulting, even if she's around important people or people whom most would try to please and respect. She's an irreverent that way, and this straightforwardness and brash nature of hers has its detractors, but there are also some who can't help but admire her irreverence and find it almost captivating in a strange sense. While this makes her not the easiest person to tolerate, this brutal honesty also means that she's not one to play mind games with people most of the time, and this, coupled with her tendency to speak plainly and go straight to the point, makes her surprisingly easy to rely on when it comes to giving insights (at times when someone nerdier might go for big words and more complicated jargon). Cecilia is also very difficult to embarrass under most circumstances, being so shameless herself - she doesn't at all mind say, stripping to earn some Pokedollars (well, strip poker is one of her favorite games after all). She's especially shameless when it comes to flirting with people and particularly enjoys needling and bothering tightly-wound and uptight people, enjoying the sight of them squirming, acting uncomfortable or try as best they could to fend her off. In terms of taste, she doesn't exactly have one...men, women, anything in between, as long as they catch her attention, she'll make a move. She doesn't play coy, put on a facade or bat her eyelashes to attract attention, but rather, she's very aggressive, direct and always makes the first move when going for what she wants...she enjoys being the dominant in just about everything and if someone tries to turn the tables, oh, she would turn them back! If someone catches her attention, chances are her hands would be all over them before they would even touch her, and she'd demand that they stay the night with her before they could even think about it. Of course, this also means that if she does have a one-night stand with said person (which happens almost all the time when she initiates), she'd probably break it off and kick them out of the door in the cold light of dawn while laughing, drinking and making fun of them, before they can even try asking her to date them, and she would not feel the least bit bad about it. After all, she isn't the person you'd go to if you want a committed, steady relationship. That's what other girls are for, anyhow.

    Vivacious, adventurous and passionate about life, brave and spunky Cecilia lives completely in the moment and has no time for inhibition or caution. Daring, one to regularly seek stimulation and excitement, and is easily bored on top of that, she is often the first to impulsively jump into things, and is seen as fearless, but also reckless and foolish because of this tendency. Sure, she's street-smart, practical and definitely knows her way around things, and she's independent to the point of insisting that she handle her own problems by herself, but there are times where she seems like a walking magnet for trouble due to her love for living on the wild side and seeking danger. It doesn't help that she is a troublemaker by nature, and she usually doesn't care about the implications of her actions either, making many people view her as irresponsible and insensitive as a result. It's true that she's rather blunted in terms of empathy and sensitivity to others due to her rough time on Castelia's streets and underground that strengthened her, made her more clever and toughened her up, at the cost of the optimism she once had. She's a survivor, but she's also very jaded in her worldview. However, she can show a bit of a softer side to those she trusts well enough, though it's rare because while she makes friends pretty quickly, enjoys heavy flirting and has had more sexual affairs than any decent person should have, she has trust issues the size of...well, let's just say that she has huge trust issues. Sure, she makes friends easily, flirts liberally and is very open about her sexual habits, but she has issues really trusting others with some of her own problems (even friends), and finds it difficult to really open up about her secrets and the things she keeps buried, indicating that she doesn't exactly have the most optimistic views on people. She doesn't like commitment because of this, thinking that it only serves to bait her into being in a vulnerable position that could easily be exploited and used. Commitment makes one easy to take advantage of, and having had that type of relationship in the past and suffering the consequences for years, Cecilia thus thinks that she has horrible judgment and thus, brief sexual flings and one-night stands are more up her alley - they're exciting and they're passionate without any strings attached, strings that only could hurt her, she thinks. One could easily say she's commitment-phobic, in fact, and they wouldn't be wrong at all. She has a particularly low opinion and cynical view towards men, and thus enjoys playing them and spurning them after she's bored with them. She secretly does want to meet someone who loves her for herself and be loyal to her, sex be damned, but she doesn't believe anyone like that exists. She isn't immune to having feelings for someone, however, but it's something she'll never be truthful to herself about - she would definitely deny her own feelings and would never explicitly admit it when she's in love, as she thinks that it's only going to end badly, like what happened to her in the past. She also doesn't forgive easily - contrary to that, she's extremely grudge-bearing. Make an enemy of her, she's your enemy for life and she'll never forget. You wouldn't want her as an enemy, unless you have a death wish.

    Being the wild rose that she is, Cecilia doesn't care for sitting around, reading books or anything that tests her patience...or rather, her lack thereof. Despite her sexual tendencies and her reputation as a heartbreaker, this redhead is no girly-girl, and nor is she just any other temptress. Her gestures are tomboyish without a hint of softness, and her hobbies and choice of activities are actually masculine, owing to her craving for thrill, trouble and danger. She smokes, she can actually fight very well with her fists as well as a gun (thanks to her time as a criminal and a notorious "black widow"), she can beat much bigger guys at drinking games, somehow manages to keep her hat on during strip poker, and she's hella fast on the road on her motorcycle. Also, while she may be blunt and brutally honest most of the time, when it comes to certain games such as cards and pool, she isn't afraid to break the rules in her favor and employ dirty methods, as well as some manipulation, showing a rare glimpse of her clever mind. To her, the parameters of a game are an entirely different situation from life anyway, so she might as well do what she could do, rather than what she should do. In fact, she's a skilled hustler and card sharp - she attributes it partially to men's wandering eyes not focusing on where they should be: on the game. Not that she points it out during said games, however. If players don't have their heads in the game and are being stupid, then why should she bend over backwards for them to save their pride? Or for anyone clearly being stupid for that matter? Her tendency to ignore rules and conventions also carries over outside games. If a rule or social norm doesn't make sense to her, she wilfully ignores it and carries on...fuck the high-and-mighty people who think they know everything and thus, should dictate or influence everything. She doesn't subscribe to traditional norms, preferring practicality and a more open approach. It's definitely appropriate to say that Cecilia is a woman who has very loose morals, and who looks down on idealism.

    Cecilia is confident in herself and her capabilities, to the point of being arrogant or cocky at times. This is especially evident when she wins at something, whether by legitimate means or by cheating. She isn't one to back out from trying anything, unless it entails putting on pink girly stuff or being someone's "slave for the day". If it does, people must beware her fists, they hurt like hell...but they must especially beware if she somehow starts treating them to suspiciously strong drinks (actually Mickey Finns), and seemingly making offhand mentions about certain places. Let's just say it's better to meet her fist that encounter this (go ask Kahili). Sure, she's difficult to embarrass alright, but it's also not difficult for her to find ways to embarrass others either, and this, coupled with her vengeful and ruthless streak, shows her as quite a sore loser, rather than a graceful one...she isn't satisfied until she gets the last laugh, and is not above doing less-than-gracious things to make sure of that. Also, while she's confident in her body and reputation, she hates it when people only see her as someone who's only good for sex and is otherwise a good-for-nothing troublemaker. If her Pokemon and badges aren't any indication, she's a powerful trainer and fighter in her own right, and she wouldn't let anyone forget that, especially when it comes to battling. Her battle style is violent, explosive and exciting - she never pulls the punches. Supportive, stalling and defensive tactics also bore her, though underhanded moves are very much something she employs if needed. This style is much to the surprise of those who don't know her, but not surprising to those who have seen her battle. This mirrors her approach in dealing with things in real life. Impatient to a fault, she would much rather deal with things head on and immediately, even if it means making foolish decisions (if her propensity for getting into trouble or causing it is any indication), or if it means facing them on her own. For the latter, she prefers to deal with issues and problems on her own anyway, thinking that asking for help is only for the ineffectual and naive, and that it would only open one to be used and exploited later on. She might be open, outgoing and loud, but in dealing with things, she's independent, determined and pigheaded, tending to insist that she can do things on her own.

    Nevertheless, issues that cause her to dislike commitment and sharing secrets aside, Cecilia is overall outgoing and a joy to be around...though "joy" could be subjective depending on how daring one is, of course. Her lascivious smirk, as well as lewd sense of humor and gestures may offend some sensibilities, but are a breath of fresh air to others who like unpretentious types, and if one can just overlook her tendency to sleep around, they'd find someone who makes a great, loyal friend who would die for whom she considers close to her and would more willingly really open up to those who somehow manage to break down her defenses. She knows how to take care of people, maybe not in a conventionally gentle way, but she does. Of course, just don't piss her off...her passion and temper are as fiery as her red hair, and if you get on her bad side - which is easy to do - she turns out to be just as violent as she is in battle, and doesn't believe in settling arguments with calm diplomacy, preferring to turn to physical means such as brawls and bar fights, or if whoever pisses her off happens to be male, she would employ methods with extremely emasculating results.

    Naturally, Cecilia revels in the dark and dangerous side of life, and this is even reflected in her taste. She loves the color black and hates bright, sunny colors. She enjoys strong alcohol and is a heavy drinker with a very high tolerance, which makes it easy for her to take advantage of drunk idiots. Also, while she may not look it at, she's actually a great cook who can put together meals from some of the stranger ingredients when strapped for food, though she also knows how to cook familiar ones when supplies are good. She refuses to, however, cook vegan meals. She does have the awfully common tendency to liberally use alcohol in her cooking, however, claiming it gives her food a better taste.

    History: As Cecilia Maeve Filan is known for being wild, unrestrained and controversial, it's surprising for some to hear that she actually had a fairly normal, if privileged and wealthy, childhood until her teens. Rory and Fenella Filan were one of the richest and most prominent couples in Nimbasa City ever since they moved there from their far-off island region, and Cecilia was their only child. Thus, young Cece's childhood was very easy and comfortable. Her parents were very loving and doting, they gave in to her whims, and neither of them had any issues with her playfulness, the tomboyish personality that soon emerged and her funny tendencies to pick fights with just about every boy she saw on the street. "Ah, she's just like me," Rory would say as he smiled proudly. A former Champion in his homeland, and one of its most famous Champions at that, he wasn't one to fuss on behavior, not when he was just the way his daughter was once and he still considered himself a warrior. Neither did Fenella have issues - she was a rebellious middle child from old money, who disobeyed her parents' wishes and jumped right at Rory instead of going through with her traditional arranged marriage. Thus, though Cece grew up in luxury, she didn't have to deal with the usual standards that came with the package. She made friends quickly and easily, yet also made many enemies (some boys hated her for picking on them, giving them wedgies and making them look like idiots, while some girls hated that she often got the attention of boys despite her appalling behavior), and got in trouble a lot as well thanks to her rambunctious nature in school, but she was happy, healthy and generally well-adjusted. Beginning at age seven, her teacher noticed that she was starting to display a particular aptitude for battling, and a year later, decided to move her to a more advanced class with some slightly older students in order to nurture her talents, and to hopefully keep her from causing trouble as much as possible. Of course, this only half-worked, because the headmaster never considered that adolescents had hormones. Sure, Cece took her battling seriously, but being around older people did not mean they were particularly good examples. Quite the contrary, actually. The eight-year-old redhead first witnessed flirting and less-than-innocent behavior among her older classmates, and it did not take long for her to pick up said behavior and become very comfortable exhibiting it whenever she felt like it, much to the amusement of some of her classmates, but also to the horror and disgust of many of the girls. Despite her younger age, Cece's height already matched most of her female classmates' and even surpassed a few of them, and her flame-red hair made her a standout. One of her classmates was particularly keen on battling and trying to mess with her, to the point that his girlfriend broke up with him because he paid too much attention to Cece! The young girl didn't like the tall, dark-haired eleven-year-old Seamus Cormac, however, and often went out of her way to embarrass and one-up him, either by stealing his thunder or flirting with other classmates when he was around.

    When Cece was thirteen, her battling talent secured her a spot in Unova's top battle institute. However, as it was located in Castelia City, both Rory and Fenella agreed that it was going to be good for Cece to dorm, so that she could make more friends and explore on her own to get a taste of the adventure that she was going to embark on. Once again, her reputation held up. She was a usual source of headaches for her teachers due to her constantly breaking certain rules (usually those pertaining to behavior, as well as the curfew), tendency to disrupt class, and her less-than-proper behavior, but she still was a remarkably good fighter who picked up things quickly, though written exams weren't her forte. At this time, having a Pokemon was already mandatory for school battles, and Cece's was a tiny but feisty Houndour named Tristan, whom she caught with her father's help. It was also during her first year in the battle institute where she had the biggest surprise of her life - during a demonstration, the teacher had brought in one of the older, more experienced students, a tall, strong dark-haired sixteen-year-old whom Cece immediately recognized as he spotted her, winked and smiled at her with his usual, annoyingly charming smirk. It was Seamus. She scowled back, but she was secretly happy to see him, for once. He retaliated by calling her over to the front as his "volunteer" for the demonstration, as he sent out his newly-evolved Bisharp. The two battled it out, and surprisingly, a well-aimed Flamethrower from Tristan that caught Seamus' Bisharp off-guard and concluded the match to a draw. Seamus congratulated her during lunchtime, and sat with Cece, telling her that he would like it if she called him "Shay", and that he would really want to at least be friends with her. Cece punched him lightly on his shoulder. "Fine," she breathed out, though there was a hint of want in her voice, and the two indeed quickly became friends, and within a year, became more than that - they actually fell in love with each other and started going out as boyfriend and girlfriend. The two were passionately into each other, and even Rory and Fenella liked Shay, to the point that they teased their daughter often about him whenever she called them. Cece was the more adventurous and experimental of the two and was the first to make her advances on Shay, while he just loved having a fiery girlfriend and reciprocated her actions. For about two years, it was as if nothing could come in between them, and they were all too notorious in the battle institute for their relatively large (for their ages) age gap. Still, that didn't affect them in the least and nothing was threatening to tear the two apart...

    Until Shay started receiving strange calls, the natures of which he kept away from Cece, assuring her that there was nothing going on. He also started skipping school and disappearing to whoever-knew-where. Cece began to grow very worried for him. He was her boyfriend after all, so why shouldn't she? So, one day, when Shay did show up in school, Cece tailed him after school ended, in order to find out once and for all what was going on. The trail led her to the most dangerous part of town. Now, a wiser and more cautious young teenager would've turned back and immediately deemed the effort as not worth it, but Cece being Cece, she continued on, until she reached a place where almost no one would dare set foot in - a place that was known as Castelia City's underworld, where many of the most notorious criminal gangs made their home. The young redhead knew that she shouldn't be there, that she should be turning back, but she wasn't about to. She was in too deep, she might as well find out what the hell was going on. And so she did venture in, and she ended up getting answers...answers that ended up costing her. Shay and his family had owed a great deal of money to Hadrian Rex, the most dangerous crime lord in Castelia City and the unofficial king of its underworld, for the past couple of years. Now, his actions and debt had caught up on him, and he had to pay the price if he wanted to live - the price being that he had to start working dangerous jobs for Hadrian and becoming a criminal himself. Foolishly, Cece confronted Hadrian, demanding that he get off Shay's back. Hadrian couldn't help but be charmed at the spectacle of a fifteen-year-old redhead who was fearless or stupid enough to confront the most feared man in Castelia City, as if he was just like any of her schoolmates. Wanting to know how far the girl would go (and perhaps, to intimidate her), he gave her a proposition; if she surrendered herself completely to him for the next five years, then he was going to let Shay off the hook before her time was up, promising that she would see him walk away, free. At first, Cece balked. Five years seemed an awfully long time to the young teenager. Still, she was fifteen and rather naive thanks to being born rich, and she foolishly thought that Hadrian couldn't possibly make her do worse things than he was making Shay do. So, basically, Cece sold her soul to the devil himself, and let's just say that if Shay had it bad, Cece had it much worse. Hadrian took her in and warned her never to go home or speak to anyone about her involvement and dealings, unless she wanted to see Shay get killed in front of her. She dropped out of school on Hadrian's orders and began living a life of crime, following every order the man gave her. Rory and Fenella could not even manage to find her, try as they might, as many of Castelia's law enforcement people had ties to the criminal underworld and to Hadrian. As the years passed, the optimism she once had slowly turned into a colder pragmatism, and the once carefree yet spoiled girl hardened into a tough survivor. It didn't take long for her to become a skilled smuggler, a brutal street brawler and a merciless hitman. Hadrian found Cece particularly beautiful as well despite her young age, and sexually abused her regularly, as well as trained her to become his "black widow", taking advantage of her more mature looks in the process. At eighteen, Cece fought with the strength of a born cage fighter, took care of herself like any adult, knew how to cheat and hustle at games, smuggled drugs and slipped Mickey Finns like a pro, and her juvenile flirting had evolved into an aggressive yet alluring, seductive manner that helped her in eliminating many of Hadrian's intended targets. However, that did not mean that she enjoyed being Hadrian's bitch. More than ever, she wanted out, but she knew that she didn't want to be responsible for Shay's death, not when she gave up just about everything and went in too deep just to save his ass.

    Only a few months later, Hadrian allowed Shay to go free. Cece was relieved and glad, knowing that what she did at least got her lover somewhere, and by then, she allowed herself to hope once again. Shay promised that he would come back for her once he sorted out his business, and Cece trusted him. However, Cece found out a year later that he had lied to her. During one of her nightly smuggling runs, she spotted Shay at a bar, snogging another woman. She saw red at the spectacle. She had made stupid decisions, virtually sold her soul to the devil and given up everything just to save his ass, yet there he was, acting like nothing had happened, like nobody went to hell and back to get him out...all this time, he wasn't worth her efforts and sacrifices after all. Thinking quickly, she raised the pistol she had been carrying for her own protection and aimed it at Shay from outside. Who cared if anyone saw her? Who cared if anyone arrested her? If anything, prison was her ticket to freedom from Hadrian. She aimed, then fired, shattering the glass window of the pub and causing panic. Unfortunately, one of the bar's patrons was an associate of Hadrian's and he swept her away from the scene against her protests and wishes, before she could find out whether or not the bullet hit her target. Back to Hadrian she was led, and as punishment for not carrying out her job, Hadrian began to have his way with her once more and began to rape her, taunting her with the fact that she was already an adult and what he was doing was perfectly legal. However, this time, Cece had enough of being used as a bargaining chip and was through with being his bitch when she never should've been in the first place. Her rotten judgment blinded her once, and she wasn't going to let it blind her again. She raised her still-loaded gun at him, and shot him several times, killing him. Long live the fucking king, she mumbled before getting up and walking away, unafraid, unwavering and proud to have freed herself in the end. She knew that none of them were going to speak, unless they were stupid enough to want to go to prison.

    Cece returned home, to the relief of her parents. They were surprisingly understanding after the initial shock and relief that she was alive all along, and they assured her that everyone made mistakes and that perfect was boring - Rory even assured her that even he did stupid things, by telling her of the time that he got arrested sometime during his journey. Cece went on to finish her final year in the battle institute, and received her Trainer's license. During her journey, she decided that she wanted to follow in her father's footsteps and become a Champion in her own right, and not a squeaky-clean one, mind you. Thus, she decided to go for Gyms rather than Contests, and soon became known not just for her skill, but more notoriously for the many affairs that she carried out (some of them with very high-profile figures, most notably the much older actor Brycen - someone who's been famously dumped too many times by just about every girl), her pub-crawling, her tendency to seek out danger, as well as the many fights she initiated. Her bad reputation and less-than-safe tendencies often caused her to get into a lot of trouble, and she was often underestimated in battle because of this. Still, Cece surprised many people, and managed to complete her set of Unova badges. Following this, she decided that she could afford to take time away from Unova before taking on the Unova Elite...for relaxation, the potential for more exciting affairs, and of course, to prepare herself for the Elite challenge. First, she went to Kalos, where she earned another full set of badges within another year, while enjoying the unique nightlife of Lumiose and the region in general. After that, she headed for Alola, intending to spend some time there before heading back to Unova. She had never truly experienced the island life before, and she ended up being pleasantly surprised by Alola. As she was too old to try the Island Trials, she spent most of her time enjoying the thrills of the outdoors, looking for people to fight, seeking out exotic offerings and of course, seeking new experiences.

    During her stay on Akala Island one evening, a bored Cece sat in the beachfront bar near the Hano Grand Resort, experimenting with the alcohol, as usual. It was then that she saw the Elite Four member Kahili, yawning boredly as she sipped her blue drink. Now, Cece wasn't stupid, of course she knew who Kahili was, reputation for being snobbish and uppity included. Cece, being the type who enjoyed messing with that sort of people in particular during battle or a fistfight, and wanting a real challenge to boot, challenged Kahili to a battle. The Flying-type Elite smugly warned Cece that it was a stupid idea for a common whore to challenge an Elite. Cece only smirked lasciviously and told her that it was on, never letting on that she was the daughter of a champion herself, with two sets of badges under her belt. A sunset battle ensued, and to Kahili's annoyance, Cece won by a narrow margin. The Flying-type Elite accused Cece of cheating with "dirty tricks", stating that any common whore could win if they cheated well enough. This pissed Cece off a lot. How highly did this woman think of herself, to the point of accusing someone of cheating just because she didn't win? Worse, the way Kahili judged her made her blood boil. Oh, this eejit and her dumb hotel are going to pay, Cece thought. She then decided to buy Kahili a drink...but in reality, she actually slipped Kahili a Mickey and proceeded to take advantage of her in her drugged state and had a one-night stand that concluded in a still-drugged Kahili unceremoniously getting dumped outside in nothing more than her underwear. News came out the next afternoon about Kahili, the region's darling, sleeping with a mystery red-headed woman the night before, causing a big scandal. The Flying-type Elite's reputation was tainted and ruined, despite her claiming that she had been date-raped, and in the few days that followed, Hano Grand Resort lost most of its customers.

    Cece was on hiking tour of Mount Hokulani just as the tsunami hit. She had intended to camp there for a night, but nature had other plans. Thankfully, she was on the summit by the time that it hit.



    Species: Houndoom

    Nickname: Tristan

    Gender: Male

    Appearance/Accessories: Tristan is a rather small but still intimidating-looking Houndoom, considerably shorter than the average by about 8 inches (3'11" as itself, 5'7" when Mega Evolved), yet with longer horns. He wears a black leather cuff bracelet with silver spikes on his left forepaw. Set in the middle of this bracelet is his Houndoominite Mega stone.

    Personality: Tristan, despite his small size, is far from "adorable" and "cute". Rather, he has a somewhat standoffish demeanor towards strangers that might intimidate some - a trait he picked up from his experiences as a Houndour around Hadrian and his lackeys, in order to protect himself. While he isn't the most affectionate Pokemon (except towards Cece), his dark appearance belies a certain strength, bravery, and a heart that's in the right place. He has a certain tendency to know what's bothering someone he cares for and tries to understand the best he could. Like Cece, he can be a bit too aggressive when getting his point across, but he's well-meaning most of the time. In battle, he is unyielding and difficult to intimidate - he never gives up and actually revels in being able to face off against much larger Pokemon. He has a naughtier, playful side though, and is not opposed to playing around and pulling pranks, as long as he's comfortable around whoever's watching. He knows he's a runt, and has a Napoleon complex, hating it when anyone brings up his size (except for his owner) and prides in the fact that his demeanor is pretty much opposite to what's expected from someone so small…to the point that he gets embarrassed about his more playful side at times. (Lonely Nature)

    History: Tristan is Cece's first Pokemon, given to her as a Houndour when she was twelve by her mother, before she set off for Castelia's Battle Institute. Charmed by his roguish and initially disobedient nature, Cece became fast friends with him, and within a short period of time, nobody could pull the two of them apart. Tristan is the Pokemon that stuck by Jessie's side ever since, especially during her time working dangerous jobs for Castelia City's most notorious crime ring. He evolved on the very night that Cece freed herself from Hadrian on her own, seemingly as a way of telling Cece that he was proud of her.


    Species: Salazzle

    Nickname: Carmen

    Gender: Female

    Appearance/Accessories: Carmen is a standard Salazzle by most definitions, except that her chest area is more ample than most of her species. Her hips and thighs are a bit thicker as well, and this, coupled with her larger chest area, gives her an alluring, seductive figure. The flames on her belly are slightly more red than a typical Salazzle's pinkish ones as well.

    Personality: Carmen is a fiery temptress, and an unapologetic one at that. Manipulative and charming, she knows how to make male Pokemon fall at their feet for her and do just about anything for her - yes, not even Tristan and Azrael are immune to her pheromones and charms. She's rather bitchy towards other female Pokemon, however, and is often aggressive towards them, especially if said female Pokemon are sugary-sweet in terms of personality or pink in color - she will attack them unprovoked, and wouldn't stop until said female Pokemon would yield and call her "queen". She isn't one to actually reciprocate any attraction towards her, however, being the heartbreaker that she is, and instead prefers to string male Pokemon along like toys. Also, she isn't above using her pheromones on human males either, and consequently controlling them to say, buy her things, make her snacks and the like. This Salazzle absolutely refuses to breed or even visit a Pokemon breeder, no matter what. Also, despite her Nature, she has a weakness for Spicy-flavoured Pokemon snacks, just like Cece's other Pokemon. (Rash Nature)

    History: Cece obtained Carmen as a Salandit at a card game just shortly before she started her Pokemon journey. There were many Pokemon at stake during the game, but her eyes were drawn to the strange, new, exotic Pokemon with a lewd smirk and the almost sensual way it carried itself...rare in a Pokemon, and definitely nothing like anything she saw before. Cece touched it, and it rolled over and made some rather suggestive-sounding noises in addition to its hissing laugh. She then decided right then and there that she wanted it. The dealer warned her that the price was high - it was a female after all, and word on the street was that only females of the species evolved. Undeterred, Cece played the game, though not without cheating a few times, and ultimately won the Salandit, whom she then named after a seductress of legend. Carmen evolved while Cece was still involved in a tempestuous affair with the actor Brycen - shortly before she left Unova.


    Species: Hydreigon

    Nickname: Azrael

    Gender: Male

    Appearance/Accessories: Azrael is a regular Hydreigon, but with a few prominent but healed scars on his body, a remnant of his time as a particularly clumsy Zweilous. He has a curious tendency to look rather roughed-up, no matter how much anyone tries to groom him. Aside from these things, he looks like just about any other Hydreigon at a glance.

    Personality: Azrael is outgoing, playful and easily excited. Unlike Carmen and Tristan, he is very physically affectionate towards others. However, he also doesn't know his own strength outside of battle, often hurting people and biting them hard when he just intends to nuzzle them (he was once a very clumsy Zweilous, and though he mostly outgrew it, he's still quite a goof). His upbeat attitude doesn't mean that he doesn't battle well, however...in fact, he's ferocious, and thus, not to be underestimated...his personality does a complete 180. It only takes very little to provoke Azrael to fight, in fact, though he's also one to let go of things easily after a battle and resumes his usual cheerful nature. Just like he loves people, he enjoys physical affection as well, and often knows just the way to get Cece to show her sweeter side...whenever they're alone, that is. (Naughty Nature)

    History: Cece caught Azrael as a rogue Zweilous when accompanying one of her gambling buddies, Nicky, to Unova's Victory Road in order to collect their winnings from a particularly fussy and demanding trainer who somehow couldn't pay upfront. While Nicky, Cece and said trainer were settling things in half-darkness of one of the caves, a Pokemon suddenly attacked Tristan, and a violent tangle ensued. When Cece came back from the dealing, it was only then that she witnessed the brawl between the laughing, clumsy and blind two-headed dragon and the small but furious hellhound. It was one of the rare sights that made her truly laugh, and she ended up catching the Zweilous. Azrael only evolved very recently, just as Cece was about to leave Kalos for the last leg of her trip - Alola.
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    Main Char:

    Name: Lucile Mace

    Age: 32

    Gender: Female

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    Mace is a little short, but has the sort of slender build and upright posture that tends to make people remember her as being taller than she actually was. She’s not overly curvy, but has well toned muscles from working out with her pokemon and studying martial arts, and as a result she is sometimes mistaken for a young man from a distance. She has an oval face with a pointed chin, slightly upturned nose, and just visible cheekbones. Her medium length hair is sleek and almost black, though somewhat uneven, but most people never notice that because she’s usually wearing it in a ponytail or pigtails, which are in turn usually hidden under a wide brimmed hat. Her skin tone is pale, with a dash of freckles, and her eyes are a vivid grass green.

    In her gym, Mace wears a sort of costume, a simple outfit intended to project a dark fighter image, though it's also been known to come off sort of superhero/villain. It consists of a sleeveless black shorts-type leotard, black fingerless gloves, black trainers, red and pink striped knee socks, and a red mask.

    Her casual clothes however, generally consist of a red tank top, blue jeans, a black leather trench coat and a matching wide brimmed hat, plain white socks, and the same black trainers. A lot of people don’t even recognize her out of costume, which is not only due to the mask and hat, but also because her primary companion pokemon, a bellossom, isn’t even a dark type.

    Currently however, due to the tropical temperatures in Alola, Mace has shed the coat, and switched her jeans for cut-off shorts. With her socks more exposed, she opted for some black and red striped ones, instead of the boring white ones. Under her clothes is a red bikini.

    She also carries a dark brown leather satchel for storing her pokeballs and supplies. Though due to the current lack of electrical tech, she's left the pokeballs and poketech in her hotel room. In her bag it a few loose badges from her gym, a little notebook and pencil, a couple potions (her supply is running out fast), a half-bottle of water, Blue's pink rubber ball, Glimmer's puzzle cube, and for no real reason, a waterstone.

    Mace has a bit of a big personality, she's expressive and imaginative, and really puts on a show when in gym battles or contests. She can really come off as boisterous, but she's actually hiding the fact that she's constantly nervous, about everything. Really, it's hard not to be in a world racked by natural and man-made disasters. Her imagination can be a great coping mechanism, but she can also end up visiting some very dark corners of the human mind. So, she can be a bit distracted at time.

    Her battle strategy is rather good, and her hand-to-hand combat isn't bad either, since she's been training in the martial arts since her early teens. She knows she can be better though, she can always be better. So, daily she pushes herself to improve her skills, both in martial arts and in pokemon training. She pushes her pokemon too, because she wants them to see they can improve as well.

    She's a good friend to have, if you can get her. But she's not the most trusting, so it may be work to get her to warm up to you. She's always looking out for younger trainers and pokemon. She loves all pokemon, not just dark types, and thinks that in many ways they are superior to people, such as loving unconditionally. She takes special care to make sure she gives all her pokemon attention regularly, taking their needs and like into account. She hopes one day to see the Marill she traded again, hoping to find it’s been having a great time with it’s new trainer, though recent events cast serious doubt on that happening.

    Mace wasn’t always a dark type trainer, in fact for a while it didn’t look like she was even going to be able to go on a trainer journey at all. When she was a kid growing up in Slateport City, money was tight and even a plain poke ball would have been a luxury, much less a trip to the region’s pokelab. She’d takes small after school jobs trying to earn the money for one, but would always find out about something her family needed more and go buy it instead. When not learning or working, Mace managed to get some free lessons from a black belt at a local dojo, starting her passion for the martial arts.

    One afternoon when she was eleven, a year after most trainers start their journey, she didn’t have any after school jobs, so she decided to go for a walk along route 110. She was mostly envying the trainers there, and watching the wild pokemon scurry and play. On her way back, she looked over her shoulder and noticed a tiny oddish on the path behind her. It was adorable, and she kept back, leaving it be. Halfway back to town she saw an oddish again. She didn’t think much about it, until she got back to town and it was still following her. This oddish was young, probably a baby, and either wasn’t old enough to be afraid of humans, or was used to them because it belonged to someone. She tried to find if anyone had lost a baby oddish, but no one ever came forward.

    From then on they were inseparable, and a couple months later they left on a journey. It was hard at first, but after a couple successful battles against weak trainers, Mace was finally able to afford a poke ball for her oddish and something other than berries for them to eat.

    She never really thought about catching another pokemon until she saw an Absol. How was something so beautiful be considered a dark omen? She spent several weeks trying to find another one and catch it, before she was finally successful. She even caught a Marill to help her out. Having an Absol on her small team was great, and Mace wanted to meet and train other dark type pokemon, leading to her capture of Sableye and obtaining Houndour by trading Marill.

    After that, Mace saved up her battle and contest winnings so she could eventually open her own gym, featuring the misunderstood dark type pokemon. And being settled down in one place again, she was able to continue her martial arts lessons on a regular basis. The latest pokemon to join her team is a Deino she got from a fan who breeds dragon type pokemon.

    Every couple years Mace likes to take a vacation somewhere to bond with her pokemon. Even as a gym leader, money still tends to be a little tight, but she was able to save up enough recently to follow her hope of one day visiting Alola for vacation. Unfortunately while she was here, solar flares took out communications and she's not been able to charter a trip home. Not to mention she can't get three of her pokemon out of their balls, and it's really worrying her. Are they even alive anymore?

    Pokemon (3 max):

    Species: Bellossom (Blue)

    Gender: Male

    Blue is a little smaller than most Bellossom. Mace figures she found him when he was a baby oddish, or rather he found her, but he never seemed have reached maximum size. The green of his skin is a slightly bluer tint, but nothing anyone who doesn't interact with a bellossom regularly would notice.

    Blue is playful and a bit impish, always running around and getting into everything. He can make quite a mess when he wants to, which is most of the time. One might think he’d have calmed down a bit with age, but that really doesn’t seem to have happened. Sometimes however, he'll find something interesting (at least in his mind) and bring it to Mace or another trainer. His favorite toy is a bouncy pink rubber ball, and with it he can be very annoying.

    Blue has with Mace for 15 years now, having latched onto her as a baby. The two have been all over the place, and battled a lot of trainers. Though she doesn’t battle much with him anymore, as a dark type gym leader, he’s still constantly by her side, and she only ever put him in his pokeball out of necessity.

    Species: Stableye (Glimmer)

    Gender: Male

    Glimmer is a bit large for his species, standing at an even 2 ft, but it’s not to the point where it’s particularly noticeable or anything. He looks very much like a normal Stableye otherwise. He tends to be a bit shy which can be reflected in his posture, and generally like to keep himself tidy.

    Glimmer is a passive, quiet, creature, waiting patiently in battle for a good moment to strike. However, it’s clear from his actions that he’d much rather make friends than fight, offering to share even the smallest of berries. However he is a little shy. He is also very intelligent and highly curious. He likes to watch the news, which Mace herself has never cared for, and his favorite toy is a puzzle cube they got while on a previous vacation.

    Mace caught Glimmer during her journey. It was hard not to shower this new pokemon with the mistake level of attention she’d given Absol, but even the level of attention she gave him made Absol jealous enough to disobey orders, until Mace stopped battling with her for a while. Glimmer's calm mature nature, is the main reason he was the second mostly likely pokemon for Mace to have out of their pokeball, saving him from the effects of the solar flare that struck while Mace was getting the three of them an afternoon snack.
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    Consider this a WIP for now :)

    Main Char:

    Name: Elise Winters

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    A small and dainty young woman, Elise does not cast a particularly imposing figure, at only 5'2'' tall. She is not overly curvy, but is well-toned from a light exercise regime she tries to stick to, not that anyone would really notice as she tends to wear looser clothing, which hides her curves. Elise has a heart-shaped face, a pointed chin, a small button nose, and slightly visible cheekbones. Elise's chestnut brown hair is kept in a neatly styled bob, save for a few stray hairs, and is sleek and glossy. In her youth, it was much longer, but she started cutting it a few years back as a change of style. During contests, she wears hair extensions, giving the allusion that her hair is longer than it actually is. Her eyes - often noted as her best feature - are large and round, and hazel in colour. Her eyesbrows are naturally thin, and when her fringe has been brushed out, or swept to one side, many say that her eyebrows give a serious expression. Elise is naturally fair skinned and relatively smooth and unblemished. Any spots or blemishes she wishes to hide, are often covered under a light layer of make-up.

    Elise's wardrobe has always been described as very casual. Besides her contest dresses, she's never really been one for fashion, and wears clothes that are simple yet practical. Whilst most of her clothing is purple in colour, Elise does own a few items in other shades, namely blues and reds, and always in pastel. Her footwear usually consists of black pumps or a tattered pair of purple converses.

    Typically, Elise would normally wear much thicker clothing, due to her proximity to Snowpoint City, but she's been wearing more lighter clothing since coming to Alola. She's been wearing a light purple sleeveless shirt, coupled with purple cut-off shorts, with her converses for most of journey round Alola. Occasionally, wearing a darker purple over the shoulder shirt on cooler days.

    Due to the lack of electrical tech, her remaining pokeballs and poketech are stored in her hotel room. In her bag with her currently are her aviator shades, a notepad, a nearly empty bottle of sun lotion, a bottle of water, two plasters, Dela's ball of yarn, and Leyla's flower crown.

    Personality: Elise is a big ball of personality. A generally kind-hearted woman, Elise would describe herself as a very emotional person. Whilst generally happy and going through life with a smile on her face, she is prone to bouts of extreme sadness and anger. She often says she's tougher than she looks, but in fact it takes very little to get her cry, or at the very least teary eyed. She can hold her temper a bit better actually, but when she's mad, you'll definately know about it. When angry, she tends to become flushed, stumbling over words, and easily snapping at people who may be trying to offer simple solutions. In extreme occasions, she's know to become quite expressive; often gesticulating wildly as she battles with her emotions.

    Elise considers herself to be a very passionate woman in regards to what she does. Having been interested in Pokemon Contests from a young age, she's highly knowledgeable in the event, and will often start rambling about the subject if it's brought up in a conversation. Before all of this went down, she had a habit for annoying her friends and family with these conversations, often losing them when she started to bring up certain contestants and their respective pokemon.

    For someone as upbeat as she is, Elise can struggle with making friends. Usually she tries to befriend people with similar interests to her (namely having an interest in contests) but her almost obsessive interest in them, coupled with her tendency to ramble, can often put her odds with certain people. However, for those she does befriend, she is a loyal and true friend. When she does eventually stop nattering on about contests, she can be a good listener, and for someone as young as she is, has been known to offer great words of wisdom. She can also be very attentive. And upon noticing someone in difficulty, is quick to spring into action to try and solve their problem.

    History: Born the youngest of two children, Elise was the only daughter of Nolan and Marianne Winters, and was born and raised for much of her childhood in Snowpoint City. She had one older brother, Damien, who was only three years older than her. Because of the small age difference between them, both were very close growing up, and would often look out for each other when their parents were away.

    Pokemon (3 max):

    Species: Delcatty (Delaware or Dela)

    Gender: Female

    Appearance/Accessories: +3 sentences

    Personality: +3 sentences

    History: +3 sentences

    Species: Oricorio Sensu Style (Rico)

    Gender: Male

    Appearance/Accessories: +3 sentences

    Personality: +3 sentences

    History: +3 sentences

    Species: Lilligant (Leyla)

    Gender: Female

    Appearance/Accessories: +3 sentences

    Personality: +3 sentences

    History: +3 sentences
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    Yes, I am aware pokeballs doesn't work, but he still has them.

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