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Trouble with emerald

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2 sweet hell n beyon
ee...HI! I finally get my emerald game!!...but it´s in Japanese!!
firstly I though it wouldn´t be troublesome,but I´ve fund it is far too diferent from rubyversion,and there´s many things I don´t undertand.
Who´s that guy that appears in every city?


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You could probably figure this stuff out by looking around the site or checking around other sites as well. To answer your question, though, its probably Scott your referring to and he doesn't really have any significance until the end of the game after you beat the Elite 4.


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You crush berries in the record center (the top floor of the Pokemon Center and the far right counter). The Battle Frontier is on the same island as the Battle Tower was at in Ruby and Sapphire (so you travel there by boat), but it has expanded in a MAJOR way. Scott runs the Battle Frontier and its battling just like in the Battle Tower, only each of his "facilities" have special rules. I hope I helped.


yes like the battle tower you can only get there after u have beaten wallace


The Amazing
urg.. ROMS.. Not good (only ok if you all ready own it.. blahdeblah.. or plan to buy I think)
I don't think it's possible for it to continue after the E4 with those.
Or you could cheat with a game shark but you will have to go to a Japanese coding website for Japanese games


*huff* ROMs are illegal. You can get in a looot of trouble with those. Legal trouble.

Anywhoo, you should check the mainsite for stuff you don't understand. And you can only enter the Battle Frontier after you defeat the Elite Four.
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