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TR's Wobbuffet Fan Club

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*approved by PsiUmbreon*
This is a club for everybody who loves Wobby.
And who doesn't?
Anyone can join. Remember that it's for Wobbuffet on the TV show, NOT in the games. PsiUmbreon does have a policy against individual Pokemon clubs, but this is a club for Wobbuffet, who is a character in the show. And boy, is he a character!
Anyone can join. After enough people join, I will start a discussion topic.
I'm looking for two club administrators.
Club Admins.:
Team Rocket's Wobbuffet
Blaziken master
PKMN Person
red cubone
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Team Rocket's Wobbuffet



(Yeah I'd like to join ^.^)
Yay! A member! But I got a much swifter reaction on Bulbagarden when I started a Wobby club there. Oh, well. Welcome to the club, TRW!

Blazin' Blaziken

Well-Known Member
Yay, Wobbufet! Can I join? He's my fave pokemon that TR has.
You are added to the list! Spread the word, get Wobby pics, find someone to do a banner, etc.
You must first provide a Wobby picture that looks awesome. Then you may become a club admin. Yet again I remind you, THIS CLUB WILL DIE IF YOU DON'T SPREAD THE WORD!

Blaziken master

DKzM0mA said:
Dude with out wobbefet TR would be incomplete, i love dat dude. Count me in!

I know I always think that he is going to pop up after TR have an arguement in the old episodes, but you forget
You are hired! Long live Wobby. The day Wobby leaves the show is the day the show gets cancelled.


Hey everyone, I'd love to join. ^_^
Wobby is hilarious, especially his conversations with that Wynaut. ^^

Blaziken master said:
I know I always think that he is going to pop up after TR have an arguement in the old episodes, but you forget

LOL, I think the same thing, TR's plans just don't seem the same if they don't end with a big ol' "Wobuffet".

And to think at first I despised the big, blue blob. ><

I'll end with a Wobby pic...
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