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Trouble Pokemon


My first sprite comic series! It's a Pokémon-Trouble Windows crossover fan comic where the OS-tans are in the Pokémon world-- and to those that have no idea what I am talking about, click here for the Wikipedia article Sure, it involves the characters traveling, but the journey part is only a minor part of the plot and the main part is the antics of the OS-tans as Pokémon trainers

And credit where credit is due...

*Backgrounds, trainer (not overworld) sprites, text, items, whatever else is found in the games credit to various people of Spriter's Resource

*Overworld sprites, closeup sprites, Towns, routes, and cities that will appear, new region all made by me.

*Trainer sprites edited by me

One more thing, if you find the dialogue confusing and don't know who is talking, there is a color-coordinated arrow above that character's head. Now less rambling and more comic-showing!

Episode 1:Wake-up call!

Episode 2:ACTION!


The overworld sprites and the excellent drawings don't really go together to me.

Ditch the sprite maps and straighten the text and it'd be better than it already is.

Otherwise, keep it up!


Added a character info page for the characters that have appeared so far.

I'm not sure but I think 2k-tan is a little sister to ME-tan because I thought Windows ME came before Windows 2000 and was released at the beginning of the millenium. somebody correct me if I am wrong.

anyways... Character info

Emo Saria

Be my Penguin <3
Very nice custom overworld of japanese dolls! No ofense but they look like very cute, tiny japanese dolls.
I like the comic so far but it's not anough to be certain about this comic to keep it up!


gee that's swell
I'd use overworld sprites for people not paint things. It may look better. This is one of the few comics I can read so I'll give you that, but It's not really funny or anything. Maybe as you do more you'll get better


It's only the beginning so things should improve later on. and I forgot to mention this is my attempt at combining a sprite comic and a drawn comic together. I couldn't decide which to do so I decided to combine the two styles together.


That is a great idea, it would be sort of wierd though. ;363;


I have to say, the sprites are good.
You can't really improve on anything but humor.
Very original.