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True Blue Swablu! (340)


I have returned.....
This episode is so sad. May had to leave Swablu with the flock in the end of it.


Dragon Tamer Cody
I was just wondering if anybody else noticed that mays hair was alot shorter In this episode


kiss my greens
I was a bit surprised when May didn't catch that Swablu. They would've done well together. Ah well, I don't mind. It was real good character development for May and really gave us a sense of how caring she can be ^_^


Monkeyshipping, ftw!
it's really annoying when they spend the whole episode developing a bond and have to say goodbye in the end. especially when it's a cutie like swablu


This episode was so sad now that I look back on it. It didn't seem real in a way since it was more dramatic than previous AG episodes. I was sad that the Swablu flew away with the others at the end of the episode; I wanted May to catch it after all the time they spent together. It would've been a great addition to her team but the chance was missed. Pretty deep, 5/10.
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Swablu was very poor, too bad it left...
And it was great how Ash and co help it...6/10

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
It's a shame that she didn't catch the Swablu, it would have made an interesting addition to her team (Could have been like Lapras, travel across Hoenn and at the end Swablu is reunited with it's flock).
It was a sad episode when she had to sya bye.


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*fears he maybe necroposting again*

i just have one question...
what was max going to say before may covered his mouth? if you know, pm me.


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Man, I really thought May was going to get that Swablu, it would have fit with her perfectly and would have probably done well in contest.

Nice episode.


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This episode was ok. It was cool to see Swablu for the 1st time. I really like the new look of Sing attack. It was cool to see May help Swablu out, take care of it and really have a bond with it. It was interesting to see Ash and Pikachu trying to show Swablu how to fly. It was funny how Torchic woke everyone up after Swablu used Sing to put them to sleep.



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Swablu stole Jigglypuff's song, lol. Jigglypuff should sue Swablu. Weird how every pokemon that uses Sing seems to have the exact same song. Even that other Jigglypuff in a later episode sings the same song.

Anyway this was a great May episode.

Bulba the Great!

We Do Not Sow
I lol'd when Ash, Brock and Max all walked out of one door with towels over their shoulders and told May she could shower. Does that mean...they shower together?

It was also nice to see Treecko training against Mudkip in the montage. Proof that training does actually occur, on occasion, and that Brock actually uses his Pokemon.


The park ranger said that it could take a while for Swablu to recover from its trauma and it ended up taking a few hours. Well, I guess they had to rap it up somehow. I didn't really enjoy this episode but I didn't dislike it either. It just seemed like a standard episode to me.


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I was watching this on the Hub yesterday and was still pissed about this not being a capture. Swablu was one of the Pokemon I saw May to go perfectly with her. That and Clamperl because of it's beauty.