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Troy's Competitive Team

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by Dragon Tamer Troy, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Dragon Tamer Troy

    Dragon Tamer Troy Well-Known Member

    Dragonite@Yache Berry
    Nature: Adamant; EVs 252 Attack, 68 Special Defense, 184 Speed
    - Fire Punch
    - Dragon Dance
    - Outrage
    - Ice Punch

    Alakazam@Life Orb
    Nature: Timid; EVs 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Special Defense
    - Psychic
    - Shadow Ball
    - Energy Ball
    - Thunder Wave

    Skarmory@Chesto Berry
    Nature: Impish; EVs 196 HP, 196 Defense, 116 Attack
    - Drill Peck
    - Rest
    - Spikes
    - Roar

    Nature: Sassy; EVs 252 Special Defense, 252 Defense, 4 HP
    - Toxic
    - Pain Split
    - Confuse Ray
    - Night Shade

    Garchomp@Lum Berry
    Nature: Jolly EVs; 4 HP, 252 Attack, 252 Speed
    - Sword Dance
    - Fire Fang
    - Earthquake
    - Dragon Claw

    Metagross@Occa Berry
    Nature: Jolly EVs; 116 HP, 252 Attack, 142 Speed
    - Meteor Mash
    - Agility
    - Explosion
    - Zen Headbutt
  2. MistyLover

    MistyLover Banned

    Alakazam should have Focus Blast instead of Thunder Wave! It can't take a hit with its abysmal defenses.

    Skarmory should have: Drill Peck / Roost (NOT Rest)/ Spikes / Whirlwind EV's: 252 HP / 212 Def / 40 Atk

    Dusknoir: Shadow Punch / Ice Punch / Pain Split / WoW

    All right, that should do it. And Metagross should be your lead, Dragonite doesn't stand a chance against Weaville.
  3. Dragon Tamer Troy

    Dragon Tamer Troy Well-Known Member

    First off, my Alakazam has 31 IVs in HP, Special Attack, and Speed. You do the math when topped by the EVs I gave it. Next, Focus Blast's accuracy is HORRIBLE I wouldn't trust it to even do the job when trying to K.O. a pokemon. Thunder Wave, is to cripple whatever is going to kill my Alakazam.

    My Skaramory has over 400 Defense and 320 HP, those stats won't be touched. It's attack is whatever is leftover, and getting hit with a status attack will leave me in the dust, and it doesn't have a good enough special defense to try Roost. With Rest which I'd most likely only use once or not at all because I'd switch out I can heal status as well and 100% of my HP.

    All the attacks you listed are going to do under 100 damage, Night Shade will do 100 damage always, meaing 2 - 4 Hits and your dead. Dusknoir has good defense so it can last those attacks. Secondly, Confuse Ray and Toxic are better then Will-O-Wisp because they damage more heavily due to my opponents high attack, and it makes Pain Split more effective when I take larger hits.

    Dragonite is out first BECAUSE it is harmed by Ice, you try and think about Ice Punch well that's what Metagross is for. Switch Out, Meteor Mash.
  4. Blue Ace

    Blue Ace Pokemon is Dead

    I 2nd Misty Lover on that Skarm and the Metagross lead

    not so sure about ur punches on Dragonite XD i think Thunderpunch is standard for him but im not an expert on him

    Alakazam could have Focus Blast over Energy Ball and maybe Trick over Thunder Wave for Blissey counters, in that case u need Choice Specs not Life Orb

    ur Dusknoir is fine u made it an annoyer XD nice....but its almost useless against a normal type, especially the non CMBliss and Snorlax

    for Skarm, like MistyLover said Whilrlwind>>>>>>>>>Roar, coz some pokemon are sound proof and leftovers and roost instead of rest and Chesto Berry

    Life Orb on Garchomp for massive damage, and you could consider Stone Edge since it has more power and high-critical hit ratio, if u have it there for Skarm then go Fire Blast instead

    Metagross Meteor Mash already does pretty big damage on fighting and poison types, u could take off Zen Headbutt for Rock Slide or EQ IMO and he should be ur lead since he has the least weaknesses and best defense

    note my uses of COULD not SHOULD XD
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2007
  5. The Shadow Trainer

    The Shadow Trainer Well-Known Member

    ThunderPunch on Metagross if you can get it. I think so because you want Ice Punch on Dragonite. Dragonite can only teach Ice Punch with the Move Tutot in Emerald.
  6. otherside

    otherside Some guy


    Chomp isn't very likely to be statused so Life Orb is probably better on it, or possibly Focus Sash.

    Also, Nite would probably be better off with a Focus Sash because it 'protects' him from ALL attacks and ensures one DD. and not just Ice (Also weak to Dragon and Rock)
  7. Dragon Tamer Troy

    Dragon Tamer Troy Well-Known Member

    Blue_Ace: Focus Blast on Alakazam is never going to happen, Thunder Wave is not expected therefore more effective once done, and it's better to make sure I can kill what killed Alakazam with a sweeper. Whirlwind, and leading with Skarmory I will do.

    The Shadow Trainer: Dragonite has 31 in it's speed IV as well a attack, I don't need 252 IVs. I'd rather insure a cripple, rather then risk having nothing effect at all. Dusknoir is fine, and I don't worry about a SINGLE pokemon when I can take it out with one hit from another pokemon. Garchomp is fine, after Sword Dance, I'm going to trample an opponent with no chance of them rebounding. Life Orb however, I will do. Explosion is better for Metagross because it's a free K.O. unless a ghost pokemon is brought in. In which case, it's most likely Gengar which will get hit with Zen Headbutt.

    Otherside: Alakazam isn't ment to TAKE hits, but GIVE them. If it comes to the point where I know it cannot harm another pokemon, then Thunder Wave will cripple it, and then Alakzam will most likely die which I'm not worried about. With a paralyzed Pokemon, I can use a sweeper to brush it off. 70% is as low as I think, and I don't like the odds of relying on it to get the job done.

    Rest is only needed ONCE, Chesto Berry prevents me from sleeping in those two turns, I don't plan on using rest more then once. Whirlwind I can agree with since it gives me a wider range.

    I doubt Metagross is going to take any hard hits from Ice. Most Special Sweepers that are ubers don't raise their Special Attack stats and definatly aren't Ice Type for the exception of maybe a Weaville.

    Life Orb is going to be my addition to Garchomp, because with my speed being 330 give or take 2, it is going to ram my opponents for 1 hit kills.

    If you see Dragonite and you want to kill it, the first thing you think of is Ice. That's what is going to be used on it, with Focus Sash you don't ensure survivial which I don't like, with Yache Berry you have a 95% chance of survival unless you get hit by something deadly, in which case I'd probably have to switch.

    ~~~~~Topic Edited~~~~~​
  8. The Shadow Trainer

    The Shadow Trainer Well-Known Member

    Dragonite isn't fast. He got only 80 base def. He need full Speed EV even with 31 Speed IV.

    Dusknoir set is not fine. The one i gave you is much better.

    Give Alakazam Focus Blast instead of Thunder Wave.
    Alakazam uses Thunder Wave, the opponent is par., the opponent attack, Alakazam is dead. 70% is more than you think it is.

    Skarmory is meant to be long in battle so you need to heal more than once.
  9. dark rift

    dark rift Well-Known Member

    Give Zam choice specs and Trick that way he can eather knock physical sweepers in there place or deal heavy damage with a physical moves
  10. otherside

    otherside Some guy

    0.0 lots of bold.
  11. Frost Nova

    Frost Nova The predator awaits.

    I hate it when people stick Night Shade on Dusknoir with other random annoying crap like Curse and Confuse Ray.

    Major problems with this team: physical walls like Weezing wall the hell out of this team once Zam's gone, and a lot of redundancies in the entire team. Draggy and Garchomp are not needed on this team together, while Metagross + Dusknoir can easily cover physical ground for the team.
  12. Jeremy Tinslay

    Jeremy Tinslay Well-Known Member

    Changes in Bold. If you don't listen to other people's advice then don't post here.
  13. Lord_Sunday

    Lord_Sunday Remember me from RSE

    Big hint:
    Having 31 iv's in a stat doesnt increase your stat by as much as you seem to think. And it is certainly no alternative for correct EV's and The right moveset.
  14. Black Hawk

    Black Hawk ready to strike

    outrage and fire punch on dragonite means you are neutral or super effective against every type combo and singular type in the game. think before u post.
  15. The Shadow Trainer

    The Shadow Trainer Well-Known Member

    What do you mean? I know that.

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