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+Trozei Sprite Face-off+

Discussion in 'Face-Offs' started by Blizzard, Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. ~Flareon~

    ~Flareon~ Coal Trainer

    I vote for Misdreavus trozei sprite.
  2. [Kingdra]

    [Kingdra] Well-Known Member

    I guess Ledyba but Misdreavus is cool too.
  3. i dont know 2 A.K.A. quilava lover

    i dont know 2 A.K.A. quilava lover PLEASE JUST A DONUT!

    ok mis won by 5 minutes next round is here
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    i vote anorith

  4. Anorith is much stronger and cooler than lileep, so Anorith goes for me!
  5. Opal Pikachu13

    Opal Pikachu13 Well-Known Member

    My vote's for Anorith. ;347;
  6. Ivyon

    Ivyon <333333

    Ym etov si rof lileep

  7. WaterDragon trainer

    WaterDragon trainer Freak Like Me

    ANORITH ftw.
  8. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou be prepared

    Poor Lileep. Ah well, I still vote for Anorith, 'cause that Lileep Trozei Sprite creaps me out o_O'
  9. lightspeed

    lightspeed Guest

    I'm voting for Anorith...
  10. ~Shadow Espeon~

    ~Shadow Espeon~ I did it!!

    Anorith for moi!
  11. *~Puru-Ryuu~*

    *~Puru-Ryuu~* |x|Rebirth|x|

    I vote Anorith
  12. Silver Raven

    Silver Raven Pure Pwnage

    ANorich. even through i also like lileep
  13. Mew-100

    Mew-100 Future Scriptwriter!

    Lillep FTW plz
  14. *~Puru-Ryuu~*

    *~Puru-Ryuu~* |x|Rebirth|x|

    Anorith again
  15. lightspeed

    lightspeed Guest

    Anorith again...
  16. magmaman

    magmaman Ahhhhhh yeeeeeeah

    Anorith please
  17. Brandon-kun

    Brandon-kun lalalalalalalalalala

    I am going with Anorith!
  18. *~Puru-Ryuu~*

    *~Puru-Ryuu~* |x|Rebirth|x|

    Anorith Again
  19. Mew-100

    Mew-100 Future Scriptwriter!

    Voting Again Is Cheating Don't Put Their Vote Down!
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