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Trouble with my Wii-U.

Blaze The Movie Fan

Reviewer and PokéFan
I bought a wii u less than a month ago, and I'm having a big big issue with it. I can't get the thing on my Wii-U to appear on my television screen even though I did connect my Wii-U to my television.

If it helps my television is Toshiba.

I tried all the settings for the TV, I pushed the sync button on my wii u trillions of times, but nothing worked. I still can play video games on the Wii-U remote, but I want to see the game on the TV screen, that's what I bought my Wii-U for.

Also if it helps my television is hd television. Can someone help me out?


Well-Known Member
I'm no tech wizard, but it sounds like you might be on the wrong input? Check where you plugged in your HDMI cable on your TV - it should say something like "HDMI IN" and then a number. Most TVs have at least 2 HDMI inputs , maybe more. It doesn't matter which number it's in, but you need to switch your input to this number. Your remote will probably have a button that says INPUT on it - note this might be called something else, such as "TV/Video" or "Source" (I'm not sure what it would be on a Toshiba TV, but check the manual if you can't figure it out). There's also usually a button for input on the TV itself. Anyways, hit that and it'll pop up a list of inputs. Keep hitting the button until it's on the correct HDMI number (alternatively just turn the Wii U on and keep changing inputs until you see the image on your TV).

If that's not the issue maybe give Nintendo a call and see if they can troubleshoot.
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